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This is because of the pollution which was mainly from coal which left clouds of pollution over cities.

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If a woman wore a light colours they would come home with a greyish tinge to their clothing. Freakshows were also big in the Victorian Era. Going to a freakshow for them was just as normal and accessible as us going to the movies. When someone passed the family would often have a photograph taken of the body. Sometimes the family would even pose with the body to make it look alive.

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Gothic novels were at their peak. Some of the best were written in this era, think of Dracula and the works of Edgar Allan Poe. A lady would not wear a skirt that showed her ankles. Corsets of the Victorian era can almost not be worn by someone of today.

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Their corsets would clinch their waist so tightly to around just 16 inches. This warped the body structure causing a large range of medical issues such as breathing and even trouble in child birth. When women "paid calls" to someone went to someones home to tell them something or to have a chat it was done in the afternoon. If it was done any sooner it was classed as bad manners. You wouldn't stay for long and if someone else would come while you were there you would exit gracefully.

17 stunning photos of black Victorians show how history really looked.

This is very cool! I love learning new things about the 90s or 80s but this, this is something else! Why were the people forcing themselves to wear tight clothes? In the 9th fact? Why why why? Lauren Scott, the girl the one in the middle is dead. I understand why you thought they all were dead. Very interesting. However, with fact 6, which of those 3 people were the deceased?

Not to make light of someones passing, but they all look like they passed away. Have Institutional Access? Forgot your password?

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    Editors: Hugh Dunthorne and Michael Wintle. The nineteenth century laid the foundations of history as a professional discipline but also popularized and romanticized the subject. National histories were written and state museums founded, while collective memories were created in fiction and drama, art and architecture and through the growth of tourism and the emergence of a heritage industry.

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    The authors of this collection compare Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium, unearthing the ways in which history was conceived and then utilized. They conclude that although nationalistic historicism ruled in all genres, the interaction of the nineteenth century with its imagined past was far richer and more complex, both across national borders and within them. Author: Christina Lodder. Author: Pedith Pui Chan. Using guohua as the point of entry, this book interrogates the discourse both of guohua itself, and the wider discourse of Chinese modernism in the visual arts.

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