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She chose a blue eyed prince.

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From a blue sky suburb. Von einem blauen Himmel Vorot. And now she's walking down the aisle. But every night she lays there alone. Aber jede Nacht liegt sie dort alleine. After all the people are gone. Nach dem alle Menschen gegangen sind.

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And while the world. Around her is asleep. All her questions run so deep. Alle ihre Fragen laufen ihr durch den Kopf. Who has seen the time I lost. Wer hat die Zeit gesehen die ich verloren habe. Dreaming of the day I wake up free. Where have all the hours gone. Wo sind die ganzen Stunden geblieben.

I wasted on everyone but me. Why have I never made. Warum habe ich es nie gemacht. A dime that you nagged somebody for for a couple of balls of chewing gum.

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And the absolute only engagement ring ever, with a frame made of the thinnest tin. For the length of one bat of the eye something lasted forever.

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That you're standing here right now before your confessed state. I, innocent witness of his misdeeds, when he exchanged eggs for bottled beer at the back entrance of the Edeka store, while grandma fed her sickly hens twice the amount of laying supplement. How he received the last ointment one night and got up the next morning to hang bird houses.

In the listing below Hennenberg H.

If there is no indicator between the "H. KK A Alternatively the sublist to which a cantata belongs can be indicated by a page number: e. HenS p. KK A and HenS 21 p. KK C Most of the sacred cantatas are for occasions of the liturgical year, although there are also church cantatas for other occasions such as birthday celebrations of his employer.

Digital facsimiles of such manuscripts are often available at the website of that library and at the IMSLP website.

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For example, from a collective manuscript containing 26 church cantatas: [49] [50] [51]. From a composite manuscript containing 16 cantatas copied c. From a series of 12 cantatas copied c. A series of 17 cantatas copied c. A series of 15 cantatas copied c. From a manuscript containing 14 pieces of church music: [49] [] []. Six birthday cantatas for Frederick III: [47] [49] []. Parodies are indicated with ",2" or ",3" after the H. WK A number: [18]. For Christmas: [11]. Kyrie—Gloria masses mass compositions consisting of a Kyrie and Gloria exclusively and other settings of parts of the mass:.

Composed in Gotha: [18]. Restaged in Gotha: [46]. Some compositions are alternatively indicated as opera or serenata see also secular cantatas section above :. Several pieces of instrumental music, orchestral as well as chamber music, survived in Dresden , in what is known as "Schrank II" book-case 2.

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Symphonies: [18]. Concerti grossi: [18]. Concertos with soloists: [18]. Eight sonatas in F major for oboe, horn , violin and continuo, from the manuscripts Mus. A similar sonata for oboe, horn, violin and continuo is kept in the library of the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles.

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The manuscript Mus. Twelve trio sonatas in a collective manuscript by multiple scribes: [] []. Two trio sonatas in a collective manuscript: []. Three trio sonatas for violin, flute and harpsichord: []. Three trio sonatas copied by "Copyist J. Two trio sonatas for violin, flute and continuo: []. Two trio sonatas for two flutes and continuo: [].