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Shows begin this weekend. They'll also be shown in Manhattan from March Tickets: Information here. The annual series of short plays which intersect at the end of the production. Shows start this weekend on Staten Island and later this month in Manhattan details to the right. We received nearly stories, via comments, social media, email and even hand-written letters.

All were a reminder of the bond we all share here: the ferry is the boat that binds. Here are some highlights:. It has always been our favorite boat of the lot, so he was careful to run just late enough that night so we would have to wait for it. We met at a restaurant in midtown for a drink.

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On the second 'date' he met me on Staten Island for brunch. We were supposed to have a third date in Tribeca, but I was powering through work with a bad cold, so I had to call him and cancel at the last minute. He seemed unreasonably angry about it. What was his problem?

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We never spoke, but he always smiled at me and gave me these seductive, friendly yet almost dangerous eyes. It got to the point where I was a bit nervous to see him everyday and would hide on the other side of the boat. Finally, one night after one too many ferry beers I sat down and who do you think was sitting next me? Edward Cullen himself.

Ferry Tales

I was drunk so instead of playing it cool I said 'Hey, what's up? After rebuilding the ship by reforging the cutlines, Iron Man took Spider-Man away to have a private talk.

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  8. Surviving citizens of the ferry were rescued and taken to safety aboard smaller lifeboats. Spider-Man returned to dry land and watched over the rescue, recuperating from the skirmish.

    Staten Island Ferry Disaster Memorial

    Tony Stark arrived shortly after angrily scolding Parker for acting without Happy Hogan 's permission, as well as endangering the lives of nearby civilians aboard the ferry. Parker is told to return the suit. Parker countered that he tried to warn Stark of the danger of Vulture, but he refused to listen to him. He further said that if Stark actually cared, he would be here in person.

    Stark then stepped out of the suit to show he was there in person, to Parker's surprise, and answered that he did listen to him.

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    Stark told Parker that he was the only one who believed in him in spite of everyone else believing he was crazy to recruit a kid. He was the one who tipped the FBI about the Vulture and they would have succeeded if it wasn't for Parker's action. In a somewhat fatherly away, Stark decisively demanded Parker's suit back and was effectively prohibiting him from any more dangerous misuse of his highly advanced suit as to keep Peter safe more than anyone else.

    Peter Parker returned home without his suit that night, in tourist clothes Tony bought for him. Mac Gargan , the potential buyer, was retrieved from the water by the Coast Guard and was subsequently arrested and sent to prison. A handful of women who rode the into Manhattan and assembled in the ferry's powder room shared a tight bond and cast a wary eye on outsiders.

    Leaving behind their roles as wives and mothers for jobs in accounting, advertising, fund-raising, fashion and social work, they fixed their hair and put on makeup, all the while talking about anything and everything: sex, race, husbands, difficult bosses, rebellious teenage children. If you could not deal with it, then that was your problem, and maybe you just did not belong in that aqua-and-white room with the fluorescent lights and the double mirrors. That summer Valerie Campbell, a member of the group who always speaks her mind, recalled noticing this ''white woman who had these dreadlocks, and this little camera with her.

    Esson had first visited the ladies' room on a tip from a friend who had starred in a music video filmed aboard the ferry. She said that whenever Ms. Esson left the room, the women seated on stools before the mirror would whisper: ''Who is that weird woman? What do you think she wants? And even after Ms.

    Esson whispered to Ms. Campbell that she would like to make a documentary about the women of the ladies' room, and Ms. Campbell spun around on her stool, shrieking, ''I'm going to be a star,'' they still were not sure what that woman wanted. Nor was Ms.

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    Esson sure what she would find. At first I was thinking, 'Cinderella,' 'Working Girl,' women staring at the skyline of Manhattan and making themselves up to be somebody. But I found out there was so much more to that room. One of the women, Elizabeth Ferris, who works in administration for New York City Ballet, said: ''It's like a state of suspended animation.

    It's out of the context of everybody's lives.

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    People can be more honest. You're not talking to your next-door neighbor who knows your husband and kids, or your mother's friend. Last week Ms.