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  • Relative Happiness begins production in Nova Scotia.
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In small town Nova Scotia, thats no easy task, especially Director: Deanne Foley. Films I've Watched In Misc Movies plan on seeing. Watched Movies. Share this Rating Title: Relative Happiness 6.

Relative Happiness

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image. Learn more More Like This. Sunnyvale Shoals. The Fire Cobras. Jackhammer Adventure Comedy Drama. Pearls Short Drama. Beat Down A Hole in One The Cart Boy Comedy Short. One Last Shot Short Comedy Drama.

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Swearnet: The Movie Trailer Park Boys Two petty felons have a documentary made about their life in a trailer park. Comedy Crime Drama. Sunnyvale Shoals TV Series Not yet released. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Melissa Bergland Lexie Ivy Aaron Poole Joss Johnathan Sousa Adrian Susan Kent The editing is a little too loose for the comedy to work, and the drama is pitched at a level that makes it all seem very hysterical.

Melissa Bergland is all right in the lead. She commits to every last bit of it, whether it be slapstick humiliation or melodramatic confrontation. Somewhere in all the mess of Relative Happiness , the film presents a somewhat intriguing point of view. It basically stumps for imperfect unions, making a case for loves beyond the romantic ideal. The film ignores the heart of the material in order to shape proceedings into the form of a modern mainstream romantic comedy.

It was the wrong choice for this film, which seems to have deeper emotional matters at its core.

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Relative Happiness. Submit Skip. S and not the reverse. There are several possible explanations for this puzzle, including:.

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The average happiness level in India is higher than that in the U. Emigrants and immigrants are a small proportion of the population in both countries; thus, the happiness level of the people who move is essentially irrelevant to the calculation of average happiness in a country. People move from India, expecting to be more happy in the U. People will move to a less happy place if there are economic or family reasons to do so.

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  6. I should know, having chosen to go to college at MIT, and Levitt should know too, seeing as he teaches at the notoriously unhappy U of Chicago. See here. This puts some weight on explanation 5 above! I think 5 is probably right. You don't get the rural poor and street people into such surveys in developing countries. This is another example of economists playing another of their idiotic games, making unwarranted assumptions concerning things they apparently know little about. Places don't necessarily make people happy, so moving from a place where the average "happiness quotient" is low to one where it is higher won't necessarily make a person happier.

    If, as I suspect, connections — to family, friends, a culture, a religion — are what make people happy, then moving elsewhere will cut those ties, leading to less happiness wherever the person goes.

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    I recently watched Prof. Schwartz' talk on the paradox of choice , which may be relevant here. First, winning the lottery makes people happier, but only for a relatively short period of time a couple of years, if my memory is correct. Most people would think that making the lottery would make them happier.

    Relative Happiness

    That's why they pay to enter. Second, people without children are generally happier than people with children. I'm not sure if people planning to have children a realise that, and do it anyway — maybe that's what immigrants do — there are more aims in life than happiness; or b think it will make them happier. Having kids makes me much, much happier in a deep sense. However, I wouldn't be surprised if, being surveyed at random points in time, I am less happy, on average, than before I had kids.

    But I think the situation here is that my baseline level of happiness is so much higher, and if you ask me at any given moment how happy I am, I'm measuring myself against that baseline. Somehow it makes sense to me to say that I'm much much happier, even if I don't have a higher subjective happiness feeling, on average. Happiness isn't an additive quantity. So I suppose that's a possible explanation 7 to add above, if applied to the U.