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Accompanying his text are brilliant photographs of animals enjoying the pleasures of life. From fish to birds, turtles to cows, from African elephants to zebra sharks, the reader will find a fascinating world to which few of us ever have entry.

Killing Tradition: Dominion and Autonomy

The author cites the historical foundation for hunting and trapping for fur. Dizard University of Massachusetts Press, The author uses a controversy surrounding a deer hunt at a reservoir in Massachusetts to present the pros and cons of managing wildlife, wilderness, and nature itself. The individual stories present an uplifting and positive message about the relationships between humans and our animal neighbors. Nonfiction Intimate Ape, The: Orangutans and the Secret Life of a Vanishing Species by Shawn Thompson Citadel Press, Thompson describes the emotional and intellectual lives of orangutans and recognizes the people who have committed their lives to understand, protect, and ultimately rescue the orangutan.

Thompson, a journalist, traveled through the rain forests of Sumatra and the jungle river valleys of Borneo, visiting nature preserves and observing conservation programs. Bronner The University Press of Kentucky, The author addresses the issues of whether hunting is a justifiable tradition or a reason for people to go out and kill animals.

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Through research, including field work, the author investigates three specific venues of hunting: deer camp, pigeon shoots, and fox hunts. He presents a balanced approach to the needs of hunters to continue their activities and animal rights advocates who want to see most hunting banned. Goedeke Brill This collected volume documents the presence and types of discussions that emerge during conflicts between people and wildlife.

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The collection of case studies demonstrates how social groups create opposing symbolic meanings of nature and highlights the way these conflicts of meanings affect wildlife, people, and management professionals. Nonfiction Man Kind? This historical view of hunting brings the reader in touch with the reasons humans hunt—for fun, money, and revenge.

Through humor, sometimes biting, Amory takes on all who believe hunting is a natural right.

Killing Tradition: Dominion and Autonomy - Daily Yonder

He then analyzes the annual Labor Day pigeon shoot of Hegins, Pennsylvania, which brings animal rights protests to a fever pitch. The practice of hunting is sure to remain controversial, as it continues to be touted and defended by its supporters and condemned and opposed by its detractors. With Killing Tradition, Bronner reflects on the social, psychological, and anthropological issues of the debate, reevaluating notions of violence, cruelty, abuse, and tradition as they have been constructed and contested in the twenty-first century. Taking Aim.

Future Shot. Responsibility Simon J.

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Imprint Lexington, Ky. Physical description xv, p. Online Available online. Full view. Green Library.

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B76 Unknown. More options. Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references p. Contents Prologue : taking aim Ritual and controversy at deer camp The pigeon shoot controversy The hare-coursing controversy Epilogue : future shot. Summary Is hunting a bygone activity, out of touch with modern life; or is it valuable as an escape from it?