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Last night I had a dream. I was the leader of a pack of wolves. They would follow me, do as I said, eat from my hand and were extremely happy to be around me. There were from 8 big wolves and their color was beige with darker spots, they appeared to be shedding. None of them was ever aggressive and seemed to share the same energy. Any input on what this could possibly mean? I had a dream where I was walking through the woods. I knew the woods, I was comfortable there.

When I turned and looked to my right, about 20 paces away, was a beautiful grey and brown wolf. He was sitting up perfectly straight on all fours looking out into the distance. He was sitting on a tree stump that was once a massive tree. He was so still he looked like a statue. Then he turned his head and looked and me, and I woke up. I have to stress, none of this was distressing. If this makes any sense, if felt normal to be standing 20 paces away from a wolf. Any interpretation would be very much appreciated. I had a dream last night that I was in the back seat of a car, my mother was driving.

I was on the passenger side with the window down. We passed a dirt road where there were many normal looking wolves being shot by somebody and the run over. I rolled my window down… Suddenly, a jet black wolf came running at the car, jumped into the window and went for my neck…I cried out and actually woke myself up…ive been freaked out all day!!!! Any insight what this could mean??? I had a dream I was naked in a dark forest holding and petting a white wolf.

I howled and the wolf started howling with me and the dream ended. Any thoughts? I am seeing a white wolf ghost in my backyard and I believe my dogs sees it too. She will bark at what appears to be nothing but then I have gone outside and seen a wolf sitting down and then it disappears. I have seen it a few times it is almost must like.

Please help explain what this could be or mean there is a lot going on around this home and I am trying to figure out what is going on. I feel that maybe she is a protector of sorts or maybe a guardian, How do you feel when you see her? What else is going on around the home, odd things or more of the human dilemma type situation? My dream ended with me siting in a road with a forest around me, pine trees. I went on a full moon hike with my husband last night, only to have a most surreal wolf dream thereafter. I dreamed that I was with two wolves in a barn setting, in a farm-type location.

While off doing something on my own, I could hear one of the wolves growling in an attempt to protect our territory. When coming to get a closer look I heard the wolf whimper, only to find out it was staving off what appeared to be two bad men, one of which poured gasoline on the wolf. I quickly grabbed the gasoline can and poured it onto the men, and their vehicle, and in a split second decision threw a match at them.

I grabbed the wolf and sheltered it in my arms while quickly moving away from the men, since it too was dowsed in gasoline. I felt a profound connection to the wolf. The rest went up in flames. I felt another wolf in the background. Any insights into this dream would be greatly appreciated. I had a dream where I was with a friend of mine. She and I were near a pretty pond or lake and then a pack of wolves came near us they were kind of shy but they warmed up to us and we pet them then all of a sudden there was a black cat it seemed kind if scared.

The wolves did not harm the cat and the cat felt more comfortable. What do you think this means? Not familiar with this stuff. The other day I was driving and I looked into a neighborhood and there was a white Wolf walking none threatening like he was just on his walk. What is that? I guess I could just have a random moment of seeing something. I literally just had a white wolf walk up to me, stare me in the eyes and turn and walk away.

And no it was not a Syberian Husky. A car pulled up and then it took off running toward a Forrest preserve. I am in the south suburban Chicagoland area. Scared the crap out of me at first, afterwards I realized that it was one of the most beautiful animals I had ever seen. At the time it saw me I was in a cornered area with no where to run or move to get out of its way if it decided to turn aggressive. So I froze. Time seemed to have stood still at that moment. And I now realize that at one of my scariest and helpless moments, I was still protected.

I hope you take something from your sighting as well. I had simular experience. Just now i was putting things on thestep and seen a wolfe out of rge corner of my ey sitting not 5 ft from me. Then he was gone. Last night I I dreamt that a group of human wolf spirits were trying to attack me and my sister. The group came down with lock cutters and captured us. It was a beautiful sunny day with big puffy clouds dotted across the sky.. We started running around and frolicking through field.

What does this mean!? All the colors, feelings, etc. I can still feel the grass on my paws… Thank you!!! That you call the shots, and that you are the one who decides which way things go. Maybe it was a way of encouraging you along your spiritual path, and to reassure you that you always have the backup and protection that you need, you just have to believe, and think of yourself as the alpha! I was not sleeping. Every morning I leave the house by am taking my daughter with us to drop my husband off at work.

We passed train tracks and there was a broken tree limb so I swerved and moved out the way. Then there was a baby cat so I slowed down but kept going. As I rolled to a stop I told my husband it is a warning. Today is the 13th of June, for me a day of luck and the day my daughter turns 2year4months. I told my husband to be very careful at his work and I kept getting warnings in spanish to be careful, watch the road.

I drop my husband off at work and tell him to be careful while driving anything. I go to return home and just pass a stop sign ways before the train tracks but suddenly I see a wolf bolt across the street and I swear I hit it. Yelling as light as possible not to wake my daughter I stopped while dreading the sound of its dead body skim the road, I reverse and search all around the car with my sight and across the street and there was nothing.

I surely hit it. I looked in my rear view and all over but there still was nothing.

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It was a wolf with fur that started white at his head and ended dark black at its bushy tail. I head home safely and quickly call my Husband to tell him what happened he asked if I was ok and I say just freaked out.

Story Archive

He jokingly said it was him but I said no call your father later to see how he or his Grandpa is. I have had a very special experience. An experience that i need some guidance to understand.. The first time it was more an awakening. I also experiences this in like 1km north of the place i am talking about, then with my girl friend, but that is another story since i was much younger and did not believe in spirituality just yet i think.. For my self i thinekd i couldnt make it more than days.. But over all i went 16 or 17 days if not 18 overall.

The first days where hard, but after days it become easier and easier and suddenly i got a real energy boost. But this is not the story i just have to tell it so you understand more than one factor of what happened. After a while i started focusing more on my inner self than the outer world that i was focusing on the last years. If you want to change the world, change your self.

You know So i started practicing inner yoga Or what you name it Like balancing things with sounds, with AUM and OHM and i really figured out a lot and learned so much i cant even start writing about it, since this really is a question about something that happened to me at something that become to be the end of this practice or trip or what we should say it is..

The thing that happened was that i woke up, was maybe around PM or so, i went to bed really late. So i went and got my Fruit Shakes Since i allowed my self to live on fruit that the plants dont need it self, i thinked about this as an ok way of life, this would not make any unbalance, or use any resources.. Since i wanted all the resources or as much resources as possible to go to the baby being born Since it was a god baybe, i thinked it needed the energy the nature use to produce food and so on, that is why i didnt eat. So i went up the road to say check if a friend was there, but he was not so i went down the same road again..

And then i see a guy standing with his dog, cheering it and so on. I didnt have my lenses on so i didnt see exaclty what kind of dog it was or what they where doing, and for my it was early in the morning and so on, everything seemed just ok, so i just walked further down the road i just had walked up without thinking to much about it.. But this time i kind of projected this towards the dog when i was walking against them the dog and the guy without thinking too much about it, since i have done it many times before to show that i am trustworthy that is what the sign means in my mind at least, but i dont know if have done it to an animal that actually noticed But it did it, and as i said i didnt think much about it, i just walked up in front of them and i see like a Wolf standing in front of me and this was outside one of the local Tattoo shops,.

Then i jumped inside his tatto store and closed the glass door but was still looking out on me and the wolf or dog I really dont know what to call it anymore And he screamed it is sick it is sick.. But i continued petting it and just thinked he maybe was scared since it was such a big dog, and i just earlier on had been thinking that i didnt know animals like that was in thailand, but in Norway i am kind of used to them and have a good hands with animals..

So i thinked it was just me that was good with animals and he that didnt understand that i could come up in front of the wolf and just pet him like that.. But for each time i looked towards the guy screaming something was wrong i looked back at the wolf and it first had like very much dirt on his leggs, like mud or something it looked like he had been playing in mud..

And then the guy screamed again, and i looked at him again thinking now i should just had eye contact with the wolf, thinking maybe it was a sole from my pack Because it was really a completely beatifull wolf that changed into a dog looking like it was very sick, but this was after i thinked i kind of got it to change to a wolf, i know it seem crazy, but i have never seen a wolf in thailand before i projected this wolf mark projection or what i should call it..

And the way that man reacted when he just earlier was petting it, and how it happened, it was like someone used a razor blade and cut his hair off each time i looked at the man screaming that animal is sick.. I know dogs can have rabies and so on and so on, but this was not it. It was a complete changeover from regular to extraordinary and then to almost dead. And i cant stop blaiming my self, since i got so scared that i just ranned and took my shirt off and either threw it away or washed it, at least went took a shower and almost thinked i had been crazy and petting a sick dog.. But after i have calmed down i know that it was not what happened, either the animal come to me, or i got some extra power from me trying to ascend or it was a wolf in completely wrong enviroment..

Or something.. That is what i have to ask you, what could anything of this mean? It was not a dream, since the next day the police and rescue team and everything came and took everyone away and too the hospital. But i said i didnt want to go the hospital, because i was on my 15th day in Shiva, and since the lunar calender and the western calender crash, so they can split 30 days a month in 2, just as the visum is, 30 days i thinked i had to be there 16 days for the cycle to complete, but then they used police do drag my away from my bungalow where i had used 15 days for making my chakra complete!

So it really seemed like spirutal conspiracy or corrupt spirituality.. So since now over 60 people look to me as their spiritual guide i need to find out as much truth about this situation as possible.. What can be the options for this to happen if it really happened the way i say and it was because i projected the mark.. Are some of you this advanced in this field? Even though someone is a pain in the ass. If they are a pain in the ass, it more often than not is a good reason, you just have to listen, evaluate and if you have to investigate like i do know!

I just want to know what this signs mean.. If it is real or not is for me to comprehend! And for you to ask your self! Thank you for any reply, just anything that could point me in a direction for some of this. Or if you have had like a experience that is the same.. My best regards Shiva All this happened within the same 20 seconds or so, me walking and projecting and so on. My dog that I got about a year ago will not sleep while I lay down, nap, or sleep. She lays and watches over me.

I would love to know if anyone knows anything about this and could explain it to me. I came to this site searching from some answers about Wolf. I am stuck and hope to find out why. I am Native American. I have known and been guided my whole life by my blood totem -Deer and my spirit totem — Bear. But I have had two profound encounters with a large wolf in my lifetime. The first one was a black wolf years ago at a tribal dance inside the cultural building at my tribal headquarters. I am American Indian on both sides of my bloodline. I was at the dance to begin to learn about that side of my tribal identity.

It was my first time there. The wolf a member of a prominent family in the community since he was born. So much so that when his family arrived, kids ran up to them to pet Wolf and then took him outside for a walk!! When the kids brought Wolf back in, he walked past his family member to me, circle around one time and then sat down…. I guess he had never done that to anyone ever before. Ironically, as I was helping her get settled, I hung a family picture on the wall for her…Wolf was in it. I forgot about all that years ago, never really gave it a second thought.

Until last night. It was am. I was driving on a long dark country 2 lane road outside of Austin, TX. I was talking on the speaker phone. In the distance right off the shoulder of the road, right outside the edge of my headlights I see a white dog. The whole time Wolf is standing on the side of road in the grass, looking straight ahead…. As I get closer in my mind I realize…. But I keep talking and driving and watching it. As i come up on it…my mind screams…. My husband is talking. By the time I get almost next to it…. Im in a state of awe….

Right when I come up even with the wolf, she turns her head towards the car….. I looked in the rear veiw mirror and she was gone. I have found references to wolf encounters in dreams or real wolfs, references to encounters with single or pack of wolfs, references to encounters with black wolfs. My encounter was not a dream or a real wolf, it was a single white spirit wolf. She was looking towards the East. She waited until I passed her to turn towards me. What could it mean? Why white? Why Wolf? Why in spirit form and not dream form? Any help and insight would be really really appreciated!

I was browsing this web site just kinda being bored and seeing what if anything I can once again figure out about my experiance long ago. I was just about to push the close button and I saw the words country road right outside Austin! I froze and began reading your story. I was coming home from Elgin where I worked at a nursing home when I was younger at about I think it was Fall of and I worked the late shift that let me off of work at 7 in the morning.

I was coming home and although usually exhausted from my hours that I worked, this was definitly not a dream! I was coming home on a lil road called on my way home to Lexington. Very small country town I also, was on a small two lane country road. As I rounded a corner there were 3 White Wolfs and there were no mistakes about it! They were sitting in the middle of a small field right off the road.

Two of them looked up and directly at me as the one on the left seemed to lock eyes with me! Everything about how you felt and were thinking was erie simular! That being said these wolfs had my whole attention! The first one is pretty hard to believe but, very true and if you say that Your experience was on the same road, same area as mine right outside of Austin, I think it has to top even that one! I see that you have had much luck into wolf medicine?? Comanche I believe? I my dream I was upset and a black wolf came to me picking me up in its mouth like a cub and took me to a safe place.

I do come from a strong native American back ground and I own a full blooded wolf. Can anyone help me with this? Same dream when I was 3 or 4 years old! This animal spirit never leaves you and watches over you. It became very real circumstances for me as in, the dream played itself out in real life later on. My protector took me away from danger and into safety like its own Family.

Wolf Symbolism

You most likely have a past life connection to this Spirit as well with your heritage being Native American. Earlier today I took about a two hour nap and had a dream that I moved into this new house or something random and there were two wolves in there. One was black the other was blackish brown I believe. I too have always felt connected to wolves.

There was this dividing line below her, and the scene turned into a city at night, from which someone was pulling a Rottie on a leash. He she? Instead, they began an energy transmission of some sort, little yellow dots and bubbles rising up from the rottie, and what had been red on the wolf turned pink to mingle with the yellow energy of the rottie. When the wolf came to me in my dream it was a time of great crisis. I was almost ten years into the hopeless grip of an addiction to pornography and sex. At this time I would want to go to sleep hoping to wake up screaming from a dream.

Yet, even with all of this crisis of character and spirit, my mind wondered about things. Why is the world this way? Why am I feeling this way? What is God? It seemed perfect to me to grow up in a society where you are taught how to live naturally and with little effort in the learning process. Where you merely had to reach out into nature and build a hut or be fed there are very few things in the wild that humans cannot eat.

Then, the wolf came. A majestic and wizened white wolf. His coat was pristine yet aged. He looked into my very spirit with the feeling of wanting to give me a gift. Ever since I was little I enjoyed making stories. I liked creating some sort of motion of beings and thought. And he was right. I was completely captivated by this book and every book of his thereafter. I felt I had found the gift the White Wolf wanted to give to me after having the dream three years prior. Even still I feel like I am only just unwrapping the packaging to find my destiny in full form inside.

I came here with the intent to destroy my addiction to sex and pornography for good. As the next step in my personal vision quest. And to ready my self to be birthed back into the world I have left behind as a new and stronger person. I thank the great spirit of the universe for guiding me and the White wolf for coming into my life and for the gift of my destiny. I hope that this vision helps whoever reads this in some way on your quest. But there was this one dream where I was in a little cottage in a forest, the black wolf was outside trying to get into the cottage and it spoke to me in my mind telling me to follow him into the deep forest, but as I tried to run away, it blocked my path.

PS: I have a dreamcatcher on top of my bed, and wolf blanket on my bed. Recently these have become more frequent and now I see spirits of dead people. It appeared to me a couple of times after. Since then I had a dream where I was shown a place in the heavens that was for me. That was followed by my seeing an evil spirit materialize in my room. It was upsetting my Husky so I finally told it to go away and leave us alone and it stopped appearing.

Most recently, while asleep in a remote cabin, I was awakened by my Husky. There were black shadows all over the interior of the cabin. My husky took me to the front door and I saw a silver white wolf run by. I believe these events are related but have no idea what to make of them. Hoping this site can help. Thanks, Rick. For many years from about 10 years old to 20 I often made that dream : I was walking alone in a huge forest.

Then I was surrounded by a wolf pack they were making a circle around me and one of the wolves came to me and licked my hand. In that dream I was not afraid at all. I was terrified of the ride, going too fast in bad weather and too fast for the winding roads. We eventually stopped or crashed…that remains foggy, and the guy was gone. I was somewhere in woods cold and alone. A large black and white wolf appeared and guided me, helped me up hills and pulled me up when I could not climb. The white wolf would distracte me and the black wolf tride sneaking up on me. I was fully awake in an area where there should not be wolves.

I called a police officer out to come check. I went back outside about two minutes later and they had vanished. No one could find them. I was not under anytime of influence. I was exhausted at the time, but nothing else. Looking for guidance. Wolf Spirit resides within you and all of us us also being simply part of the nature of all things. In an ancient wisdom of the Cherokee Indian there is a saying: Good Wolf in color being white and bad wolf in color being black : One evening an old Cherokee Indian told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.

One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is good.

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  6. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. Wolf spirit is getting your attention to look within of what you are paying attention to, which will manifest into your life if you pay attention to certain thoughts you carry within, and which wolf you need to feed. Meaning if the bad one is in unrest then perhaps a feeding will help him settle down so that you can then focus on the other one more that needs more of that in your life as you live the life you choose to want to have.

    Which wolf are you feeding the most? Maybe a closer look at your inner thoughts are in order to create the life you really want? He just shows up out of no where, the crowd moving around them and they just stand still. Does anyone know what this means? I laid there very still as to not provoke him.

    He continues to curiously walk towards me. He sniffed my head and began to rub against me with his nose in a caring, loving way. Then He proceeded to trot away. Ever since that day I have felt a strong connection to wolves and tonight I understand why that is. I looked up the symbol of a wolf and my journey lead me here with others like me and I finally understand why I met that wolf so many years ago. I finally know why He saute me out. Thank You for reading. One night I was waiting on my bed and I looked up at the mirror that is on my head board and I saw a pure black wolf laying at the foot of my bed just sleeping there.

    I watched it for maybe 20min befor I turned my head to see if it was really there but It wasent and when I looked back at the reflection it was staring back at me with percing blue eyes. I see it during the day now to but as a pup. He follows me around. His name is Kanri. I got some get ideas to help pack to survival. It was lovely. But one of those dreams that stick with you.

    Felt powerful. When I was a child from age 10 yrs of age, until i was 18 yrs of age……. I would have the same dream over and over……………. The dream began as i walked through the woods like always. As a child i spent a lot of time in the woods, and the creatures, birds or what ever always would linger around me.

    Anyway back to my dream……I was walking through the woods, and i began to sense something coming, then i could hear sounds of running in the leaves, i turned around and i was faced with this very unusually large black wolf with yellow eyes……i slowly began walking away not to panic……but i began to run…. I just recently found out that i have Cherokee Indian relatives on both sides of my family…..

    You have found your tribe at last. It was shown to you when you were young, but may have forgotten that you will in life find relatives of your tribe or maybe your thoughts about your heritage were feeding a paradox thought. Learning from your tribe could be essential to your well being in life. Learn the Cherokee way, the stories, the meanings, the wisdom. If you find yourself in your outer world disconnected from the kind of spirits you would rather be around, then find your tribe by instinct.

    Look within. Where are your thoughts like these days? Are they different then when you were young? From what you were taught about the natives, that you now realize that you are connected with by DNA. You can learn about your inner world from the way you find a question to what you answer yourself or what you accept as an answer from outside yourself meaning anyone but your true self. I had a dream I was looking through a glass window. There was snow and water like a polar bear habitat it was daylight, and there was a bunch of bears that were there, aggressive — black bears, grizzly bears, and polar bears.

    My sister told me I had something to do with them, how I was suppose to be able to stop there aggression by doing something. In the end I did not feel up to the task, and thought I need a gun if I went outside with them.

    Creepy Crawlers ( Spectrum Readers Level 2 )

    I was knocking on the glass when a polar bear came close to it, then I ran upstairs in the house as the polar bear looked at me and I thought it could probably break that glass and get me! The 2 bears zoomed up to the window and changed into people. They did not speak, but was just looking at me. I then woke up. Any thoughts to meanings?? Okay so look up to see what gods or goddesses appear as bears and shape shift. A few years, me and my family lived in a trailer park in a small town that was almost completely surrounded by woods.

    One day I was hanging clothes up to dry on the clothesline outside and my 12 year old daughter was out there with me. I happened to glance a few trailers down and standing there, very still, and just staring at me was a white wolf. After a few seconds, a much smaller white wolf came out of the woods and stood by the larger wolf and looked at me as well. We stood there, studying each other, for about 2 minutes, then both wolves turned and slowly walked back into the woods.

    Whenever I told people about this they would laugh and say that there are no wolves in this area and that it had to had been dogs. No…I know what I saw…It was wolves. I have never seen them or any other wolves around here but that day has always stuck with me. We walked through a valley the moon was bright, the ground seemed to sparkle.. I could smell the evergreens growing along the tree line of the meadow. On waking I felt it was a powerful dream and I wondered why the bear came to me. The very next night, I dream of the same meadow, and Grisly. But this time, a White wolf joined us, the wolf on the left, the bear on the right.

    I remember touching the fur on the backs of both of them as we walked along. The details from this dream stayed with me, and see the picture in my mind often.. I woke up..

    Readers Theater! Spirit Animals #1: Wild Born by Brandon Mull

    Ok so the animals are trying to speak to me. I am listening.. I had what i call a dream yet it felt nothing like a typical dream nor lucid experience. My body lifted out of my bed and I floated up into the sky. Unable to control my flight, i thought i must be dead. It made me scared but i was overcome with peace as i continued floating over a field. Then i realized i had become a wolf, and thats when i woke up. I dream of being a wolf every night.

    Most of the time I travel alone and visit human friends but sometimes the spirit pack calls me and I join them for a while. This word book compares animals that may look similar at first but are actually quite different! Young readers will discover the differences between alligators and crocodiles, butterflies and moths, frogs and toads, and seals and sea lions.

    This title includes recommended reading to discover more about these animals, a glossary of terms, an index, and discussion questions to aid in reading comprehension. Sea Life. Dona Herweck Rice. From tide pools to the ocean, the sea is filled with amazing life forms! Early readers will be engaged from beginning to end with informational text, vivid photos, and a picture glossary of marine animals. Let's Classify Organisms. Kelli Hicks. Grouping things by similar characteristics is referred to as classification.

    This book is filled with information and interesting facts about the six kingdoms in which all living organisms are classified. What Is Animal Camouflage? Erin Staley. Using vivid, full-color photographs, this book shows how animals trick the eye by hiding in plain sight by changing their skin texture and color, covering themselves up, or even mimicking other plants and animals. Readers get a close look at sharks that hide using light and shadow, and even some fish that use light to trick their food into swimming nearby.

    The book is packed with information that will delight and inform young animal and nature lovers. Masters of Disguise: Amazing Animal Tricksters. Rebecca L. In the animal kingdom, survival is the name of the game—and not everything is as it seems. A number of animals rely on particularly clever tricks to fool predators or prey. A baby bird mimics a poisonous caterpillar. A moth escapes bats by making sounds that interfere with the bats' echolocation.

    A tiny rain forest spider builds a big spider "puppet" out of bits of dead leaves, insect parts, and other items. Find out more about some of nature's most bizarre and bloodthirsty con artists and meet the scientists who are working to figure out just how they pull off their amazing tricks. Similar ebooks. Deadly Animals: Level 2. With it, yu learn to stop annoying habits that distract the autistic person and makes people want to be around them. You also teach them social conventions. People want to fit in and be social, but if they are ridiculed and bullied then they withdraw and self-alienate.

    That hurts. Girls are naturally more gregarious than boys. Brought up with expectations to be more verbally communicative, does not equal gregarious by any means. And can you not see the irony in that statement? If women are pressured to appear more extrovert, agreeable to others and conscientious, no wonder they are more neurotic!!! As a 47 year old diagnosed autistic, I feel I have wasted my time on a label. Nobody seems to care at all about older autistics, all the help out there is for the child autistic.

    Anyway, I am also meaningless and insignificant also being male. This is a world for the females. Old, male,…ugh, my life just needs to end now. My life was a waste, born too early, wrong gender, wrong color, wrong everything. Why god? There is no god. Absolutely agree about older autistic Peter. But absolutely disagree about your comments about males and females. Females are vastly underdiagnosed with ASD and the clinical tools used in assessments are entirely male-researched. Autistic females are often misdiagnosed with anxiety or BPD or depression. Autistic females are referred for assessment ten times less than males.

    The gender thing is really a separate issue. All the conflicting media messages on that issue have driven me a little bonkers. I no longer know, everyone is confused now. I am just tired of my existence now and want the psychological torture to stop. People just want to toss pills at it. That I will never do. I just feel worthless. I agree. This article is attempting to split Autism into male vs. Yeah, it may manifest slightly differently between genders… But who cares? We need an entire article about it? I would also recommend taking a break from the mainstream media. You may not believe this, but God is real, he sees you, he knows your pain.

    There are a number of other articles attempting to split autism. Is this a gender support site or an autism support site? Do male autistics need to go elsewhere? Recently I went to an equine therapy course for CE credits. I was the only male.

    Epic voyage begins to illuminate the micro-universe across the Pacific

    Are scientific studies by women therefore not valid for men? And here I thought if we were equal, that science was science. What do I know? The vast majority of their articles are about autism generally. But in every single article they seem to mention the alleged but non existent in reality gender disparity. Females get no compassion as you claim, in comparison to men. Females are in fact dismissed way more than males when they are autistic. Anyway, remember you are not worthless.

    Make a list of all the good qualities you have and what that could mean to the world. There are plenty of resources available for autistic adults. Where do you live? What kind of help do you need? Your life is not a waste, Peter, even though it can feel like that at times. You are as significant and insignificant as every other individual.

    Truth will eventually prevail. If anything, I think autism is more stigmatized today than when I was a kid. I am the parent of a severely autistic son who is non-verbal, with debilitating behavioural issues. I find it annoying that so many people on the internet have appropriated the language of autism to describe what are nothing more than quirks of personality. But there is simply a world of difference between my problems and his. There is no medication that will help her and no therapies that will assist. It really annoys me when people refer to high-functioning autistics as just quirky because they have no idea of the struggles someone goes through and make assumptions based on their IQ.

    Suffice to say, I agree to a multiple points, made. At the same time I can relate to you and this authors message. So I learned quickly and sufficiently to at least change my quirks to avoid being labeled something specific. I know better now, and unfortunately it seems too late; due to this aggressive divide among people who get to decide and label the suffering and those whom suffer listening to those people keep changing the labels in some sort of caustic juggling act. Trying to provide the assistance to those who truly have impairment.

    Trying to prevent misuse and abuse the label, their specialized treatment, as well as assistance provided. Thank you for that post and I agree. As a child, I was suspected of having high-functioning autism, schizoid personality disorder, avoidant personality disorder, generalised anxiety disorder and probably a couple of other things. I learned to get along as well. I prep conversations before I have them, project my voice, remember to hold eye contact and always stop to ask if I am making sense, etc.

    Re alienated people on the internet diagnosing themselves with autism, the only good aspect of such a labeling exercise is that it gives people a sense of community, even if just in an online sense. Its not really a functioning social circle. The autism label is really only a label of convenience even when it is properly applied. Even amongst children as severe as my son, there are profound differences.

    Some children are very rigid and will get upset if their parents use a different road to drive to school. Some have severe sensory issues. My son has neither of those things. His paediatrician said that there really isnt one disorder as such, but a group of disorders bunched under the one heading. I imagine if those people really had the care of someone with full-blown ASD, they might be a bit more reluctant to use the term in such a cavalier fashion.

    I do understand the logic behind the bundling of conditions. One behavior is unaccepted so it develops other behaviors until it become a neurological conflict destroying the minds ability to properly develop further. They though I was epileptic. This had the tragic consequence of physical beyond the will to live. I was hyper-aggressive due to it. Now I have a correlated identity to support all my weird tics. I got lucky. But it helps the odd few, who have isolated themselves utterly from the world as I have my whole life.

    My foster parents are in great worry over me now, as they are nearing their end they seem to feel. They hope I can find work, but they really believe even now, that I can get help. Social ineptitude leads to isolation, withdrawal and anxiety — and consequently, self-soothing and stimming behaviours like nail biting, hair pulling, leg jiggling and countless other tics.

    The very same behaviours manifest themselves in zoo animals once they are deprived of appropriate social functioning. I do recognise that having that sense of community and belonging is a great support. Its certainly a better alternative to being ensnared in internet alt-right politics, which is where a lot of these alienated, white, downwardly mobile people with troubled childhoods would otherwise end up. However, for someone like my son, this is a permanent and undeniable aspect of his life.

    Somewhat off-topic, but I think people are looking for the answer within themselves, when really these feelings of loneliness and alienation are a rational response to the economic conditions and insecurity caused by late-stage capitalism. Mark Fischer has written a lot along these lines. Politically, I often think that it would be more productive to realise that we all hold this in common, rather than walling ourselves off in our little internet fiefdoms.

    Description from Spectrum

    Given that traditional middle class existence has been hollowed out, young people in particular are having to work harder to find that niche. Ahh, indeeed the images you will have found are me, and thank you very much, no that is not my name. Haha, I took it on because I wished to change my life the usual spiel that you see in movies.

    Although I have found myself in the exact position I was in way back in my homeland. I have no plan, and everyone I know has abandoned me. Time I stop masking my crazy! And I have wore horns everywhere everyday since. Highly practiced in the art of staring right below the eyes. I will wage war lol. I also lack empathy, although probably unrelated. As a neurodiverse adult with a formal diagnosis of dyslexia at 15, in and an accurate but not formalised diagnosis of dyspraxia in aged 29 diagnosis provided a framework for self management and advocacy. For most adults a process of diagnosis is therapeutic as they reinterpret life course we do a life course exercise if they are going for diagnosis so we can identify people who can verify persistent behavior.

    As with all major life changes there will be a period of grief associated with a diagnosis and I make sure that people understand and have safe ways of processing major anger which will arise. My experience of needing to split dose my long acting SNRI antidepressant does not make any clinical or pharmokinetic sense, but the psychiatrist who suggested we split dose and stabilise my mood using the COCP had lots of experience in autism and said it was worth a try.