Manual How to Break an Apartment Lease - A Step by Step Guide

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A landlord may not wish to lower base rent because it could lower the value future tenants are willing to pay, but they may still be willing to give you a discount via free rent periods. On a 3 year lease, a single free rent period per year will result in a total of an 8. Tip: When negotiating free rent periods, ensure that all other expenses maintenance, utilities, etc. The most common example is being late on rent payments.

Breaking a Lease: What to Know and How To Do it

Without a cure period, you may be subject to paying fines or legal action for something as simple as forgetting to pay rent for a single day. A cure period should be one of your non-negotiables, especially because most-all landlords are happy to agree to one.

A sublease clause is good to have added in either in addition to or instead of lower termination fees. Should you need to move to another space, subleasing will allow you to recoup lost rent. A co-tenancy clause is a clause which allows you to break your lease should a major tenant that drives business to you in the same multi-tenant building move. This especially comes into play for small retailers operating in a strip mall with a popular retail behemoth like Target or Walmart. These big box stores may provide the initial attraction to your location and ultimately drive a lot of traffic through your doors.

Requesting to have a clause written in preventing your landlord from renting to the competition can be a smart idea. See if you can turn that responsibility over to the landlord. And failing that, you can get caps set on your per year out-of-pocket on the system. It may be a simple as hanging a few things or it may be more intensive. Others, however, may prefer you redo the space yourself, but be willing to provide free rent during the fixturization period.

For intensive changes, you should seek for up to days of free rent to allow for permits to be obtained and then for construction to occur.

What does my lease say?

All this typically comes in the form of a letter from the former landlord. Although typically not required, you might want to think about attaching a landlord reference to the application as another way to improve your chances of approval or simply to set yourself apart from the other applicants.

Breaking a Lease and Leaving Early

For some properties, you might even find it mandatory to do so. Much like landlord references, it means someone vouches for your character and dependability. While landlord references serve as a good benchmark for future landlords, personal references may come from a friend or colleague who knows you and can attest to your integrity. If everything goes well, the final step of the rental process is signing the lease and picking a good moving company.

This is when you discuss upfront costs like the security deposit and any additional fees. Deposit requirements are typically state-regulated. This is also the time for any last-minute questions you might have, such as how soon can you get the keys to the place? Should you bring your own toaster? It goes without saying that reading the lease agreement carefully is essential. With a background in e-learning content writing and a passion for knowledge-sharing platforms, she has previously covered topics from prop-tech to renters insurance.

How do I Terminate an Apartment Lease Legally?

She now enjoys researching and writing about the renting lifestyle, renter demographic shifts, and residential real estate market trends and news. You can connect with Alexandra via email. Alexandra Ciuntu. Add Comment. You may also like. Going Away to College? If the landlord does not hold up his or her end of the agreement, you may have cause to break your lease.

If pest control or maintenance requests in writing have not been remedied, you may have have cause to break your lease.

Many leases state that residents shall enjoy quiet enjoyment of the property; some even have quiet hours. If you have notified, and provided proof, to your landlord that your neighbor parties every night until the wee hours of the morning; and nothing is done, you may have cause to break your lease.

Reward Yourself

Each state is different when it comes to those laws. It's important to check with with an attorney within your state, to ensure you have grounds to break your lease. The worst thing you can do is to bail out on your lease by simply moving out without speaking to anyone. No good will come of that decision. It will put a financial burden on you, and ruin your credit history. You are responsible for the funds due until the lease term is up.

Job Loss or Transfer

Keep your nose clean here. Breaking a lease is not ideal, but sometimes unavoidable.

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Much of what happens when you break a lease is up to you and how you handle the situation.