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The plot is part paranormal romance and part mystery. Jill Shalvis is my go-to feel good author for contemporaries.

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I was stoked to see she had a new series coming out Lost and Found Sisters is the first book in the Wildstone series. All you really need to do to get me to give a contemporary a shot is put some pointe shoes on the cover.

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Casey Alexander was a ballerina in New York, but after an injury ends her career, she goes home to her small hometown of Angel Falls, Alabama, to take over the local ballet school. I barely recognize myself anymore.

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I put up every holiday decoration I could find in the back corners of my basement. A Mistletoe Affair is a sweet, well-written romance for the holidays. Perhaps in deference to the fact that we all have plenty of conflict during the holidays as it is, this novel is almost totally conflict free at least between the hero and heroine.

This makes for a pleasant but somewhat bland read. A good way to showcase the virtues of a small town is to put them in peril, so plenty of small town romances intersect with romantic suspense.

In some, the heroine is running from an ex-husband or a stalker, and the small town and, yes, maybe even the hot sheriff provides a sheltered space. In others, the danger is homegrown: a rejected suitor, a jealous competitor, an unsuccessful business rival. Sometimes the threats to small towns are too diffuse to be personified.

Or maybe these threats are personified, in the sense that in a long running series, the small town itself becomes a character. The best small town romances reveal both the constraints and the benefits of small town living without poking gratuitous fun or waxing simplistically rhapsodic.

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Sometimes I think no one needs yet another curmudgeonly town elder, oversexed grandma, or busybody town clerk. And spare me from folksy wisdom, the narcotizing predictability of lessons learned. Have you read any great ones lately? Listen Shop Insiders. Lucy Gayheart , Willa Cather. Thank you for signing up!

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