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Based on previous research , successful models for youth engagement have six key ingredients:. The expertise and reach of organisations like Australian Youth Affairs Coalition provide a base for developing a new model for engagement.

Continuity and Change in Rural Places

This is needed to inform national policies that work for the community and for young people - now and in the future. A mixed funding model with government investment in core infrastructure and innovative programs for youth engagement in policy and change-making can leverage both community and NGO expertise and infrastructure.

This would connect government policy processes to current youth action and initiatives for a more just, inclusive and productive society. Yet, at a time when young people are increasingly mobilised through issues-based and online politics, governments have an opportunity to develop robust policy for the future by engaging with young citizens in the present. Low pay, earnings mobility and policy — Manchester, Lancashire. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom.

Philippa Collin , Western Sydney University.

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Young people take a keen interest in key policy areas such as climate change — the main problem is a lack of government engagement with them on such intergenerational issues. The membership of the Oaktree Foundation, a youth movement to end poverty, dwarfs those of political parties. Innovation builds intergenerational partnerships My research has documented many case studies in Australia and the UK where organisation and funding models support young people, adults, youth services and government to collaborate in policy development.

Moving forwards, not backwards These examples show that intergenerational partnerships in policy making are possible and lead to better outcomes.

Making Participation Work: Young People's Conference | Council For Disabled Children

Based on previous research , successful models for youth engagement have six key ingredients: youth involvement in their design and governance formal and informal approaches fostering of community connections and collaboration clear links to institutions and political elites ensuring participation is purposeful and connected to outcomes importantly, that they are sustainably resourced.

Rather than cutting funding, the federal government could advance a new approach. Australian politics Youth unemployment Young people Youth mental health Youth employment Young people and politics. Sign up to our newsletter. Relationships and sex education.

Youth workers making a difference - James's perspective - Working with young people (9/21)

Site by Effusion. Popular Resources. Enter your keywords. Topic 4: Worker skills and values.

Making a difference for young people with cancer

Topic 5: Understanding and managing difficult behaviours. Topic 6: Managing crisis situations.

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  • Topic 7: Accessibility and acceptability of services to young people. Topic 8: Working collaboratively.

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