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Now having six real Death Balls, his wish is able to properly be granted and Bad Girl is restored to her former self. While happy to see his daughter again, Badman realizes that he and Bad Girl are no longer the same people they used to be the last time they saw each other. With this in mind, he decides that they should part ways and live their own separate lives. Despite this, he acknowledges that while they are no longer the same people they once were, they still have the same blood and are still family.

Bad Girl dresses in a Sweet Lolita fashion, wearing a pink frilly dress and stockings. She is aggressive, violent, angry and very determined.

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Despite referring to killing as nothing more than a job, she seems to enjoy it nonetheless. Bad Girl seems to be aware of her violent ways, calling herself an "angry bitch", though she doesn't feel Touchdown is any better than she is, as an assassin. She also drinks heavily, leaving her empty beer cans strewn about her basement home, and even keeping a fridge nearby to refrigerate her cans.

When she returns as Bad Dog, her appearance gives her pink and blonde fur. The blonde fur resembles her previous hairstyle. She also has blue, anime-like eyes. When Travis attempts to 'talk' to her, she will begin to growl at him. Despite her juvenile personality, Bad Girl is a dangerously powerful assassin, as well as one of the few people who came close to killing Travis. Not only is she incredibly skilled with a baseball bat, to which she can knock Travis and grown men a few yards away with her superhuman strength, she also is incredibly manipulative. Make this album one of my favorites!

The Groove, The Whole Groove, and nothing but The Groove

The A side of record 1 is unbeatable in my opinion! Reply Notify me 1 Helpful. Reply Notify me 5 Helpful. Add all to Wantlist Remove all from Wantlist. Have: Want: Avg Rating: 4. Vinyl LP by railrunner. Nylon Girls by bramblejelly. Seventies by Gredos.

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Albums that I've listened to by Garkenful. Vinyl Lp's by pethoata.

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A vendre by ypsil0n. Removed Bootlegs by exgrain. Listened by hipp-e. Funk by Vinzedec. Disco by Gredos.

Bad Girls – The Musical

Taiwan Bootlegs! Girl-groups by yuiop Female-fronted singers with girl-group sounding background vocalists by yuiop Wants by professormouse. Disco Queens by Gredos. Santoro by Vinylup.

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Disco US by ndfhatfield. Top 15 Albums of by augieinspace. LP by roberto. Close favourites by luke Gerald's Albums by GeraldBlackburn. Discogs Top Female Albums by cvalda Great Transitions by SirWinston. They foil a train robbery and steal his loot, at the cost of Lilly being abducted. In turn, they abduct Frank Jarrett, Kid's father. Regrouping again on the ranch, Anita leaves the others, frustrated with their revenge-motivated misadventures. She goes to a lawyer in town and finds out that the claim to land is only valid in the hands of her husband - as a woman, she cannot claim the land in Oregon.

Frank Jarrett antagonizes his captors until McCoy shoots him. Cody sends away McCoy. Meanwhile, Lilly is being raped by her captors. McCoy stages a one-man rescue attempt and is captured, but Lilly escapes. Reunited, Cody, Anita and Eileen go to rescue Lilly and meet her on the road. When she tells them that McCoy has been captured, they continue towards Kid Jarrett's hide out, and offer to trade the stolen loot for McCoy, who has been flogged and tortured. Kid agrees, then shoots McCoy as soon as the loot is handed over.

He gives Cody the money he stole from her although in close up it clearly is midth century currency.

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While retreating, one of Lilly's would-be rapists taunts her, triggering a shootout that results in the deaths of Kid's entire gang. After the shootout, Eileen marries the rancher, while Lilly, Cody and Anita head west to start a new life, mentioning the Klondike Gold Rush of On the trail they overtake the Pinkerton detectives, who do not see them.

The film was written by Jerry Goldsmith , who composed the music as a cross between the style of his s westerns and a contemporary sound. The soundtrack has been released twice; through Fox Records on 10 May and an extended, limited edition through La-La Land Records on 28 June Track list for the La-La Land edition tracks in italics also on the Fox release, asterisked tracks include previously unreleased material :.