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Ramakrishna and the Divine Mother shattered into a million pieces, and then he became one. To think that when my Guru was thinking he would say this, so that I would know it a year from now, and say it to somebody else in Phoenix was very unlikely. A conscious being is part of all of that and out of him comes the optimum soul.

First Name:. Last Name:. Email address:. Brought to you by the Be Here Now Network. At least that's what the conventional experience of time tells us. But what if your present, past, and future all existed already? Time, from that point of view, would not flow.

The block universe theory says that our universe may be looked at as a giant four-dimensional block of spacetime, containing all the things that ever happen, explained Dr. In the block universe, there is no "now" or present.

The Art Of Juggling The Past, Present & Future

All moments that exist are just relative to each other within the three spacial dimensions and one time dimension. Your sense of the present is just reflecting where in the block universe you are at that instance. The "past" is just a slice of the universe at an earlier location while the "future" is at a later location. Miller's answer to that is "yes". Of course, just hypothetically, since we'd need to figure out first how to travel at "some reasonable percentage of the speed of light".

Going to the past would entail using wormholes , like "short cuts through space-time". Block Universe diagram. Credit: ABC Science. Now, if you did manage to get back in time, you won't be able to change it.

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This is because your past is always simultaneously someone else's future. So if you travel to the past, you're just making that future the way it is. So don't worry about "grandfather paradoxes" - your time machine has already been incorporated into the scheme of things. What's more - maybe the past has already been altered by time travelers.

How would we be able to tell if it hasn't? By that logic, what you do tomorrow will make it the way it is, with you fulfilling a certain destiny writ in time, which is in itself more of an illusion than a fundamental property of nature. Certainly, with such claims, the block universe theory has its detractors. One big criticism is that the future shouldn't exist yet. Physicist Lee Smolin wrote that "The future is not now real and there can be no definite facts of the matter about the future. Another negative of this idea is if the block universe is static, what is the point of anything?

Can you have progress? Answering that is the "evolving block universe" model which sees the block of the universal space-time growing rather than staying the same. The surface of such a volume would represent the present moment. It's when "the indefiniteness of the future changes to the definiteness of the past," as described it cosmologist George Ellis. Under that model, the changing part would be the future. While the debates are going to continue, the block universe theory is one of the most promising approaches that can reconcile the cosmological view of time with our everyday experience.

What may be certain - time is much more than what it appears to be. Unraveling its mysteries is integral to understanding the human experience. A new study demonstrates, for the first time, that "social robots" used in support sessions held in pediatric units at hospitals can lead to more positive emotions in sick children. Researchers hope the technology will further our understanding of the brain, but lawmakers may not be ready for the ethical challenges. The image of an undead brain coming back to live again is the stuff of science fiction.

You're My Past, Present, And Future

Not just any science fiction, specifically B-grade sci fi. What instantly springs to mind is the black-and-white horrors of films like Fiend Without a Face.

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Bad acting. Plastic monstrosities. Visible strings. And a spinal cord that, for some reason, is also a tentacle? But like any good science fiction, it's only a matter of time before some manner of it seeps into our reality. This week's Nature published the findings of researchers who managed to restore function to pigs' brains that were clinically dead. At least, what we once thought of as dead. The researchers did not hail from House Greyjoy — "What is dead may never die" — but came largely from the Yale School of Medicine.

They connected 32 pig brains to a system called Brain Ex. Brain Ex is an artificial perfusion system — that is, a system that takes over the functions normally regulated by the organ. The pigs had been killed four hours earlier at a U. Department of Agriculture slaughterhouse; their brains completely removed from the skulls.

Brain Ex pumped an experiment solution into the brain that essentially mimic blood flow. It brought oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, giving brain cells the resources to begin many normal functions. The cells began consuming and metabolizing sugars. The brains' immune systems kicked in. Neuron samples could carry an electrical signal.

Some brain cells even responded to drugs.

1. She is your first and truest friend.

The researchers have managed to keep some brains alive for up to 36 hours, and currently do not know if Brain Ex can have sustained the brains longer. As a control, other brains received either a fake solution or no solution at all. None revived brain activity and deteriorated as normal.

The researchers hope the technology can enhance our ability to study the brain and its cellular functions. One of the main avenues of such studies would be brain disorders and diseases. This could point the way to developing new of treatments for the likes of brain injuries, Alzheimer's, Huntington's, and neurodegenerative conditions.

It immediately offers a much better model for studying the human brain, which is extraordinarily important, given the vast amount of human suffering from diseases of the mind [and] brain," Nita Farahany, the bioethicists at the Duke University School of Law who wrote the study's commentary, told National Geographic. Before anyone gets an Island of Dr. Moreau vibe, it's worth noting that the brains did not approach neural activity anywhere near consciousness.

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The Brain Ex solution contained chemicals that prevented neurons from firing. To be extra cautious, the researchers also monitored the brains for any such activity and were prepared to administer an anesthetic should they have seen signs of consciousness.