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'We are on a tightrope': Trump poised to walk away from Iran nuclear deal

Voter suppression, disenfranchisement and the US Citizens they isolate. A US-Iran war would not benefit Syrians. Afghanistan and the ongoing hype about Daesh. Forty years after the fall of the Shah, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps serve as one of the most enduring legacies of the revolution. Related News. Category News. This is why the 'Deal of the Century' is just old wine in a new bottle.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards forty years later

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'It's become a monster': is Iran's revolutionary guard a terror group? | World news | The Guardian

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By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn more. Those concerns have in part dissuaded previous administrations from taking the step, which has been considered for more than a decade. The US special envoy for Iran, Brian Hook, and the State Department's counterterrorism coordinator, Nathan Sales, said the Trump administration's decision was reached after consultation with agencies throughout the government but would not say in a news conference if the military or intelligence concerns had been addressed.

Tensions between the two countries have grown since Trump pulled the United States out of a nuclear deal with Tehran last May and reimposed sanctions that had crippled Iran's economy. He also urged Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to place US forces in the region on Tehran's list of "terrorist" groups, the foreign ministry said.

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps - Iran's Rogue Gang of Criminals

Iran's Supreme National Security Council said in a statement that the designation could endanger peace and stability in the Middle East and globally, according to Iranian state TV. Iran labels the American regime as a supporter of terrorism," the statement read as quoted by state TV. The IRGC initially operated as a local force across Iran, but it expanded quickly after Saddam Hussein invaded Iran in and Khomeini allowed it to have its own ground, navy and air forces.

Eternal Rivals? The Artesh and the IRGC

Khomeini, however, remained wary of its growing force, writing an explicit command for it to stay away from politics into his will. Tehran has never concealed its backing for Hamas and Hezbollah, which it sees as legitimate political parties that have won elections legally, said Ali Alizadeh, a London-based political analyst. The US also alleges that Iran has been behind a series of bombings in Iraq that has led to the death of US military personnel, accusations that Iranian officials say are not substantiated. Despite the dying wishes of Khomeini, the IRGC did become politically active, most notoriously when its Basij militia helped to crush protests after the disputed elections.

Soon afterwards it launched a bid to restore its tarnished domestic image by presenting Qassem Suleimani, the commander of the Quds force, as a national military hero who has defended the country from Sunni terror groups.

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