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The answer, apparently, is "by remembering that most science fiction paperbacks are pretty On the whole, I'm going to have to say that this book rates a "meh.

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The answer, apparently, is "by remembering that most science fiction paperbacks are pretty much no different from the zillion other science fiction paperbacks I've already read. Strict population control was handled very well, and the Tendu were interestingly different from humans. Characters were handled well. It was just View 1 comment. Jan 18, Jennet Sechrist rated it really liked it. One of my favorite alien contact stories. I love how even today it rings with truth. Jun 09, Althea Ann rated it really liked it.

In The Color of Distance, Survey biologist Juna Saari is left for dead on an alien planet after her team's flyer crashes into the jungle. She is rescued by the previously unknown sentient aliens known as Tendu, but only through their extreme medical intervention. Although she contacts her spaceship through radio, they will not be able to return for her for five years - for the meantime, she's stranded, and must learn to adapt and survive in an alien culture.

Sometimes slow-moving, the book is mor In The Color of Distance, Survey biologist Juna Saari is left for dead on an alien planet after her team's flyer crashes into the jungle. Sometimes slow-moving, the book is more concerned with the rich cultural details of the humanoid but frog-like Tendu than with action-adventure scenes. Based on the author's visits to the rainforests of Costa Rica, the arboreal and community-oriented lifestyle of the aliens really comes alive. In this sequel, Through Alien Eyes, Survey returns for Juna, accompanied by a horde of politically-motivated researchers and experts excited to make contact with this new species.

Returning to human civilization with two Tendu ambassadors, Juna must navigate treacherous waters to maintain her suddenly-precarious position as bridge between two cultures. Not just culture shock, but legal battles ensue. In both books, Thompson uses the contrast between the Tendu and humanity to discuss the importance of ecology, issues of population control, and the importance of harmony and balance. There are a few preachy moments, but overall the 'message' is not too overt.

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Although humanity is shown to have problems, there is a hopeful outlook - and the Tendu are not perfect either. Rather, both cultures are shown to have things to learn from the other. Recommended for fans of Sheri Tepper. Jul 28, Asha rated it did not like it. So I haven't really used goodreads before, but this book has actually motivated me to jump on the goodreads wagon.

I actually only finished the book so I could make sure that I could give it a fair appraisal. It's horrible. In addition, the book is full of assimilationist propaganda and where really interesting character development could So I haven't really used goodreads before, but this book has actually motivated me to jump on the goodreads wagon.

In addition, the book is full of assimilationist propaganda and where really interesting character development could happen, the author always stops short. It was an extremely frustrating read, especially since it was recommended to me by someone who supposedly knows good scifi and knew that I look strong female characters.

This was not good scifi, unimaginative at best, and Juna is no hero. I hope Ms. Thomson's other books are better. This one is a waste of time.

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But if their attempts at human convention are not enough to overcome the suspicions they have aroused, their voyage to Earth could cause more than a gap between two worlds - it could bring about their ultimate downfall Jul 15, Parmacendar rated it it was ok Shelves: science-fiction , p , xenofiction. Not as interesting as the first book. Too little conflict; too much easy resolution of conflict through magic alien pixie dust. This was also a problem in the first book, but the first book had other things to recommend it, like the worldbuilding.

There's nothing much new or interesting in this one that the first book didn't already cover. Oct 20, Loopy marked it as not-for-me. Although I really liked the first book, reading the reviews of this one has made me think that's it's best to stop on a winning streak. It sounds as though some of the things in the first book that I found a bit off are exponentially worse in this one - another sci-fi author on a clunky soapbox, no thanks.

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Jul 14, Joel Nichols rated it liked it. It's hugely optimistic about human and alien?

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I like reading Thomson's books--they are open and friendly and engaging. But the other ones have asked much harder questions and not given easy answers. This one shouldn't have had such a happy if bittersweet ending. Jul 15, Raella rated it it was ok Shelves: science-fiction , poly , xenofiction. Shelves: fiction , fantasy.

This is the sequel to The Color of Distance , and though it's not as good, it's still interesting. Juna, the earthling in the first book, returns and brings two Tendu with her. One of these is Ukatonen, my favorite character. Some scenes are real gems, but it lacks the discovery element of the first novel since you already know what is so unique about the Tendu.

Apr 30, Misha rated it really liked it Shelves: doorway-people , doorway-plot , nw-author , read , science-fiction. Even though the aliens reminded me a lot of Octavia Butler's in Lilith's Brood, I still enjoyed the ethical dilemmas explored and presented in this first contact novel. Plus, it's by a Seattle author, and I didn't know I had met her until I saw the dedication page; my hair stylist suggested it to me ages ago!

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Feb 01, Jennifer Butler rated it it was amazing. I had to read this book as I loved the Color of Distance. Its just one of those books I'll never forget. Through Alien Eyes: P. Nobody Likes Reality Anymore! Seth Thompson, Time Coincidence Module , ; archival pigment print, 60 by 40 inches. Tags: Don't Miss , Featured , P. Seth Thompson , reviews , Sandler Hudson. Dan Weiskopf Dan Weiskopf is an associate professor of philosophy and an associate faculty member in the Neuroscience Institute at Georgia State University. Related posts News-in-Brief: June 12, Burnaway x Scalawag: Call for Submissions.

News-in-Brief: May 29, I moved slowly and silently, not taking my eyes off him, planning to get past without being noticed. As I moved, the image became clearer and what I saw, made me feel something I had never felt before. I felt numb, unable to decide what to do. The kid was not playing with a ball, it was the decapitated head of my girlfriend, whose body I had been carrying on my shoulders. I looked at her head on the ground and it was staring at me, eyes wide open and a sad smile between the lips.

I looked up only to see the hanging bodies looking straight at me. My trance was broken by a sudden screech and I looked back. Darkness was creeping up on us, engulfing everything in its way. I could feel the bushes burning, embers flying about, the smoke burning my eyes. The church at the back now bore a malicious incandescent red glow, as if the church was alive and burning from inside. I had to run, somehow, with whatever strength remained within me.

I ran, with her body on my shoulders which I presumed was dead. As I progressed towards the beach, the darkness moved faster, the hanging bodies started screaming together. I wanted this to get over, as soon as possible, even if I had to die. Finally, I was able to reach the end of the path, the threshold set by the dead tree. As soon I did so, there was a sudden gush of wind which almost knocked me over but I hunkered down and kept my ground. I continued moving towards the beach and after a while my hands touched the partially wet sand.

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  • I felt relief build inside me and I burst into a run. No sooner that I went past the edge of the tree, everything stopped. There was no rushing wind trying to knock me over, there was no shadow trying to seize me inside the darkness, the tree looked similar to what it looked like during the daytime, there were no dead bodies hanging from its branches or any kid playing with a head underneath.

    A cool breeze touched my face and my body gave away.

    Through Alien Eyes

    I fell on my knees, placed her on the sand and myself crashed besides her. I think I passed out. It was almost dawn when I regained my senses. I opened my eyes and turned my head to look at her. I was half prepared to look at a headless body but it was not. She was lying there, the whole of her, breathing slowly. She woke up to the sounds of my weeping. She was shocked to see me that way and that too on the beach at sunrise.

    She had absolutely no recollection of what transpired between the previous evening and the present time. I told her of the events, what I saw and experienced, the darkness creeping upon us, the little boy with hollowed eyes and rotting face, how I saw her lifeless head being rolled about like a ball, the slowly burning church, everything. She was aghast, upon listening to my narration. She held me closely and said she had experienced everything but she imagined it only to be a dream.

    We decided to stay on the beach till it was morning and the caretaker arrived. As the basic definition goes, friction opposed relative sliding between two surfaces in contact. A common misconception is that friction opposes motion. Following are some fun facts about friction.

    This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: Advertisements. Am I missing something? I gave my heart Whole of it But it was not enough Where did I go wrong? I was born with this curse. I am tired. I have to stay alive And go through this pain Everyday, every moment I am alive. And I have to bear it Alone.

    To view it please enter your password below: Password:. Almost all the work you do in daily life relies on friction. Friction is an electromagnetic force. So, whenever you pull or hold something, you are able to do it because of friction. Many people wonder how our universe would have been if friction was not there. Yes, that is correct. As I said, friction is an electromagnetic force acting between atoms of two surfaces.

    That means, wherever there are atoms, there is electromagnetic force and thus, there is friction.

    Through Alien Eyes by Amy Thomson

    So, it can be said that friction is an unavoidable outcome of the existence of atoms. Atoms form molecules which are held together by electromagnetic force or friction which help in forming matter. Microbes, animals, us, the earth, the other planets, the stars, none of them would exist without matter and therefore friction. All that the universe would have had is floating electrons and nuclei of elements. Friction is the reason why we can move.