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But in my world, its referred to as "a creative block". Trust me when I say it's similar in annoyance and frustration. So what is creative block? I'm no Webster but here's what I've concluded: A disruption in the organic flow of ones craft, prohibiting them from forward growth and or completing any given t. The Publishing Artisan. The publishing world has drastically changed since that time. Now, more than ever, authors are choosing to self-publish because of two primary reasons: creativity and control.

Creativity is off the charts for some authors as they realize that self-publishing allows them to become publishing artisans. The definition of artisan is one who crafts by hand. As more writers are discovering, self-publi. That Was So Weak. Have you ever looked at a company or book and wondered what the heck the key takeaway was supposed to be?

This happens often—not only with books, but also with companies. With more and more people writing books to establish themselves as an expert, more and more authors are hitting the market with messages that are unclear or not aligned with their brand. If your book is a part of your overall company, it needs to be branded.

Before branding takes place,. What Is Your Strong Reason? Most people who are in business have a talent that they want to share with the world. When it comes to writing a book, you not only need a strong reason but also, the right reason. Many people write a book with high expectations for making the bestseller list and becoming well-known.

Your strong reason. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. The moral of the story? How does this apply to your author platform? Teach a man to build an audience. The Oprah Syndrome. Oprah has just announced my book on her show. My website crashed and I heard that Amazon crashed as well. My book is selling in astronomical numbers. You like me! It is morning and reality. Semantics In The Expert Space. When began, my company made some big changes in the way we did business. In the past, as a self-publisher, we took on every project that came our way.

The result of that decision, was fraught with authors who published and then complained… a lot. They were willing to pay to have their book published, but none of them were willing to spend any money or time to build their author platforms. This is always an eye-opening experience for me.

I did tell her several times that she was way behind building an audience.

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Why Writers Need To Blog. Building an author platform is essential these days. Most authors do not have the basics in place to begin building an audience. The most essential tool in your arsenal is a blog. Identifying your niche audience and producing content is the only way to capture and build a following. Here are some reasons why: Connecting with people in the right way. This means that you build a relationship with your niche audience. Many writers have author pages or business p.

Why Social Proof Matters for Writers. While preparing a presentation for a class of aspiring young writers, it occurred to me that there was an opportunity to not only teach author platform building, but also talk about social proof. A couple weeks ago, I posted a cartoon which featured a teenager with a book in hand.

What was t. Your Niche, Your Income. One of the most difficult challenges for authors is finding their audience. Authors frequently begin their project by writing the book that they want instead of the book that their audience would like. This sets up a situation where the author writes the book and then starts the search for an audience.

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People were excited about the number of people who like their pages, not the number of people who actually liked their. No Tech Skills, No Audience. The Internet can be a great resource for book writers and in the past, was a free resource to learn how to market your book as well. Now that the face of book marketing has changed, authors must change too!

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When I first started out, the basics were to open an author page on Facebook, open a Twitter account, and start connecting. Engagement was sharing and liking and that was about all there was to it. If you self- published your book, this was the best wa. Here we go again! Another day, another manuscript with no platform and no money to promote.

Not a big problem, right? One of my authors told me a couple weeks ago that she spent a lot of money on a big program to tell her how to write a bestseller. A couple years ago, I made a rookie mistake and it cost me BIG! My first book was edited by an editor with a stellar reputation. There were very few errors in my first book. After I wrote my second book, a local woman approached me and wanted the job. As a business person, I try my darnedest to keep my business local. The whole process was frustrating. The first editor scheduled me in a month later because he had a backlog.

A couple weeks ago I did my first webinar. It was well attended and I picked up quite a few new clients. I also alienated a few of my long-time clients. Because they had no idea how much work it takes to build an author platform. I tell them all the time that it takes a lot of work but the visual of the webinar pushed them over the edge.

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This week, I learned a valuable lesson from my business coach. Either the group will pressure you to be more like them or you will change them to be more like you. Earlier in the year, I made a decision to take my business to the next level. I no longer wanted to just own a business, I want to be an entrepreneur. I wanted a business that was global. Terms of Engagement. Most of my clients are coaches who wrote a book to attract a larger audience.

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They are on social media, have aspirations to be public speakers and full coaching schedules. Some of my clients are putting together info products and coaching programs that can be worked at your own pace.

Here is how the dialogue typically goes: Client: I need to figu. Have you ever noticed when you embark on a long journey that there are parts of the journey that parallel some of your other great journeys? I noticed this concept earlier this year, as I was training for the Los Angeles Marathon. The road to the LA marathon was similar in so many ways to building my author platforms.

Let me begin by telling you how both of my journeys began. I have always loved a good mystery. I sat down one afternoon in and began writing one. I had no idea if I. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem?

Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Grandma Switzer was not your typical sweet old granny. From boxes piled to the ceiling to myster Grandma Switzer was not your typical sweet old granny.

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From boxes piled to the ceiling to mysterious little baggies stacked neatly in the freezer, the sisters would unearth clues to heinous crimes; one of which would not only change their lives, but also bring into question the identity of their unsuspecting mother. Death, diamonds and deceit would set off a chain reaction of crime and murder two thousand miles away and clues to unsolved mysteries would bubble up from decades past.

Could tales told by elderly partners-in-crime be believed or trusted? As Lindsay Carter unravels their stories, a vicious killer begins to kill them one by one, leaving her to wonder if she will have a chance to prove their accounts of the villainous deeds. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Granny Heist , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews.

Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. The author had an interesting idea for this book, but many things went awry. Writers really should have a basic command of the English language -- or should be willing to listen to those who do. The basic premise of the book was interesting. However the author decided to throw in several additional cases for the detective that added nothing to the story.

Overall, I would recommend this book, but with r The author had an interesting idea for this book, but many things went awry. Overall, I would recommend this book, but with reservations. A tighter story and better grammar would have earned an additional star. Death,diamonds and deceit would set off a chain reaction of crime and murder two thousand miles away and clues to unsolved mysteries would bubble up from decades past for granddaughters cleaning out Granny's Estate.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It was fun, entertaining, surprising and well written. Hard to believe that Granny could get away with what all she did and then just sat on it! GREAT read! Will read more by this author! May 18, Mary rated it it was ok Shelves: mystery. A little hard to follow at times. Too many storylines going on at once. Didn't really wrap it up neatly either.

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I enjoyed the story of the grandma. And all her shenanigans and piecing that all together. May 09, VJ rated it liked it. The good news: this book tells a fantastic story of a hidden crime spree. The plot is done very well, in my opinion. There are twists and turns and it is very intriguing. The bad news: it is poorly edited. I'm talking first or second draft edited. Wrong words, misspellings, horrible punctuation, and bad grammar and stilted sentences abound.

If the story wasn't so good, I'd have given up long ago. Also, there are so many characters at one point, that even the author got them confused Perhaps it was just the Kindle edition I got from Amazon. Maybe the print edition is better. The copy I had ended abruptly, as if the author suddenly thought "this book is too long.

I think I'll just stop here. Apr 23, Misterg rated it liked it. An interesting idea, but joined by too many others. THere are a couple of common threads but too much is sidelined by the cases being worked on by the main character a police officer. Then the punctuation goes awry, along with a few spellings. Next we get similar names Ray and Det. At one time there even seems to be a confusion in the author's mind between Lori and Terri.

The story line was good but the book jumped from one thing to the next to much. One time they went by Betty next time they referred to the same person as Grandma. It was very hard to keep track of who they were talking about. The main lady was a detective and when she was on police business and when she was doing her own personal investigation on her grandma it was hard to follow.