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Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Plugin W. Media Player Winamp. Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair. Editar playlist. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Once again, I want to give a between-stars rating - like a 3.

There are just a few niggling things keeping me from feeling a full four stars is the correct rating. Then again, if those niggling things didn't exist, it would likely be a five star story.

It's funny how different readers leave a story with entirely different impressions. The vast majority of the time, I only read reviews before and after reading a book - and there's generally such a time lapse between those two I co Once again, I want to give a between-stars rating - like a 3. The vast majority of the time, I only read reviews before and after reading a book - and there's generally such a time lapse between those two I completely forget what the "before" reviews said.

After I finished Almost Kings, I read through a few reviews. One person stated it was set in a small town in Texas.

See a Problem?

The word "Texas" doesn't appear at all in the book. Someone else mentioned that the school administration saw the Kings as thugs and troublemakers, but again, there is nothing in the book to support that there is one scene in the principal's office, but it's because there was a fight, and there's nothing to indicate she saw the Kings as thugs.

In both cases, I see exactly why the readers had those impressions. There were also several 1 and 2 star ratings because the story depicts the objectification of women. I could see where it would be a problem for someone particularly sensitive, however, the word "objectification" is wrong - it's rape. There isn't a "rape scene" but characters discuss rape very casually. None of the reviews I read mention what a complex character Truck is - he was beaten by his father, yet cares for him, he works and makes good grades and plays football and cares for his pregnant girlfriend but also smokes pot, drinks way too much, and sleeps around.

He loves Bug to the point of giving up his own childhood and making sure he is the target of all their father's punches but he also hates Bug probably for the same reasons. Neither did any of the reviews allude to the fact that all three Wheeler characters are super intelligent and super damaged. The story never explicitly says that Bug's father is a math whiz, but it is implicit in how he keeps notes on baseball stats, and follows sports in general.

Truck is a leader; people are drawn to him. That is a kind of intelligence. And of course, Bug is smart enough to get a full ride to Stanford. At the same time, they have big problems: alcoholism, and addiction in general, anger, violence As a society we tend to want to see people with those kinds of problems as not too smart. This story is a better depiction of reality than most people are comfortable with.

Finally, not a single review touched on the complex relationship between the brothers. Of course Bug idolized his older brother - the person who protected him, fed him, made sure he got to school, etc. Truck, rather than being just deceitful, was protecting Bug by hiding some things from him - in the only way he knew how to protect him. As you can see by the much-longer-than-usual review, this story touched on some themes that made me think. But there were things that bugged me, too. For instance, after the fight, Bug's father is so upset by the beating that he doesn't want anything else to do with Truck.

That just doesn't ring true to me. But maybe not. The other thing that just didn't quite feel right to me was the fact that pretty much everything in the brothers' relationship turned on Bug's refusal to rape girls. That's a big thing or maybe it only is to me as a female person but it isn't given a whole lot of attention in the story. It is addressed obliquely in the Epilogue, but just not to the extent I think it deserves. There were a couple of other moments that made me stop for a second while reading in such a small town, Lizzie would have been told by some "friend" about Truck's participation in the game, for instance , but for the most part I think that this story is a good depiction of what life is like in lots of places.

I think that is one reason that rape culture exists - because people like the Kings exist. Sad, troubled, violent people. I would issue a strong trigger warning along with any recommendation I gave to read this book what is the statistic?

I can't remember, but it's a disturbing number. However, if you don't have such triggers, and you like stories that reflect sad reality, this one is well told. The writing is clear, the dialog is true, and you want the characters to succeed in life - or at least make it through high school without doing too much harm.

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Jun 13, Steph rated it it was amazing. Almost Kings is a dark, engaging novella about the death of a boy's admiration for his dangerous older brother. The story is narrated by Ted Wheeler, who is believable as a smart but emotionally stupid year-old boy. Throughout the book, you see him make plenty of terrible decisions, all for the approval and love of his brother Truck. Truck is a well-drawn character, whose hard back story forces you to understand and feel for him even as he grows despicable.

Doty does a good job of showing the Almost Kings is a dark, engaging novella about the death of a boy's admiration for his dangerous older brother. Doty does a good job of showing the conflict between Truck's love for Ted and his deep-seated wish that his gifted little brother would outgrow his need of Truck. The drama of the novel revolves around a sinister end-of-high-school sex bet, complete with point values for attractiveness and virginity.

Rape of unconscious women is explicitly encouraged, and though the word is never used, the wickedness is clear. Though this plot-line is only a few steps removed from that of a coming-of-age sex comedy, there's little fun in its execution - it ends up looking and feeling utterly hideous. This, I imagine, is part of the point.

Doty's writing is strong, and while I know this novel was released with the movie, I think it stands on its own.

Hear Me out

I do wish the novel were a little longer, as some elements particularly the family background and the epilogue deserved more space. Still, it was a good read, and I will be buying the movie. Dec 06, Jen rated it liked it. I first became aware of Almost Kings because it was featured on the blog " Pixel of Ink " as a free book for Amazon Kindle.

I picked it up and immediately realized that there was zero in the book that I could relate to. That said I, "liked it" the text that accompanies a three star review for what it was: A memoir of coming of age for a young man living in small-town Texas. This young man comes from very working class stock, including a father who is an abusive alcoholic and on disability, so it I first became aware of Almost Kings because it was featured on the blog " Pixel of Ink " as a free book for Amazon Kindle.

This young man comes from very working class stock, including a father who is an abusive alcoholic and on disability, so it comes as no surprise that "Bug" aka Ted and his older brother "Truck" aka James are in their own way drawn to alcohol abuse and tend to objectify women to a level that I found distasteful. In this town, it appears that you marry your high school sweetheart and playing high school football is the highlight of your social experience. After high school, zero of the possible career options mentioned included college. Instead, the military and blue-collar jobs were mentioned.

The town's main social scene seems to be watching their local high school compete in football. This story includes a lot of heartbreak for young Bug who has always looked up to his older brother, Truck. Truck, in turn, protected young Bug both from their father's abuses as well as from Truck's own undesirable activities and attitudes, trying to keep young Bug on the straight and narrow.

Truck's friends, however, were not aware of this plan and they tantalized Bug with ideas of alcohol consumption, skipping school, objectifying women, and engaging in sexual activity with unconscious young ladies. Truck, trying to remain a role model, is the worst offender at perpetuating these ideas. Young Bug struggles with his own moral compass and his naive love and trust of his brother, and in the end comes to some very mature, realistic, adult conclusions. This novel, while short, is not light.

It would make a fantastic discussion piece with any young men in my life who are coming of age, as I'd use it to broach some topics such as the proper treatment and attitudes toward women, and toward illegal because if you are under the purchasing age, then it is illegal, isn't it? Doty's writing is strong and clear with just the perfect amount of description to convey the mood of the piece. I was riveted by the second chapter and sad by the end, but also proud of little Bug. Jun 29, Catie Rhodes rated it it was amazing Shelves: coming-of-age , ya.

Bug is the younger brother of Truck aka James Wheeler. Being heroes of the football field affords them golden ticket passage through high school. The girls desire them. The other boys fear them. They are untouchable. Reading between the lines in this short novel, the truth emerges. High school administration sees The Kings as bad kids, troublemakers, brawlers.

“Almost Kings” Delivers

The Kings are sexual predators. They drink too much. Over the course of a few months, Bug discovers the truth about his brother and the other Kings. The explosive lesson he learns will mark him for life. Kids like the ones in this novella are part of every high school social structure. Reading this reminded me of people I knew and things I saw growing up.

Oct 14, Jessica Lynn rated it liked it. It was alright. Not terrible, but definitely not great. He starts coming out to parties and acting like a stupid teenage boy in an attempt to fit in. When his brother's friends, called the Kings, create a game where points are earned by sleeping with as many girls as they can, Ted decides to join in, even though he has a crush on his friend Kallea. This leads to turmoil in his life, including: almost raping a It was alright. This leads to turmoil in his life, including: almost raping a girl, ruining his friendship with Kallea, and letting his brother's pregnant girlfriend find out that Truck is cheating on her.

While the book itself was dark and disturbing, it left a lot to be desired. I hated the ending. It was one of those tidy wrap-up endings where all of a sudden everything is fine and dandy. Kallea has moved on. Ted finally lost his virginity. Truck is dead in the war. But it seemed like the author gave up at the end of the book and just quickly finished it up. It lacked emotional appeal. One of the other big problems that I had with this book was what I feel is lack of true character development.

I hated Truck; at first he seemed so high and mighty and then it turned out he was cheating on his pregnant girlfriend. That's a jackass move. His friends just seemed rude and annoying. Kallea was the only one who I kind of liked, and right at the end of the book, when Ted stands up to Truck and saves Kallea from being raped, instead of learning what happens after that, the book skips 8 years. Jul 07, Gary rated it it was ok Shelves: , kindle , own.

The interesting thing was that I was able to read and watch the movie at basically the same time, yes I did have to stop the movie a few times for me to catch up in the book. For the most part the movie plays exactly like the book. It could definitely be used as a cheat. Max Doty tells this coming of age drama set in the Midwest plays better as a book. Where the movie ends with the final numbered chapter the epilogue explains the fates of the character and it definitely puts this into perspective. I read this novel after reading the numbingly heartbreaking Room. Feb 17, Tim rated it it was ok.

Well, maybe 2. As a freshman, he the author finally gains some of the acceptance from his brother and his brother's friends that he's looking for - but there is a price. The novel tells the story of the price that has to be paid. I found this book to be a very fast read.