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Himself - Audience Member. Himself uncredited. Dataclysm by Christian Rudder was an interesting book to read. Rudder was a co-founder of OKCupid a dating app that uses personal information to match people with someone who would be a good match with them. His book takes large scale numbers due to social media and dating apps and turns them into bite sized chucks of information that we can interpret and learn from.

It was a really cool to see who we are, what makes us different and what brings us together. All There Is was an assigned reading for one of my college classes and it really stuck with me. It takes several people and displays a large array of love. It is a feel good book with quick stories that will make you want to call your family and friends and tell them that you love them. This is a great reference book to own.

The chapters are quick but it goes through something pretty unique and give a good overview of the person. There were some terrible women in history and this book does a good job picking out some of the best of the worst. There are more books in this series that are more male-centric but this is by far my favorite. Michele Norris is one of the hosts of All Things Considered on NPR and in this autobiography she explores her past and her family's history while addressing race issues in America.

What I found most interesting about her biography is the parallel between her family's experiences and the racial tension in America.

The Geisha With Green Eyes

This book follows the true story of Fadumo Korn, a Somali girl from a nomad tribe. The core of this book is about female genital mutilation. It's a difficult book to read because there are a few graphic scenes in relation to FGM. The book talks about how FGM has changed her life and all the harmful side effects that have followed her in life. I had never read anything like Ms. Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. I picked up the novel before the Hulu show had come out. It is a dystopian novel set in New England. The women are forbidden to use their birth names and are owned by the men.

This novel explores individualism and independence in a world dominated by men. Looking back, there was one novel that sparked my love of reading. That novel was house of the scorpion. It's a novel about friendship, survival and hope in a world run by drug lords. This novel hits a lot of heavy subjects on social, political and ethical issues.

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It sparked my love for science-fiction and learning things from other points of view. Fahrenheit is named after the degree temperature that books begin to burn. This dystopian novel is still considered a classic as we embark on the age of the internet and what, if anything, should be censored. The book follows a firefighter who's job it is to burn books and he gradually grows into a role of preserving knowledge.

Douglas Adams is one of my favorite authors of all time and this book is all about him and his writings. It contains some of his random articles and speeches, as well as letters from friends that miss him terribly now that he is gone Stephen Fry's letter was particularly moving.

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There are stories of how his books came to be, how some of his ideas were actually terrible and should never see the light of day, and one particularly hilarious endeavor of climbing a mountain in a rhino costume. Corny as it may sound, I laughed and cried my way through this entire book. Part steampunk, part fantasy, all very interesting and often funny. Jim Butcher has a way of creating strange and unique characters that you can't help but love.

We follow several characters through a wide array of circumstances that range from war aboard a flying ship to the equivalent of high school classes. A very entertaining, if long, adventure. Oh, and there's a talking cat.

The Truth About Green Eyes

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Good for a Laugh. New Tunes. Customer favorites Bookish gifts for college students Bookish gifts for grads. New treasures on our shelves. Sign up for our mailing list and save! More Best Sellers. Island-hopping adventure into a totally unique world. Batman: White Knight by Murphy, Sean. White knight shines bright light upon mental fight.

The Girls by Cline, Emma. Unique and enchanting- 'The Girls' is a unique take on coming of age.