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To get you to a confident place, read Mary K. Through Mary K. This is a great way to learn how to read in the moment and get to the point where you can give a reading to someone or yourself without being tied to the book but instead reading in the moment as the cards speak to you. This should be your ultimate goal to pass from beginner into more intermediate tarot card reading.

Michelle Tea is a writer of a broad range of writing, including poetry, fiction, and memoir, and she brings an eclectic set of references to her book. The way to get there is following the connections between cards. Adding some tarot interaction interpretation skills to your tarot practice is definitely a way to level up your tarot game and give great readings that truly tell captivating and immediate stories. Undoubtedly two of the most challenging parts of reading tarot are the court cards and tarot reversals. With both of these books, Mary K.

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Greer has got you covered. With systematic precision, Greer goes in depth into the theory behind reversals and provides interpretations for every card in the deck when it appears in reverse modes.

The Tarot Companion: A Portable Guide to Reading the Cards for Yourself and Others

Whatever your personal philosophy on reading reversals, Mary K. Essentially, this classic is a workbook to help you develop a relationship with your cards and your own spiritual side by way of a detailed look at the symbolism, history, mythology, philosophy, legend, and lore around each card. Dusty covers topics like advanced theory behind spread reading and creation, using tarot for manifestation, and reading the far distant past and future with tarot.

This is definitely a book you will return to again and again. Commune with the timeless wisdom and wonder of Mother Earth for practical and spiritual guidance. Set includes 45 cards and page guidebook. Shamanic practice acknowledges the presence of spirit, wisdom and healing energy in all things. This deck helps you discover the greater mysteries, the wisdom of the ancestors and the medicine of shaman.

The guidebook delivers divination and a fuller understanding of the medicine of each card. Set includes 50 cards and page guidebook. The Whispers of Healing Oracle is here to nourish, strengthen and restore you to emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. The soothing energy and wisdom of this deck will help you navigate your way to balance, wholeness and wellness. Taoism is an ancient philosophy that emphasizes attainment of wisdom and harmony as a way to success.

Pick a card to inspire and empower you. Includes 45 cards and page illustrated guidebook. This deck continues the Taoist tradition of harmony and guidance through the teachings of ancient sages and warriors. Volume II focuses on how to move forward and how to resolve issues. It is structured around the ancient esoteric knowledge relating to heavenly systems, earthly branches, numerical frequencies and modern archetypes. Golden Dawn led to a commission from Arthur Edward Waite to create a card tarot deck.

Originally known as the Rider deck, it was the first to include full pictorial scenes for the Minor Arcana pips. This classic deck has long been a favorite of beginners as well as experienced tarot enthusiasts. Includes spread sheet. Card titles and instructions in Spanish. The bright colors help readers focus on details they might have otherwise missed. The full-size deck is a boldly re-colored version of the classic Rider-Waite deck, updated with vibrant shading that gives depth to the familiar tarot scenes.

The page, userfriendly handbook with color illustrations is perfect for beginners as well as experienced readers. Made in China. The beloved artwork of Pamela Colman Smith has been updated and enhanced with a radiant palette of colors. The serene Universal Waite Tarot is perfect for meditation and readings. Includes booklet and spread sheet. A convenient pocket-sized deck in a sturdy stand-up box. A perfect deck for beginners, with both divinatory and reversed interpretations printed right on each card. Box, 4. Includes booklet. With instruction booklet. Durable compartments hold 2 books and tarot deck with easy-pull ribbons.

The Art Deco design features kabbalistic and astrological elements. This smaller version is easy to handle yet just as vibrant and powerful. Not sold separately Box, 5. Packaged in plastic bookcase box. Spread sheet not included. Swiss Crowley deck includes 78 cards originally painted by Lady Frieda Harris, under the direction of Aleister Crowley.

This petite deck features exuberant imagery drawing on the African experience. Includes 78 cards and page booklet. Ancient Animal Wisdom cards bring the energy and insight of 38 different African animal spirit guides into your life to help you connect with your own intuition. Each magnificent creature communicates a powerful message through vibrant artwork and inspirational passages. Set includes page illustrated guidebook. The Angel Inspiration Deck was created to bring you closer to the Angels so that you may receive their assistance. Each uplifting message includes meanings, advice and affirmations to help strengthen your connection to the energy of each Angel.

Includes 44 cards, page guidebook and an Angel Reference Chart. Simple inspirations are delivered by a host of angels. The 64 illustrated cards each offer an affirmation and a maxim for daily meditation. Angel Reading Cards comprises a beautiful collection of 36 luminous angels to assist and support you. There are angels to help you get through challenging situations and others to inspire you as you work toward your goals. This charming boxed set of 40 affirmation cards were inspired and channeled from Debbie's Angels.

Pick a message each morning before you start your day to see what guidance or encouragement your angels wish to share with you. Remember, your angels love to guide and help you. The angels deliver the positive messages on these 40 pocket-sized cards to bring you strength and encouragement throughout your day. To use them, sit quietly, close your eyes and ask the angels what message they wish to share with you. The card you choose is the one the angels intend for you! Archetypal energies in this luminous oracle deck offer gentle daily guidance.

Includes 45 oracle cards and page illustrated guidebook. This deck embraces the ancient concept of animal energies and what they can teach us. Our lives can benefit from invoking the power of nature and the sacred wisdom of animals. The compelling imagery in this best-selling deck brings medieval tarot symbolism into the modern Aquarian age. This deck offers unique perspectives and a contemporary appeal. Connecting with our Endangered Friends From the mighty whale to the tiny bee, every living being brings a unique gift. Animal Voices connects children with inspirational messages from the creatures of our planet.

Includes 31 cards and page guidebook. Each oversized card in this unique tarot deck features a well-known work of art paired with an insightful quotation. Slide a card into the pop-up frame for daily inspiration. This luminescent oracle deck provides a powerful vehicle for accessing the wisdom of mythic beings and divine entities. This stunning card oracle deck helps you reconnect with your origins in the stars, the source of all creativity. Insightful cosmic connections enable you to discover positive solutions and heighten your intuitive skills.

Includes page illustrated guidebook. Learn to communicate with angels with these illuminating oracle cards. Includes 42 cards in pouch, and page illustrated guidebook. Royal advice dispensed with scintillating wit and historical wisdom. To consult their majesties, simply choose a card and your special message will be revealed. Forty oversized cards are packaged in a deluxe, hinged box. Barbara Walker Tarot reflects a unique feminist perspective of tarot with religious and pagan symbols from around the world. The Court Cards depict mythological gods and goddesses.

The dominant colors of the deck are red, black and white, the colors of the original feminine Trinity. Includes 78 pocket-sized cards with keywords in English, and 48page booklet. Her thematic approach uses colors and visual symbols to explore archetypes and elements in tarot. Includes 78 cards and page illustrated book. The Blue Bird Lenormand deck has an updated design with elegant, classic artwork. The card deck now has extra Gentleman and Lady cards. It features playing card inserts and verses by Stuart R. Kaplan to assist the reader in interpreting the card meanings.

The page instruction booklet includes a brief biography of Mlle Lenormand and card meanings.

Each card features a quotation relating to the flower's symbolism. The guidebook presents affirmations and narrative vignettes culled from history, mythology, lore and legend. Set includes 44 cards, page illustrated guidebook, foldout guide, and organza pouch. The original black and white images have been redesigned as full-color Egyptian tarot cards. These sacred texts represent the divine feminine consciousness in Buddhism and are used to transcend mental obstacles by opening up your heart to the divine guidance of Kwan Yin.

With the energy of the divine masculine throughout these cards, The Ultimate Truth of Wisdom provides you with powerful tools to illuminate all darkness and free the limitations of the reasoning mind. The Buddhism Reading Cards provide a simple introduction to the fundamental teachings of Buddhism in a fun and practical way. Each card represents one core principal of Buddhism that contains a wisdom bringing healing, direction and inspiration to your life. The peaceful Buddha imagery helps the wisdom to flow easily. The boxed set includes 36 cards and a fully illustrated page guidebook.

Welcome these beautiful butterflies, creatures of hope and renewal. These cards present affirmations to help you remember the courage and wisdom to be brave during struggles and never give up on your dreams. Simply relax, choose one of the 44 cards and read its message of healing and happiness. This deluxe edition includes a page guidebook with color illustrations, expanded meanings by Stuart R.

Kaplan, and an in-depth history of tarot cards by Thierry Depaulis. Cats have always been regarded as wise and curious creatures. Now you can share in their wisdom with this fun and inspiring card set. The 45 adorable Cat Wisdom cards allow you to easily and quickly receive uplifting messages for everyday life. Even newcomers to tarot will be able to relate to these delightful images of cats and learn valuable life lessons from them.

Published posthumously as a tribute to its creator, Yoav Ben-Dov, this Marseille deck is a faithful reproduction of the traditional tarot cards created by the esteemed Nicholas Conver in This vibrant card deck includes an extra blank logo card to be used as a carte blanche.

Also included is a page booklet. Celestial Tarot interweaves mythic images and astrological divinations. Celestial Tarot is both a handbook of the heavens and an oracular guide to the inner life. Includes booklet and custom spread sheet. This Celtic-themed deck brings naturebased paganism to the Lenormand system. This card deck provides additional tree, animal and people cards.

The page illustrated guidebook offers in-depth descriptions and interpretations based on the phases of the moon and the Wheel of the Year. Based on ancient Celtic wisdom, which revered trees as living, spiritual beings, this deck helps you tune into the energy of the trees and access their guidance. You will become inspired to walk through the woodlands and deepen your reverence for all of nature.

Set includes 25 cards and page guidebook. This colorful card deck provides a powerful tool for connecting with the age-old system of the chakras, with a card for each of the seven major chakras. The page illustrated guidebook offers a wealth of information on the chakras and ways to use the cards for personal transformation. This set includes card Chrysalis Tarot deck, a custom spread sheet, and the companion book. Author Toney Brooks guides the reader through the entire deck and relates tarot to other metaphysical concepts.

The page book is illustrated with black and white sketches by Holly Sierra, who shares her inspirations for the Chrysalis Tarot artwork. The book within the kit is an excellent instruction guide. The kit is a well created resource, and a valuable asset for beginners, intermediate, and collectors alike.

In this vibrant deck, Connolly interprets the tarot through fresh, uplifting imagery that taps into the subconscious.

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The scenes on each card are reminiscent of medieval stained glass associated with majestic cathedrals. Chakras, angels, spirit guides and divine feminine energy help guide us to a deeper level of consciousness and a more harmonious life. This compelling deck features symbols and icons gathered from diverse eras, creating accessible images for all tarot readers. Interpretations are provided on the individual level, the human community, and the cosmos.

This powerful oracle deck is encoded with crystal frequencies and the high vibrational energy of angels, ascended masters and goddesses. The 54 cards empower you to channel the divine healing power of Heaven and Earth. Working with the vibrant crystal mandalas can enhance your connection to the energy of the crystals and higher beings in order to heal your body, mind and soul. Stunning photos direct you toward the healing power of gems, minerals, and crystals. Includes 44 cards and page illustrated guidebook.

Fantasy artist Jennifer Galasso renders traditional tarot symbolism in a unique style with faerie imagery and a vibrant color scheme inspired by the four seasons and the four elements. Deviant Moon Tarot explores the dark side of the subconscious with haunting surreal imagery.

25 Tarot Books You MUST Read If You Want To Grow Your Tarot Skills!

Stylized moon-faced characters, created from manipulated photographs of 18th century tombstones, are set against evocative backgrounds. Custom spread sheet and instruction booklet included. Stylized characters and moonlit dreamscapes draw you into the luminescent world of Deviant Moon Tarot. This unique deck brings together divinational modalities such as runes, scrying and dream interpretations.

It allows us to rediscover the significance of a multitude of omens and symbols from the universe. Dogs are regarded by many as wise and loyal creatures. Now you can share in their wisdom with this delightful card set. The 45 Dog Wisdom cards allow you to easily and quickly receive inspirational messages for everyday life. This spectacular deck captures the perceptive powers of the legendary dragon. Dragon Tarot represents the fulfillment of centuries of research into symbolism by mystics from the world over. This oracle set was created to help you set your spirit free and to encourage expression of your unique creative self.

With artwork by a collaboration of nine talented artists, the vibrant card deck helps you break away from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. The page illustrated guidebook is filled with powerful healing strategies and affirmations. This beautiful set of 40 inspirational cards can give you the simple, direct answers you need to guide you past any obstacles in life. These cards provide visual reminders to help you to focus your intentions on what you would like from the Universe.

Divine Directions Cards bring clear inspiration to steer you to the right path. This charming card Petit Lenormand deck offers fresh, new perspectives. The page booklet offers quotations and interpretations that help the reader understand the lively interplay between the cards for insightful readings.

Dreaming Way Tarot dresses up traditional tarot with contemporary artistic flair. Stylish characters breathe new life into the scenes and symbols of the Major and Minor Arcana. Dreaming Way Tarot explores numerological as well as elemental influences, and offers fresh interpretations of tarot. Includes 42page booklet. Dreams of Gaia offers familiar tarot structure with the Majors representing all aspects of ourselves, and the Minor suits based on the four elements.

By incorporating bold new archetypes and contemporary meanings, Dreams of Gaia allows for a more personal and effective system for using tarot cards as a roadmap to navigate your life path. This deluxe set of 81 gilded cards and page book assists in deepening your own intuition. Earth Power Oracle reconnects us with the energy of 41 of the most sacred places on the globe. This magnificent oracle takes you on a mystic journey to ancient temples, natural sanctuaries, breathtaking landscapes, the haunting ruins of lost civilizations, and sacred waterways.

Boxed set includes 41 cards and page illustrated guidebook with descriptions, locations, and card spreads. Eternal Crystals Oracle Cards hold the wisdom and energetic vibration of 44 powerful crystals, each one chosen for its unique healing qualities. Each crystal relates to a specific chakra energy center in the body and highlights aspects of your life that may need special attention and healing. This deck offers clear guidance and direction for all levels of readers.

Includes page illustrated booklet. Faerie Tarot invites you to see the world in a delightful new way.

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This original deck offers fresh interpretations of traditional tarot, with vibrant art blending fantasy, whimsy and nature. Every card comes to life with exquisite details and charming motifs inspired by the four seasons. Lucy Cavendish guides you to the path of the Green World where the inhabitants of the Faery Forest offer you their insights, revelations and natural, wild wisdom.

Discover goddesses, faeries, witches, wise ones and wizards; powerful and trustworthy ancients and allies devoted to nurturing the wisdom that lies deep within your soul. Grounded in the epic tradition of faerytales, this enchanting oracle reveals the timeless wisdom in stories like The Little Match Girl, Cinderella, and Hansel and Gretel. This magickal deck also presents undiscovered gems, unearthing tales that inspire and delight. Each petite Fairy Dust card delivers a poetic message of fairy wisdom to guide and inspire you.

The card deck can be used as an oracle for light-hearted divination or for positive daily affirmations. By referencing familiar stories, Fairy Tale Lenormand helps readers connect with the cards in meaningful and memorable ways.

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The card deck, presented in a treasure chest tin, includes extra Gentleman and Lady cards. With page booklet. With luminous artwork, Fantastical Creatures Tarot offers glimpses of the mystical beings that inhabit our imagination, and reveals the lessons they can teach us.

Includes page booklet and Quick Reference card. Thai artist, Chatriya, has creatively fused traditional tarot symbolism with elements from her own culture and influences as far reaching as Egypt, Art Deco, mythology, and Japanese manga. Fenestra Tarot features beautifully rendered figures set off in frames suggestive of arched windows. Ciro Marchetti has situated the traditional German fortune telling deck at the turn of the 19th century in Victorian England. In this expanded gilt deck with three additional cards, rich images tell the stories of the workers as well as the wealthy during the Industrial Revolution.

Guidebook offers interpretations by three expert contributors. Includes 39 cards. Take a journey with Astar, a loving energetic consciousness whose energy permeates this deck with gentle wisdom and insight. Full of soothing nature photography, this card oracle deck provides a portal to connect you with the potential locked deep within you. Each card presents a flower in soft watercolor art, along with an affirmation. A luminous deck designed to bring peace and healing with 45 images and affirmations that reflect the loving wisdom of Gaia.

With page guidebook. Ghosts and Spirits Tarot explores the fascinating subject of ghosts, surveying supernatural lore and legend. Includes bonus card and instruction booklet. Gilded Reverie Lenormand showcases the digital talents of Ciro Marchetti with captivating imagery on 47 gilt-edged cards. This deck also provides extra Man, Lady, and Owl cards. Includes updated page instructional guidebook. Provides a pocketful of inspiration anywhere, anytime!

Includes 33 cards and page booklet. Through a dynamic combination of poetry, mythology, and ritual, this insightful oracle answers your questions and offers guidance for handling the challenges facing you. This set celebrates the many faces of the Goddess as she has been worshipped around the world. Includes 52 cards and page book. Not sold separately Made in China. The Goddess Tarot uses mythology to update traditional tarot with goddesses from around the globe.

The Goddess Tarot book is an indispensable guide to the language of mythical imagery, symbolism, and ancient feminine wisdom. Set includes card deck, page illustrated book, and custom, full-color spread sheet. Based on the notebooks and records of the Order of the Golden Dawn, these cards include references to symbolism of diverse religious and spiritual origins. The cards are treated with gilt edges and packaged in a deluxe display box with an illustrated book. Brings protection from the messengers of light to protect and guide you.

Includes 46 heart-shaped cards. Not sold separately. These adorable creatures have been transformed into 78 traditional tarot images. The bears cast their magic spells, wield their wands, and delight in reaching out to people through their mischievous imagery in the cards. Packaged in a versatile tin, includes page booklet of instructions. Fortune Telling Playing Cards Vintage deck of 52 cards with miniature cards in the upper left corners and descriptive pictures with meanings on the remaining portions of the cards.

Also suitable as a regular deck of playing cards. Haindl draws upon his knowledge of ancient cultures and his experience living with Native Americans to create a deck that is a penetrating study in reverence for nature. The Haindl Tarot deck also relates the spiritual traditions of many cultures to human experiences and to the sacred wonder of our Earth.

Includes 36 cards and an page guidebook featuring Halloween messages of divination. Though this book, like almost all Tarot books, describes the cards in order, the deck is meant to be shuffled, so that we constantly rearrange it, constantly create new possibilities. And even though we assign meanings to each card, its true power really comes alive when we see it in answer to a question in a reading.

Thus the Tarot, and what we can learn from it, is truly inexhaustible. The meaning of the Lovers seems clear when we ask What can I expect from this relationship? In this book I have tried to guide you into the cards with information about the symbolism and meaning of each one. The best way to learn the Tarot, however, is to use it. Some people believe you should never try to read the cards until you have gone through the book, studied it, even memorized the meanings of all seventy-eight pictures, both upright and reversed.

Whatever approach works for you is the one you should follow. For each card, I would set it down, consider it, then look it up in the book. Rather than read through the descriptions ahead of time and try to remember them, I got to know the cards in practice. In the process I did readings, mostly for my friends, that astonished both me and them with what the cards revealed.

At the same time that I checked the book for each card, I did not hesitate to go beyond what any book described if my intuition told me it was something different. I gave myself this freedom for two reasons. First, the descriptions were basic, and clearly we need to adapt them to each situation.

Second, I could see just looking at the cards that they contained whole worlds of wisdom beyond what any book could explain. So, if you wish to read through this book before you read the cards, by all means do so. And if you want to find your own way through the pictures before you venture past the introduction, go ahead. And if you want to start reading the cards right away, with the deck in one hand and this book in the other, I invite you to start.

You will notice that each of the sections on the Major Arcana contains a description of the card and its symbolism, a set of upright and reversed meanings reversed just means that when you turn a card face up, the picture appears upside down , and then, perhaps a little unusually, a spread, or layout, inspired by each card. Some of these spreads first appeared in my book Tarot Wisdom, but they go back much further. Many were created for a year-long course I taught called Becoming a Reader, but really, they come from my more than forty years reading—and playing—with the Tarot.

For nearly half a century I have worked with the Tarot, read it, thought about it, studied and played with it. After all this time, I can say one thing with certainty: we will never come to the end of it. The Tarot grows and changes as we grow and change.

Let the Tarot discover you so that you may discover yourself in the cards. The Major Arcana is what makes Tarot Tarot. This is true both as a simple fact—we define Tarot as a deck with four suits and the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana—and on deep levels of meaning. No one knows exactly when people started to tell fortunes with ordinary playing cards, but I suspect the practice probably goes back almost to the introduction of cards, since just about every device or game people use for gambling also gets used in divination and many other things, of course; no one gambles with bird entrails or the holes in cheese, both of which have been used for divination.

Reading cards, then, is not something unique to Tarot. In fact, this is true even if no Major Arcana cards happen to show up in the reading, for in the Tarot the Minor Arcana cards resonate with the symbolic ideas of the Majors. The first card sets with triumphs, or trumps, the original name for the Major Arcana, appeared around in Italy. As described in the introduction, people have long argued over whether those first trumps formed some kind of secret doctrine and, if so, what that doctrine might be.

If the trumps did not originally portray Egyptian teachings or the Jewish mystical tradition known as Kabbalah, they have. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join.