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If we want our kids to understand that they can continually grow, change and improve, we want them to believe that regardless of their innate talents, their success depends on the amount of effort and time they put in. Beatrice is an amazing kid. Every year she wins the local talent show and she always manages to do everything right.

Discipline Without Distress: tools for raising caring, responsible children without time-out, spanking, punishment or bribery by Judy Arnall. Read about Self-Esteem and the dangers of labelling children, both good and bad. In this adorable story, a pig who really wants to fly tries making all kinds of inventions to get him into the sky. One after one, his inventions fail but he never gives up and in the end, his persistence pays off.

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I also love the gorgeous illustrations which are a mix of plasticine and paper collage elements! If you have any other ideas — I would truly love to hear them. Leave me a comment below! Find even more ideas and resources on my Growth Mindset Parenting Pinterest board!

What a fantastic post! I use this language in my classroom and have started to use it at home too. Glad that you found it helpful Kate. Thanks for dropping by! As an educator I see how shifting student mindsets is instrumental in transformative change. Fantastic post! Very helpful. My son and I have read many of these books over the past few years.

I am excited about modeling a growth mindset in my own life for my children to see and practice speech that will cultivated that in their own thinking. Thanks so much for dropping by Katie. Best of luck with the new baby! I'm a behaviour therapist, turned elementary school teacher, turned mom of one amazing son, referred to as "Onetime" in this blog.

I'm so happy to have you join me in this adventure of creating, observing, and celebrating life and parenthood! Read More…. Did you know that you can actually help your kids get smarter? The Parenting Scenario I first became interested in learning about growth mindset when my 5 year old son Onetime started resisting practising piano.

Me: Your teacher expects you to practise everyday so you get better honey. Onetime : Ughhh…can we do it later?

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Every night it would be the same conversation…over and over…groan after groan. My Growth Mindset Research In order to help my son, I started reading as much as I could about mindsets, and looking for resources to help teach him. Already up to speed on growth mindset?

Read on! Reiley Making a Splash is a fun book that shows the differences in mindsets between two siblings learning to swim. I guess I better keep practising. Reynolds Ish by Peter H. Recognize effort over success Instead of focusing your attention on the times when your child is successful, recognize the times when they are putting effort into what they are doing. After all, no one can control whether they are successful or not. All they can do is try. This kind of recognition promotes an internal sense of self-efficacy. A great book to start conversations about the importance of failures.

Winning takes effort, this much you will see.

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What you learn from your loss can bring victory! Other Helpful Books and Resources: 6. Have you heard these words, or something similar? Teach your child to add the magical power of YET to their thoughts and words! When will I work on this? Can this be done? Do I have only 1 or 2 goals to focus on? Can I see the benefits of achieving this goal?

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Celebrate mistakes and struggles Allow your kids to fail and make mistakes. Because making mistakes is how we learn. At the end of the school day, ask about what was difficult today, or what they worked hard on. At dinnertime, ask each person at the table to share a mistake they made today and what they learned from it. After a failure, talk about what they would do differently next time to improve.

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  4. Instead of motivating kids, both positive and negative labels communicate a fixed mindset. Other Helpful Books and Resources: Discipline Without Distress: tools for raising caring, responsible children without time-out, spanking, punishment or bribery by Judy Arnall Read about Self-Esteem and the dangers of labelling children, both good and bad. You lend the kids money , then complain about their spending. You give the grandkids Amazon gift cards but tell them they're only for books. What wasn't fine was that she never, ever knocked before she used it.

    First, gifts are wonderful, but they do not give you an all-access pass to your adult child's life. And second, a gift with strings attached isn't really a gift at all. But very often, your desire not to be a nuisance ends up causing a problem that is far bigger than if you had spoken up. In another instance, Schmidt's mother needed her car moved but didn't want to disturb Joan, who was in her home with her, working in another room.

    We all like to be in control of our lives. But your desire to stay in command may be counterproductive. I say this as someone who often had to rush my parents to the hospital for originally trivial medical problems that they ignored for months. Men, here's an idea: Don't ignore a swelling prostate to the point where you have to be catheterized.

    Sometimes you must trouble those closest to you. When your children are 15 or 16, you're supposed to worry and be upset when they stay out late and don't call. And you can't help but shame them with tales of the heart attacks you suffered as a result. But now they've grown up and live far away. So why are you still waving the guilt wand over them if you don't immediately know where they are? Your mother was so worried. Sure, feeling guilty may make the child call. But at what cost? Though this is a minor infraction, mindlessly forwarding email to your children can drive them berserk.

    Deleting all of the forwarded email just becomes one more task. Patrick DiJusto, a year-old book editor in New York City, reports this recent conversation with his father:. Doubles your capital every 10 years! You can't find 7 percent CDs anymore. Let's say you have promised to pay for half of a grandchild's college tuition — a loving gesture parents make when their child has a baby. So before you make that kind of commitment, know what you're in for.

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    Do your kids think of family special occasions with pleasure? Or do your rules and regs make the whole affair feel like a holiday death march? I understand that you want to honor family traditions. But as your kids get older, have spouses, children and obligations of their own, you have to allow for the possibility that they need to develop their own traditions. Plus, you want to be a joyous celebrant with them, not the Enforcer. One Thanksgiving my mother arrived early, before all the other guests, and when I went upstairs to dress, I heard a crash and the sound of shattering glass.

    I ran back downstairs to find her in the kitchen, standing among the shards that had been my chandelier. She'd apparently decided it was too dirty for company and had taken it down to wash it. But it had been on, and was still hot, and it exploded when the water hit it. This is a skill I intend to practice. I can't wait to tell my two sons — once they answer their phones. You are leaving AARP. Please return to AARP. Manage your email preferences and tell us which topics interest you so that we can prioritize the information you receive. In the next 24 hours, you will receive an email to confirm your subscription to receive emails related to AARP volunteering.

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