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Let your teen pair up with a partner for this fun game.


The aim of this drama game is to try and improve the facial expressions. Your teens will have to master the art of convincing and maintaining their expressions, whether they are lying or are being truthful. Here is a fun way to introduce your teen to new friends, or just throw a challenge game amongst friends. It will help build concentration.

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In this fun acting game, your teen will have to keep his focus on high alert and put his fast thinking skills to use. Here is a fun improv game that will help your teens concentrate on what others are saying, and come up with a made up answer to that in an instant. Here is a game that is not just an extension of dumb charades, but is a great way to help your teen express and emote.

In this fun improve game, your teen will build his concentration skills and use his fast thinking skills to good use. The one minute challenge - could you tell when one minute has passed? A game to encourage accent, a silly voice or character to disguise your identity. Create an improved version of well-known nursery rhymes with actions.

Top 5 Acting Exercises for Drama Students

A classic improvisation game based around the characters you might meet on a park bench. Work as a team to pass a squeeze from person to person around the circle. Create a personal advert to highlight the best and worst of you or your characters personality. Quick thinking game requiring pairs to create shapes called out to them.

A popular large group game where groups go into battle against one another. A classic game - useful to develop listening skills and spatial awareness. Developing pair cohesion with a game where each person needs the support of the other. Create an elaborate story, in pairs or as a group, with many twists and turns.

An old favourite to out-fox the detective and claim as many victims as possible. A great exercise to bring those involved into the Drama thought space. A twist on 'follow the leader' where everyone has a chance to lead the actions of the group. An energetic physical warm-up that helps to generate energy. Understand more about a group by discovering facts about them.

Boom Chicka Boom. Change Places If Count Up, Count Down.

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Doctor's Surgery. Ewy Chewy Toffee. A classic game than can be adapted and used in a variety of ways. Grandmother's Footsteps.

College Level

Try to keep the calls coming quickly to keep the game interesting. The teacher selects one student to sit in a chair and face away from the rest of the group.

Improv Warmups and Exercises (Quick demos)

Ask the student in the chair to close their eyes. Once all three students have gone, the student in the chair must guess who each one was. Choose two to three actors to be onstage. Choose a director for each actor. The directors sit at the back, and the actors play out the scene at the front. The teacher assigns the actors a scene and the first direction, and the scene begins.

The actors can only do what their directors say. The directors each take a turn narrating the scene, and the actors must act it out.

Playing drama games is a great informal benchmark for where students are at in both comfort and range. Having them engage in games continuously over the length of the course allows you to see visible progress as students learn, become more comfortable and grow their abilities. Encourage everyone to participate and watch as they flourish and have fun!

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Here are 10 drama games that are ideal for your next class: 1. Park Bench Three chairs are set up in a row at the front. Party Quirks Choose one person to be the party host and ask them to leave the room briefly. One-Word Story This can be played in a small group or large group. Giants, Wizards and Elves. One Comment Leave a Reply super, less thinking, more being. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Connect with:.