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I thought that I had adequately described to you the horrors which I must face daily 'You know I appreaate you, babe, ' Jvlts Reilly smffed Come on and gimme a htUe goodbye kiss like a good boy " Ignatius bent down and lightly bussed her on the cheek 'Oh my God,' he said, spitting out powder 'Now my mouth will feel gntty all mght " 1 got too much powder on? No, It s just fine Aren't you an arthritic or something? How in the world can you bowl? Do it, y j Hear me talkm to ya Wow! Ooo-wee You don understan at all, man Igotajobworkm with a bird How you like worktn with a bird? Tell me that ' "Don't get yourself in no trouble ' Hey!

You soun just like the Lee mother Too bad you two am met She love you She say. Hey, boy, you the kmda fool oldtimey rugger I been lookm for all my life She say. Hey, you so sweet, how s about waxm my floor and pamnn my wall? You so darlm, how s aboutscrub- bm my tawlet and polishm my shoe? And you be saym. I think it about time you gimme a free beer with all the money you make sellm pickle meat and sof dnnk to po color peoples You sen you boy to college with the money you been makm m here "He a schoolteacher now," Mr Watson said proudly, operung a beer "Am that fine Whoa 1 1 never go to school more than two year m my life My momma out washmg other people clothm, am nobody tal- km about school J.

I end up gainfully employ workm with a bird, got a boss probly sellm Spanish fly to orphan Ooo-wee " "Well, if conditions really bad " Really bad'? I'm gainfully employ on a salary am even startm to be a minimal wage " I tell you what you can do," Mr Watson said confidentially , lean- mg over the bar and handmg Jones the beer The other man at the bar bent toward them to listen , he had been silently following their conver- sation for several mmutes "You try you a httle sabotage That's the only way you flght that kinda trap " "Wha you mean 'sabotage'?

You peoples got a one-hunner-percen freak on your He very smart," the man said defensively 'He very religious, too He built him a big cross nght in the office " ' Whoa! He got him a green cap? I always arrive at this time " "Oh, of course," Mr Gonzalez said meekly "Do you believe that I am here early for some purpose? Two of the more statuesque women here will carry this banner between them as we march into the office " "I am puttin my hand on that " one woman answered "Quiet!

What sheet! What are all the factory people doing in here? Apparently you have bowled all the chanty out of your soul I must have at least a week in bed, with service, before I shall sgain be whole " 'Speaking of bed, what happened to your sheet, boy? I doubt whether my system could bear that trauma at the moment Anyway, I am lookmg at a very interestmg article in the saence column about moUusks ' Mrs Reilly snatched the paper from her son, leaving two little scraps of it m his hands Mother!

Is this offensive display of ill mannners one of the results of your association with those bowhng Sicibans? I thought you were staymg in town for the races " "I changed my rrund, if it's okay with you " "Sure, It's okay with me Do whatever you want Don't let me tell you what to do Have yourself a ball See if I care " "Pardon me I'm sorry I tore you away from the board " "Let's leave the board out of this, if you don't mind " "Oh, I'm sorry if I msulted it " ' 'Just leave my board out of it That's all I said I'm trymg to be mce I don't start the arguments around here " "Turn the damn thing on agam and shut up I'm gomg to take a shower " "You see?

What have I done? Sign a few letters? Big deal Who? One of the furnace stokers? He thought Levy Pants was a truck garden? All those workers have bncks and chains lying all over the place They're all very emotionally worked up, and they tell me this guy Rally, that s the big slob, made them bnng all that crap so they could attack the office and beat up Gonzalez ' "What?

I feel a guilt complex myself What am 1 domg? Where is my project? I can't waste a valuable day I have places to go and people to see " "Okay," the old man said firmly "Then pay me the dollar you owe for them weenies " I am afraid that they wiU all have to be on the house Or on the garage or whatever it is My Miss Marple of a mother discovered a number of theater tickets stubs m my pockets last night and has given me only carfare today " 'I'll call in the policed' "Oh, my God!

Pay me or I'll get the law " The old man picked up the long fork and deftly placed its two rotting tongs at Ignatius' throat 'You are punctunng my imported muffler," Ignatius screamed Gimme your carfare " ' I can't walk all the way to Constantinople Street " "Get a taxi Somebody at your house can pay tlie driver when you get there ' ' Do you senously think that my mother will beheve me if I tell her that an old man held me up with a fork and took my two nickels?

Sell me one of them hot dogs Tm hungry I am't had no lunch " "No'" Ignatius screamed so funously that the passersby stared "Now get away from me before I run over you with this cart " George pulled open the hd of the bun compartment and said, "Hey , you got plenty stuff in here Fix me a weenie " Help'" Ignatius screamed, suddenly remembering the old man's warmngs about robberies "Someone is stealmg my buns ' Pohce '" Ignatius backed up the cart and rammed it into George's crotch "Ouch ' Watch out there, you nut " "Help!

Thief I" Shut up, for Chnst's sake," George said and slammed the door You oughta be locked up, you big fruit You know that? Ignatius screamed "What impertinence was that? That httle guttersnipe must be lashed until he collapses A woman m the group around the mobile hot dog said, ' Ain't that awful? Where they get them hot dog vendors from? I thought you was supposed to stay out a whole hour " "We re both fortunate that I have returned at all lam afraid that they have struck agam " Who?

Nobody stopped it? No money was stolen After all, there was no money to ste , for I had not been able to vend even one of these dehcaaes He stole the hot dogs Yes However, he apparently didn't take them all When I had re- covere , I checked the wagon There are still one or two left, I thmk " "I never heard of nothmg hke this " Perhaps he was very hungry. Perhaps some vitamin defiaency m growng body was screaming for appeasement The human desire relatively equal If there are armed rapes, why s o riot be armed hot dog thefts?

In my present condition, do you seriously expect me to take to the streets again and hustle? My ten cents is gomg to be depo- sited in the hands of St Charles streetcar conductor The remainder of the day I intend to spend in a hot tub trying to recapture some sem- blance of normality " 'Then how about coming back tomorrow, pal, and trymg it again? Then she looked at the long tracks of dust on the floor that ma e It look as if Jones had plowed rather than mopped it.

He had some larger plans for the future. Everthm m the Night o Joy hrs rate " "You see all that crap? The crap star disappeaiin when the wage gom up aroim fifty or sigsty "I want performance Avhen I put out money," Lana said angrily "Listen, you ever try livm on my kmda wage? You think peoples get grossries and dothin at a speaa pnee? What you flunkm about half the time you sittm up here playm with your peimy? She envisioned several arrangements that would combine grace and obscemty.

We been doing good in rehearsal. Just wait'll we iron out the kinks. That's what's gonna make the act smTOt I een pracnang with it m my apartment- It's a new angle He sat osenngs with his beak and rips my clothes off. I mean, these nngs IS just for rehearsal When I get my costume made, the rings are gonna e sewed on top of a hook and eye so when he grabs, the costume pops open I m telhng you, Lana.

It's gonna be a smash hit sensation. Tell Santa " hstenedTnnr!!! You mean out 'Out on the streets, honey, like a bnm " "Ain't that awful! Who wrote you a letter? Miss Mmkoff " The last thmg you said was she got you bred outta Levy Pants " Well, she did However, it might have been a favor m disguise My new work may prove rather agreeable " Am t that awful," Mrs Reilly said sadly "You get fired outta a two-bit clerk job in a factory and now you sellmg weemes in the streets Well, 1 11 tell you one thing, Ignatius, you better not get bred by the weenie man You know what Santa said?

All that money down the dram " Ignatius belched and opened a drawer to search for the stationery that he be- lieved he still had, there he found the yo-yo that he had bought from the Rlipino who had been sellmg them m the neighborhood a few months ago On one side of the yo-yo there was a palm tree which the Wipino had carved at Ignatius' request Ignatius spun the yo-yo downward, but the stnng snapped and it rattled across the floor and under the bed where it landed on a pile of Big Chief tablets and old magazmes Removing the piece of stnng that hung from his finger, he dug into the drawer again and found a sheet of paper with a Levy Pants letterhead Beloved Myma 1 have received your offensive communication Do you senously think that I am interested in your tawdry encounters with such sub-humans as folk sing- ers?

The woman's senile We had to stop at about thirty gas stations on the way over here Fmally I got tired of getting out of the car and showing her which was the Men's and which was the Women's, so I let her pick them herself I worked out a system The law of averages I laid money on her and she came out about fifty-fifty " "Don't tell me any more," Mrs Levy cautioned "Not another word It's too typical Permitting this anal compulsive to flounder like that " "Isn't Lawrence Welk on?

Mrs Levysighed Then she turned on her husband 'So you only fired one person, is that nght? What about this Glona? One person treats Miss Truae like a human being One person is her fnend Do you know this? Do you care? Oh no Levy Pants might as well be on Mars for all you care You walk in from the track one day and lack Glona out "Glona?

George opened the locker m the waiting room of the bus terminal as quickly as he could and took out the brown-paper packages he had stored Without closing the locker door, he ran out onto Canal Street and jogged metalhcally toward the central business distnct, looking over his shoulder for the beard and monocle There was no beard any- where behind him This was really bad luck That undercover agent would be prowling the bus station all afternoon looking for him And what about tomor- row?

Patrolman Mancuso, standmg down on the banquette "Come on in, sweetheart darhng You sure lookmg cute " "Thanks, honey," Mrs Reilly said "Whoo' I forgot how long it es to drive down here Me and Angelo been m that car almost a hour " Id s the trafhg is whad id is," Patrolman Mancuso offered Listen to that cold," Santa said "Aw, Angelo You better tell them men at the preemet to take you out that toilet Where's Rita? Angelo lost the book Ignatius give him Ain't that a shame I don t mind about the book, but don't never tell Ignatius about it We'll really have us a fight on our hands ' Mrs Reilly put her finger to her lips to indicate that the book must forever be a secret ' Well, gimme your coat, girl," Santa said eagerly, almost teanng Mrs Reilly sold purple woolen topper off She was determined that the ghost of Ignatius Reilly would not haunt her party as it hid haunted So many evenings of bowling ' You got you a nice place here, Santa," Mrs Reilly said respect- fully It's clean " "Yeah, but I want to get me some new linoleum for the parlor You ever used them paper curtains, honey?

What kinda party pooper I got on my hands? I don't feel like dancmg with no old man Besides, my feet swoie up this afternoon while I was ironing them uniforms " "Irene, you can't disappoint him, girl. You shoulda seen his face when I invited him out in front the church Poor old man I bet nobody ast him out ' "He wanted to come, huh? He ast me should he wear a suit " "And what you told him, honey?

You gonna be on the floor, girl I am't gonna introduce no drunk to this nice old man " I'll make me a small one I got nerves tonight " Mrs Reilly slopped a great deal of whiskey into her glass and sat down again, crushing one of the bags of potato chips , "Oh, Lord, what I done now?

The man's nght by the front "He IS, huh? Miss Rally It's them police They all 8 bunch of communiss " ' Not so loud," Mrs Rally cautioned "They got thin walls m this building " She moved her elbow and knocked her empty glass off the arm of the sofa "Oh, Lord Santa, maybe you oughta go tell Angelo to tun along I can get me a taxi Tell him he can run out the back wray It's easier for lum You know?

That's the Christian rvay Ain't that right Irene? Not her " "That's your momma? Mothers got a hard road to travel, beheve me " "So, as I was saymg," Santa continued, "I wouldn't feel bad about gettmg arrested Pohceman got them a hard hne of work Sometimes they make a mistake They only human, after all " "I always been a decent atizen," Mrs Reilly said- "T wanna go wrench out my glass in the zmk " "Oh, go sit down, Irene Lemme talk to Mr Robichaux " Mrs Reilly went over to the old console radio and poured herself a glass of Early Tunes "I'll never forget that Patrolman Mancuso," Mr Robichaux was saying "Mancuso?

Fix him a dnnk, lad, while I go get Angelo " Mrs Reilly studied her dnnk funously m the hope of turning up a roach or at least a fly. Momma, it sure pays to be careful, don't It? I'm always try- ing to help him out " "I bet you a good momma I seen you and that boy downtown plenty times, and I always thought what a fine-looking big boy he was He kinda stands out, you know? I'm guilty on that count They've already pinned something on me 1 imagined that Seven would ironi- cally be an unlucky cart 1 want another cart as soon as possible Appar- ently I am pushing a jmx about the streets I am certam that I can do better with some other wagon A new cart, a new start " "Will you listen to me?

No, I am afraid that the Quarter is out of the question My psyche would crumble m that at- mosphere Besides, the streets are very narrow and dangerous there I could easily be struck down in traffic or be wedged against a buildmg " ' Take it or leave it, you fat bastard That's the last chance you get " Mr Clyde's scar was beginning to whiten agam "It IS?

Ignatius looked at the scratches he had received m trying to per- suade the cat to remain in the bun compartment I had a rather apocalypnc battle with a starvmg prostitute," Ig- natius belched Had it not been for my supenor brawn, she would have sacked my wagon Finally she limped away from the fray, her glad rags askew " "Ignatius'" Mrs Redly cned tragically "Every day it seems you getting worst and worst What's happemng to you? I told you be- fore I am not a fellow traveler What m the world has put that mto your head?

What I want is a good, strong monarchy with a tasteful and decent kmg who has some knowledge of theology and geometry and to cultivate a Rich Inner Life " "A king? You want a long? If so, that didn't get to me cither because my father and I have been at ideological odds for years Let's face it, Ignatius Since I saw you last, you have done nothing but lie around rotting in your room. Your hostility to my lecture is a manifestation of your feelings of failure, nonaccomplishment, and mental? What's that, boy? What she's domg nowadays? Aw, Ignatius I really feel sorry for her The other day I seen her weanng a little cloth coat full of holes, and it was cold out So I says to her, I says, 'Hey, honey, you gonna catch your death of cold weanng that little cloth coat full of holes ' And she says Please I" Ignatius shouted furiously "I am not in the mood for a dialect story " "Ignatius, listen to me That lady's pitiful, yeah She says, 'Oh, I don't mind the cold, sugar I'm used to it ' Am't that brave?

Okay, Lana, we're ready," Darlene called offstage Lana looked over at Jones, who was sweeping out the booths in a cloud of agarette smoke and dust and said, "Put the record on " Sorry Recor plam star at thirty a week Whoa '" Put down that broom and get on that phonograph before I call up the preanct," Lana hollered at him And you get off your stool and get on that phonograph before I call up the preeme and ax them po-hce mothers make a search for your or- phan fnen who disappear Ooo-wee " Lana studied Jones' face, but his eyes were invisible behmd the smoke and dark glasses "What was that?

As soon as I orphan case, I calhn a po-hce myself. I sick and tire of worlctn m this cathouse below the minimal wage and gettmg mtimidatia all the time " Tiey, lads, where's our music? Recor playm pretty advance for color peoples I probably break your madune. Oh " The cockatoo was placed in the lowest nng, and with beak and claw began to climb up to the next highest nng Darlene bumped and ground around the pole m a sort of orgiastic frenzy until the bird was on a level with her waist Then she offered the bird the nng sewed m the side of her gown He grabbed at it with his beak and the gown popped open "Oh," Darlene sighed, bumpmg down to the edge of the little stage to show the audience the hngene that showed through the openmg "Oh Oh " "Whoa!

You look like a drunk nympho pass- ing out in a alley " "But Lana " "The bird's okay You stink " Lana stuck a cigarette between her coral hps and lit it "We gotta rethink the whole act You look like your motor's broke or something I know this business Stopping's an msult to a woman The kmda creeps come m here don't wanna see a tramp get msulted " "Hey I" Jones aimed his cloud at Lana Lee's "I thought you say nice, refine peoples comm here at mght " "Shut up," Lana said "Now hsten, Darlene Anybody can insult a tramp These jerks wanna see a sweet, clean virgin get msulted and stopped You gotta use your head for Chossake, Darlene You gotta be pure I want you to be like a mce, refined girl who's surposed when the bird starts grabbmg at your clothes " "Who says I'm not refmed?

That bird had star quahty We get you a big plantation dress, cnnohne, lace A big hat A parasol eiy refmed Your hair's on your shoulders m curls You're just com- ing m from a big ball where a lot of southern gentlemen were trymg to feel you up over the fned chicken and hog jowls But you cooled them all Why?

Because you're a lady, dammit You come onstage The ball's over, but you still got your honor You got your httle pet with you to tell It goodnight, and you say to it, 'There was plenty beaux at that ball, honey, but I still got my honor ' Then the goddam bird starts grabbmg at your dress You're shocked, you're surprised, you're inno- cent But you're too refined to stop It Got it? Somebody gotta get ahead m this place Anyway, this adc got plenny class, bung in a lotta trade I be gettm a raise Heyl" Jones smiled a yellow crescent that opened the lower part of his face "I got all my hope pm on that bird " Lana had an idea that would help business and hurt Jones She d let him go too far already ' Good,' Lana said to him "Now listen to me, Jones You waima help out Darlene here You think this act is good, huh?

You sure a understandin director If you be makin big movies, half the peoples m it be dead " "Shut up and get on my floor," Lana said to Jones and shook Dar- lene a httle "Now say it nght, stupid " Darlene sighed hopelessly and said, 'There sure was plenty bones at that ball, honey, but I soil got my honor " III Patrolman Mancuso leaned agamst the sergeant's desk and wheezed, "You gotta tage me oud thad badroom I can breed no more " 'What?

Why can t you stand up like a man? Levy began, but Miss Tnxie had fallen asleep on her side, her creamed face smeanng the couch "Look, Fairy Godmother, how much have you spent on this htt e game already? Your father's sweat and blood is a chamberpot? A gym? A Negro cathedral?

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Then he won- dered what would happen if he earned Mrs Levy s exerasing table to the seawall and dumped it into the Gulf He dned himself carefully, put on his terry-cloth robe, and went back into the rumpus room to get his dope sheet Miss Tnxie was situng up on the couch Her face had been cleaned Her mouth was an orange smear Her weak eyes were accentuated by shadow Mrs Levy was adjusting a coiffed black wig over the old wo- man's thm hair "What m the world are you doing to me now?

Perhaps s e had joined some fnngc group of the far nght wing that was making nc belligerent and hostile At any rate, she certainly had been carrying on a witch-hunt m the browm kitchen recently, asking him all sorts o questions concerning his political philosophy Which tvas strange rlis mother had always been notably apolitical, voting only for candidates who seemed to have been land to their mothers Mrs Reilly had been solidly behind Franklm Roosevelt for four terms not because of the New Deal, but because his mother, Mrs Sara Roosevelt, seemed to have been respected and well treated by her son.

Mrs Reilly had also voted for the Truman woman standing before her Victonan house m Independence, Missoun, and not speafically for Harry Truman To Mrs Reilly, Nixon and Kennedy had meant Hannah and Rose Motherless candidates confused her, and m motherless elections she, stayed at home Ignatius could not understand her sudden, clumsy effort to protect the Amencan Way against her son. Then there was Myma, who had been appeanng to him in a senes of dreams that was taking the form of the old Batman senals that he had seen at the Prytania as a child One chapter followed the other In one gruesome chapter, he had been standing orr a subway platform, rein- carnated as St James, the Less, who was martyred by the Jews Myma appeared through a turnstile carrymg a non-violent congress for the SEXUALLY N EEUY placard and began hecklmg him "Jesus will come to the fore, skins or not," Ignatius-St James prophesied grandly But Myma, sneenng, pushed him with the placard onto the tracks before the speed- ing subway tram He had awakened just as the tram was about to emsh him TheM Minkoff dreams were gettmg worse than the old, temfy- mg Scemermser dreams m which Ignatius, magnificent on the upper deck, had ridden doomed buses over the rails of bridges and mto colli- sions with jets taxung along airport runways By mght he was plagued by dreams and by day by the impossible route that Mr.

Clyde had given him No one m the French Quarter, it seemed, was interested m hot dogs So his take-home pay was getting Med at their art show. Please move along sir, "Magnolias don't look like that," Ignatius said, thrusting his cut lass at the offending pastel magnolia "You ladies need a course in botany And perhaps geometry, too. I come Number One? Ignatius picked up one of his elephantme desert boots and flimg it at the pirouetting figure. Oh, that accent of his Some people like him best as the Bntish tounst That is choice But I've always preferred his southern colonel It's really a mat- ter of taste, I guess We've had him arrested twnce for making indecent proposals That's always wonderfully confusing to the police I do hope that we haven't gotten him m too much trouble, for he's close to our hearts " "He IS thoroughly evil," Ignatius observed Then he said, "I won- der how many of our 'military' are simply people like your fnend, dis- guised tarts " "Who knows 7 1 wish they all were " "Of course," Ignatius said m a thoughtful, senous voice, "this could be a worldwide deception.

I'll go home and get my panties, and away we'll go Oh- ho-ho Off we're gonna shuffle, shuffle off to Buffalo-ho-ho ' " 'Stop that offensive performance, Ignatius ordered angnly These people must be whipped into line The young man chd a little soft shoe around Ignatius and said, "Ruby was such a darling I watch her old movies on television reh- giously 'And for just a silver quarter, we can tip the pullman porter, turn the lights down low, oh-ho-ho, off we're gonna shuffle, shuffle off to '" 'Please be senous for a moment Stop fluttering around here " "Mot?

What do you want, Gypsy Woman? Oh, heavens no I never even read newspapers " "Then you must begin a reading program immediately so that you may understand the crises of our age," Ignatius said solemnly "Begin with the late Romans, including Boethius, of course Then you should dip rather extensively into early Medieval You may slap the Renais- sance and the Enlightenment That is mostly dangerous propaganda Now that I think of it, you had better slap the Romantics and the Victorians, too For the contemporary penod, you should study some selected comic books " "You're fantastic " "I recommend Batman espeaally, for he tends to transcend the abysmal soaety m which he's found himself His morality is rather ngid, also I rather respect Batman " "Oh, look, there's Timmy agam," the young man said The sailor was passing on Qiartres Street in the opposite direction "Doesn't he ever get bred of the same old route?

A Capt. Some are entirely without Blanketts. Every Article of Cloathing in the Regiment is worn out Even in this modern era of fading familiarity with the fine details of history, the Green Mountain Boys remain vivid and ever-present in American culture. His autograph is rare, understandably lacking in all but a few fortunate collections. Andrew Griffin Collection, noted scholar at Berkeley. H eman Swift, 2d Cont inental Regt. Unsigned by Georjoy. Accompanied by substantial file of 23 sheets of modern research from original materials and scholarly sources, affirming that Simon Georjoy, of New London, a.

Serving under Cols. In the same small company with Gad Ashur, kidnapped from Africa as a boy, who became the slave of a Conn. In dark brown on rich cream. Old pocket folds, else about fine. Identified American Indian soldier-related material of the Revolution is logarithmically rarer than even Black documents. Interestingly, an War Dept. Whiting, Capt. James Burton, and on verso by Oliv er Wolcott, Jr.

Whiting, Col. Fairfield and Stratford are proximate. Men, Part I modern copy accompanies.

Whiting was a member of Society of the Cincinnati. Stratford-born Fairchild was a colonial silversmith like Revere , fighting in the French and Indian War; his house survives. Oversize auditing signature of Wolcott, Jr. Evocative content, and an unheralded hero of the Revolution. An extensive literature on the British invasion of the area exists.

The th anniversary of the burning of Fairfield was subject of a months-long commemoration in Group of three documents relating to Signer Saml. Huntington, Pres. At the time Merrill consented to part with his said Goods, he had the strongest assurance from Whittlesey and some of the Members of the Council of Safety That to his very great Disappointment and Embarrassment in his Business he was obliged to Receive Now informed by Mr. Whittlesey that he has Nothing in his hands to pay Delightful deckled edge. Curiously, the petition states the purchase was made in Dec. Very light toning at two edges, else fresh and excellent.

Discovered by Columbus, later in its two islands surrendered to the British - not knowing that a large French relief force was just days away. Paul, Ensign in the 68th Regt. James Macke, 69th Regt. In pounds. Preceding three with pocket stains, fold wear, but satisfactory or better, and all interesting for display. Leslie, Lt. John Anstruther, 63rd Regt. Considerable handling, fold wear, some pocket stains, lacking blank lower left corner, but satisfactory. Cuninghame, Jan.

Guadeloupe was returned to the French in , in exchange for — Canada. Waterstains, damp fraying at blank lower left edge, else about good. A forgotten watershed of modern history, fascinating for further study. In the background two soldiers idle in Philadelphia while a British ship [Aigle, i. Eagle] is bemired off the coast. Cresswell, , no. Possibly expertly cleaned, very light irregular stain at blank lower left portion, else fine plus, and a strikingly rich impression.

Frame with trivial tip wear, easily retouched with black marker, else ready to hang. Excessively rare on the market and important. One of only two Founding Fathers to sign all three key documents, the Declaration of Independence though first voting against it, on July 1, ! He was among the investors backing the first American ship to visit the Chinese mainland. The very first reference to the Underground Railroad is attributed to a letter to Morris, from George Washington. Ornate stock certificate in his ill-fated North American Land Co.

Also signed by Sec. James Marshall. Morris was the first to use the dollar sign in official documents.

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Though he owned more land than anyone in the United States, the Panic - beginning one year after the date of this item - led to his financial ruin, and his incarceration for several years in the Prune Street prison for debt see Lot In attractive, gold-beaded black frame, archival matting, under glass. Morris had bought nearly the entire block bounded by Walnut, Chestnut, 7th and 8th Streets. Very good; request condition report.

Other Birch views on abebooks at Both Birch prints show the same jail, but from different perspectives. Two semicircular fragments lacking at blank lower left, not visible when matted, faint waterstaining traversing lower left quadrant, else about very good. All to Capt. On Dec. He served as Rep. Perhaps his most important contribution was as a commissary of supply for the Conn.

Regiments of the Continental Army. Squire writes me that I may certainly depend on barrels of flour from him in 2 weeks. Too old for military service, he did not escape the consequences of battle. On the 7th and 8th of July , the British under Gen. Tryon attacked and burned Fairfield. Purchaser and Assisting Issuing Commissary for Fairfield All six documents bearing three additional signatures: Oliv e r Wolcott, Jr. James Wadsworth Wolcott, Jr. Toning along one vertical fold, else excellent.

While the end of the war was proclaimed in April , troubles remained. On June 30 - just five days before these documents were penned - Congress was obliged to convene in Princeton, following mutiny of unpaid soldiers in Philadelphia. These pay orders often remained afloat for years, trading like nearly-illiquid promissary notes by one patriot with another, as a postwar depression settled in. Revolutionary War-era July 4th documents are now thin on the market, and much sought after.

This cohesive group, with their original wrapper, is the first such we have encountered. The double, oversize signature of Wolcott, Jr. Militia , Isaac Morse, and Benj. Received of Capt. Luke Drury 3 pounds in full on the Balance of all Accounts Their primitive appearance, two carefully torn by hand from larger sheets, render them delightful for display. Rare on the market. Low was a wealthy financier, patriot, and abolitionist, beginning his career as clerk to Jewish colonial merchant Hayman Levy.

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Founding his own firm during the Revolution, Low was director of Bank of N. Constitutional Convention. Willett commanded Fort Constitution, opposite West Point, though ironically he became virulently anti-Federalist and opposed the actual Constitution. Semicircular fragment torn from blank portion where opened, still appended to red wax seal, some toning, else very good. Numbered folding copper-engraved plates by Picquet, including Fort Moultrie, , and siege of York and Gloucester, Charming, inconsistent use of French first names of patriots pp.

One of the first major historians of the American Revolution, Ramsay served as a field surgeon, and member of the South Carolina legislature, til captured by the British. Caramel fabric over boards, leather spines with mocha and black spine labels, an old manuscript used to construct spine lining, visible where leather chipped at top! Old ex-library stamp; signature on title page, probably c. Rubbing and some discoloration of boards, edges and tips, internally crisp, clean, and excellent. Howes R Nebenzahl Biblio Sabin Turnbull I, p. Two manuscript documents relating to estate of John Nixon, first to publicly read the Declaration, on July 8, Hall for his Services in recovering a Tract of Land Sarah Cramond Old fine wrinkles at lower left corner second item, stain and modest wear at one fold of first, else both fine, crisp, and highly appealing.

Henry Nixon too served as Pres. His history-making father, John, was an early opponent of the Stamp Act, and member of Penna. As of July , Nixon commanded the defenses of Philadelphia. On July 8 of that fateful year, he delivered the very first public reading of the Declaration. By some accounts, the response was underwhelming, notwithstanding the bells of the city ringing late into that night. Later in , he served under Washington at Princeton, and subsequently at Valley Forge.

Items relating to Nixon are very scarce. An exquisite treasure and recent discovery in the realm of art and royalty: Original painting of Crown Princess Anna Maria Vasa , daughter of King Gustav I Vasa and Queen Margaret of Sweden — the only known portrait of her, most likely a copy of about the 17th century, after a larger and older original painting scholarship accompanies. In very old, hand-carved, gold-burnished heavy wooden frame, as found, 9 x A striking portrait of the princess, in rich silvery-white dress and black cloak.

Despite the grand circumstances and importance of Veldenz, a significant State of the Holy Roman Empire, his passing left her with a debt of , florines. A massive sum, it reduced Anna to a humble life, beset by family squabbles over their land. She would cast a long shadow in history, however: the era of the Pfalz-Veldenz line lasted til about Some old, understandable and unobjectionable cracks in pigment, evidently correlated to the grain and topography of the wood on which it is painted, else colors rich and evocative, and about fine.

Minor professional conservation about fifteen years ago; frame with some wear and patina, else highly satisfactory, the ensemble an incomparable rarity, and a riveting conversation piece. Museum quality. Research file accompanies. Request additional images. An excessively early example of human writing: Cuneiform tablet, Sumerian, hard clay. Stated by New York Metropolitan Museum of Art to bear receipts for beer, oil, and bread given to workers likely including slaves in the Temple at Ur of the Chaldees, the seat of worship of Sin, the moon-god, in ancient Babylonia, modern-day Muqaiyir, Iraq.

Finely inscribed in miniature hand, with columns of text both sides and on fore-edge. One of the oldest cities of Mesopotamia, Ur was probably settled as early as B. The birthplace of Abraham c. Flake at one fore-edge, else very fine, and fascinating for study and display. Unconditionally guaranteed authentic and correctly imported decades ago. From the old-time collection of Alton Ketchum, celebrated advertising copywriter and creative director, author biographer of Uncle Sam , Presidential speechwriter, collector, antiquarian, and scholar.

With copy of his notes upon examination by Metropolitan Museum. Charming antique book stand for desk, tabletop, or display case. Quality-crafted, hand made, Early American style, judged c. Original stain in pleasantly varied walnut tones. Tongue-and-groove construction, red-brass hinges, steel and brass screws, variously. Wood feet clearly hand-chiseled with primitive hewn character. Some light scuffing on edges, short stress crack on frame at one foot, old replacement screw, another foot rotates on its screw; superficial use, else hinges tight and arm sound, and generally good plus.

Ready to use, for authentic display of your favorite old or new book, print, or framed item. Just found in Pennsylvania Dutch country, and made with care, plausibly by a local furnituremaker. Charming pocket watch, Wyss Freres of Geneva , judged c. Distinctive exhibition escapement and balance wheel behind filigreed gilt bridge. Bezel, hinged back, suspension ring, and crown all yellow metal with pink flashes, possibly gold-filled over nickel silver. Arabic numerals. Snow-white enamel dial, with and four floral flourishes hand-painted in lustrous silver.

Pin sets time, else not working. An uncommon design variant of this maker, established , and noted for their stylistic and technical innovations including notably long mainsprings. Genuine beaver top hat, c. Dugan, River St. Outside band of fine black silk ribbon; white bowtied silk insert inside, tied to avocado leather band. In all, extraordinarily clean and fine. It is not impossible that this hat was made in Yonkers, once home of the largest mens hat factory in the world. Elusive, and superb for display. Judged c. No markings; not believed to have been trimmed with leather or retaining wire.

Some free play but not precision-made when new , uniform fine surface corrosion on blade, patination of brass parts from golden yellow to coppery brown, blade slightly bent in two places, but in all, good. A fresh find from Pennsylvania Dutch country. Signed twice each by Confederate Assessor W. Johnson and Jno. Suitable for display. Signed by Confederate Assessor W. Johnson and Wm.

"God Save the South" - What was to be the actual national anthem of the Confederacy

Pleasant oatmeal patina due to high groundwood content of adversity paper, trivial dust toning at one blank margin, else fine. Interesting research accompanies. Johnson and A. Harvey later served as a postwar director of Piedmont Railroad. Pleasant oatmeal patina due to high groundwood content of adversity paper, else fine. Signed twice each by Confederate Assessor Jas. Kersey and D. Wooldridge, Sec. An obscure but vital narrow gauge railway hauling coal in the Richmond and Petersburg areas, the Clover Hill mine was one of the two suppliers to the Tredegar Iron Works, makers of munitions for the Confederacy.

Pleasant oatmeal patina due to high groundwood content of adversity paper, minor toning at folds, else fine. Within eighteen months, these assets would be worthless. Modern research accompanies. Richmond, Nov. Johnson and James G. For instance, Richmonder James G. Brooks entertained Confederate congressmen and senators in his home at 11th and Clay. The home had been built in for John Wickham, the lawyer who represented Aaron Burr in his treason trial.

Pleasant oatmeal patina due to high groundwood content of adversity paper, some ink droplets from quill, else fine. Act of C. Congress Aug. Portrait of Hunter. Signed by Ro: Tyler, Register of the Treasury. Criswell 35, rarity 7. Columbia, S. Sixteen coupons present, the last redeemed on Jan. Pleasing uniform toast patina; on higher groundwood-content paper than other issues.

Reflecting growing shortages in the South, the paper is speckled with tiny inflections of wood pulp. Small tack hole at each corner, light chipping at one blank edge, old quarter folds, else fine, and an interesting conversation piece. Vignette of Memminger. Signed by Ro: Tyler. Criswell Rarity 6. Fifteen coupons present, the last redeemed on Jan. A somewhat elusive type. Richardson Miles, Charleston. His home in Aiken is a State and National landmark. Creasing and wear, but penned in milk chocolate, and about very good.

A very scarce South Carolina-related item. Fascinating newspaper, Daily Richmond Whig, Mar. Leave Lexington Wed. Return same day by P. A number of the towns are defunct. Our enemy, with loud boasting of the power of their armed men and mailed ships, threaten us with subjugation, and Many people are congregated and starving Was it intense hate of the people of Va. Was it intended to disaffect the whole population - to make them detest the cause of the Confederacy The recent exhibition of this insane tyranny, in this city and Petersburg, was supposed to be intended as a special insult and contempt to Congressional authority Davis is asking authority of Congress to suspend the great bulwark of freedom - the writ of habeas corpus, all over the Confederacy Commencement of Richmond Medical College, with list of graduates; extensive Northern war reports; fourth attack on Ft.

McAlister; slave auction notices, and much more. Bean-sized hole at central fold junction on pp. With inventory card of Barbara Stuhlmuller, pioneer newspaper dealer and founder of Newspaper Collectors Gazette. Now a rare title. Splendid Confederate postal history association.

Southern Civil War homefront letter of merchant T homas N. To Mr. Except on Sat. The Governor has ordered them to muster once every week. They are drafting the Militia in Rockingham. There is some already gone to some point down the [Shenandoah] valley I bought a few goods about the last of May. I sold out of Bro. Cotton a few minutes ago. Prints is getting scarce. All the stores I understand in Staunton is now selling for cash.

Small notes is getting quite plenty about here. Harvest has fairly commenced here this week Wheat is quite good here The People generally are well, in this neighborhood The young ladies were all there, busy fixing the pockets for the gentlemen I was in Mosco w Va. Wish you were here to help eat them Churchville is a changed place. It makes one feel sad I understand George Hanger is taking two barrels of liquor with him.

concert archives . LAist

The ladies are all down on him; he had better not let it come this way. I consider it his worst enemy. It hope it shall not be used as a beverage; it will destroy more of our men than the enemy As of , Lindsey was Postmaster of Churchville. Dramatic flavor of the changing Old South, just months after Fort Sumter. A few lines this morning, to keep you advised of our movements. We arrived here yesterday at Col. We left Pa very well, though somewhat fatigued with the harvest They have splendid crops. My colt is a perfect little beauty. Pa says it is the prettiest colt in the county Give us an accurate account of the fight at Buchanan.

I understood Wise was slightly wounded Cousin Emeline is staying at the river, and cousins Sarah, Lex and Ellie and myself, are all here together We are delighted with the place. I suppose you have heard of our fight in Berkeley [W. Ashby with 19 men only, killed 19 of the enemy and routed the rest they had 65 in all Unless you have seen Gen. Avis acquired great credit for his bravery Jackson commanded our troops Benjamin F.

Lucas, who had enlisted in the 2nd Va. Infantry on Apr. The writer is likely the daughter of noted Judge Daniel B. Roger Pryor defend him was denied. Attracting nationwide appeals to Lincoln to spare his life, the one-time soldier in the 2nd Virginia, pirate, and secret agent Beall was hung by Lt. Andrew L. Tallman, proprietor of the Cohasco Building. In , Confederate Veteran magazine thanked Tallman for the kindness he had shown to his prisoners, also including Pryor.

Lucas became a U. Eccentric brown geometric toning of p. Jesse A. Clement, 3rd N. To Lt. Colston to request you to send a waggon here immediately to take the baggage to Stone house Wharf tonight. Born in France, Raleigh Colston graduated V. Later an Egyptian Army officer, he fell from a camel on an expedition.

Carried by litter out of the desert, back in America, crippled and impoverished, Colston worked as a clerk and translator. Two ink drops, else fine. Material related to Colston is rare. Letter of Confederate Maj. Quarters, Dept. To Maj. Dyer, Q. Quartermaster of the Army of the West. I regret very much that all of the stores sent did not reach you, but hope that all may yet be found. I trust that the change to Tennessee may prove a pleasant one to you all. Please remember me to Genls. McCown and Cabell. Some fold wear and toning, curious albeit indistinct black circular offset on blank page, perhaps a receiving office stamping, small fragment lacking at blank area, else about very good.

Rare thus. To father. I am 22 yrs. I have become acquainted with a young Capt. He was also acquainted with Joe Trowbridge This Capt. It is believed that Rosecrans is trying to flank Bragg and it is the intention of Gen. Johnston to let him do so and there fall in his rear. And will before the last of April bag the Dutchman and his whole Concern. Things seem to look very promising and will no doubt turn out well. We leave here in a few days still direct to Big Creek Gap We are not going into Kentucky right away. You will find out in time Joe Wyatt will be with the Battn.

Could you procure for me a nice Gold pen I have a splendid Gold Pen holder. I merely want the pen To Col. Blackmor e , Boston. I appreciate it more than words can express Noted for his hard-hitting tactics and thrice wounded, Wheeler served again in the Spanish-American War as Maj. Minor postal wear, else about fine. On a fateful day presaging Revolution, a renowned letter of George Washington auctioning 90 slaves - An event that would haunt him for the rest of his life -. Superb and noted Autograph Letter Signed of George Washington, its whereabouts unknown to scholars since — now rediscovered.

To planter and patriot John Tayloe. I return, inclosed, the Letters you sent me from Colo. The estate sold here by Washington was vast, comprising some 3, acres twelve miles from Leesburg, and 6, acres on the Shenandoah River. Among the slaves are two good blacksmiths, two carpenters, and an exceeding trusty and skilful waggoner. The aged black cattle and grown hogs will be fattened for slaughter.

Purchasers above 25 pounds will be allowed credit for 12 months Addressee John Tayloe II was one of the wealthiest planters in Old Virginia, his servants including a band of musicians, and his grounds with its own mile-long horse racetrack, deer park, and bowling green. During the Revolution, his iron works supplied the Virginia Navy with cannonballs and pig iron.

A pivotal time in America, in July Washington had chaired the meeting adopting the Fairfax Resolves, calling for convening the First Continental Congress. In Oct. And on the very day of this letter, Nov. And on this same Nov. Of the Mercer saga, leading autograph dealer Paul C.

What is fascinating to note is that even at the height of the Revolution, Washington would take the time from his busy schedule to attend to the affairs brought on by the complications of settling this estate. Even when the pressures of being the Commander-in-Chief of the American Armies must have been immense One comes to the car, sticks his head in the window, and points with a cigarette.

A mechanic listens while burning the midnight oil; a waitress while cleaning up at the diner; and the girl in her flowered bedroom, dreaming about the boy she just kissed. When the twilight has gone, the song goes, and no songbirds are singing. The Woodsman enters the station, and the secretary moves toward him in an awful trance. The Woodsman begins to crush skulls, killing first the secretary, then the DJ. Diane Evans Laura Dern.

Maybe the best thing about Lynch is his absolute refusal to leave America. When he is not on earth, he is still in America; when he is dreaming, he is still in America. Mid-episode, between and on the clock, he takes us across a livid sea to a Streamline Moderne kind of castle, where the Giant Carel Struycken lives with a silent woman Leslie Berger , made up for a silent film, in sequins. He levitates and issues from his eyeballs a primordial gold light and dust like we saw when the little boy dies on the street in the sixth hour , followed by a golden orb like the one formed from the body of Dougie Jones when he trades places with Cooper in the Red Room.

Lynch does not have to follow Marguerite Duras to Hiroshima to get to the other side. He locates in humanity at the test site, where for two hundred miles around there was no human presence: a void, in other words, where a nation usurped its own God so there was no one else left to blame for evil. Lewis asked [somewhat apocryphally] when he dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima: My god, what have we done?

He never attended a reunion of the flight crew. He spent the rest of his life working in a candy factory, a common way to make a good living, but one that, reduced to a biographical footnote, reads like an overstatement on manufacturing innocence. Lynch and Frost could have written a man like Lewis, a sweet man, no doubt, who died of a plain old heart attack, a touch on the young side. How dare we go on, is the follow-up question, and how do we? The girl only sleeps.

The insect comes to her open window, and her mouth opens, so it crawls in. I guess she could have let him in devil-like by having succumbed to temptation with a boy, but really the sin is of the father, the scene incestuous, as ever with Lynch. She says it flows like a river and is heard in the river, too, and in the mountains, and is seen to glow around the moon. Why do you need a phone to access the cloud?

A pratfall performed solo and in tempo rubato by Candie Amy Shiels , one of three bunny-type chicks in pink silk at the Silver Mustang Casino, ends with her using a remote control to whack a housefly, and with it accidentally or Freudianly her boss. In a dance of paired electrons, or a scene from a domestic comedy by an absurdist theater troupe, Andy and Lucy Brennan Harry Goaz, Kimmy Robertson look at the same chair on the same furniture-selling website at their separate desks, three steps apart.

She gets up to tell him she really likes the beige one. He gets up to tell her he really likes the red. Then he says she can get the beige, and pleased, practically humming, she gets the red. Lynch will be damned if he lets technology make anything faster. Ages before Lucy fainted for the first time, and not for the last time, at the sight of Sheriff Frank Truman walking into the office while also talking with her on the phone, the director believed that a body could be in two places at once. He seems to appreciate the high-speed networked world, with its lapsed temporality and objects set loose in space, as a pastiche of his obviously superior dream one.

Season 3, episode 8. Anything can become anything else in a dream, and Lynch likes to get back at our devices, which try to expropriate our conscious and unconscious functions alike, by using them as props. Or abusing them, like when a resurrected Mr. C Kyle MacLachlan uses a hot-pink flip phone to tap out a single text, T9-style, before gratuitously shooting it to bits with a single-barrel rifle.

She gets the text. Messages, either way, seem not to lose compression but to pick up resonance as they move through the air, giving humans on the other side of the screen a gravitas that normally belongs to spirits. The noise comes from the walls, giving owner Ben Horne Richard Beymer and his hot, boring assistant, Beverley Ashley Judd , an opportunity to stand very close in the corner of an empty room, whispering. They could sleep together, except that Ben has a conscience, or enough trouble. Laura Palmer Sheryl Lee.

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Does she not have power in her apartment? Where is the phone? Her pride in doing the right thing is as tragic as any hamartia. How are you? The Surrealists prefigured with a curious, justified horror the future extreme cleavings of man and machine. My iPhone has helped make remembering irrelevant over time. Nothing replaces the unpredictable. Two times red. What would it mean? A pair of red shoes, as worn at one time or another by almost every leading lady in a Lynch piece. As Diane, she wears red flats and reconnects with her men. In another waiting room, at a police station in Vegas, Janey-E Naomi Watts wears red flats and wishes that the man she calls Dougie MacLachlan would come back to himself, or at least to her bed, while the audience wishes the man we know as Cooper would return to being.

Symbolism, not that it matters. Like a dream wherein everyone we know looks entirely different from life and yet is somehow recognizable, the experience of being with others online deranges the contents of our heads, making new content, but we are not required to find it meaningful or act upon whatever meanings we find there. Annette Michelson in her essay on Breton et al. We cannot say that Cooper will ever be fully present. Ditto a message from Major Briggs, sealed for years in a gadget only his son Bobby Dana Ashbrook knows how to open, and written in a private language only Bobby knows how to read.

More than the wireless-enabled romances between old characters, or the inside jokes, the credence Lynch gives to this preposterous blog is a gift to all the out-there fans who turned the original Twin Peaks into a message-board sensation. Richard Horne Eamon Farren.

Emerging on all fours from the woods, she is found and taken to the emergency room, where she, uninsured, requires a life-saving operation. A bad thought arrives: He could pull a Leland Palmer and suffocate the witness at her bedside. The borrowing is purposeful, but unnecessary: Twin Peaks: The Return has a budget to dwarf that of the —91 Twin Peaks , and it has shelved the soap we saw there, a show within a show, Invitation to Love. Replacing its communal pulse is Dr. Tricky to say where his heart lies, but his hearing aid is tuned to the outcry at a new, buzzy pitch.

He hands cash to a resident who, troubled with rent, has been selling his blood plasma to the hospital. Being Canadian, I did not know this was something you could do. Drink in, drink full. Time and character, in their enormous codependency, drive The Return. Laura, less so. And Audrey? Audrey Horne Sherilyn Fenn , so singular as a precocious teenager, makes her hotly awaited return not in the eleventh hour, where I expected her, but three-quarters through the twelfth, after a sudden jump cut.

C Kyle MacLachlan.

Pioneer Scout camp terminal entries

Audrey tongue-thrashes her tiny husband Clark Middleton for not helping her find her lover, a sober farmer named Billy; and her husband calls a woman she despises, maybe his own lover. Ditto in the face of MacLachlan. But he does seem evil, and mostly she seems disappointed. When I said the web was a substitute for the dream-world, I did not add that being online feels less phantasmagoric and venturesome as we professionalize, try to grow up, and play limited versions of ourselves.

The former members of the force, and its forerunner, Project Blue Book, are mostly dead or missing; and William Hastings, the layman who got physically closest to the metaphysical origins of the mystery, finds his head exploded crushed by a Woodsman, invisible to the others when he takes the agents and Diane to the dilapidated tract at Sycamore, where he first found the portal.

Any scene can be stolen by Diane, who has the advantage of being played by Laura Dern: casually, brilliantly. Lynch exacts in every episode, more noticeably in the recent, quieter ones, these little ariosos that balloon, change shape, and deflate. She watches what is happening as if she were remembering it a decade from now.

Ashbrook and Seyfried could play those dogs with eyes the size of teacups and water wheels in the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, and their companionship too is doglike, hushed. Sky Ferreira, the very modern bombshell with an ash-in-ice-cream voice, appears at the Roadhouse at the end of episode nine as one of the locals who, with their unrecurring, relatively heterogenous appearances, make a jangling chorus.

Ferreira has never looked worse, making the before-seen single mom on heroin Hailey Benton Gates look like a heroin addict in a Calvin Klein ad. Compared to the nightmarish, as they say, state of the world, online feels lighter, more banal, and mere , like being stuck in an anxiety dream. There is constant refreshing, getting nowhere. The eleventh hour threatens to be his last, as the Mitchum Brothers plot to end him, having lost to him in jackpots and again in a bid to collect, from his insurance company, a thirty-million-dollar payment for arson.

I could yell through the screen: Wake up! But one of the brothers, Bradley James Belushi , has a dream and unlike real dreams it predicts the day. He remembers it bit by bit as the day catches up, and this for Lynch is a clever, if not new, way to build suspense. Ding ding ding, the box holds a cherry pie. He still might die a meme. The single greatest performance of the series so far belongs to Grace Zabriskie as Sarah Palmer, unsurprising for this magnificent seventy-six-year-old actress but all the same a shake of the bones.

Maybe she means the Woodsmen, who are a kind of smoked meat incarnate. Or maybe the animals she disconsolately watched maul each other on the Discovery Channel, on a big flat-screen television, in the second hour. Hours after the outburst, a fan whirs monotonously in a lamp-less room and she answers the door as old Sarah, scarier with her cold, hard brow, her low-burning eyes, and her corroded smile suggesting a mettle twisted to bitter ends. I watched these two episodes on a television like that, huge in a small room, dark, the way Lynch intended.

Besides, the television costs less than the phone. The head should be significantly, alarmingly bigger than yours, and in a portrait shot, from the shoulders up, it should be the size of a clock on the wall. Convenient alternatives begin to suck. On whatever websites, avatars the size of pencil erasers ease our forgetting the obvious, like that the owners of these avatars also have homes, incomprehensible habits, old haunts on certain square miles in a subdivided country, and especially that they have other faces, shaded minutely by expressions never represented in a reaction GIF.

Can representation make us stronger? On The Return , it matters that the stories are disparate, that worlds diverge and are weirdly, sparsely populated, so that the faces do not appear in a crowd. Nadine Hurley Wendy Robie. Anthony Sinclair Tom Sizemore , a double agent at the company, calls his other, criminal boss, Mr. Todd Patrick Fischler says Sinclair has one day to finish the job. The clock ticks. After work, around 6 PM by the light on the stucco, the cops at the Las Vegas Police Department continue to bungle the case involving Dougie Jones and Sinclair buys cyanide from a crooked detective John Savage.

Night falls on Sonny Jim carousing around his new gym set, courtesy of the Mitchum Brothers. In the driveway there is a brand-new convertible, ditto. The car, a BMW M3 convertible in alpine white, dates to and the scene was filmed in , and presumably it was just the most recent car available, but if this were happening two years before the rest of the show, or if time were zigzagging, it would not be a shocker.

He seems unsure whether it has really been two years. His accent belongs to a Confederate soldier who defected and joined up with Australian pirates. Dougie, over coffee and pie with his would-be poisoner, foils the plot by giving him a silent, firm massage, a gesture that would be alien to Dougie and, if witting, is clever and evidences the remaining nature of Coop. The lights go white. Todd, who was himself operating under long-distance control, presumably by Jeffries, and tells Hutch Tim Roth on the phone to order French fries. So far, easy. The scenes are not all linearly shown, but the times line up in Vegas and in South Dakota, and in Twin Peaks.

Kierkegaardian, really, to find beauty nowhere but in ethics, to resolve a triangle in the symmetry of goodness returned. Why are the pieces so cohering? For the same reason a magician takes care to explain, step by step, what he is going to do. When you think you know the steps, the sleight of hand becomes a greater surprise. C when the two meet at odds; and the bad Cooper, with his black, metallic voice, his all-black leather, makes us think of Darth Vader so we know Mr. C is the dad. The tension in an arm-wrestling match we know Mr. The Log Lady has been dying the whole time, and Catherine E.

Coulson, her embodiment, died soon after filming her scenes, but when she phones Hawk and says her log is turning gold, goodbye, it feels unacceptable. At night time starts bending like a spoon. Sarah Palmer Grace Zabriskie , drinking at home after her break with reality in the grocery store , watches a boxing match on loop. I suppose it could also be the night after next; she could be sleepwalking. At the roadhouse, in parts fourteen and fifteen, we see a master of ceremonies J.

James James Marshall and his randomly English coworker, Freddie Jake Wardle, a London kid who was heretofore known exclusively for doing different English accounts on YouTube, and here appears to be doing them all , talk about going in part fourteen and show up in part fifteen, making it seem like actually it is the same night.

And Audrey is still arguing with her husband, Charlie Clark Middleton , about whether to go to the Roadhouse. Having played out over four episodes now, in nearly contiguous scenes up to ten minutes long, the argument is occurring at about one-hundredths of the average speed of life elsewhere. So what the fuck am I supposed to do. Are you going to stop playing games or do I have to end your story too?

Is that the story of the little girl who lived down the lane? Is it? She has a magician boyfriend, Mario Scott Jacoby. Season 3, episode 2. A murder suspect under investigation by Gordon and Albert, decades ago, died of being shot in a hotel room and her body, before becoming the body, vanished.

The two murderesses were identical and not twins. A tulpa. Foucault, in The Order of Things , writes about the unity of thoughts that cannot be represented in sentences. The less predictable, undemotic, unnatural the speech, the more it begs repetition, the more unified its expression can be. A maid named Rose spends her days polishing the Story-Pig, who is silver or gold depending on the angle, and tries to make him brighter and brighter, but there is a limit to his brightness, and she sighs.

At dusk she is transformed, with the help of her equally classed lover, Hans, and a pair of red slippers, into a Queen. Who is the dreamer? All characters do live in boxes in a larger box. Americans are born into a history of unbelievable violence and the cover-up is usually banal. There are Nazi youth marching with tiki torches as if the suburbs are a source of pride and humans unwanted in college towns are only mosquitoes. But then any successful near-future prophecy is an accurate observation of the present, like a palm reader's reading the nerves, not the lines.

Naido and Andy Nae and Dana Ashbrook. There is a church in the unincorporated community of Twin Peaks, California. There are three churches of the Mormon kind by the foot of the Twin Peaks range in Utah. The first time around —91 we wanted to know who killed Laura Palmer and David Lynch thought knowing would kill the show. The horror, etc. When I said the dreamer could be us, it was the simplest and not the best solve; I think the question should be answerable, not answered.

In the picture as it fades there should be a dreamer who is like us, made in our image as gods always are, in my god-averse view, but not us. Afterimage, maybe. Cooper, a dreamer, cannot be the dreamer. In episode sixteen of The Return , having put a fork in the socket and in Dougie, the hero awakes from both his medically induced coma and his once-interminable limbo.

Dale Cooper. Special Agent Dale Cooper. Nadine Wendy Robie. Cooper turns, a familiar turn. C cannot be the dreamer. Elster, goes blonde and waspy to impersonate and frame as a suicide his wife, Madeleine. Syllogistically, casting aside, this means Judy is Madeleine and Madeleine is not Laura. Laura does not have a sister, far as we know. Can a tulpa be considered a sister? But the Diane we have seen is not the Diane we never knew. He smiled, horribly. He raped her. Cooper was, then, definitively, bad at the time Richard was conceived with Audrey, meaning either that Audrey was a tulpa and tulpas can reproduce, which is unlikely but so are a lot of things before they occur; or that Audrey was raped and the dissociation a rape produces came to stick.

The matrilineal nature of madness, more accurate to my paradigm, is supposed in Vertigo and echoed in Twin Peaks. Other fans, in a theory I enjoy, say that the girl asleep when the Woodsmen come, into whose mouth the tumescent insect crawls , must be the dreamer; that is to say, some percentage of her never woke up. Maybe I just want Sarah to be the dreamer because she is the character in Twin Peaks I most hope is somehow immortal.

Zabriskie had the greatest scene of the show so far, or so I said, in part twelve; she had a greater one in part fourteen, when Sarah goes drinking alone at an unfamiliar dive bar. A half-second. A return to her human form. I laughed the first, second, third time I watched it. Gordon Cole David Lynch , whose name is the last thing Cooper-as-Dougie hears, the final trigger, cannot be him either. The original, human Diane, the invisible presence the old Cooper was always addressing, perhaps. Sheriff Harry S. Truman, that is.

Steven Caleb Landry Jones , in the fourteenth hour, was heard to die by his own handgun, startled, like Judy Barton atop the belltower, erroneously at the approach of a stranger. One problem was the body itself, the body of a girl being motive, means, opportunity all at once. Another was the family, where odds are made. As for the rest, they were the problems of the human heart in conflict with itself, the only thing worth writing about, and that is to quote William Faulkner accepting the Nobel Prize in The men who built Twin Peaks were born about seven years apart into nuclear families.

They were eldest children, each with a younger brother and a younger sister, with fathers. David Lynch , raised on tree-lined streets across the Midwest, came to understand cinema as he did small towns, places where, because the horizontal is circumscribed, plots tend to spiral. The mind reels. A bit close to home. Nights before her murder, Laura dreams. Connections constantly disturb. This is useless information.

John F. Kennedy is shot and dies forty-three years later. Laura Palmer is murdered forty-three years after the birth, in , of David Lynch. No coincidence that prescience and nostalgia take equally as long to develop. Nothing much to see. Unless we are talking not about hindsight but anamorphosis: a technique for making a prima facie distorted, indistinct picture become legible when viewed from a specific angle, or a certain, warped mirror. The fateful day is one where dawn comes at the end. In Greek myths, the ones I remember, a protagonist crosses the gods.

Daphne is fleeing Apollo when she falls into a river and cries to the gods, who save her by turning her into a laurel tree, rooted forever, and watch as Apollo cuts off her branches for a wreath. A perfect myth is the one where Eurydice dies. Eurydice follows closely, but she is still behind him, in darkness, when he sees the sun and turns around smiling. My favorite reading of the denouement was done by Godard in his eulogy for Hitchcock. The second-to-last hour of The Return ends with Cooper in the woods on the night of February 23, Laura and James fought there.

He watches them fighting now. Once Laura looked past James and screamed at what appeared to be nothing. Now when she looks, we see Cooper. Cooper thinks she sees him, and ducks. Later she returns to the woods and this time, seeing the man in a suit, uses her words.