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When I spied three more walking freaks, more shots cut through the air. I quickly slung my rifle back over my shoulder, ran down two more streets, turned left and then right. The rain began to pelt me again as I took another left turn at full speed and squatted behind a red car. My breath froze in my throat.

Moans, hisses, and growls echoed through the rain as it finally began to let up again, coming from a huge group of thirty or more. Peeking out, I watched them shamble around like they were in a daze.

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As soon as I rose to my feet, bony, black fingers gripped my shoulder. My stomach clenched, but I found the strength to spin around and kick it in the chest. I kicked it again, much harder this time. It flew back into telephone pole, then slumped down. I rushed over and slammed my boots into its skull. Another one came from behind, and I smashed its head in with the butt of my gun.

As soon as it hit the ground in a bloody heap, I took off down the street. I glanced around and sighed in relief; the coast seemed to be clear. Just as I was about to walk a little farther, I noticed several red dots of light bouncing around. Laser tag? Great, I tried to joke, glancing upward at the snipers on the rooftop, survivors who had their laser-sighted weapons trained on me. I waved my arms in the air to let them know that I was human and meant them no harm.

I screamed. When I saw the group lower their weapons, I shrugged in relief, then ran away as fast as I could. I turned down Cypress Street and made my way, cautiously, to a small apartment building. Another neighbor, carrying a blue crate, rushed past me with a terrified look on his face.

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Others were frantically loading their cars with their belongings in a hurry. I looked around in complete disbelief; everyone was terrified, running for their lives. I cocked a brow, not believing what I was hearing. With my gun drawn, I eased inside. Murmurs echoed from the bedroom, and I swallowed hard as a droplet of sweat rolled down my face. Is it a zombie? Was Sammy one of the four who were killed?

Oh my gosh! Is she a zombie now? My heart pounded as I took small footsteps toward the closed bedroom door. Listening intently, I suspected what the outcome might be. If Sammy was a zombie, I would have to shoot her. The thought made me shudder. If Sammy was gone, there was nothing left for me there but death and despair. As my fingers curled around the doorknob, I held my gun steady. I took a deep breath and pushed the door open. Instantly, someone knocked the gun out of my hands, catching me by surprise. A jarring impact hit me in the gut, knocking the breath out of my lungs.

Pain exploded across my stomach and I could hardly breathe. Trying to catch my breath, I looked up. Sammy was tied to a chair, with a gag in her mouth, and all she could do was shoot me a terrified look. The taller man was dressed in black, and his blond, greasy hair was tied back in a ponytail. The other had acne scars, and his hair was short and black, with a matching, scruffy beard. The blond pointed a gun at me and smiled. Well, well, well. What do we have here? He turned to his friend. I think I recognize that pretty policewoman.

Hey, Officer, the blond said, licking his lips, maybe you oughtta frisk me. Disgusted, I asked between gasps, What do you want? What is she doing here, tied up like that? He looked at me with a cold glare. What do we want? We already gave everybody their eviction notices. The man looked at his buddy and laughed. Nope, his friend said, then spat a nasty, black, sticky ooze of tobacco remnant on the floor. Well, Smurfette here has gotta pay for her smart mouth, the blond said.

If ya run your mouth, you die. The black-haired one looked at me and shook his head. Can you believe she walked through all them zombies to rescue this mouthy little—. His gaze narrowed. And why not? I asked. He laughed. That only happens in those Hollywood flicks. You wanna live, you might have to step on some people along the way The guy with the acne chuckled. He knew who I was, and the fact that I carried a badge put me on the opposite side of the law than that gang. They would torture me fiercely, then kill me. All anarchy had broken loose, so the thugs had the upper hand.

They could do whatever they wanted—to me or anybody else. His head jerked backward as I painfully slammed his lower teeth into his uppers. When he fell back, his head slammed into an oak dresser, and blood began gushing out of his head. In a blur, I grabbed hold of the barrel and quickly pulled it to the side with force. I held it downward, then punched him in the face and kicked his knee until it bent backward in a very unnatural, painful contortion. I placed my other hand under the gun and began twisting it, forcing him to let go of the trigger long enough for me to wrestle the weapon from his hands.

I then backed up and pointed the rifle at him. Untie her I demanded. Without saying a word, Sammy grabbed a bronze statue and hit the man over the head, dropping him to the ground like a bag of cement. Chocolate and marshmallows in Hell? Sammy asked, smirking. Right, she said. She then opened her closet and nervously reached for her Glock, a holster, and a knife.

I walked into the living room and peeked out the door. There were at least a dozen gang members flooding into the lobby, a major flaw in my escape plan. Sammy said, walking up behind me. I softly closed the door and deadlocked it. There are far too many of them. I mean, you were doing some killer moves a minute ago, like some kind of ninja superhero.

Why are you doing this? Get off me! This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. What are you doing? We almost crashed! Not even close, I argued. Jack swallowed hard. Looked pretty close to me. Val, he barked, we need to turn around No, I snapped. Quit whining. I shot him a side look, and he about freaked. At least keep your eyes on the freaking road!

And, for goodness sake, slow down! I think it was enough of an omen when our cozy little civilization crashed and burned and zombie hordes began sweeping across Earth and— Jack rolled his eyes and cut me off. Then we try another way. He sighed. I shook my head. Why do you always stick up for that juvenile delinquent? Cut her a break, would ya?

So what? Something like that, I said, backing the truck up. I know.


Their numbers are increasing every day, I said. How can you say that, Jack?

The Zombie Chronicles, Book 4

I retorted. This is our home. Not anymore, he whispered. I said. Val, what the heck are you doing? Get back in here. I slung my rifle over my shoulder. She could be dead by then. Get in the truck! His face hardened.

The Zombie Chronicles - Book 4 : Chrissy Peebles :

It very well could be if you take one step into that city. I really could use somebody to watch my back. I get it. Do you enjoy flirting with death? Have some kind of death wish? I shrugged. I do what I have to do to survive The man with a baseball cap and beard stared at me for a long, hard moment, then waved. Iniziative "18app" e "Carta del Docente". Verifica i termini e condizioni delle iniziative. Nessuna recensione cliente. Condividi i tuoi pensieri con altri clienti. Scrivi una recensione cliente. Acquisto verificato. This book has nothing that stands out from the usual zombie fodder in it.

The first chapter is a brief slice of pre-zombie life followed by the panic-inducing outbreak, then the next chapter throws you right in the middle of a seemingly completely different story with no note about how much time has passed. You're just supposed to figure that out yourself as you keep reading. The characters all blend together rather quickly, with none of them having their own voice. They have similar mannerisms, speech patterns, and ALL of them have an affinity to saying the word "butt". Every single character introduced did that.

The ending was one of those "To Be Continued" types that's not quite a cliff hanger like many of them these days, but it is meant to make you buy the next book. Most of THIS book was filler. A lot of the usual zombie interactions to the point where they weren't even exciting anymore. Nothing unique or new to the story. You could watch any zombie flick and you'd have basically the same story, but probably more death than you'll find in here.

About as nonoffensive as a story about the undead can be. Decent book, nothing special. The characters are fairly one dimensional, the plot is straight forward but the details are kind of weird. It feels a bit like PSA on accepting adoption almost cleverly cloaked in zombies. One year into the zombie apocalypse Den, a teen, meets a long lost family member. Dean decides to break her out of the medical facility and sneak her out of his safe, walled off city and risk being kicked out, arrested or whatever. The only catch?

She has to turn before administering the cure. After a helo crash Dean, his brother Nick, and the family member land in the middle of Zombie Land and face a mile trip back to safety. They fight some zombies and meet incredibly stupid people who have managed to survive the zombie apocalypse and still believe nothing has changed.

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They then meet some hillbillies who somehow think lighting dynamite in a building is a good idea. Then everyone falls in love and talks about random art schools. The characters contradict themselves and each other at basically every turn. What remains of the military is training high school kids to fight zombies, yet almost everyone acts completely normally. I have to say, I do love the many Cedar Point shoutouts. That theme park is great. Laughably reeking. How do I spell 'puke'? Let's just go with 'barf'. Maggot vomit. Something stuck to the underside of your shoe You know that oil-slick muck-water around an industrial marina?

Apocalypse Infection Unleashed

Next to a dysfunctional sewage treatment plant? Nobody in their right mind would touch the stuff. You need a moon-suit and pressurized oxygen. Disposable because there is no way to clean your equipment.