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Shakespeare is widely recognized as the master and progenitor of just about every storytelling form under the sun, from the family drama to the historical epic to the modern rom-com. But what about Shakespeare the Bard of Noir?

Just about every one of his plays—whether tragedy, comedy, or history—can be viewed as a crime fiction. You want a psychological thriller?

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Try Taming of the Shrew. How about spy fiction? Or military thrillers?

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Or a hardboiled PI yarn? The building blocks are all right there in Shakespeare. Now onto the results:. King Lear: The Long Con.

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Goneril and Regan, silver-toothed hustlers to the core, lay the flattery on thick, essentially no better than any other con artist preying on the well-heeled elderly. And because the play takes place in a dark and stormy cosmos, one crime begets another, just as the insults and deprivations compound, until Lear is driven to utter insanity.

It may not be an archetypal crime story, but Lear has the seeds. A vengeance epic: Prospero, bitter and magical, dreams of exacting revenge on his brother Antonio and the usurper Alonso, the men who conspired to remove him from the throne of Naples.

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Falstaff, in particular, with his grandiose manipulations, self-pity, and endless appetites, sets a model for many a larger-than-life, down-on-his-luck two-bit criminal. As is sometimes the case, he stumbles into a pretty cherry opportunity. What starts with a simple midnight sacking on the highway somehow leads into a great battle, a believed show of valor, and low-and-behold, a knighthood.

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Truly one of the great characters in all literature, and the proud ancestor to many a smooth-talking hustler in pool rooms, bars, and cafes across the world, all looking for a chance at the easy life. On the granular level, we have the tragic love story with a transgression—the betrayal of blood and law. The party takes a dark turn when news spreads that someone has been found murdered! Detective Willie Catchem arrives, with suspicions that a copycat killer is recreating the mystery that took place on this site more than years ago Learn more about the two murders that occurred in Shakespeare's day as you search for clues and help Detective Catchem crack the case, in this fascinating plot delivered by professional actors.

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Useful info: The event will last approximately 2 hours and you are encouraged to bring a picnic. Much needed fuel as you you chat to the various suspects! Book now to avoid disappointment!