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Learn how to conjugate and use the verb "trovare"

This How-To has quick, step-by-step instructions on how to use the formal and informal subject pronouns tu, voi, lei, and loro. There are four ways of saying you in Italian: tu, voi, Lei, and Loro. Tu for one person and voi for two or more people are the familiar forms, used only with family members, children, and close friends. Use Lei for one person, male or female and its plural Loro in more formal situations to address strangers, acquaintances, older people, or people in authority. Capitalize Lei and Loro to distinguish them from lei she and loro they.

Un fidanzato per mamma e papà 2007) LINK(2)

I can't hear the "un" being pronounced when I listen to it. Do they just not say it but write it, or is it just going too fast for me to hear? I thought this was a question, but it was a statement. Has anyone got any tips to help me remember how this works?

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This reminds me of a song called Vivo Per Lei. Listen to it by Andrea Bocelli and Giorgia. It changed my life, this love song, but in a good way. My travel italian teacher says if you use "tu" to someone you don't know, you will be corrected. That you should use "lei" instead. Is this true? If so, why are we focusing so much on tu? That's a huge oversimplification: you'll be corrected just as well if you use Lei with people who expect tu. You should generally use Lei with people older than you or people you have to show respect to, and you definitely have to use tu with children and teenagers in this specific sentence, you would never call a "ragazzo" Lei , but in the middle there's a whole lot of social awareness and reading the situation: tu can be friendly or rude, and Lei stiff or polite.

I remember my English teacher in university asked us why the rest of the staff used Lei with her in writing and tu in person.

Basic Italian Sentence Structure (or where do I put all of the words!?)

In front of a computer people generally use tu the software does too , and over in the English course there's plenty of people that don't understand why Duolingo would translate you with Lei. As for why the course uses tu more than Lei, I think it's just that it's much less confusing and ambiguous.

As a verb, it's the second person singular present tense of "to be" you are. So what context would sono be used in? English verbs don't conjugate very robustly, so it's a little misleading to reduce it down to "they both mean are ". Any language you're not fluent in will sound fast because you're not keyed in to where the word breaks are, so it all runs together. English sounds just as fast to those who don't speak it. Can someone tell me why it is sei. And not sono. I cant remember why and therefore i always get this question wrong because i forget. I think you shouldn't have and and are together.

Someone who knows their stuff could get easly get confuzed. Also, there are bound to be a number of similarities between French and Italian, since they both developed from Latin. Get started. Topic: Italian. January 19, I can't understand.. November 6, F January 2, January 18, April 14, Not exactly. And it's not as simple as that.

March 9, April 7, June 14, November 13, September 7, May 31, July 15, April 28, August 3, July 24, April 1, April 2, İf i am wrong, please correct it. March 30, I am really a fan of you. You know a lot of language. I wish i could know a lot of language too. February 10, February 6, August 25, November 1, September 26, November 22, June 3, February 28, June 2, Looking for the slower speaking option.

Thanks for mentioning. July 20, Is "un" for boy and "una" for girl? September 10, September 11, June 9, October 4, November 27, March 3, August 27, German does something similar. May 17, May 26, IndiraAV November 3, June 25, Could be a bad audio file. I don't really hear it either, but we should. Whats the difference between the boy and girl.

October 15, October 16, December 8, December 13, December 14, I'm the bad guy.

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Io sono il cattivo ragazzo. I like it when you take control. Mi piace quando prendi il controllo.

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Even if you know that you don't. Own me, I'll let you play the role. I'll be your animal. My mommy likes to sing along with me. A mia madre piace cantare insieme a me. But she won't sing this song. If she reads all the lyrics. Se lei leggesse tutto il testo. She'll pity the men I know. I'm only good at bein' bad, bad.

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Sono brava solo ad essere cattiva, cattiva. I like when you get mad. Mi piace quando ti arrabbi. I guess I'm pretty glad that you're alone. Immagino di essere abbastanza contenta che tu sia da solo. You said she's scared of me? Hai detto che lei ha paura di me? I mean, I don't see what she sees.

Voglio dire, non so che cosa lei veda in me. But maybe it's 'cause I'm wearing your cologne. I'm a bad guy. Sono il cattivo ragazzo. Bad guy, bad guy. Cattivo ragazzo, cattivo ragazzo.

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