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An official at the Ulsoor Police Station, who refused to be named, claimed that Mr. Surendra strongly refuted the police allegation.

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Yelana held the baby in her arms, cradling it. Khlyen had told her to always look her victims in the eye, never shy away from her actions, but the baby was asleep and Khlyen was at least three rooms away and Yelana decided to risk it. She touched her powdered finger to the baby's nose, letting it inhale the specks of poison that would kill it, slowly, over the next several weeks.

Often Khlyen's targets were random, impossible to predict or understand. But this time Yelana knew exactly why she was chosen.

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If this baby lived it would be significant, all the girls talked about it. If the baby died The baby took a long breath and coughed, miserably, before opening its eyes. They were green, like Khlyen's, the teeth in the baby's mouth were sharp, all pointy fangs, its jaw opening. Yelana screamed and dropped it and Dutch woke up, screaming as well. She clamped down on the sound as soon as she became aware of it.

She took one long breath, two, three. She was on her own ship, in her own bed.

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There were security codes on the door no one could breach, not without waking her. They were in deep space.

She turned and wiped her forehead with the pillow.