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The stories are fundamentally about resources that are unfairly withheld from their deserving recipients, and they almost always correspond to periods of colonial occupation and political suppression. In this light, mythical treasure might be seen as a repressed hope for future economic rewards.

In circumstances of hardship and dramatic wealth-inequality, the discovery of lost treasure becomes a plausible explanation for why one family is rich while their neighbors remain poor. If the status quo is a brutal and unshakeable class sytem, wealth is quite rationally explained as a matter of blind luck rather than hard work. It is unsurprising then that Ferdinand Marcos is sometimes cast as a conspirator in the retrieval of Japanese gold. One legend has it that a poor farmer discovered a golden statue of Buddha while ploughing his field, but this happy find was forcefully reappropriated by the Marcos regime.

Can there be any simpler analogy for the economic exploitation of the poor by the powerful? What is referred to today as "colonial mentality" is a kind of cultural inferiority complex stemming from past occupations by foreign rulers. Philippine cultural heritage and identity is a priceless treasure and well within our grasp. We need to recognize it before we destroy it in pursuit of a glittering mirage.

He has previously worked as an author and editor for Lonely Planet and a linguist at the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples Bohol.

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His article on Philippine stories about lost bells and other valuables is published this month in the Journal of Folklore Research. These stories made other people. Welcome to Rappler, a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change. Read more. Thank You.

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CSC grants eligibility to Sanggunian members Community. Facebook's Instagram expands ads to Explore feeds Tech News. One reason is that the ownership of the treasure is already being disputed by Spain, which owned the ship; Colombia, in whose waters it sits; and marine archaeologists, who found the ship. Laura Geggel at LiveScience reports that every year, the treasure galleon laden with precious metals and gems from mines in the Potosi region of Peru would depart South America, bound for Spain and flanked by a fleet of warships.

In , however, the escort squadron was delayed.

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Sure enough, the treasure ship met four English warships off the coast of Colombia. The ship, which had approximately people aboard, went down—too quickly for the British to salvage the treasure. Subscribe or Give a Gift. Sign up. SmartNews History. History Archaeology. World History.

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View our Spirits Journal to find out what our buyers are getting into next The smokiness comes forward at the first sip, wrapping around a core of oak and vanilla custard and finishing long, with a mouthwatering bitter chocolate note. The wonderful Limited Edition Ardbeg gives us a reason to celebrate the impending arrival of summer when they're released on Ardbeg Day - June 1st. The Limited Edition bottling is one of the most anticipated offerings every year and this year's "Ardbeg Drum" has taken the line to a whole new level.

Matured in ex-bourbon oak for presumably 10 years before being transferred entirely to ex-rum casks sourced from somewhere in the "Americas," the Ardbeg Drum is a totally new expression of the unique flavors of Islay's Ultimate Malt. Instead of the typical fre Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City.

The nose is just this side of hot and brings parched corn, sawn maple wood, spicy hard candy, and dry spearmint leaf.


Bright and spicy on the tongue; more candy and honey, and hints of teaberry and licorice that develop into the finish. A better package of flavor and price than the earlier Taylor releases; quite enjoyable. Taylor Bourbon is named for one of the fo One of New York state's best craft distilleries delivers a masterpiece with a bottled in bond wheated bourbon.

Situated on the east shore of Lake Seneca in the heart of the Finger Lakes wine country, McKenzie has always made their whiskies with locally sourced NY grain and dedicated themselves to environmental stewardship. Today they're better than ever. By law the bottled in bond is at least 4 years old, but the whiskey here is older than the legal minimum. Inventory: Main Warehouse San Francisco. The Puerto Rican rum Don Q has a history stretching back to but the brand only relaunched in the continental United States in The "Limited Edition" is only the second such special offering by the distillery and was aged for 10 years before release.

One of the best values we've yet to see in the rum market, Don Q remains the most undervalued player in the Puerto Rican rum market. While this is traditional spanish style rum, it doesn't sac We had an exceptional cask of Springbank last year that sold out after almost no effort on our part.

We only received 78 bottles from that cask because it had supposedly been split with another market. As it turns out, we might have found the rest of that cask. The supplier is unable to confirm if this is the rest of the cask that we didn't get last year or if in fact it is a sister cask. Again we've only been allocated a tiny amount bottles and the proof is slightly lower by one tenth of one percent.

If it is indeed the same juice, it certainly is Inventory: Main Warehouse. Independent bottler L'Encantada understands what Armagnac lovers want because that's exactly what they are. This group of Armagnac loving friends realized that some of the region's small estates were throwing away legendary eau-de-vie to blends made by the big negociants. They offered those estates a premium to retain the stocks for bottling as single casks at full strength.

Many of these estates had neither bottled Armagnac nor had any interest in marketing their precious eau-de-vie. But, our friends at L'Encantada realized that the soul of Armagnac exi It has been a but since we've had a single cask of Laphroaig and even longer since we've had one this old.

From Laing's excellent late 90s stock, we lucked out to be able to acquire this bottling at prices.


But, a good bit of luck and some even better tim The strikingly underappreciated Miltonduff distillery is unique in so many ways. Built on the site of an old mill for the Pluscarden Abbey, the distillery's old stone buildings hide one of Speyside's most delicious malts. Originally a Priory founded by King Alexander II in , the area became renowned for illicit distillation. Originally licensed in , the name "Milton" was taken from a still that operated on the property.

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The Duff family owned the lands surrounding the abbey, hence the name Miltonduff. The malt became an important component of the Inventory: Hollywood San Francisco. The exceptional Blair Athol Distillery sits just outside the picturesque town of Pitlochry at the base of the great Cairngorm Mountains. This barrel showing up just a few years after those exquisite examples of this low key distillery further proves that sherry and Blair Athol play in perfect harmony. Famous in the U. To say there has been a renaissance in interest in the unusually special distillery in the town of Brora would be an understatement.

While the owners seem to be uninterested in further expanding the distillery's repertoire beyond the standard offerings, the rest of the world is crying out for more Clynelish. It doesn't hurt that Clynelish's sister distillery Brora, nearly mythical in the eyes of many connoisseurs and novices alike, has recently announced its reopening, but Clynelish itself deserves praise for its exceptional character and unmatched compl These two casks were located by the proprietor of Fitte et Laterrade by pure chance.

The little domaine had distilled a tiny bit of Armagnac nearly two decades ago. The farmer who grew the grapes, proud of his work in the fields, spent a considerable amount of money to purchase new oak for the liters or so of eau-de-vie that he managed to squeeze out of his tiny estate. There they sat, occasionally co The domaine stopped cultivating vines in and was famous for having a giant barrel fashioned from an old train car.

While the domaine's eau-de-vie were top notch, the heavier clay soils resulted in eau-de-vie that need extra time to truly become expressive. But after about 20 years, it's clear The Isle of Jura is one of those incredible malts that we almost never see in the wild.

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Partly that's because they just don't make that much whisky. Isle of Jura has its following, but the little distillery on the sparsely populated island to the north of Islay isn't a household name by any means. The island's inhabitants are vastly outnumbered by a massive population of red deer, who keep the islands vegetation from growing beyond the lowest grasses. The infertil Fitte et Laterrade is one of a new breed of micro-bottler that's becoming more prominent in this complex region. The incredibly diverse producers of Armagnac across Gascogne have previously not had many options if and when they chose to commercialize their stocks.

This small bottler came into existence thanks to a chance meeting between wine professional Vincent Laterrade and the Fitte family of Chateau de Herrebouc.

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Together they embarked on a journey through Gascogne to find the region's hidden jewels. They build relationships with tiny producers and o Inventory: Hollywood. This special Kirkwall distillery truly shines at cask strength, something their owners seems to shy away from.

Thanks to our longstanding partnership with the Laings, we were able to purchase this 21 year old beauty in the first place - tack onto that the insane price and well, pinch yourself. We thought the era of deals like this was long gone.