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Will love come to me someday? Just imagining all of this Just thinking about it Almost makes my heart burst Um- How good it feels? If, one day, for real Love does comes to me, I might just cry Um- I really want to know how it feels Ooh, maybe someday Could it happen to me too?


Where in the world are you right now? Just when will we get to meet each other? When and how might our relationship starts? I don't know right now, but somehow I feel That it will be really good Better than any movie or drama The greatest love will come My gut instinct is always right C'mon, show yourself, i'm all set, Ready! Wonder where you are I'm gonna find you Wonder where you are I'm so dying to see you I can't take it much longer How it could be as sweet as candy?

How it's like flying in the sky? How it keeps you smiling all day? How the whole world turns beautiful?

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“There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.”

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