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And when she finally does get an offer, it comes from an unlikely quarter: a disgraced lord. And accepting his shady patronage comes with a price that may prove too high: involvement in a plot to depose the king, a net that stretches further than Brienna could guess. The Wren Hunt , by Mary Watson February 8 This debut set against the backdrop of an altered contemporary world follows Wren, a member of the formerly powerful Augurs, a magical people being hunted to extinction by the Judges.

The Traitor Prince , by C. Jailed and friendless, Javan has one chance at freeing himself and reaching the ear of the king: fight in a brutal yearly tournament, and win. Camellia longs to be the favored Belle, serving the queen and royal family, but her path to the top is rocky, and life inside the palace walls is far from the dream she hoped it would be. Soon she finds herself facing a sadistic royal, dark discoveries about what it means to be a Belle, and the impossible longings of her heart.

But after her burgeoning abilities lead to an explosion at the factory where she works, she has no choice but to go on the run.

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  6. Soon she faces a choice: learn to harness what she can do, or risk being imprisoned in the dark, secret-filled asylum that holds her mother. Elsa, daughter of a celebrated scriptologist, is from one of these invented worlds, but must travel into the real one when her mother is taken. Early in her aimless travels she reunites with a dear childhood friend: a kind of dragon called a quigutl, who becomes her companion and protector, and gives her journey a purpose.

    As she attempts to locate her quarry without giving up the game, she reckons with a growing attraction to irritatingly appealing first mate Riden. In sequel Siren Queen , Alosa has her map in hand and has made prisoners of her former captors—Riden included. But Kestra is sick of being used. Released into her former life with a mission in hand—retrieve the magical blade that is the only means of killing the evil Lord Endrick—and two embedded rebels by her side, who may yet win her over to their cause.


    But now, by the side of a runaway princess in revolt against a brutal crown prince, she may have a chance at restoring magic—if she can ignore the wishes of her own renegade heart. This West African—inspired epic fantasy is tipped as being one of the biggest debuts of the year. The Wicked Deep , by Shea Ernshaw March 6 The seaside town of Sparrow lies under a centuries-old curse, following the drowning deaths of a trio of accused witches.

    Now, every summer brings in Swan Season, when the witch sisters possess the body of three girls and exact their revenge yet again on the local boys. At the start of the latest dangerous season, Penny, a Sparrow girl grieving a loss of her own, meets Bo Carter. To Kill a Kingdom , by Alexandra Christo March 6 A bloodthirsty siren royal who collects human hearts and a siren-hunting prince make an unlikely pair in this atmospheric debut. Lira has collected the hearts of seventeen princes and is revered for her ruthlessness, until she commits a crime so great her mother banishes her and, far worse, turns her into a human.

    The Diminished , by Kaitlyn Sage Patterson April 10 In a world where nearly everyone is born with a twin, those who move through life alone are either royalty or outcasts. Those born twinless are considered anointed, including Bo, destined to rule the Alskad Empire. Beyond a Darkened Shore , by Jessica Leake April 10 Ciara is a princess of an ancient northern land who protects her people by way of her ability to control the bodies and minds of their enemies. When the crow unites her with an enemy leader who shares her visions of a coming darkness, the two must unite in the hopes of saving their world.

    Ash Princess , by Laura Sebastian April 24 The murder of her Fire Queen mother and the loss of her ancestral lands made Theodosia into a powerless prisoner of the cruel Kaiser, known mockingly as the Ash Princess.

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    She suppresses herself in the interest of surviving, until the Kaiser pushes her too far. Armed only with her own intelligence and rage, she sets out, at last, to reclaim her power and salvage her kingdom. Ace of Shades , by Amanda Foody April 24 Enne Salta follows her missing mother to the sinful city of New Reynes, hoping to find her and get out with her reputation intact. Each has their own secrets and motivations in a kingdom where war looms and magic abides. There are forces in play, hidden enemies in motion, all converging on the Star Kingdom of Manticore to crush the very life out of it, and Honor's worst nightmares fall short of the oncoming reality.

    But Manticore's enemies may not have thought of everything after all. Because if everything Honor Harrington loves is going down to destruction, it won't be going alone. David Weber. Aunties Books. Barnes and Noble.

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