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The sacred word used in meditation was Tau this was the equivalent of the Aryan sacred word Om. As noted above, the Toltecs colonized all of North America and South America and thus became the people we know as the Amerindians. Soon thereafter, the Turanians the ancestors of the people we now know as the Turkic peoples became dominant in much of Atlantis.

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The Turanians continued the practice of black magic which reached its height about , BC and continued until the final sinking of Atlantis, although they were opposed by white magicians. They possessed an army composed of chimeras that were composites composed of a human body with the heads of fierce predators such as lions, tigers and bears, that ate enemy corpses on the battlefield.

The Masters of the Ancient Wisdom telepathically warned their disciples the white magicians to flee Atlantis in ships while there was still time to get out before the final cataclysm. As noted above, the final sudden submergence of Atlantis due to earthquakes occurred in 9, BC. Blavatsky asserted humanity was in the fifth root race, the Aryan race , which Theosophists believe to have emerged from the previous fourth root race Atlantean root race beginning about , years ago in Atlantis.

According to Powell, when Madame Blavatsky stated the Aryan root race was 1,, years old, she meant that the souls of the people that later physically incarnated as the first Aryans about , years ago began to incarnate in the bodies of Atlanteans 1,, years ago. Theosophists believe the Aryan root race was physically progenerated by the Vaivasvatu Manu , one of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom. The present-day ethnic group most closely related to the new race is the Kabyle. The small band of only 9, people constituting the then small Aryan root race migrated out of Atlantis in 79, BC.

The bards of the new white root-race poetically referred to the new race as being moon-colored. The main body of migrants continued onwards to an island called the "white island" in the middle of what was then an inland sea in what is now the Gobi desert , where they established the "City of the Bridge". The esoteric name of the whole of the present land surface of Earth, i. Generally speaking, a large percentage of the people who live in the time of the period of the fifth root race are part of the fifth root race.

However Blavatsky also opines that some Semitic peoples have become "degenerate in spirituality". She asserted that some peoples descended from the Lemurians are "semi-animal creatures". These latter include "the Tasmanians , a portion of the Australians. Theosophists believe that each root race has a separate and distinct progenitor. The subraces of the Aryan Fifth Root Race include the first subrace, the Hindu , which migrated from the "City of the Bridge" on the white island in the middle of the Gobi inland sea to India in 60, BC; the second subrace, the Arabian , which migrated from the "City of the Bridge" to Arabia in 40, BC; the third subrace, the Persian , which migrated from the "City of the Bridge" to Persia in 30, BC; the fourth subrace, the Celts , which migrated from the "City of the Bridge" to Western Europe beginning in 20, BC the Mycenaean Greeks are regarded as an offshoot of the Celtic subrace that colonized Southeast Europe ; and the fifth subrace, the Teutonic , which also migrated from the "City of the Bridge" to what is now Germany beginning in 20, BC the Slavs are regarded as an offshoot of the Teutonic subrace that colonized Russia and surrounding areas.

According to Blavatsky the sixth subrace of the Aryan root race will begin to evolve in the area of the United States in the early 21st century. This sixth subrace of the Aryan root race will be called the Australo-American subrace and is believed by Theosophists to be now arising from the Teutonic subrace of the Aryan root race in Australia and in the Western United States many individuals of the new subrace will be born in California and its surrounding nearby areas i.

We may say that in general the sixth sub-race will bring in wisdom and intuition, blending all that is best in the intelligence of the fifth subrace and the emotion of the fourth. According to C. Leadbeater , a colony will be established in Baja California by the Theosophical Society under the guidance of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom in the 28th century for the intensive selective eugenic breeding of the sixth root race. The Master Morya will physically incarnate in order to be the Manu "progenitor" of this new root race.

The seventh root race will arise from the seventh subrace of the sixth root race on the future continent that the sixth root race will be living on that will arise from the Pacific Ocean. It is believed by some Neo-Theosophists that after the present round of human spiritual evolution by reincarnation of souls in root races is completed several dozen million years from now, the human race will migrate to the planet Mercury to continue its spiritual and physical evolution.

Modern writers within theosophy or influenced by theosophy defend Blavatsky's use of the terms Aryan race and root race as "not connected to demagogic ideas".

Kingdom of Darkness

Yet root race philosophy is not void of directly biologically racial elements. Blavatsky promulgated her ideology in a layered, multidimensional style and way, and paradoxical truth was key to her metaphysics. Seemingly paradoxical statements underpin root race theoretic philosophy existing beyond bifurcations of "liberal" or "illiberal" notions. Their inevitable conclusions regarding a racial hierarchy led to the rise of the National Socialist German Workers Party and the greatest war in recorded history. After the war, this school of thought was demonized, and became the subject of an academic smear campaign designed by the victors of the war.

Yet a sober examination of their philosophy absent preconceived notions regarding the National Socialist Nazi cause reveals the simple truth, that humankind was once far more advanced than we are now, and more interestingly that some of the members of this ancient root-race may have escaped the cataclysm which destroyed their civilization with their advanced knowledge intact, and most importantly that these ancient people were Aryan. Furthermore it will be demonstrated that there is actually a global cover-up of the truth regarding these statements, and that there is a carefully designed disinformation campaign at work to dissuade people from uncovering the truth about the ancient Aryans and their closest descendants…the modern European Caucasian.

This treatise revisits and revises the occult understanding of the history of human civilization, and more importantly the history of the Aryans. We will explore how, since the ice age humankind has struggled to recreate this golden age of human civilization. It will also be shown how the knowledge of the ancients being passed down to occult initiates throughout history have molded civilization into what it is today.

We will also discover who the closest relatives of this ancient root-race are, and reveal the controversial truth of racial identity. I hope that everyone who reads this treatise white and non-white both can explore these theories with an open mind and come to an un-biased opinion regarding the conclusion of this forbidden history. It is from Homo-Erectus that all modern humans descend. Homo-Erectus was not only the ancestor of modern humans but also the ancestor of other archaic humans such as Java man, Neanderthal man, and Denisova Man.

In fact, genetic phenotypes are all it takes to classify animals as separate sub-species, but the more differences there are in appearance, behavior, habitat, etc. The answer is because this determination is politically motivated rather than scientifically so. Roughly , to , years ago another divergent strain of Homo-Erectus began to emerge in Africa [2]. Small numbers of Negroids began to migrate out of Africa roughly 80, to 60, [4] years ago making a path across the Arabian Peninsula, which at the time was connected via land bridge due to lower sea levels [5].

Yet the bulk of the Negroid population stayed in the lush forests of Africa where they originally took root and for the past ten thousand years or so migration has been blocked by the Sahara Desert, which did not exist at the time of the original Negroid migrations out of Africa.

As Negroids migrated out of Africa it is likely that they came into contact with Neanderthals during their wonderings as they reached the Fertile Crescent. Neanderthals are known to have inhabited portions of West Asia as well as Europe at the time of the Negroid migration out of Africa. As they slowly traveled east they interbred creating a Hybrid between Neanderthals and Negroids, yet it seems this specific dual combination no longer exists in the Middle East in its original form indicating they may have been absorbed into another population sometime later. Their prehistoric African origin is apparent by their distinctly Negroidal features, such as dark skin, broad flat noses, thick lips, and smaller cranial cavity.

But they are also distinctly different in many respects yet still very primitive. This common ancestor is Cro-Magnon man, named after the cave the first skeleton was found in in France. European Caucasians are the direct descendants of Cro-Magnon whereas Mongoloids split from Early Cro-Magnon man possibly earlier than 40, years ago [7].

In fact, for over a century any rational anthropologist classified Negroids and Australoids as sub-humans closer to Homo erectus than to us. The reason for the shift in perspective about this fact amongst academics was purely political due to the racial integration policies of the midth century. For many decades it has been erroneously peddled by academia that there was a link between the Negroid populations coming out of Africa in ancient times and with the living descendants of Cro-Magnon man, i. Caucasians and Mongoloids. Cro-Magnon man was its own separate sub-species which most likely developed as a divergent branch of the Homo-Erectus populations living in Ice Age Europe and West Asia.

This by default makes the descendants of Cro-Magnon a separate sub-species, i. Like Negroids, Cro-Magnon man evolved from an isolated population of Homo-Erectus, but unlike Negroids the environment they evolved in was very different. Negroids evolved in the lush and mild forests of Africa whereas Cro-Magnon evolved in the harsh and inhospitable environment of Ice Age Europe.

Environmental stimulus responsible for natural selection was much more aggressive in Europe, in comparison to the very lush environment of Africa resulted in an almost static state of evolutionary development for sub-Saharan Africans, and remained similar for the migrating proto-Australoids and their descendants. The physical as well as the mental traits of the Caucasian are a direct result of the natural selection our Cro-Magnon ancestors underwent in Ice Age Europe. Our pale skin is a direct result of our ancestors having less direct sun exposure and hence not needed as much melanin to protect our skin from sun burns and also to boost the synthesis of vitamin D [11].

Our unique range of colored hair and eyes is a trait commonly seen in animals accustomed to arctic and sub-arctic environments. And we even have a larger percentage of body fat than Negroids, indicating a trait necessary for surviving long periods of starvation as well as insulating us better in colder conditions. Yet the most important difference is our mental capacity. Environmental conditions were so harsh that that only a select few of the strongest and cleverest survived to pass their genetic material on to following generations.

Hence, Cro-Magnon man became taller and more gracile than their Neanderthal, Negoid, and Australoid counterparts, some skeletons even measuring as high as 8 feet tall. They also developed an extremely large brain of cubic centimeters of brain mass on average, cubic centimeters larger than the average modern Negroid brain, and cubic centimeters larger than the average modern Caucasian and Mongoloid brain [12]. Yet though there was a reduction in overall brain size in modern Caucasians from our early Cro-Magnon ancestors, Caucasians have retained the large frontal lobe region, which is the creative and reasoning center of the brain.

As for Negroids and Australoids, they lack the highly developed frontal lobes, which are responsible for attention, behavior, emotion, intellect, initiative, judgment, personality, and most importantly abstract thinking, problem solving, and creative thought [13]. And though Mongoloid brains are statistically slightly larger than Caucasoid brains the bulk if their brain power may be associated with their slightly larger Temporal lobes, which controls auditory and visual memories, language, some hearing, and speech, hence mongoloids have a slightly higher verbal intellect, and memory on average.

This is reflected in their usage of highly advanced logographic writing systems utilizing thousands of characters as opposed to the very small western alphabets in comparison. It has also been suggested that although Asians have a slightly higher average IQ that their population produces les geniuses per capita, which is reflected by the fact that most of the greatest achievements in culture and the sciences were made by Caucasians. In fact, since the turn of 20th century Caucasians have been awarded twenty times more Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals than East Asians leading some to theorize that Caucasians have a more developed innate curiosity and creativity [14].

It is creativity and the ability to reason that separates us from the animals, and it is the ability of a population to consistently produce creative genius that allows us to develop highly advanced civilizations. Most of the profound creative achievements of humankind have been accomplished by Caucasoids, which will be described in detail within this work. Other races, with the exception of Mongoloids simply lack the creativity of the direct descendants of Cro-Magnon man. And even Mongoloids rarely create or innovate, but rather infiltrate and imitate. Historically they have adopted the high technologies and advanced social structures that western colonial culture has already established, and used it to their benefit.

This major difference in the modern Caucasian brain is a trait directly inherited from Cro-Magnon, and is what sets the Caucasian brain apart as compared to other human brains. These highly developed frontal lobes allowed the ancestors of Caucasians to become the first inventors of writing, the first artists, the first builders, and the first sea farers. They also had the first form of complex religious expression and complex social structure. This Cro-Magnon trait of a high forehead can be seen in many of the Caucasian sub-races, but is especially prominent in European Caucasians, i.

Western, Northern and some Southern as well as some Eastern Europeans are the purest and most direct descendants of the Cro-Magnons. Yet it is plain to see that as you get farther and farther away from Europe the more the Aryan phenotype become diminished. By the time the glacial maximum began to recede from Northern Europe the Cro-Magnon was firmly settled in Western Europe and the Neanderthals were extinct in Europe. This advanced culture of Cro-Magnons was subjected to breeding practices, which caused an evolutionary leap in their society resulting in the development of advanced technologies.

This allowed for a rise in population prodding this people to seek new land and food sources to support their population, thus creating the impetus for them to forge the first world empire. The first of their technologies was animal husbandry likely applied to canines who had become hunting companions to Cro-Magnon man [1]. They observed the natural hierarchy that develops in animal populations as well as their own and began to apply these principals directly by domestication dogs.

They had discovered the art of breeding their animals to produce the best qualities desired for each specific animal. This caste of ruling elites acquired position through legitimate right of superiority, both intellectually and physically. These aristocracies eventually became a totally divergent sub-species themselves, which will be described later in this work due to the isolation of their gene pool via closed breeding practices.

These Solutreans or Proto-Atlanteans were likely the first sea faring culture on earth. Initially they likely built rafts or canoes to fish in the waters of the Atlantic, though the oldest evidence of boats found was a Mesolithic boatyards discovered at the Isle of Wight in Britain [2]. Yet, as they became more adventurous, they built stronger and more advanced sea faring crafts. Traces of their culture are found as far west as North and South America, and the earliest artifacts linking Europeans with the Americas can be found below the geological layers predating the end of the last ice age.

Likewise, Caucasian skeletal remains pre-dating the end of the last ice age and on have been found throughout North America all the way to the Southwest such as the Spirit Cave mummy [6] and the Kennewick man [7]. The great cultures that built the massive step pyramids of Mexico and the megalithic cities of Peru were in fact built by the descendants of migrating Caucasians and not descendants of Asiatics who crossed the Alaskan land bridge, bypassing the ice corridor in North America.

It is also apparent that there was in fact other possibly earlier Proto-Atlantean migration down the coastal regions of Europe, and then into the Mediterranean and North Africa. Despite popular myth these great North African civilizations were not built and populated by Negroids but by Caucasians in ancient times, which will be explained in detail later in this work. Much later toward the end of the Upper Paleolithic there was a second major wave of Caucasoid migrations expanded eastward into Russia, then down back through the ancient cradle of Cro-Magnon, the Caucasus Mountains into Mesopotamia, and further still into the Indian subcontinent as well as China.

In all of these locations are found the same basic megalithic culture characterized by large pyramids or pyramidal structures called ziggurats, as well as the presence of Caucasian mummies and artifacts, and further written evidence of a similar cultural theme and language amongst these people. Likewise, isolated pockets of people displaying European traits such as blond hair and blue eyes exist in these regions today.

This migration a subsequent invasion of other lands is described in ancient Vedic texts known as the Vedas. The Rig-Veda is the oldest of the four collections of hymns and other sacred texts which make up the Vedas. For example, in several Vedic hymns dedicated to the river Sarasvati, it is described to be actually flowing and existent. In reality the river Sarasvati does not exist anymore, according to archaeological research it dried up and disappeared in north Indian sands at the latest around B.

Sanskrit, though it had become a dead language by as late as years ago, but probably earlier, was preserved as a sacred language for thousands of years by the priestly caste of India. They are known to have adhered to a strict tradition of linguistics passed down from oral tradition since time immemorial. These writings record the name of the ancient migratory invaders who established the Vedic culture in India as the Aryans, likewise it is recorded in these works that these Aryans did in fact have fair-skin and a range of hair and eye colors.

Within the Rig Veda one of the oldest known writings in the world we find many instances of racial separatism and conflict. Quotes from the Rig Veda, the original Holy Book of the Aryan conquerors of India contains a great many references to the race of the conquerors and the conquered. II VIII III Driving the black skin far away. IX These are just a sampling of the many accounts in the Rig Veda depicting the fair-skinned Aryans going to war and defeating the dark skinned Dasyus. Unfortunately interbreeding occurred between the dark skinned inhabitance and the Aryan invaders causing the culture to decline.

But since circa BC. Domination is sustained through this four tiered caste system which are based upon birth and ethnicity. Though it is likely that the Atlanteans who participated in the western migration would have also been called Aryan or something similar, and that both the western and eastern migrations descended from the original Cro-Magnon, or Proto-Atlanteans. It is apparent via linguistics that the same people who founded ancient Sumer also founded the civilizations of the Indus valley and lower India and that they were descended originally from Europe.

Sanskrit shares many documented similarities with other Indo-European languages, of which the Celtic and Germanic languages are kin. Thus Arya, Ari, or something similar is the most likely title that the descendants of the Solutreans in the West also would have called themselves.

Arcanum 4 – Daleth ד

It is apparent by piecing together ancient legends with modern evidence that the best and most adventurous members of the original Solutreans migrated from the west coast of Europe following the route around the north Atlantic to reach the Americas. After settling on their new home on this isolated ice age island, their population remained confined forcing this civilization to seek more land and thus traveling further west.

It is recorded in many ancient accounts, outside of The Dialogues of Plato that an extremely advanced island civilization once existed and transplanted their culture around the world, but was destroyed when it sank below the ocean. Accounts of a highly advanced, lost island civilization are found in the writings of the Aryans, Aztecs, Egyptian, Greeks, and British, and are linguistically similar, named respectively Atala, Aztlan, Atlan, Atlantis, and Avalon.

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The original home of this advanced civilization was known to the medieval cartographers respectively as Hy Brazil [1] now submerged , Frisland [2] Rockall , Thule Iceland , Ultima Thule Greenland , and although many inaccuracies occurred in medieval maps, some truths were conveyed as derived from ancient legends. It is apparent from viewing underwater sea maps that large Islands did once exist off the coast of the British Isles during the last Ice age when the sea levels were nearly feet or 30 meters lower.

These Islands were glaciated during the last glacial maximum some 26, to 20, years ago. Yet sometime between 15, and 12, B. The mythical Islands of Hy Brazil, as well as the Island of Thule shown on many medieval maps are the most likely locations for a habitable ice age location. Thule or Iceland may have been an oasis in ice as it has many geothermal hot springs and areas which are very lush amidst the ice of today. Hy Brazil may have actually still existed during the Dark Ages but may have finally eroded away sometime in the Middle Ages. Similar accounts in relatively recent times have been verified as fact.

One such account is the story of the German island of Rungholt, which was recorded to have eroded away over a period of hundreds of years and finally washed away completely in the 14th century after a violent storm [3]. Various regions around the world show signs of both massive coastal flooding as well as submerged prehistoric islands. Most notably are the underwater land masses off the coast of the British Isles.


Remnants of Atlantean artifacts such as Caucasian mummies, similar cultural themes, and megalithic structures can be found from the west coast of Europe, to the Mediterranean, and further still to the Americas. These Atlanteans first made their way to the east coast of North America and the Bahamas and were the first people to colonize and settle the Americas predating the aimless wonderings of the Asiatic Mongoloids across the Alaskan land bridge by thousands of years.

Caucasian artifacts and remains have been found throughout North America from the mound builders of the Mississippi valley which despite canonized theory, were built by non-Asiatic inhabitance during the archaic period and only later were inhabited by mongoloid Amerindians and the remains in the Southwest and Northwest Lovelock cave, Spirit cave, Humboldt, Kennewick, Crittenden, Yosemite, etc. Yet telling proof that this legend is based on truth is that a lost island can in fact be seen in the undersea maps of the Bahamas.

And even more interesting are the sonar images taken off the coast of Cuba in early by Pauline Zalitzki, and her husband Paul Weinzweig. These images appear to show symmetrical and geometric stone structures resembling an urban complex with pyramids. This city complex is estimated to cover an area of 2 square kilometers ha and rests at depths of between meters 2, ft. Likewise, another famous site was also flooded and is where the legend of Atlantis is derived.

As was recorded by Plato in his Dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, this island nation sank some 10, years ago, which is scientifically consistent with the era sea levels were rising at the end of the last ice age. Plato goes on to explain this knowledge was passed down by Egyptian priests who had known of it for thousands of years prior to the Greeks.

Educated estimates since medieval times place Atlantis as far north as the Azores and reaching as far south as the Canary Islands. The Mahabharata, written circa. This ancient text locates Atala geographically on the seventh heat, or climate zone, which according to Col.

Francis Wilford the translator is 24 to 28 degrees north latitude, putting it in the same latitude as the Canary Islands just off the North African coast. It seems logical that at one time large portions of the Mid Atlantic ridge may have been above water. The highest point of which was around the Azores. Yet other land masses seem to have been high enough to have been above water. West of the Canary Islands you find several seamounts that at one time were likely above water and next to this underwater mountain chain is an anomaly that is almost beyond belief, and can only be seen today because of satellites capable of taking underwater images of the sea floor.

Off the coast of Northwest Africa is an Island chain known as the Canary Islands, which was until relatively recently inhabited by an ancient race of people named the Guanche by the Spanish explorers who discovered them. Unfortunately many of the Guanche died off from contracting European diseases brought by Spanish explorers and the rest were absorbed into Spanish society after the Spanish conquest of the Canaries [9]. Now extinct, it is known that the Guanche were blond, red, and auburn haired people with fair skin and colored eyes and that they were genetically similar to the white Berbers of North Africa and possibly a remnant of the Capsian culture [10].

To this day stepped pyramids exist on the Canary Islands and Caucasian mummies have been found in caves around the island, embalmed in a similar fashion to Egyptian mummies [11]. Famous explorer and anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl had hypothesized that the Canary Islands were a transatlantic link between Egypt and Central America.

Heyerdahl hypothesized that the Canarian pyramids formed a temporal and geographic stopping point on voyages between ancient Egypt and the Maya civilization [12]. It is apparent from undersea maps that this chain of Islands once had a large neighbor to the west where a mysterious underwater anomaly can be seen. Deep in the Canary Basin there appears to be an underwater city with roads similar to modern grid-like cities, but does not appear to be on a raised land mass. This is consistent with what was recorded by Plato, that this lost civilization sunk after a large earthquake that produced an impassible bar of mud which ships had to avoid when sailing in the Atlantic.

As this sea faring civilization established settlements in North America, the Bahamas, and North Africa, others of their kind were spreading their culture and conquering the primitive Proto-Australoid and Mongoloid settlements to the east; thus establishing great megalithic civilizations. Physical evidence exists of isolated pockets of light skinned and colored-eyed people in these regions, as well as Aryan Mummies and artifact found in locations as far away as China amongst other places to be explained later.

Linguistic evidence can also be found in many of these regions to this day such as the well-known similarities between languages like Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, and English as well as written historical accounts of similar cultural themes surrounding an archetypal Sun worshiping society that circumvented the globe [13]. These people forged the first empire; an empire that was loosely tied together by trade, culture, and blood, yet was worldwide.

Great coastal and island port cities were likely established on the east coast of the Americas near the Gulf of St. Lawrence which connects to the Great Lakes and was likely a major hub in ancient times. The Mississippi river valley was also likely utilized as a highway to the Bahamas which in turn was a point of departure toward South America as well as Atlantis.

Atlantis and the Canary Islands were the midway point connecting the Americas with North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula, which is why it is remembered today as the central hub of a the great empire. The Mediterranean regions of what is known today as Greece, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libya, and Algeria were also loosely connected via the maritime civilization of the Atlanteans, which in much later times long after the sinking of Atlantis was somewhat revived by the Minoan civilization and the Egyptians.

The hub of the Aryans originally was Proto-Sumer which was connected via trade with the Atlantean branch as they likely traded with the pre-Semitic peoples of the Fertile Crescent region. Then approximately 12,, B. It is possible that several deluges actually occurred over the span of about years, and evidence has been recovered from coral reefs showing at least three periods of rapid sea level rise, happening respectively around 12, B.

The biblical deluge may have been the last event around B. There are simply so many flood myths originating on every continent that one could write an entire treatise on the subject, but they all share a similar theme that the floods came to purify the earth of human debauchery, and that a few righteous people survived by boarding special boats, giant lore is generally incorporated with the stories, etc.

It is apparent not only from ancient legends, but also from undersea maps as well as geological evidence that global flooding did in fact occur, flooding densely inhabited coastal and island regions around the world. This global flood may have occurred due to the axial tilt of the earth shifting by only a few degrees [15] allowing for the sun to bake a previously much colder areas of the glacial icepack. Furthermore, this massive dump of fresh water into the oceans would have wreaked havoc on the ocean currents and the jet streams resulting in super-storms around the world, even places not affected directly by tidal waves.

Yet it is recorded in the ancient legends discussed later in this work that there were some of the indigenous Atlanteans of the Islands who had advanced warning and survived the tidal waves by boarding specially made boats that were unsinkable. The most striking evidence of their survival story is in the genetic evidence.

The most saturated migratory route was closest to the original island kingdom of the Atlantis, that is, the West Coast of Europe and what later became the British Isles. There is ample genetic evidence [1] showing the migratory paths of the Cro-Magnon, Atlantean, and Aryan lines. Often the evidence is overlooked or explained away by modern academia that shows a migratory pattern proving the existence of a lost Island empire in the Atlantic, i.

For our purposes only the paternal lineages will be discussed, but the reader is encouraged to embark on further study of the European Maternal lines which show multiple crossovers between the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa. The different branches of the Y chromosome I represent those who are directly descended from the original Cro-Magnons who never expanded far beyond Europe.

The Haplogroup I1 traveled from the German plains north toward Scandinavia at the end of the last ice age when a land bridge existed between Denmark and Sweden, thus becoming confined on the peninsula when the North Sea flooded into the Baltic:. Haplogroup I2b remained in low frequencies in the German plains due to interbreeding with and being outbred by later Atlantean and Aryan lines, showing a similar pattern of migration eastward, become more diluted farther eastward.

Haplogroup I2a is descended from the Cro-Magnons who remained in the more isolated regions of the Danubian corridor and the Swiss Alps after the peak of the last glacial maximum. This branch also traveled eastward establishing megalithic civilizations throughout Russia and as far as Siberia. Yet this Finno-Ugric people have become slightly admixed due to Asiatic interbreeding.

The R1b line is commonly associated with the Italo-Celtic peoples, the purest concentration of this line being the Basque, Welsh, and Irish peoples who are the purest descendants of the fabled Atlanteans. Yet there is also a high concentration of this haplogroup in sub Saharan Africa with the highest concentrations fallowing the route of the Nile River from Egypt into lower Africa. This is explained by the presence of R1b in Egypt in ancient times which was confirmed when the DNA of King Tutankhamun was found to be a subclade of R1b [3] [4]. The theory of Central Asian origins of R1b is preposterous if one views all the facts, and does not explain how the highest concentration of R1b appears in Western Europe somehow bypassing the other Haplogroups, yet logic would dictate that the highest concentration of this group would be close to it place of origin.

These intrepid explorers traveled primarily by sea establishing the civilizations of Thule, Hy Brazil, Atlantis, Egypt, and Troy while simultaneously establishing civilizations throughout North America, the Bahamas, and South America.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean

Today only a small portion of North African Berbers have this Paternal Chromosome, though the author expects that once it was the dominant Y Haplogroup before later periods of interbreeding with the E haplogroup. It is also very interesting that we find high concentrations of R1 in North America amongst Native American populations, and to a lesser degree in Central and South America [4]. Its frequency is highest in the Americas among the Algonquian peoples of the northeastern United States and eastern Canada the highest concentration of which is around the great lakes.

Mainstream scientist have not reached a consensus as to how R1 showed up in high concentrations in the American Northeast because very little of this haplogroup is found in Siberia which goes against the modern logic of the Siberian origins of Native Americans.

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Mainstream science ignores the most logical argument that the presence of R1 in Native Americans a remnant of the Solutrean migrations lending credence to the Solutrean hypothesis. Those Atlanteans who lived in the kingdom of the Bahamas which before the great flood was not a chain of many small islands but one large one fled across the Gulf of Mexico and founded the civilizations of the Olmecs, Toltecs, Incas, and Mayans, and even went as far as settling on the Island chains from Easter Island all the way to New Zealand where physical evidence of their migration can be found to this day [5] [6].

Blond and red haired Caucasian mummies have been found in modern times all throughout the Americas, Easter Island, and New Zealand, which prove this hypothesis. Eventually the genetic stock of these far reaching colonies of the Atlantean Empire degenerated due to miscegeny with more primitive cultures. The highest concentration of the R1b line has remained fairly isolated in Western Europe since the sinking of their Island home in the Northern Island chain and Atlantis, Indicating also that those who share the Paternal lineage if the R1b haplogroup are likely directly descended from those who managed to escape the sinking of Atlantis migrating to the west coast of Europe on boats, an idea that is consistent with many ancient legends which will be described later in this work.

Furthermore, genetic evidence of R1b being found in ancient Egyptian mummies also reinforces the ancient accounts of Atlanteans escaping to Egypt and founding the civilization there. R1a are the tribes who traveled by land eastward to establish the ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, then even further into China where their pyramids and mummies have been found in modern times.

As with the R1b line, the far reaching colonies established by the Aryans fell into a destructive habit of miscegeny, which led to the decline of these civilizations.

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Those of the regions in India, the Middle East and North Africa interbred respectively with Dravidians, Mongols, Semites, and Nubians though the royal lines of these regions remained pure for millennia due to aristocratic breeding practices. Those in the regions of India interbred with the original Negrito and Dravidian inhabitants, yet the cast system in India allowed for a measure of purity to remain in the priestly and ruling castes of India. Likewise those of the North and South American colonies interbred with the Asiatic Mongoloids who migrated across the Alaskan land bridge and down the Ice corridor and the west coast of the Americas, yet in these regions the ruling class became much more diluted over time due to miscegeny.

All that is left of the Atlantean and Aryan presence in these regions are the remnants of great technologies, astronomical knowledge, and architecture. Similar cultural artifacts and architecture, similar cultural archetypes and religious themes, as well as the physical evidence of Caucasian mummies can be found in many of these locations around the world. Yet most striking is the presence of megalithic structures like giant pyramids in all the locations where historic accounts of Caucasians occur or actual physical evidence like Caucasian mummies.

Yet the purity of the Aryan race only remained in Europe, which was the traditional homeland of the Aryan people and remains so to this day. These noble Aryans were known by many other names given them by the primitive peoples whom they conquered and taught civilization to. The Aryans were also known as a race of giants and may have stood as much as twice as tall as some of the original indigenous peoples that they conquered.

This extreme difference in stature between the migrating Aryans and the races that they conquered is apparent when taking into consideration the most primitive modern examples of African Pygmies and Negritos. Many of the ancient Atlantean mummies and skeletons found in modern times, such as the remains of Lovelock Cave, Nevada, and elsewhere throughout North America, is proof that the Atlanteans were much taller than even the average modern Caucasian.

Numerous articles can be found written between in the late 19th century describing numerous occasions where giant skeletons were dug up in Europe and the Americas [1] [2] [3] [4]:. It is interesting to note that with the many accounts of giant skeletons being discovered, very few giant bones are on display in museums. This has led to the Smithsonian institute being accused of orchestrating this cover-up to protect their credibility, as the existence of a race of Caucasoid giants in America and elsewhere is in stark conflict with their well-established historical models regarding evolution and the human colonization of the Americas.

The knowledge of the existence of giants would also lend credence to many ancient legends and giant lore. What follows is an overview of giant lore from the many descendants of the original Atlanteans and later the Aryans and also legends from the primitive cultures that they conquered during the first and second expansion:. The Tuatha de Danaan: This was a race of Celtic giants and the father gods who were believed to be the ancestors of the Irish Celts. They were said to dwell in underground kingdoms or inside hollow mountains.

Cuculainn: He is known as the Irish Hercules, and is said to have come to Ireland in a special ship when his homeland was destroyed by a great flood. He was also said to have arrived on a boat telling a tail about his escape from his sunken island homeland. The Cimbri: These were giants living in Celtic Gaul.

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They had long manes of blond and red hair and a fierce, warlike demeanor, all of which led them to be compared to lions. Albion: He was recorded to have been one of the Titan giants fathered by Poseidon. King Arthur: There is some Arthurian lore which claims that he piloted an ark during the Deluge; this legend also relates that he stood just over nine feet tall. Inspired by stories that Arthur was buried at Glastonbury Abbey, it is recorded that King Henry II dispatched a crew to excavate the area.

According to first-hand accounts written by Gerald of Wales, Arthur was buried beneath two stone pyramids. They dug further below the cross to a depth of sixteen feet and found a stone sarcophagus containing the bones of a man who was extremely tall:. The Abbot showed me one of the shin-bones. Gerald goes on to describe how the bones at of King Arthur were respectfully re-interred elsewhere, but to this day the location has remained a secret [7].

Gigantes: In Greek mythology the Gigantes were a race of giants who were spawned by the union of the sky god Uranus and the Earth goddess Gaia when the blood of Uranus was spilled on the earth. There are so many Giant myths in Greek mythology one could write an entire work on the subject. The Tritons: This was a race of giant gods, spawned by the interbreeding of Poseidon the God of Atlantis with a mortal woman named Cleito. They were recorded to have been the royal family of Atlantis, and some are said to have escaped the flood that destroyed Atlantis.

The Titans: These were a Greek race of giants born to Ouranos and Gaia and were said to be a cruel race of rulers predating the gods of Olympus who were in fact the progeny of the Titan Chronos. RA I am Ra. This is incorrect. There were those in what you would call Russia. This was approximately fifty thousand [50,] of your years ago. The origins being approximately five three, fifty-three thousand [53,] of your years ago, the damage being completed in that last small cycle of the first master cycle. The appropriate sound vibration complex is major cycle.

Then did the ending of this first major cycle have something to do with the destruction of Lemuria, or did this destruction just happen to occur at the end of that cycle? There is a confluence of energies at the ending of a major cycle. This encouraged what was already an inevitable adjustment in the movement of the surfaces of your planetary sphere.

Questioner: Thank you very much. This will be the final question in completion of this session. This is correct. The calling was that of Atlanteans. This is basically correct. Not at first. Questioner: Then were there what we call priests trained in these temples? Questioner: I see then. Is this correct? Questioner: I see. This is correct with one exception.