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The novel has still been ranked as a gothic novel. A literal critic of the novel illustrates a number of themes in the novel. Some of the themes addressed are the roles played by women in the Victorian society, immigration and colonialism. Dracula also addresses the issues of conventional and conservative sexuality. The author has regularly discussed the theme of sexuality and has frequently used symbolism to tell the story. The book provides an effective ground to evaluate sexuality in the Victorian society.

However, in the novel, sexuality is repressed as it is considered evil and harmful. Sexuality is observed in the killing of Lucy after she becomes a vampire. Her killing consists of sexual imagery. The act is performed by her husband to be who pounds a phallic into her body. She becomes animated, writhes and twists in a way that implies a climax during intercourse. Another instance where sexuality is observed in the book is in the attack by Dracula on Mina. The attack is full is made up of cruelty and betrayal. Dracula rapes her on the same bed her husband is sleeping.

Sexuality is also observed when Van Helsing is about to kill the three women vampires. Looking at the beautiful woman, he is afraid that their beauty might seduce him or confuse him and prevent him from killing them. Jonathan is weakened when he comes across beautiful women. When used in a reductive, abusive context, female genital terms such as 'cunt' are notably more offensive than male equivalents such as 'dick'.

This linguistic inequality is mirrored by a cultural imbalance that sees images of the vagina obliterated from contemporary visual culture: "The vagina, according to many feminist writers, is so taboo as to be virtually invisible in Western culture" Lynn Holden, Censorship of both the word 'cunt' and the organ to which it refers is symptomatic of a general fear of - and disgust for - the vagina itself.

The most literal manifestation of this fear is the myth of the 'vagina dentata', symbolising the male fear that the vagina is a tool of castration the femme castratrice, a more specific manifestation of the Film Noir femme fatale. One of the most well known aspects of a vampyre is that it must feed upon the blood of the living; Dracula must drink to survive, akin to people drinking the blood of Christ--the blood of divine life Although both of these novels depict truly evil minds, Dracula is far more terrifying than Frankenstein due in part to its bloodthirsty vampires, mysterious deaths, and dark gothic tone Log In Place Order.

Assignments got your hair on fire? Bad Jack. Badger Clark, cowboy Poet Laureate. The Badger-Two Medicine wildlands: sacred geography of the Blackfeet. Bald eagle plumage changes by age. Bald eagles and kokanee salmon: a rendezvous in Glacier National Park. Bald eagles and poaching: threat to an American symbol. Bald eagles gather at Glacier Bald eagles. Baldwin, L. Politician: Mike Mansfield of Montana. Ballads of the Old West. Vantage, Balsamroot: A Memoir. Viking, The bank man cometh Banking and rural development in Montana, Banking on swallows.

Bannack Barber, J. Yellowstone ski tours. Barley disease Barns, beauty for the beasts [Sun river Barn restoration project] Barns: stories from our readers A barnyard who's who??? Hunting the Great Plains. Bashline, S. The bounty of the earth cookbook. The basic industries. Basics of handgun safety Basketball as art: Montana's Indian players.

Basketball dynasty: the Fort Shaw girls. Bat houses. Batter up! Russell, n. Gold in the gulch. Baucus, J. Helena, her historic homes. Bauer, E. Photographing the West, a state-by-state guide. BBER celebrates 50 years of service Be a saddle tramp this summer: horsing around our national forests. Beaded buckskin teaching the old ways: Agnes Kenmile Beaded buckskin.

Beaked fisherman Bear attacks. Bearcreek Bears by Helen Gilks, illus. The Bears of Yellowstone, rev. The bears of Yellowstone. Beartooth country Beartooth photo special The beast that walks like a man [Excerpt] Beastly luck Beastmaker. The beasts of winter: how do they survive? Chronicle Books, Beefing up the Blackleaf. Before the snow flies, check your snowmobile.

Before you hike in bear country: a book that could save your life. How to be positive about the negative. Behind the scenes on race day: Montana's fast horses. Behind these mountains, vol. Behold the hunter [Exerpt] Bel-Air on the Big Hole: a story about happiness Belly botany and beyond: a century at Flathead Lake Biological Station Below-cost sales: causes and solutions The below-cost timber sale issue: going against the grain? Below-cost timber sales and Montana's long-term timber supply Below-cost timber sales: a macro view Below-cost timber sales: a no-answer policy question?

Bennett, B. Death, too, for The-Heavy-Runner. Bentz's antiques, Polson. Bergie's: home-made double-dip chocolate mint malted. Bergon, F. Looking far West: the search for the American West in history, myth, and literature. Berthold, M. Big Hole journal. Turn here for the Big Hole. Bertino, B. The Scissorbills. Berwanger, E. The West and the reconstruction. The best books about Montana: a reader's guide to the Treasure State.

Best of friends, etc. The best of Montana Best of the big medicine [survey provides a profile of the Montana elk hunter]. Best reading ' Beth Sorensen combines interest in medicine and injured wildlife Betting and booze: Montanans vote on lifestyle issues, Between Indian and White Worlds. The between seasons season time to think about equipment The bewildering Bitterroot, the river that won't behave Beyond Bambi [hunting is part of wildlife management] Beyond burritos Beyond road's end [law enforcement and patrol duties] Beyond testbooks and classrooms [Project Wild] Beyond the airtight stove a new generation of woodburners is upon us Beyond the beaver: fur and the American West Beyond the call of duty: Montana's seven Medal of Honor winners.

Bicycle racing Bicycle touring: Montana takes the lead The big bear hug [mating habits]. Big Bear, the end of freedom. Big Bend A big boost to the bighorn Big boss mom [mule deer] Big bucks and big bulls: a status report. Big Bud The big cat The big chill: exploring winter in Glacier A big day [ species spotted in 18 hours]. Big Dipper Big enough to bake [fishing on the Bighorn river] Big game drawings - questions and answers Big game hunting in Wyoming: sharing the landscape. Big Mountain at 40 and still growing.

Big news for small companies: corporation advantages for small companies without big corporation red tape. The big open: a return to grazers of the past The Big Open: a road runs through it The big open: contemplating change. The Big picture: Montana's major industries. Business Supplement [32p.

Paperback Editions

The Big Sandy, Montana centennial calendar, Big Sky High: Chet Huntley's dream resort today. Big sky, fair land. Montana: an assessment for the future. Bigfork Bigfork discovered Bighorn auction--a million-dollar deal. Bighorn stamp attracts crowd. Bighorns in the Big Belts Bighorns on the rise. The bighorns that broke all the rules Bike the Sun Going-to-the Sun Highway : cycling's ultimate high.

Land of savagery land of promise: the European image of the American frontier in the nineteenth century. Billy the Kid: His Life and Legend.

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Greenwood Press, Bingham, E. Northwest perspectives: essays on the culture of the Pacific Northwest. Biological control of weeds: selective, economical and safe. Bird hunter's autumn Bird man. Bird with the sweet prairie song A bird's eye view of the Montana landscape [riparian, forest, grasslands] The bird's-eye view of Lewis and Clark Birder's library Birding - the sky's the limit Birding with a mountain lion. Birds observed by Lewis and Clark in Montana, Birds of passage: celebrating Montana's long-distance travelers Birds of prey Birds of the northern Rockies.

A birdseye view of the Montana economy prospects for the 80's Birdwatching basics The birthday fly Bison burger: the Wahkpa Chu'gn site Bison under glass: mounted bison to be repaired and exhibited at Fort Benton museum Bison, birds, and the Bard: Mission Valley treasure hunt The bitter root: Montana's state flower Bitteroot enigma Howard Taylor Ricketts and the early struggle against spotted fever Bitterroot to Beartooth: Hiking Southwest Montana.

Bitterroot Valley: Montana's oldest settled area hasn't settled down Bivouac. Black Jack Pershing: Montana's own Black like me charolais have the right to be hamburgers too Black or grizzly? Press of Kansas, A blend of past and present The Blind Corral. BLM's Missouri maps [price correction] Block management: what landowners and hunters say Blood meridian.

The bloody nuisance that bites A blooming medley Blouet, B. The Great Plains: environment and culture. Blue desert. Scribner, n. The Blue Willow Inn. Bluebird update. Bluebirds in the Big Sky. Boating conflicts Boating safety education works Boating stories: photos and stories from our readers Bob Askin: remembering a top bronc buster. Pages from the past: essays on Saskatchewan history.

Borgreen's canvasbacks win '96 Stamp Contest Born killers Born to be wild: photo feature of wildlife youngsters Born with a feather in his mounth: B. The Willamette Valley: migration and settlement on the Oregon frontier. Bowhunter education in Montana. Bowhunting in the s: the end of a tradition? Bows, arrows, and bulls Boy on a manlift: being 13 in wheat country. Boycott in Butte: organized labor and the Chinese community, Boycott: the Pullman strike in Montana The Bozeman premiere Bozeman sled maker Bozeman Trail in the field: today's travelers can follow and learn about the historic trail Bozeman's fitness clinic Bozeman's patchwork pageantry.

Brabeck, J. Montana: two lane highway in a four lane world. Two lane highway in a four lane world. Bradford, A. The master backwoodsman. Brains of the bird world: crows and ravens. Branch antlered bull seasons: on the horns of a dilemma Bread, butter and Bizet The breaking of Ezra Riley. A breath of spring [highlights of Montana's national forests] Breen, D.

The Canadian Prairie West and the ranching frontier, Brewer, L. First years. Canyon cookery. Harvard Univ. Bright spots in stream management: stream inventories give information for proper management Bringing back the Paul Bunyan [logging tow boat]. Bringing our bluebirds back home, a spirited citizen effort Brisk business [Flathead Lake real estate].

Britts and huns. Bronzeback brawler Bronzes help Heritage Park. Broodstock management: part of the fisheries challenge. Nymph fishing for large trout. Brooks, G. The Southwest expedition of Jedediah S. Smith his personal account of the journey to California, Broome, H. Faces of the wilderness. Brown, A. Brown, R. Hard-rock miners: the intermountain West, Browning Museum of the Plains Indian. Browning's Mayor Kennerly, turning a small town around Bruce Neal: saving the Sun River elk herd Bucket biology: destroying our freshwater heritage.

Fishing supplement [32 p. Buffalo and bacteria. A buffalo hunter's legacy The buffalo runners: hoofbeats across the centuries Buffalo Stampede [photograph by Jack Haynes, The seven visions of Bull Lodge. As told to his daughter, Garter Snake, gathered by Fred P. Gone, ed. Bull of the woods.

Bull rakes: a master's medium Bull talk. A brush with the West. Burk, D. Elmer Sprunger wildlife artist. Montana fishing. New interpretations. Montana hunting. Burnout postponed: Bill Cunningham Burnt offerings [Montana fires in ]. Burrowing owls and prairie dogs Bushy-tailed woodrat Business and the media: harmony or conflict?

Business databases: tapping the great electronic reservoir. Russell Wildlife Range C. Russell's west. The Cabinet Mountains: a range of views Caddis by night Cadillac on hooves: the Peruvian paso Calamity Jane's diary and letters: story of a fraud California Montana is it time for Proposition 13 in Big Sky country? Calkins, R. Looking back from the hills: recollections of Butte people. Call of the wild Callaway, L. Montana's righteous hangmen: the vigilantes in action.

Callaway, Jr. Calling off the tree war: when timber workers and environmentalists get together. The camera recalls [historic photos from U. Hispanic culture in the Southwest. Campfire story: discovering the discoverers Camping time Can hatcheries help conserve the westslope cutthroat? Can orange make you a better hunter?

Can you believe Can you hunt and still love wildlife? Cancer: You make the odds. Canned bears [Kalispell's Montana Canned Bear]. Cannon, B. Coming into the light. Canoeing the Lewis and Clark route, Missouri headwaters to Fort Peck Canyon driving [Gallatin Canyon] Canyon Ferry Reservoir: enforcement efforts bring positive results [heavy recreational use requires law and order efforts] Canyon Ferry: a dam over troubled waters Canyon Ferry: where walleye meet the Rockies Caping in the field.

Carlson, P. Texas woollybacks: the range sheep and goat industry. Caroline Lockhart: Her Life and Legacy. Carousel magic in Missoula: Chuck Kaparich's carving inspires others to participate in project Carter, C. Pike in Colorado. Carved in stone: discovering pioneer cemeteries [gravestone art of Alonzo K. Rachal sic Carson Council. The cat with many names. Catch a cold fish. Depot Days Celebrate! First Night in Missoula Celebrate! International Wildlife Film Festival Celebrate!

Little Bighorn Days Celebrate! Macintosh Apple Day Celebrate! Northeast Montana Threshing Bee Celebrate! NRA Finals Celebrate! Trout Creek Huckleberry Festival Celebrate! Celebrations and the Hi-Line. Celebrations at Fort Peck. Census by camera. Centennial mush, on to the Iditarod with Linwood Fiedler Centennial preparations. The Centennials: peregrine falcons, prehistoric sites.

Champion donates choice wildlife land Chancey revenues: a review of gambling in Montana A change of seasons. Changes in production efficiency in Montana's forest products industry, The changing accounting profession and small business. Changing role of women in Montana's economy The changing world of wildlife biology: it's not rocket science- it's harder The characteristics and economic significance of visitors attracted to Montana wildlands Charles M. Russell's stories about Indians Charlie's show: C. Cheating lady luck [bidding for moose permits]. The big Missouri winter. Music, saddles and flap-jacks: dudes at the Oto Ranch.

Names on the face of Montana. Cherny, R. Populism, Progressivism, and the transformation of Nebraska politics, Holt, Children take their place in the American West The chill factor '78 reds debut where to find wine in Montana Chimney fire [what do you save? Chinook Chinook winds: the snow eater The Chippewa-Cree ski bowl: prairie powder A chocolate valentine: Montana chocolatiers say business is good Chokecherry delights Choose your checkpoint [for viewing].

Choosing a trophy pronghorn Choosing a youngster's first gun. Chrisman, H. The 1, most-asked questions about the American West. Christmas bright Christmas on the Missouri Breaks, a boy and a badlands pine. Chuck Ringer: artist at play [kinetic sculpture] Chuckwagon cuisine. Chuinard, E.

Only one man died: the medical aspects of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Clark, E. Indian legends from the Northern Rockies. Clark, M. Eden seekers: the settlement of Oregon, William H.

Ashley: enterprise and politics in the Trans-Mississippi West. Coal bed methane: considerations for developing a Montana resource Coal comes home Coal fields Coal riches: Rosebud coal beds Coal tax trust fund acquisitions: nominate your favorite park Coal: does Montana have a synfuels future? Coal: moving it.

Coal: tax challenges. Coburn, Walt. Pioneer cattleman in Montana. Cogs and wheels: meditations on an ecosystem Cohen, S. The big burn: the Northwest's forest fire of Joe Col. Cody [oil, ] Cold bath in the Beaverhead Cold comfort. Cold running Cold snap. The cold that kills.

Rustled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., #3) by B.J. Daniels

Collecting antique fishing tackle. Colley makes history [44 years with the Fisheries Division, Dept. A comedy of otters: to the water born Coming home to roost [dinosaur site near Choteau] Coming home to Roundup Coming home: Fort Belknap members return to Reservation: V. Garmann A. Chandler J. Painter Coming of age in Montana: the legacy of A. Coming together, coming apart--women's history and the West Common ground in the Seeley Swan [Valley residents seek concensus for land use] The common thread Community Development: don't roll up the sidewalks yet Community forestry: a tool for fighting rural poverty.

Companion in the adventure: a parks intern's journal. Compensation: giving a break to ranchers and bears The compleat hiker. The complete Montana book case The complex ecology of weeds, grazing and wildlife. Computer cowboys Computerizing small business The concept of wilderness: a proprietary right over the land? Native American art in the Denver Art Museum. Conservation easements: protection for critical winter range Conserving during surplus: Montana's energy dilemma. Continental Divide trail. The Continental Divide [Ennis restaurant].

MacGilvra] Cook, C. The valley of the upper Yellowstone. Cool cats Cooley, E. Diary of Brigham Young, Greycliff Publishing, Coteau or pothole: just call it home Cougar bronze Counties that might have been, losers in the county-busting craze Counting Counting cougars in the Garnets Counting heads Countries ranked by population, Country born: Bobby Kramer.

Courthouse tour: notable landmarks. Soho Press, n. Cowboy poetry gathering [Lewistown] Cowboy poetry: saddle up for Lewistown Cowboy tour [Bridger mountain peak named after childhood friend of Sacajawea, Naya Nuki] A Cowboy's Prayer poem Cowhand, a special way of life. Cows, cowboys, canners and corned beef and cabbage. Coxey's Army: an American odyssey Coyote and big game [six year study to determine if coyotes should be controlled to benefit game populations] Coyote Roadhouse [Bigfork, MT].

Coyotes Crane bonanza [sandhill cranes]. Crawdad bisque and cornpone, relax and picnic southern style. Crazy Horse, Custer, and the sweep to the north Crazy Mountain Mother's Day Creating jobs and recruiting businesses important for improving economy: an interview with Governor Judy Martz Creepy-crawlys? Cross country cabins: the Gallatin Forest goes public with back country cabins Cross country ski racing Cross country skiing: who should provide? Crossing the cultural divide: organizational support for Indians in business Crossing the gender line: Ella L. Knowles, Montana's first woman lawyer Crossing the line: from serenity to the edge of survival Crossing time on Highway Crow beadwork: the resilience of cultural values.

Forsyth, ca. Paxson, ] Crows, brains of the bird world CRP at the crossroads: the good old days are here, but can we keep them? Cruwys hits a triple [Cruwys painting selected for waterfowl stamp] Cruwys scores a double [ waterfowl stamp painter] Cruwys' Redheads wins [waterfowl stamp contest] Cry me a river: John Shupe The crystal ball: Montana in The crystals of Crown Butte Cuisine international: Lily's Oriental Emporium. Cukes and spides Culture galore [fundraising goal is near]. Cummins, D. William Robinson Leigh: Western artist.

Custer and Crazy Horse ride again Custer's luck runs out CUT theology.

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  5. Dan Whetstone, sage of Cut Bank. Dance masters: the Rocky Boy pow-wow is the biggest in the West Dances with grouse Dances with Wolves: a review essay Dancing across the waves. Dancing at the Rascal Fair. Dancing shadows: life beneath the surface: river snorkeling Dangerous curve oil.

    Dark moment Dary, D. Cowboy culture: a saga of five centuries. Ignatius elementary principal promotes reading Davies, J. Douglas of the forests: the North American journals of David Douglas. Bison procurement and utilization: a symposium. Davis, L. Lifeways of intermontane and plains Montana Indians. Symposium on the Crow-Hidatsa separations. Trails, trails, and more trails: another historic preservation challenge. A day at Chimney Rock A day in the life of America.

    Day off. A day on the slats at Bozeman, Helena and Libby The day the Beartooth fell 50 million years ago, a mountain range took a quick trip to Wyoming. Day trippin' 33 ways to enrich a summer weekend in Montana Day trippin' from Billings. Day trippin' from Butte, uptown and out of town Day trippin' from Glendive. Day trippin' from Libby.

    Kindle Editions

    Day trippin' from Miles City. Day trippin' from Missoula. Day trippin': 32 ways to spend a summer day in Montana. Second annual guide. DeArment, R. Bat Masterson: the man and the legend. Knights of the green cloth: the saga of the frontier gamblers. Death at the Goat Lick. Roberts Rinehart, n.

    Death of a small business: the Missoula Brewing Company. Hauser Decoy renaissance Dedication of Meagher statue [and] Montana state capitol. Deep snow: contributions from our readers Deep-winter dining: the simple pleasures of bread and soup. Deer and elk may cause allergic attack. Deer at Waterhole [watercolor by C. Russell, ] Deer habitat relationships and management in the northern Rocky Mountains and Great Plains.

    Delicate mountain monarchs Delightful dilemma Delpar, H. The discoverers: an encyclopedia of explorers and exploration. The deluge of '64 Dempsey, H. Charcoal's world. Dempsey, H. Red Crow: warrior chief. Gibbs-Smith, Desert river: true of false, deserts are dry Desire and pursuit of the whole: the politics of storytelling The desperate danger of talking turkey Destination: Denver City, the South Platte Trail.

    Developing a multi-state operation from Montana. Developing silvicultural prescriptions to provide both deer winter habitat and timber Development whoas: conservation easements: contracts with the future Developments at Dancing Prairie. Diary of a night nurse, Butte, Montana, Dick Johnson retires as deputy director Dictionary of the American West. Facts on File, Dig that funky bison [work continues at Mill Iron site near Ekalaka]. Diking the flood plain Dillon's romance novelist: Sally Garrett Dillon: blue-ribbon fishing, pro rodeo and a college education.

    Dimsdale, T. The vigilantes of Montana. Dinghy, dory, kayak, canoe: your dreamboat in a kit Dining On Broadway: it's amore! Dinosaur dig memories [in north-central Montana. Dippie, B. The vanishing American: white attitudes and U. Indian policy. Nomad: George A. Custer in turf, field and farm.

    The Director's column [biological survival and adaptation] the Director's column [projected financial income will have an impact on the Department's future programs] Discover Montana's lttle known places Discover reloading. Discovered lands, invented pasts: a review essay. Dish-connected Distant justice: policing the Alaskan frontier. Dive Montana Diversifying into the unknown.

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    Do cats really have nine lives? Do new faces change the political climate? Do something wild Do you have enough pain to love Montana in the winter? The do's and don't's of teaching your child Nordic skiing Docile dinosaur [Pteronarcys californica] Does religion make a difference? Dogtown dilemma: how to manage the prairie poodle Doig I. This house of sky: landscapes of a Western mind. Doig, I. Winter brohers: a season at the edge of America. Doig: a Montana soul. Dolly who? The domesticated forest: large investment, large return Don't be a victim Don't fight cavities.

    Don't mow this grass [story features family life years ago on the Iowa grasslands] Don't risk the water Don't wait 'til the cows come home. Doom blooms, the unpredictable danger of algae blooms in Montana watering holes Doooonnn't beeee a litterbuuuugg Doorways to adventure [Fishing Access Site System]. Doris Couch. Doris [Huffine Montana Museum east of Kalispell]. Double deal at Diamond Mesa. Down home at the 7-Up Ranch: good cookin' in Lincoln.

    Down river: a Yellowstone journey. Acton: her speciality is diabetes among Indians. Losee: Knee man known round the world. Phil Wright: educator and naturalist Draft choice coach,Larry Rojas. Draft wolf management plan released Draggin' the dragon Drawing the out-of-state tourist to Montana: State promotional efforts. Drawing the out-of-state tourist to Montana: the tourist's perception of the state.

    Trees, prairies, and people: a history of tree planting in the Plains states. Fahl Drury, C. Chief lawyer of the Nez Perce Indians, l Duffey, D. Hunting dog know-how. Gentlemen emigrants: from the British public schools to the Canadian frontier. Dunlay, T. Dusty millers E-business among Montana manufacturers E. Paxson: Frontier Artist. Eagle watch: Glacier Park. Earth Force: power to change the world The earth manual: how to work on wild land without taming it Earthquake: I heard such a roar Earthquakes in Montana The East Pioneers: rugged adventure.

    Economics, elephants and snarks: predicting future values [of forest products] Ecosystem management on the Deerlodge Eddies, hydraulics, holes and waves: an introduction to river running. The Edge of the Crazies. Hyperion, n. Edge of wilderness: Lima Neal Edible plants and flowers: Montana's natural food store The editor's column [plea for wise water use] The editor's column [previously endangered animals' numbers increase] The editor's column [why is hunting increasingly coming under attack?

    The Potawatomis: keepers of the fire. Edmunds, R. The Shawnee prophet. American Indian leaders: studies in diversity. Educating Montana: what our university system does for the state Edward F. Beale and the American West. Edward S. Curtis Edward S. Edwards, J. A climber's guide to Glacier National Park.

    Edwin M. Ellis: Montana's bicycling minister The effects of fire on cutthroat spawning streams in Yellowstone Lake tributaries. Eight bite the dust. Ekalaka relativity. Ekstrom's, dine at a frontier stage stop. El bosque humedo: Save the rainforest El Rancho Gumbo Electrofishing: using current to count [sampling fish to estimate fish populations for management purposes] Electrofishing: using current to count [sampling fish to estimate populations for managment purposes] An elephant in every yard Eleventh annual exhibition National Academy of Western Art Elk and cattle on public lands: a new look at an old conflict Elk and cattle on the national forests: a simple question of allocation Elk facts [reversible poster folded in center of magazine] Elk hunting in the Rocky Mountain West.

    Elk hunting survey results [from Fall, ] Elk hunting, logging and tradition Elk success story: an overview [numbers remain stable] Elk talk. Elk under the wire Elk upkeep. Elk vulnerability in Montana: then and now. Elkhorn Mountains dedicated to wildlife. The Elkhorns revisited: elk numbers up The Elkhorns, managing happy hunting grounds.

    The Elkhorns: an elegant island of mountains tests a new kind of wild land protection based on wildlife management Elser, S. Packin' in on mules and horses. Elser, S. Elwood's happy story The emerald city of moss Emergy and recreation - what's in store Empire of dust: settling and abandoning the prairie dry belt. Empires in the sun: the rise of the new American West. Employee assistance and employee fitness programs: a growing trend in U. En-raptor-ed with the Mission Valley: mild winters attract many species The enchanted broccoli forest. Reviving Montana's grand theaters Encouraging words from Montana's wood products industry Encyclopedia of Frontier Biography.

    Arthur C. Clark Co. Historical Society of Southern California, End of an era An endangered species. Endrin, the politics of poison Endurance Energy update: an executive view of demand-side management The energy-for-Montana program. English Creek. Dennis Glick et al. Greater Yellowstone Coalition. Saloons of the old West. The essence of wilderness Essential bonds: a pheasant hunt with brothers.

    Esval, O. Prairie tales: the adventure of growing up on a frontier. Cameron: pioneer photographer and diarist Every valley shall be exploited? Montana's rural subdivision muddle Everybody knows West Yellowstone is the coldest spot in the Montana - or is it? Everybody, somebody, anybody, and nobody Everyman's Old Man of the River. Ex officio progress report Exotic introduction: a fisheries managers headache Expanding the conservation tradition: Montana's Watchable Wildlife Expedition Yellowstone. The expeditions of John Charles Fremont: travels from to Experience the Great Bear grizzly, native cutthroat and Montana's wildest river.

    Experiences in the promised land: essays in Pacific Northwest history.

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    Experiencing the past [historic places and sights] Exploration and commerce along the Pacific Northwest coast The explorers: nineteenth century expeditions in Africa and the American West. Exploring the landscapes of Montana dinosaurs. Exteriors: photographs of sections of buildings An eye for agates. Eyes on wildlife: a National Forest approach Facilities at Montana's first state park Factors influencing changing consumer trends Fahey, J.

    The days of Hercules. Fairmont Hot Springs, family swim. A falcon of superlatives: American kestrel Falconry: a perfect hobby Fall for the Madison. Fall in the Flathead: kokanee and eagles. Fall in wine country Fall makes the color struggle easy Fall meeting: eagles and salmon in Glacier. The fallen-star story of Major Marcus Reno Falling through summer: easy hikes to area waterfalls Family business: ideal vehicle for Indian business success?

    Family pets: stories and photos from our readers Family saga: grizzly relocation has mixed results The family that runs together Family ties, westward ho with Granddad The famous Glasgow Badger fight Fannie Sperry Steele: Montana's champion bronc rider Fanny Cory Cooney, Montana mother and artist Fanny's world: the life and art of Fanny Cory Cooney. Women and men on the Overland Trail. Farm bill facts Farm fresh: take in a late-season street market The Farm Program - mixed blessings?

    Farr, W. Montana: images of the past. Fatal moves: eager for new life in Montana Territory, a man could misjudge the risks [Thomas-Schultz death on the Bozeman Trail]. Fatso and Fussy. Favorite network radio programs, late s. Eakin Press, A feast for eagles: introduction of Kokanee salmon into the Flathead drainage attracts the bald eagle Feasting by the leafy stream.

    Feathered booty: the illegal trade in exotic birds. Feathered frenzy Feathered friends: feeding birds in winter Feature creature Feature creature [owls]. Feature creature: elk Feature creature: here today, gone tomorrow [migratory birds] Feature creature: marmots Feature creature: mountain goat Feature creature: paddlefish Feature creature: raven Feature Creature: The nasty family Feature film [Peacock's Wars] Federal funding--The Nongame Act.

    Federation seeks award nominees Feeding the heart Femal photographers on the frontier: Montana's photographic artists, The fencepost chronicles. Fences and hummingbirds. Fermenting for fun: how to make your own fine wine The ferret experiment. Ferrets in Alberta. Ferry rides [on the Missouri River]. Festival of cultures: a Billings solution A festival of nations in Red Lodge Festival of Trees: the magic of holiday lights and giving Festival. Lumber and politics: the career of Mark E. Field care of pronghorn meat Field trip updates latilong Johns Hopkins Univ.

    Stockingtease, The Hunsyellow Pages, Kmart, Msn, Microsoft, Noaa …

    Final hour: sunset for the American bison. Finally - a formula for finding the right size stove Finally, suddenly, gratefully, it's spring Financing economic growth in the Western states Financing state government and public education. Finding the phalarope: nature is the teacher in Great Falls. Finnish sourdough recipe Fire in the belly: Judge W. Lessley Fire in the hole [underground coal fire near Kinsey]. Fire lookouts of the Northwest.

    The fires of the greater Yellowstone area: the saga of a long hot summer The fireside reader [reviewer's choices for understanding Montana]. Fireside reader. See bi-monthly issues. The first 25 years of TV in Montana. First aid kit may be your best whole life policy First buck second time around First flight over the Rockies First float The first Saturday after Labor Day. First-aid outdoors Fischer, H. The floater's guide to Montana. Fischer, J. From the high plains.

    A fish called cisco Fish facts Fish guide available. A fish story with three lessons Fish, wildlife and livestock: protection of riparian areas A fish-shaped sunbeam Fisher, R. Captain James Cook and his times. Fisheries management special regulations for larger trout: is Montana ready? Fisheries managers: stream stars. Fishes of special concern list updated [Montana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society watch list includes bull trout and the blue sucker] Fishes of special concern--explanation and update Fishin' the city Fishing is for the birds [birds that fish] Fishing or the opera?

    Montanans talk about quality of life choices Fishing stories: stories and photos from our readers Fishing the dry fly as a living insect. Fishing the opener [early season fly- fishing] Fishing the Tongue River Reservoir: the crappies are coming! American farmers: the new minority. Fitzgerald, J. Black gold with grit. Five days in Philipsburg: a small town portrait. Five Montana sheriffs, life behind the badge Five stars on the four-lane: interesting restaurants from Bozeman eastward Five to nine: a day in the life of a camp cook Flash and fury in the sky The Flathead photos of the area with remarks about the photographer Flathead country from Glacier Park to the Mission Valley Flathead Lake issues Flathead Lake's midlife crisis Flathead Lake, from Glaciers to Cherries.

    Floating Montana's major waterways Floating Montana's other Yellowstone Flood control here, worse floods there Floods or a quake for Butte? Flourishing St. Marie: a prairie success [north of Glasgow]. Flouting natural selection Flue tiles A fluey diary, [excerpt from the Montanan].

    Flying tigers. Flyways Focus on state and local government finances. Focus on Whitefish: railroad and skiing span town's history Fogdall, A. Royal family of the Columbia: Dr.