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Deadly Echoes: A Novel. America Pacifica: A Novel. Fletcher manages to broadcast a message to the Nathan James warning of Vellek's plot and apologizing for his actions before he is discovered and shot to death by Giorgio Vellek. He is portrayed by Jonathan Howard. He harbours a large level of resentment towards the United States, revealing people in the UK were ravaged by anarchy and chaos he personally had to resort to eating dog meat during the Immune Wars whilst waiting for the cure for the Red Flu to be delivered by the United States, and are now starving due to the Red Rust.

He kills several sailors aboard the Nathan James in the process of retrieving the seeds, including O'Connor, but is fatally shot by Tom Chandler. He is portrayed by George Georgiou. An Algerian terrorist of Tuareg descent, who holds considerable influence over areas of North Africa. After he and his people raid a seed bank , they come into possession of a rare variety of palm seeds , the only known species to be immune to the effects of the Red Rust, a variant of the Red Flu that ravages the worlds crops and plants.

He and his group are based in the El-Hamri District of Oran. He is shot by Giorgio Vellek and presumed dead, but is later revealed to be alive when he attacks Giorgio's mansion on Atokos island. He is killed by an explosion triggered by Lt. Carlton Burk during his attack on the mansion. He is portrayed by Anthony Azizi. A Greek fighter working for Giorgio Vellek. Before the arrival of Tom Chandler, known to everyone else as Hercules, Ares was the reigning champion. Chandler defeated Ares and took his spot as the champion.

Ares later becomes a test subject for the Nostos drug, as seen in a video recovered from Giorgio's mansion by the Nathan James. While looking for clues to the location of Dr. Paul Vellek's lab in an old prison on Kelos, Danny Green recognizes Ares and approaches him for information. Due to the Nostos drug, Ares has lost his will to fight and is placid, but he expresses relief at Chandler managing to escape the same fate.

Ares reveals that the Nostos is the food being served to the prisoners. Though given a chance to escape on the Nathan James , Ares chooses to sacrifice himself so the team can get away. Unable to fight due to the Nostos, Ares stands in between the guards and the Americans, resulting in Ares getting shot to death. With his last words, he requests Green to tell Chandler to keep fighting. He is portrayed by John Hennigan.

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A skilled scientist regarded as one of fathers of modern bio-infomatics and computational biology. However, his obsessive desires to reshape human evolution led to him being classed as "ethically dangerous" by the National Security Agency and he displays many signs of insanity.


He was indicted, but fled the United States to Greece. In the aftermath of the Red Flu, he works towards engineering crops resistant to its successor, the Red Rust. He controls a large army of fighters, in addition to remnants of the Hellenic Navy , including Hydra class battle ship HS Triton , where his laboratory is located. It is later revealed he plans on synthesising a drug from the mutated Nostros weed which acts as an inhibitor to the brains stress and aggression positive feedback group, rendering those effected by it docile and unable to fight , and use it in conjunction with controlling the food supply with the cure for the Red Rust, essentially giving Vellek control of the world.

He further plans to dose the healthy crops with the Nostros drug, allowing him to control the majority of the population, who will have no choice but to eat the food or starve. Born in Minnesota , he is the father of Giorgio and Lucia. He frequently hallucinates and speaks to his youngest son, Christos, who was killed in a violent mugging years prior, drinking diluted Nostros tea to maintain the illusions.

He is portrayed by Peter Weller. A Greek-American crime lord who controls of many Greek islands in the Mediterranean , extorting the local farmers and fisherman. He organises gambling fight clubs, which keep people entertained and prevent them from going against him. His base is a mansion on Atokos island. He liaises with remnants of the Hellenic Navy in to find men to fight on his behalf. He later recruits Tom Chandler to work for him as a fighter, not knowing his true identity. He was raised in Iowa , and is the son of Dr. Paul Vellek, the primary antagonist of Season 4.

He is portrayed by Jackson Rathbone. The sister of Giorgio, who retains a significant level of control in his criminal enterprises. She is the cooler headed of the two, regarding her brothers passion for making men fight as childish. After her brother recruits Tom Chandler as a fighter, she enters into a brief sexual relationship with him. However, after his true identity is revealed, she develops a personal vendetta against him.

Like her brother, she is also Greek-American. She is portrayed by Sibylla Deen. The son of Dr. Paul Vellek and the older brother of Giorgio and Lucia. Of the three, he is Vellek's favored child and he is often seen conversing with him while ignoring his other children. Its eventually revealed that Christos is actually dead, having been beaten to death years before the Red Flu pandemic during a violent mugging.

The Christos that Vellek sees is a hallucination brought on by his insanity and his use of the drug Nostos which Vellek takes heavily to be able to hallucinate Christos. He is portrayed by Drew Roy. He commands the Hydra class battle ship HS Proteus , which is used by the Vellek family in their exploits, in addition to helping Giorgio Vellek scout for new fighters for his fight clubs run on islands in the Mediterranean. He is later promoted to Admiral and placed in charge of the navy after Paul Vellek spikes Admiral Demetrius with a concentrated form of the Nostros weed, rendering him docile.

He is portrayed by Christos Vasilopoulos.

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Admiral Demetrius is the head of the Hellenic Navy. He is high up within the national leadership of Greece in Athens , referring to himself as the 'leader of the Hellenic City State'. He is closely allied with Paul Vellek and his family, providing them with man and fire power in exchange for his country to be the first to benefit from the cure for the Red Rust. Upon discovering Vellek has made a similar deal with the United Kingdom , he becomes enraged and threatens the family.

This results in Vellek spiking him with a concentrated version of the Nostros weed, rendering him docile and unable to fight, with his rank and power being transferred to Commander Stavros Deomides.

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He is later killed by James Fletcher with a cyanide capsule in an effort to disrupt Vellek's experiments. Before he is killed Demetrius tells Fletcher that he'd rather be dead than alive in his current state, making his death in effect an act of euthanasia. He is portrayed by Costas Mandylor.

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Gustavo Barros , commonly known by his nickname Tavo , is the leader of the newly reconstituted Gran Colombian Empire , a superstate that controls multiple nations in South America. Highly critical of how his people have been treated by the United States in the past , he plans to unify South America to undermine the United States and take its place on the recovering, post pandemic world stage.

Presenting himself as a "man of the people" he enjoys widespread support across the continent. However, his critics compare him to Pablo Escobar , arguing he does just enough public good to distract the people from his true intentions. He has the democratically elected President of Panama assassinated, causing a power vacuum that allows his empire to take control of the country and therefore the Panama Canal. He also attempts to pressure Mexico into voluntarily joining the Empire, or be forcefully occupied instead. During a final confrontation with the American forces, his defeated army surrenders.

He is played by Maurice Compte. He is played by Rigo Sanchez. Conchita Barros is Gustavo's ambitious wife. She pushes Gustavo to go after the Nathan James. She is played by Cindy Luna. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Last Ship.

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Season 1. Episode July 27, Event occurs at Episode 1. June 22, Season 3. June 19, Season 5. September 9, Episode 9. August 17, Episode 4.

July 13, Season 2. Episode 3. June 28, September 6, Season 4. August 20, June 26, August 24, June 21, Episode 2. June 29, August 28, September 4, September 11, Deadline Hollywood.

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Retrieved July 28, Episode 8. August 2, Episode 7. July 26, July 24, July 31, August 10, Episode 5. July 12, It sounds a powerful if perplexing book in some ways. Hard to imagine that anyone would not be changed by such an experience. Perhaps Khadra is making a point about Western arrogance towards much of the rest of the world. Misunderstanding, is something speaks about:. I have read lots of Khadra nearly all his stuff in fact but in French I am so glad that he is finally being promoted here. I was really pleased to discover that his work was being translated too and look forward to whatever is coming out later in the year!

Claire, you are a courageous reader. However, I look forward to reading Unbowed. Thanks, as always. Pingback: TBR Alert! Books Bought at Quais du Polar findingtimetowrite. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. The Gulf of Aden. Yasmina Khadra. Like this: Like Loading Looking forward to reading more anyway! Thank you for your kind words and for following my blog, I must read more of Yadmina Khadra too.

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