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Scelta della lista R-Project Newsletter. Project Structure. Reducing Powertrain cost Modularity and scalability Functional integration Low-cost solutions. Improving driver experience Tilting vehicles and advanced dynamic control HMI for comfort and safety. BlackMagic offer a free version , which caters for most needs of a budding and not so budding editor.

Studio, the paid version, offers more effects and templates, and among others, the ability to edit in 4K and up to fps, in addition to more under the hood performance improvements.

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Unlike Adobe, who expect you to fork out for a monthly subscription to use their wares, DaVinci Resolve Studio is yours for a one-off fee, just like Final Cut Pro. So what do you get for your money? The latest version of Resolve The interface itself is divided into six sections: Media, where you import and manage the clips you need; Edit, where you build your project; Fusion, a powerful 2D and 3D video effects compositor; Color, impressive colour grading tools; Fairlight, highly precise audio manipulation; and finally, Deliver, where you export your project, ready to share it with the world.

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Importing media is very simple: Resolve grants you direct access to any drive connected to your computer. Hook up a camera, and its files will be available too, although you should drag your files to a hard drive first because Resolve merely links to external media and does not make a copy of it for your project.


The basic editing interface is very comprehensive. Just get rid of it.

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Even the timeline can be customised to satisfy your preference: you can change the size of the video layers, choose how many thumbnails will be shown per clips, whether or not you want to see audio waveforms, etc. But the meat and potatoes of this section is how easy is it to cut a video.

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