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Am I Being Used? Recognising When You’re Being Taken For a Ride… Possibly Literally…

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The favorite daughter Henry, Patti Callahan, author.

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Epiphany Sridhar, Priya, author. Stolen Sridhar, Priya, author. Buddy blues : an Emily story Abrams, Kelsey, author. Pink hair and other terrible ideas Pyros, Andrea, author. Odd gods Slavin, David, author. Llama drama : a Grace story Abrams, Kelsey, author. Heart horse : a Natalie story Abrams, Kelsey, author. Forever Amigo : an Abby story Abrams, Kelsey, author. Franklin barbecue : a meat-smoking manifesto Franklin, Aaron, author. The mindset of organization : take back your house one phase at a time Woodruff, Lisa K.

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Wild weather : storms, meteorology, and climate Reed, M. A friend for Henry Bailey, Jenn, author. The mustangers : and a bonus story told by the wise old man of the West : paths of glory Fenady, Andrew J. The second chance rancher Pearce, Kate, Seeing red Dratch, Dana. Rebel Jenkins, Beverly, Unexpected : a start up in the city novel Rimmer, Kelly. Southern sass and killer cravings Young, Kate, author.

Expiration date Powers, Tim, author. Hoping for love : a Gansett Island novel Force, Marie. Sconed to death Cahoon, Lynn, author. A rogue by night Bowen, Kelly Romance fiction writer , author. Cowboy rebel Brown, Carolyn, author. My weird reading tips Gutman, Dan, author. Beastly puzzles : a brain-boggling animal guessing game Poliquin, Rachel, author. Orca in open water Berne, Emma Carlson. Oil-soaked wings Berne, Emma Carlson. The disappearing otters Berne, Emma Carlson.

A dolphin named Star Berne, Emma Carlson. Where is the Kremlin? Hopkinson, Deborah, author. The alphabet of peculiar creatures Abey, Katie, author. Daring dozen : the twelve who walked on the moon Slade, Suzanne, author. The first men who went to the moon Greene, Rhonda Gowler, author. Starry, starry night Brown, Jordan, author. I Am Captain Snowball! Though the series ended with Fortune Cookie, this special collection brings together six satisfying stories about the girls and their extended family, mostly written from the viewpoint of one of the minor characters.

Fans of the series will gobble it up, and it will probably send them back to the original books with even more enthusiasm. It's a delicious scrapbook of fun, creative ideas from the Chocolate Box Girls. Julia Eccleshare's Pick of the Month, November Full of sadness but also hope and ultimately happiness this is a heart-warming story for Christmas with a strong Victorian setting.

When Pearl makes a snow sister on Christmas Eve to remember her own dead sister Agnes she brings a little cheer into her life. Martin goes undercover to investigate. This is totally nutty, and very, very funny.

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Reading the three stories in this excellent collection reminds one again of what an extremely fine author Eva Ibbotson was, how beautifully she wrote, and how bold she was in her storytelling. All three stories are set in Vienna, where Ibbotson grew up, as preparations for Christmas take place. Christmas in Vienna sounds wonderful, but these preparations are not without tension and even trauma for the principal characters involved. Fortunately, each Christmas, when it finally arrives, is happy and joyful, if in a totally unexpected way.

Funny, surprising, and serious too, these are very special stories indeed. Each one of the What On Earth Wallbooks contains a 2 metre long poster — ideal for pinning to the wall or poring over on the floor — that presents information in a unique cross-section of time, and history as a continuing Earth-wide story.

Packed with pictures, the wallchart is immediately enticing and full of information. Tulips became a symbol of dignity in which Islamic region? What nationality was the assassin of Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria? A unique, accessible and inspiring information book.

The Timeline of Big History depicts millions of years of evolution, the rise and fall of civilisations, one hundred of the top battles and, on the reverse, the story of planet, life and people from the Big Bang to today. In addition to the Wallbook, The Timeline of Big History also includes a Chronicle which features more than 35 newspaper stories and a quiz.

The combination of author Theresa Breslin and illustrator Kate Leiper works beautifully. As an avid collector of fantastical treasuries, I have to admit to an immediate Gollum-esque grab, the moment this appeared on my desk. The gorgeous cover is of the Island Beast, the star of one of the tales, however most of the illustrations aren't quite as menacing as this particular creature.

By the end readers will have a really good understanding of theatre and no doubt a burning desire to see more shows and to put on plays themselves. The four sisters, each with a striking and strong character, between them represent any girls growing up at any time. Meg, the eldest, is sixteen and very pretty; fifteen year old Jo is a tomboy who loves reading; delicate, thirteen year old Beth plays the piano beautifully while twelve year old Amy, is pretty but a little bit selfish and indulged.

How their sisters fill their time with creative activities and good work and how they all fall in love in their different ways with the boy next door is full of period charm as well as being totally topical and applicable for modern readers. With illustrations throughout, the text is complete and unabridged and includes a biography of the author with links to find out more online.

As ever, the girls face all sorts of difficulties and dangers, but with the help of friends - both old and new — find themselves somewhere to call home. The Hetty Feather stories provide a gentle insight into the hardships of Victorian life, but touch too on the issues that are always important to young readers: friends, family and love. Like Dahl, Walliams fills his stories with villainous adults, appealing child protagonists, dark humour, and crazy situations, mixing it all into compelling stories.

The illustrations by Tony Ross — without doubt one of the greatest illustrators for children ever — are superb. A book that deserves its place at the top of the charts. Barney is leaving Coventry for Cornwall with his mum after their house has been destroyed in the Blitz. To distract him, the other passenger in the carriage tells him about his best friend, Billy Byron, famous in the First World War as the most decorated private soldier. The story is an extraordinary one, we hear how Billy inadvertently changed the course of world history.

Another wonderful piece of drama and history from one of our finest writers. And this is why. Many of my stories have come from the lives of others, from truths, written or remembered, this one perhaps more than any other. Certainly had I not discovered, through Michael Foreman, the extraordinary story of the life and death of Walter Tull, the first black officer to serve in the British Army, I should never have written A Medal for Leroy.

Had I not met an old soldier from the First World War who had been to that war with horses, in the cavalry, I should not have written War Horse. Had I not come across, in a museum in Ypres, an official letter from the army to the mother of a soldier at the front in that same war, informing her that her son had been shot at dawn for cowardice, I should never have told my story of Private Peaceful. It was a medal commemorating the sinking of the Lusitania by torpedo in with terrible loss of life, over a thousand souls, that compelled me to think of writing the story of a survivor, which I did in Listen to the Moon.

I write fiction, but f iction with roots in history, in the people who made our history, who fought and often died in our wars. They were real people who lived and had their being in another time, often living and suffering through great and terrible dangers, facing these with unimaginable courage. This I have done, not by writing his biography. That had been done a lready. Rather I wanted to make his life the basis of a fictional story that takes his story beyond his story, and tries to explore the nature of courage, and the dilemma we might face when we discover that doing the right thing turns out to be the worst thing we have ever done.

Because the life of Henry Tandey is so closely associated with this story, I thought it right to include the history so far as it is known, of his actual life. This you will find in the postscript at the end of the book. Following on from the bestselling success of Listen to the Moon it speaks of an author who is writing at the very peak of his powers. Michael Morpurgo remains our nation's favourite storyteller - and his stories now reach out to children across the globe.

Packed with facts, diagrams, info-graphics and photos, this is the perfect introduction to the amazing human body. The many parts of the body form a network of systems that work together to keep you alive and active. The mechanics of the human body are described in concise and easy-to understand text while info-graphics and photographs bring the various systems to life. Fact panels provide fascinating snippets of extra information. A hardback treasury of stories in full colour including well-known classics such as 'Treasure Island' and 'Sinbad the Sailor', alongside brand new stories about robots, pirates, monsters and knights.

A lovely gift that will be treasured for years to come. Younger children will love hearing these stories read aloud to them, and then enjoy reading the stories on their own as they get older. Packed with facts and fascinating snippets of prehistoric life. Easy-to-understand text with great photographs and illustrations bring the exciting past vividly to life. It's the perfect introduction to Prehistoric Britain! Find out what happened in Britain over 2.

Discover the changes and advances that happened when people discovered how to work metal in the Bronze Age, through to the invention of iron tools in the busy Iron Age. With its gorgeous metallic edges and golden detail it certainly looks like one, and inside are riches! Chris Riddell seems to surpass himself with each new Goth Girl story, nearly every page features one or more illustrations, each one a small masterpiece of character and drama.

As well as the visual invention and wit, there are literary jokes galore. Ada and her friends investigate. It makes for a fascinating narrative that gives a real sense of the development of scientific thinking. Illustrations help make the science clear and memorable and this is a book that will inspire as well as inform. Things get so bad in fact that Greg chooses to go on the school trip — Wimpy Kid fans will know how out of character that is.

When Marshall takes a short cut home to avoid being beaten up by Chad, the school bully who has been ruining his life for the past few weeks, he makes the worst decision of his life. Marshall heads into the woods even though he knows it is forbidden. Tamaya has no choice but to follow.

After all, they have walked to and from school together every day for the past three years and she is not allowed to walk home alone. But when Chad pursues them the three discover exactly why the woods are out of bounds. Hideously damaged by the peculiar mud that lies deep in the woods what hope do they have of survival? And will they always be enemies?

This little book is a wonderful way to encourage us all to do just that. In it he suggests something to draw for every day of the year. Some suggestions are quite specific: draw a family member being attacked by a household appliance; illustrate the word sinister. Everyone knows the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves but other stories that make up the Arabian Nights are less well known, though they have so much to offer readers of all ages.

Like King Sharayar, readers will be left eager for another instalment each evening! Girls everywhere identify with Nikki, whose efforts to do the right thing are so often derailed by the realities of life, and whose inner self is so much more confident and articulate than the Nikki the world sees. In this book, her arch rival Mackenzie Hollister, apparently gone for good at the end of the last book, makes a surprise and unwelcome return, and Nikki and love-interest Brandon get landed with a Labrador and seven puppies to care for — in secret.

The story is told in breathless teen-speak and frequent Wimpy Kid-style cartoons add to the fun. Another up-tempo warm-hearted read. You can rely on Holly Smale to provide a fresh, funny and in this case festive take on figuring out who you are, and being proud of it too. A layered and engaging read with real heart, Geek Girl is much more than a teen fashion story; it explores deeper emotional themes of best friends, romance, bullying and betrayals, and wittily turns transformation myths on their head — all with a smile.

There are multiple strands to her new adventure, which involves some deliciously clever dead-letter drops, double-crossings galore and a series of Snow White-inspired poisonings. Ruby of course takes it all in her stride, though she does have to brush up her Kung-Fu! Ruby is far and away the coolest, sassiest sleuth around and her deadpan dialogue gives the books a very distinct and satisfying flavour. Extra treats for her devotees in this volume include four-dimensional codes set by Marcus du Sautoy no less. Yep, Ruby is in a class of her own.

Running along the top of pages, or breaking up text, her illustrations have the feel of a medieval illuminated manuscript while the beautiful double page illustrations place readers right at the heart of the story. This is a book to enchant readers of any age. Now in Hardbck Gift Edition. One of the most dramatic and exciting stories of all time, this classic modern fairy story by the former Poet Laureate takes on the biggest theme of all time: how the world can be saved. Here, it is the strange Iron Man, an enormous creature who arrives unexpectedly and terrorises a community by destroying everything he comes across.

But later, when a terrifying monster from out space arrives, the Iron Man fights him to the death and becomes a hero when he saves the planet from total destruction. Told in short chapters it is perfect for reading aloud as well as reading alone. Once again he takes ancient myths as inspiration and with its flawed gods, epic battles and larger than life stories, Norse mythology provides brilliant source material. The writing is concise, punchy, spiced with humour and the adventure is unbeatable! Now comes the sequel, and some may think it even more thrilling than the original.

The Hunting of the Snark

Not many books are genuinely spellbinding, this one is. We have since had countless children and teachers writing to us, asking when the next book is coming out. Well — here it is at last. And what a book it is! Tiuri is older, and the plot is darker, more complex — and even more gripping. But it still retains that grand atmosphere of mystery and suspense that drew so many children and their parents to the world of knights and squires, and to the dark secrets of the Wild Woods….

Feo and her mother are wolf wilders, content deep in the forest, at least until the arrival of General Rakov and the imperial army. Rakov treats their wolves with the same brutal contempt he shows to the peasants, and despite her reclusiveness, Feo finds herself fighting alongside her neighbours for what is right.

When we were very young he left for work at 7 a. Sometimes my understanding of the stories in my life blurred, and when I picture William Wilberforce he will always look like Wilbur, the mouse in Brambly Hedge. There would always be a pair of children at the centre of the stories — who looked, coincidentally, very like my brother and me — two children who joined the fight with both fists. I wanted to write a book that was a little darker than the last, and a little wilder. I wanted to write about different kinds of bravery, with, I hope, an edge of danger. Most of all, I wanted to write a story about a child learning to trust other people: about a child discovering that the world is huge, and full of spectacular people.

The central city of the book is St Petersburg because my grandfather lived there in the years before his death, on the banks of the Fontanka canal, in the building in which he used to claim Tchaikovsky wrote The Nutcracker. My grandfather was so obviously and resolutely English that KGB spies used to tail him to church, convinced he was MI5. There was a small ballroom in which, as a teenager, I danced with an immense lack of grace. So there is dancing in this book, both good and bad, and the great golden domes of St Petersburg.

The story is set in the snow because snow has a life of its own: I spent one white winter in rural Scotland, in an old unoccupied shooting lodge. I went weeks without seeing another human. When the pipes froze, I boiled snow for tea. I lit fires, read books, ate icicles and mussels from the lake, and tinned meat. When the worst storms of that year came, I was rescued by an army truck and sent home. I learnt a lot about the different varieties of cold you can be. Later, I read about a Russian recluse who, in the s, used to run barefoot for days through snow with elks slung over his back, and realised I was only a novice at the cold.

But I have rarely in my life been so happy. The wilding of animals is a real thing: there is a programme in Zimbabwe, not far from where I spent part of my childhood, where tame lions are taught to feed themselves.

And in Yellowstone park they are trying to coax wolves back into the wild. Wolves are the heroes of this book because I think wolves, more than any other animal, are electric. I met a mostly tame one on a cold day in Wales. They really do look nothing like dogs: their shoulders are more muscular and their eyes sharper.

They radiate intelligence. They deserve our respect. There are many stories about wolves already, but I think they will always deserve a few more. But Alice soon finds that things are about to get worse! How will she get out of it? The British economy has collapsed. Civil disobedience sets family against family as raids for the scarce food leads to violent attacks. The only solution is to flee to France where British refugees are allowed to live in camps.

Matt and those around him survive in the alien environment of the camp by adopting new behaviours that bring out their best — and worst — characteristics. In On Tour her central character Penny, just post-GCSEs, is off on the road with her rock star boyfriend though still worrying about what people think of her, and stressing about what to do next in her life. We can't wait for readers to find out what happens to Noah and Penny!

Tinder tells how a young and romantic soldier finds true love by overcoming every kind of magic and trickery in the world through a mixture of bravery and cunning while also trying to hold fast to goodness and truth. Behind him and almost all he meets lie the horrors and the excitement of serving as a soldier; all of them long for a peaceful life they cannot resist the heady excitement of living with danger an urge that leads them all into violence with all the terrible attendant consequences.

At least according to the twelve fabulous stories about love of all kinds that are included in this collection. No one ever said that love was easy but it can be fun and, here at least, even the pain can be entertaining. Strong-willed Stella is the key witness in a murder trial and has been placed under police protection.

After being given a new identity and forced to cut all contact with friends from her former life, including her boyfriend, Stella is sent to live with Carmina, a straight-talking retired cop in small town Nebraska. She gets a summer job in a diner, joins the local softball team and even accompanies Carmina to various church functions. But alongside dealing with being stripped of her identity and all manner of emotional turmoil, Stella encounters further trouble in the form of bullyboy baseball hero, Trigger.

As well as being a violent brute, Trigger also seems unnervingly familiar, and Stella is terrified that her cover is about to be blown. This perfectly paced page-turner from the bestselling author of Hush, Hush is propelled by ever-escalating tension, and packed with heartfelt insights into love, loss, addiction and growing up. The story of a young girl facing death, it showed a bold author who could write sensitively about a subject that could easily be sensationalised.

In Unbecoming she adopts a similarly direct approach to coping with dementia, the breakdown of marriage and discovering adolescent sexuality as faced collectively and individually by three generations of women in a family. An ambitious story that is told across a time span of fifty years, Unbecoming swoops in and out of the lives of the three women reflecting both their enormous differences and their inextricable bonds. Zen Starling is a petty thief; offered the chance of a brand new life in return for carrying out one small job of course he accepts, and is immediately caught up in a war that could destroy his entire world.

Beautifully written, brilliantly inventive, this gripping adventure, a combination of sci-fi utopia, conspiracy thriller and romance, will set hearts racing. It will turn us all into railheads. But I found spaceships strangely hard to write about; flights of fancy always work best when they have a toehold in reality, and I had no store of real-world imagery to which spaceships could be anchored. Watching the rails and stations go by, I started to realise that trains are far stranger and more romantic than any spaceship.

So I scrapped my space story and rebuilt it in a new setting, the Network Empire, a future human civilisation which is built around a network of railway lines that criss-crosses the galaxy, passing from world to world through mysterious hyperspace portals called K-gates. And into this mostly peaceful, mostly prosperous empire I threw a young thief called Zen, and set about seeing what adventures he could stumble into.

Railhead does that in the most extraordinary way — somehow creating a futuristic, high-tech world which utterly convinces us at the same time that it dazzles us with its originality. Mikey is getting through his teenage years with the help of his friends and by focusing on graduating and leaving home. He also wants to declare his love for his friend Henna. Original, funny, true, it can only be Patrick Ness. Author: E. When cruel king Lo-Melkhiin arrives in her village, the eloquent narrator of this expertly woven novel knows that he will take her beloved, beautiful sister to be his next wife.

And so she makes the ultimate sacrifice and submits herself, in the knowledge that Lo-Melkhiin has murdered over three hundred wives. Not that that will stop them from killing and eating her. Fleeing her parents, Amber embarks on a road-trip like no other. An exhilarating mix of comedy and thrills, Demon Road had me laughing out loud one minute, jumping out of my seat the next: hard to believe that something this gory should be so much fun! At first, it was the Universal and Hammer movies, played in black and white and glorious technicolour on my TV screen when I was a kid.

Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. The Fly. The Wolfman. I was ravenous, and so I devoured. Demon Road was born out of this lifelong love and incorporates elements from slasher movies, Stephen King novels, modern urban legends and that classic sub-genre: the killer car. Derek will be appearing at the Cheltenham Festival on Saturday 3rd October. Click here to find out more. Further information from the Cheltenham Festival. Each one is full of mind-blowing facts and illustrated with bright graphics and photos. The Oxford Illustrated Shakespeare Dictionary is a brand new, unique, alphabetical colour dictionary of Shakespearean words and meanings, targeted to help students of years get a better understanding of Shakespeare anywhere in the world.

These days we are much more open about such matters. Now that Bake Off has turned us all into wannabe star bakers, this sturdy little box of goodies will be more tempting than ever to young cooks. Inside are two biscuit cutters, in the shape of stars and Christmas trees, some pretty little cupcake cases and a recipe book with twenty different cake and cookie recipes. The instructions are very clearly explained, with illustrations to show you exactly what to do.

Alongside favourites such as mince pies and ginger bread are more unusual treats including Kringle, a Danish bread flavoured with lemon and cardamom, which looks delicious! On your marks, get set, bake! This little book is just the thing to put the very, very young in the Christmas spirit! Each page is full of things for baby to look at and features a special peepo flap as well as trails for little fingers to follow, making this a thoroughly tactile and happy reading experience.

The illustrations are bright and attractive and this will be satisfying and fun for baby and grown-up alike. Each card has an appropriate quotation on the back, setting the image in context of the stories, or the history of this iconic publication. Carry this book along wherever you go! Features a mixture of crafts to make and on-the-page activities and games, and ideas for simple costumes. A centrefold of stickers allows for extra special Christmas decoration!

This pocket sized little quiz book is just the thing for taking on a journey, for a rainy day, or for popping into a stocking. It contains more than 50 different quizzes testing knowledge of all sorts of areas, from history to science, and even football e. All children will identify with Bear — cuddly, bemused, well-meaning, he makes an ideal picture book hero. A warm and appealing little Christmas adventure. This is a delightful collection of postcards, featuring the beautiful and iconic artwork of Eric Carle, creator of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Showcasing brand new artwork, alongside classic images, this exquisite box is a celebration of Carle's extraordinary children's book illustration talent. Send the gorgeous postcards to family and friends, or cherish the collection yourself. This beautiful board is the perfect first introduction to Alice.

Babies and toddlers will love the playful and quirky characters Alison Jay brings to life with her own unique perspective whilst encapsulating the zany other-worldness of Carroll's novel.

February 27, 2006

Containing more than 1, reusable stickers of new heroes, villains, and vehicles, this book includes 14 backgrounds for you to create your own The Force Awakens scenes. Let your creativity run wild! You can find out more about the film at starwars. With so many books for children and teenagers published each year it's sometimes daunting to make that final choice for a present for those dear to you. Here at Lovereading4kids we've read 1,s of books published this year and filtered that down to just the best in our humble view. And don't forget each and every one of the titles has a free Opening Extract to let you decide for yourself if the book is perfect.

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