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Choose your own story from our top collection of romance, fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, and drama series! Under this secton occur the 10llowi1UJ dialects : A. Under this heading , Judao-Spanish ' aTe grouped. Bible see S. Berger, Le8 B1:bles CastillaneB. Egnrn, Memoria deBcriptiva de loB ctfdicC8 nota. For the versions oC the Sps. Boehmer, Bibliotheca' Wiffeniana Strassburg and London-, ,83, 2 vols. Antonio, J. Rodrguez de Castro, and others. A third voJume of tha Bibliotheca Wiffeniana appaared in Antonio Bibliotheca Hispana Vetus, , ii.

Hain gives tbis edition tha number in his ReperloriumBibliographicum. It is No. Haebler's Bibliografw Ibtlrica del siglo XV , according to whicb tbe book contaDs leaves not numbered , of which the last two are blank. Printed in double columns, witb 42 lines to tbe column. Tbe colopbon is dated 22 May Boebmer states tbat 'a Spanish tmnslation of tbe Gospels for tbe Mohamedans, probably those of Granada, is said to have been issued at the end o the A Gospel Harmony, translated by Ambrosio de.

Other editions appeared at VOL. The work was subsequeDtly before 15 6 revised by Roman de 1 allezillo, a. BeDedictine, aDd published, e. Dd ; aod at Madrid, iD aod ; bot it was prohibited by tbe Spanish 10quisitioD. See E. Wiffeniana, ti. Antonio record s two erutioDs priDt. Certain portions of the O. Tbe following editions appear to have becD published :- 1 Selections from Job, with certain Psalms used in tbc' Oficio de Difuntos " in and ; 2 Thc Seven Penitentiltl Psalms, tbe Fifteen Soogs of Degrees, and Lamentatioos, in , and All these were printed at Antwcrp.

The earliest editioD 01 the New Testa. The book was priDted at the cost of the translator by S. The pl'inting W! But already tbe Emperor, who h! A oorresponding order was transmitted to tbe Margrave of Antwerp, who had had the translation examiDed nnd pa. A few days lat. It was examined by tbe Emperor s confessor, Pedro de Solo, who, alter a slight deJay, had Enzinas suddeoly arrestad, and cast ioto prison on Dec.

Tbe transla. Aiter over a year's imprisonment Enzinas escaped on 1 Feb. Three years lat. Eventua1ly he returned to Germany, aDd died at Strassburg, 30 Dec. Enzinas wrot. The La. A German translation by H. Boehmer appeared at Bono iD TiLle, on verso a citg,iion rom Deul xvii. Don Carlos. Empemdar Semper Augnsto, Rei de Espafta dic.

Text, tI. C01Lforme al vso de la Iglesia Romana. XLIII; list o errata-1 p. Signatures: [leaves signed 2, 3, 4]", a-z' A-X'; ff. A full page o text conta. Tbe margins cODtain references aDd a few very brief notes. Besides tbe citatioDs mentioned in tbe description given aboye, a citation from Josb. S occurs on tbe titlepage. In Rom. Similarly tbe words el qual es lesu Cbristo' in 1 Coro i. Tbe volume contains eigbt full,pll. Tbis version o the Sermon on tbe Mount wo. Tbe' Snm. An edition in black. Some bibliographies mention an edition of tbe Psalter by Comelio Snoi no.

Boehmer considers tbis to be o. Sebattian Grypho: Leen. An anonymous translation of the Psalter, conformed to tbe Hebrew. Tbe Antwerp lndex o probibits Pso. Title, verso blank; text, ff. A small device of S. Gryphius witb tbe legend Virtul duce comite Fortllna occurs on tbe titlepage. Boehmer records similar editions of Job and Ecclesiasticus translated from tbe Greek , both printed at Lyons in Biblia en lengua, Espaola, traciuzida palabra por paJ. Th firs!. Accordiog to t. O, Tbe editor's words nre:. M llegada a la. Text, really ff.

Tbe text is printed iD double columDs, witb 44 lines to tbe lull columD, aDd witbout versenumbers.

Best free books apps for iPhone (iOS 9 and below) page 3

The' Parasotb ' are duly marked. No chapter-beadings 01' margiDal matter. Tbe woodcut border occurring OD tbe titlepage eDcloses tbe title Biblia. Inquisicm iD an upper panel. Ferrara in a lower panel. Tbe device wbicb it cODtaiDs represents a stormtossed galleoD, supposed to symbolize tbe state o the persecuted Jews. Copies of tbis editioD exhibit variatioDs iD certain parts 01 tbe volurne.

Tbe two maiD varieties may be distioguisbed as val'. A aDd varo B. Pinel see DescriptioD' aboye. In varo B tbe dedicatioD is addressed a la. Seora Doa. It ia sta. In some copies Is. In otbers tbis verse has tbe rendering be la virgen cODcibien'. Otber copies, again, give ha la ALMA coDcibien', tbe word in capitals being an attempt to translitera. Between fo. A specimen o val'. A see aboye. Philadelpho: Venecia. Tbe secand edition 01 tbe New Testament in Spanisb.

Translated by Juan Pere; de Pitz. Subsequently be resided at Geoeva, at FraoklortonMain, and later at Paris, wbere be died in Tbe imprint runs: Eo Venecia, en casa de luan Pbiladelpbo '. Tbis is a pseudooym lor Jean Orispin, 01 Geneva. Title, on verso list o books; Epistola. SaB que de traduzirlo en romance, 11 Ji Text, really pp. Tbe text is not divided into verses. Headings are prefrxed to tbe cbapters.

Tbe margins eontain relerenees, alternative renderiogs, and subiectbeadings. Tbe pagination in tbe Jatter hall o the volume is most irregular. The device which occurs on tbe title represents a large Y, ibe branebes indicating tbe narrow way to eternal lile and tbe broad way to destruction, witb tbe legend Estrecho el Ilam1Ul dela vida, y ancho el dela perdicion. Two varieties occur, differing slightly in the titleleaf.

In val'. A the legend aceom panying the device reads ".. B it reads '. Variations also occur in tbe last two leaves. A tbe headline on Eee 1 b is El Poely '; in val'. B it is 'El Apoc aly '. B it ends witb escriptas co le', 77 mm. A specimen of val'. One 01 the most daring agents in tbis traffic was Julian Her1La7lod. Perez' translations ol tbe New Test:J. U1timately be paid tbe penalty witb bis lile. Fanlo Apostol a los Romanos, muy saludable para todo Cb. Compuesto por lnan Va. Itan Philad. CrisJ1in: Geneva.

About J. Among ibosc infllleneed by his teaching was the fair. About sbe wilbclrew to o. CODvent al Naples and lived in seclusion. In ereh case thc commentary is accompaDied by aD miginal Imn lation made from tbe Grel'k. Bis translation of tbe Psalter, dedico. Matthew's Gospel, Tbe prelace in tbis editioD of Romnus is by J. Iulia ilf Gemzaga -ll pp. Texl, wiili commcnte. Signatures: A-Y'; fI. Dumbers , eacb 01 wbicb i 10lJowed by tbe commcntary upon it printed iD smo. At tbe bead 01 eneb section Il. This edition and No. Tbe Psalter, trllnslated, in eonforlUity wilh tbe Bebrew, by J. Tbe imprint runs: En Venecia en casa de Pedro Daniel.

Crispin of Gcneva. TiUe, verso bhulk, Epstola Dedicatoria.. Sefwm, Dofta Marw. RcynQ de Hung"ia, 11 de Bohemia, :c. Text, ff. Signatures: A-R"; fr. A summo. Beatus mr. Tbe numbers are given botb according to the Hebre'll" reekoning and according to that of tbe Latin Vulgate. Tbe margins eontain subject headings, notes, and referenees.

A eitation from Ps. Comentario o dec1aracion familiar, y compendiosa sobre la primera Epistola de San Paulo Apostol alos Corintbios, muy nil para todos los amadores dela piedad Christiana. Compuesto por luan 'l"Y. Uniform witb No. The dedicatory epistle lUId the prelace are by J. Title, verso blank, dedicatory epistle A la S. Maiestad del Screnissimo 11 Chri. Itlan P. Signatures: A-Y' Z'; fr. Tbe pagiDatioD is aulty. Tbe texto notes etc. La Biblia, que es, los sacros libros del Vieio y Nueuo Testamento. Guarinus: Basel. The earliest edition of the complete Bible in Spanisb.

In I1Ccusations of heresy and crime, of wbicb be afterwards cleared himself, compelled him to returo to tbe Continent. His version of the O. For tbe N. LDd he was obliged bimseli to prepare a trnnslation, basing it on the Greek, witb reference to va,rious versioDs, including Syriae.

Tbe trll. ADotber copy was presented to QueeD Elizabetb, witb a letter from Jobann Sturm, of Strassburg, explaining that bis friend tbe translator would have liked to publisb the work under her auspices. In aD autogrll. But the. Guarinus, and perhaps in T. Two citations from the decrees of tbe CouDcil of Trent in Latin, witb a Spanisb transla tion, are printed on verso of tbe ttle.

Reina-Valera - Wikipedia

In their Latin form these read as follows; 1 GtLm. Qlti autem absq; tali facultaie ea legel'e, seu habere prO! In his acldress to the rell. The books are an-anged in the order usually followed in contempol'ary editions of tbe Latin Vulgate, viz. Lchi, 1 and 2 Maccll. Tbe A. Title, on verso two citations from tbe decrees oftbe Councl o Trent in Latin a.

Texi divided iDto three parts :- 1 GeD. Dk; 2 Isa. Tbe texi is priDted in double columDs, wiib ehapterbeo. In o. Tbe device OD the iitle represeDis o. The hole is partl;" covered by a large mallet suspeDded from an overhaDging braDch. Bees are fiying about, or are setiled ou a book, representing ihe Bible, whicb lies on the ground. Otber details are a spider bo. A clue to tbe meaDing o ihis elaborate device may be obtained from ibe legeDds wbich accompany an carlier form of ibe device used by M.

Apiarius fatber o S. Apiarius in Ro book prinied by bim in at Berne, to wbich place ihe emblem of a bear was pRorticulRorly soiiable. Tbese legends are: Omnia probate, quod bonum fueril tenete 1 Tbess. ID tbe preseDt case tbe device is accompanied only by a citation 'om Isa. Sturm see above , and two woodcut illustra tions occur iD ii.

Two vII,rieties occur o tbe title. Testamento are arranged in jive liDes. Testamento are arraDged in six lines. Tbe title is var. In coDtemporary binding of wooden boards covered with stamped leather, and with brass clasps. Presented by Granville Sharp, 7 Jan. A copy of tbe reprint of tbe 'Annoiaiiones 1 see above is loosely inserted. Tbe title is varo A. Bears ihe bookplates of Lord Hatherley and F. Reissued, at Franldort. In the reissue of , a. Boehmer, tbe title runs: La Biblia. A Francoforte.

En casa de Wolfgang. Richtff COll las expensas de los herederos del transladador. An1w M. Trasladada en EspaflOl. Of this reissue two varieties occur. In varo A ibe title bears a device similar to ibat in tbe original issue, and gives tbe date witbont name of printer or place. ID varo B ihe iitle bears lI. For ibese publishers see No. Tbe -ew Testament. He entered tbe Monastery o San Isidro del Cnmpo as a monk.

Coming under tbe infiuence of tbe Reformation, be eecaped from perseculion in SpRu and took refuge in England. At Cambridge be was admiLled to ibe B. Be was incorporatP. Wben aboul fifty, be began bis great task o revising C. Text, pp. Witb cbapter-beadings, and marginal Dotes and references. The device OD tbe titlepage represeDts an anchor beld by a baDd emerging from a clood, aDd two interlacing branches, with the legend Anchora Spei; wtilln an ornament. Above tills device is a cilaton from Lnke ii. Some sbeets are misbound. Presentad in by W. Knapp, the biographer of George Borrow. See No.

Tbis polyglot N. Tbe editor himseU supplied a translation of Beb. La Biblia. Que es, los sacros libros del Vieio y Nueuo Testamento. Segunda Edicion. Revista y conferida con los textos Hebreos y Griegos y con diversas translaciones. Por Cypriano de Valera.

Lorenyo Iacobi: Amsterda,m. Tbe Bible. Tbe Apocrypha are gatbered togetber and placed in one section between tbe O. In bis preface C. Title, verso blank, reviser's preace Exhortaeion al Christiano Lector a leer la sagrada Escriptura. En la gual se muestra quales sean los libros Ca1W1J. Text :- 1 O. I 1wmbres proprios A1io M. Tbe text is printed in double columns, with ebapter-headings, and with marginal notes, references, etc.

Between lo. Tbe device on tbe titlepn. Below is a citntion from ls. Some copies hnve a leal inserted IIUer tbe title. Tbis contn,ins an acldress: A los ;nustri. Wiffen bMl 50 eopies ol tbis leal reprinted in , from a pecimen in tbe possession 01 Luis ue Uaoz i Rio. BOUDd in. Presented by GranviJle Sbarp. Biblia en lengua Espanola traduzida palabra por palabra dela verdad Hebrayca. Tbe O. A new edition 01 tbe Ferrara version see No. Preliminary ma1ter, ineluding title, dedication to Doa Gracia Naci , prelace, new prelace P"ologlLgo al wToso lector, dated , and tables,!

Text printed in double columns, and aa ia common in tbe case of tbese Jewiah editions witbout verse-divisions. Tbe titlepage beara a representation of tbe Ark, witb tbe Tetragrammaton aboye it. In tbere appeared at Alcala a quarto edition of a metrical ver;ion o tbe PsaItcr, mada Tom tbe Vulgate, v. According to E.

Boeluner, tbe O. Tbe place o printing is given ns 7tg'lLstro T7'inobanttLl1l. Tbc date ia given as 'CIO. JXlIV', whicb a. El Nuevo Testamento que es, los Escriptos Evangelicos,. Revisto y Conferido con el texto Griego. Henr':o L01'enri: Amsterdam. Tbe N. A reprint from No. PubJisbed with a priviJege for ten years ' con Privileg. Engraved title, verso bIa. No marginal matter. PI'esented by Gro.

Boebmer, citing J. Rodriguez de Castro Biblioteca Espaola, i. H lima de Parasioth J. AtbRrotb, iraduzido palabra por palabro ele la verdad Hebraica en E pailbol. Nenassch brlllsrad: [Al1Ister'am]. Thp l'pnlt. A:n editioD print. Tbe general title is dated A dia Primero de Sebat.

Anno ', Le. Tille, verso blank, Prologo ao LectM signed In tbe Pentateuch tbe margins contain references 1. DJisuab, ou manda mento afirmo. The signatures in pI.. Imperfect: want. In contemporary binding. A similar edition 01 tbe Pentatencb was printed by Inuel Benveniste al. Amsterdam, , So. Anotber edition, compuesta por. A J ewish edition 01 tbe PsaJter in very smlill size 16? Amsterdam, S. The title runs: Psalterio.

En cada dia del mes segun uso de los Antiguos '. The text is foJlowed by atable and an address to the reader by A. Sury , ending on 08 b. Other Jewish editions of the Psalter in smaU size wcre printed: e. Amsterdam, , ; Livomo, , 16 ; Amsterdam, , The O. A revision 01 the Ferrara version, ascribed 1. Very similar iu appearance to No. Tbe dedication aod preface of are omitted.

Prelimin:uy matt. Text, JI. The titlepage bears a representation of tbc Ark, similar to that in No. A new edition 01 No. The titlepage is dated ', which J. WolI Biblwtlteca Hebraa,. The B. Text, reo. Jly pp. The title-border contains figures of Moses and Aaron aod representations of tbe Ark and 1be Fati, and is signed Cornelis Mu.

Waots the blank leaL In contemporary binding. Traduzida palabra por palabra de la verdan Hebrayca. Ferrara version, revised aresh by Sa1ntull de Gazeres. Published by Joscph Athias, the Jewlsb Rabbi and printe. Title witbin woodcut border , verso blank, preace Lector devolo -3 pp. Text, really pp. The titleborder is like that used for the titles to pts.

Atbias' Hebre", Bible of No. Imperfect: wanting title and six fol1owing leaves. Presented by Granville Sharp. A Jewish edition of tbe Pentateuch, entit]ed Parafrasis comentado sobre el pentateuco por Los cinco libros de la Sacra Ley. Interpretados en lengua Espaola, con forme a la Divina Tradicion, y Comento de los mas celebres Expositores.

Con los seyscientos y treze Preceptos, colocados cado. Tradicion recebida de Mosseb, y aprendida de nuestros Sabios de Gloriosa Memoria. Por Yossepb Franco Serrano.. Mosseh Dias: 1nslerdam. A Jewisb edition of tbe Pentateuch, translated, with o. Lengua, en el Kahl Kados de Talmud Torab '.

Title, dedication, approbation, preface, list of the commentators cited, and note on the names of tbe five books, 8 fr. The notes are printed in small type in tbe margino x Presented by Granville Sbarp. Wolf records an edition of the Pentateucb, accompanied by a Jewish Prayer Book, publisbed by l. In tbere appeared at London an octavo edition of tbe Book of Common Prayer. Boehmer, merely a revised and enlarged edition of F. Texeda's version sce note after No.

In tbe O. The edition was printed by G. Coggan en InnerTemple. Lane '. Bowyer printed a new edition Bo , Corregida. Tbe editor is described in tbe tiLle as 'Felix de Alvarado, Ministro de la. Yglesia Anglicana '. The Bible House Library possesses a copy of tbis edition. In spite of tbe assertion on tbe title tbis is practico. Title, prefn.

Tbc chn. Presented by W. Dscd as printer's copy' for No. Tilo list of books is mi, placed before tbc prefacc. Tbe Pentateucb, witb tbe Hapbtarotb. A revised edition. Engraved title. Pentateucb, pp. Tbe border used for tbe title to pt. Traduzida de la verdad Hebraica. Yaora nuevamente imprimida por David Fernandes. Y corregida por Dr. Ysbac de Ab. David Fe-rnandes: A? A new edition of No. Preliminary matter, ineluding title, dedication to Ishac de Prado and otbers, signed David Femandez , preface, tables and approbation by Selomoh Aylion , 8 f.

Tbe title-border is like tbat in No. A Large Paper copy. A new edition. Tbe general title is dated , and tbe title to pt. En dos colunas Hebrayco y Espaol. En la primera coluna el original Hebraico.. En la segunda coluna la traduccion en la lengua Espaola. Apparently a revision of tbe Ferrara version. Witb tbe Hebrew tex. Tbe prelimina. Tbe Hebrew and Spanish are printed in paralJel columns. Vulgata Latina traducida en Espaol, y anotada conforme al sentido de los santos Padres y expositores Catb6licos por el Padre Pbelipe 8cio de San Miguel..

J08eph y Thomas de Orga: Valencia. The Bible. Witb tbe Ln. The first edition o a Spanisb Bible printed on SpaDisb soil. Tbe Spanisb and Latn texts are printed in para el columns, witb notes and references bclow; wi tb preaces, cbn. Tbe rontspiece Rnd bead. For a similar edition, in Spanisb only, see Ko. Besides tbe oruinary Vulgate version o tbe Psalter Rnd F. Similar parapbrases are aJso given o Job and Lamenta tions in addtion to tbe ordinary Spanish version o tbose books. Biblia Vulgata Latina traducida en Espaiiol, y anotada. Benito Cano: Mad1id. A revised edition o No. Tbe text is printed in double columns, witb tbe notes below; witb prefll.

Folding maps are inserted in tomo 1 o tbe O. Sligbtly imperfect, bo. Tbe Spanisb is accompanied by the Latin Vulgate. Lallemant see note after No. Los Santos Evangelios traducidos a! Castellano con notas sacadas de los santos Padres y expositores sagrados, por. Anselmo Petite. Septima impresiono B. Cano: Madrid. Tbe Gospels, translated, witb notes selected rom various commentntors, by Anselmo Petite, wbo is described on tbe title as Difinidor de la Religion de S.

Millan de la Cogolla '. Tbe fi1'st edilion was published at Valhuloliu, 17 5, 8. Title, PrOlogo and table of Gospels, xxxviii pp. Tbe notes Rre printed belo"" tbe texl. El 'uevo Testamento de nuestro Seor lesu Christo. Tbe K. L Uziclli, an interpreter resident in Lendon. An edition of 2, copies, intended prima.

Before long, however, demands for Spauisb Scriptures carne from 8pain and Ameriea, and doring tbe next twenty years tbe B. A citRtion from Luke ii. A separate edition 1, copies was issued o 8t. Mattbew's Gospel; 53 pp. No title leaL An imprint occurs at the bottom of p.

Impresso por 8. A second edition of tbe N. A reprint of No. Tbe date is uncertain, but is between ,wben stereotype plates were made, and , when a new edition o. Pp,3 O.

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He also translated otber poetical books and passages of tbe O. El Nuevo Testamento. Nueva edicion, cuidadosamente corregida. Wh";te: London, The N. A new and corrected edition of No. A list of errata is given on verso of tbe ]jst of books. Tbe name and address of tbe printer, wbich occur on verso of tbe title and on tbe last page, are printed so low down tbat in many copies tbey have been cut off by tbe binder. Reimproso literal y diligentemente, oonforme a la sE'gundu edicion hcchn en Madrid, ao de , revista y corregida por su mi.

EliJm White: Ncw York. Seio', "ersion. SLereotypc editiol1. OlLen reprinted. Library Catalogue records editions of , , Tbe Bible Hougc Librar; possesses a copy ol tbe' 11tb Edition ' Pbelipe cio de S. Rutt y Hijo: Shacklewell. Tbe F. Seio's version. An edition ol 5, copies, prinLed under tbe supervision of Jos Blanco, commonly known as Joseph Blanco White , wbo bad lormerly been a Romo.

He is remem bered as autbor of tbe sonnet Nigbt and Deatb' first publisbed in The Bijolt, , wbicb Coll'l'idge declared te be tbe finest and most grandly conceived sonnet in our language'. No paginn. Text ends on R 6 b. Witb chapter. Felipe Soio de Sn. Cuid-adano Dorea: Barcelona. La Biblia, el Antiguo y Nuevo Testamento traducidos. Scio's version. A reprint published by tbe B.

Witb cho. An edition of 10, copies, prinLed apparenLIy for the B.

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It is probably te tbis edition tbat the translator of No. Witb cbapter-headings. Tbc Bible, witbout tbe Apocrypba. Scio's versjoD. ODe of a series of uniform Bible in severa] languages, publisbed by S. Sea No. Tbe general title is dated , and the N. Witbout cbapter-beadings. Reprinted, sometimes lor tbe B. S issued separataly: e. Bagster and Sons.

The description of Biblia

The Bible House Library possesses copies al tbese editions. Pbelipe Scio de S. Tbe Psalter, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Isaiah.

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Scio's versioD. A reprint from tbe ed. Uniform with No. Lecciones para las Escuelas de Primeras Letras, sacadas de las Sagradas Escrituras, siguiendo el texto litteral de la traduccion del Padre Scio, sin notas ni COlllentos. En tres pa. Paul: Nueva-York. A volume of selections from the Bible, in F. Scio's versioD, prepared for tbe use 01 scbools by Vicente Roca.

Title and dedicatory preface A la. AHbongb tbe Committee of tbe B. The general title a. Felipe Scio de S. Nueva Edicion, a costa de la Sociedad Americana de la Biblia, conforme. Paul: NUe'Va-York. Tbe Bible, F. Scio'a veraion. A corrected reprint, based on tbe second eclition see note after No. Edicion 1 " printed by A. Paul rom stereotype platea preps. Chandler, or tbe A.

Tbe Bible, wiLbout tbe Apocrypba.. Reprinted from tbe same platea as No. Witb MS. Repriuted: e. Spottiswoode ; in W. The Bible House Librar possesses copies of tbese editions. La Sagrada Biblia nuevamente traducida de la Vulgata Latina al Espaol, aclarado el sentido de algunos lugares con la luz que dan oa testos originales bebro y griego, ilustrada con varias notas sacadBl; de los Santos Padres y Espositores sagrados, por Don Flix Torres Amat De 6rden del Rey N. A fresb translation made irom tbe Latin Vulgate, comps. Witb notes selected irom various commeotators.

The text is printed in double columns, with notes and relerences at the loot 01 the. Witb preaces, chapter. Bonnd in two volumcs. Tbe pieces in the appendix are not placed in tueir corred order.