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It is basically a simple mantra, but much more important is the link that is established. In Buddhist terms you can say empowerment. You can go and read any book and stand on your head and practice anything you like, but without an empowerment it's not possible, so it's like this, similar. So, they have an initiation I had not taken. I had spent years in different parts of the Ramakrishna Mission but I had not taken initiation.

For some reason, it didn't work. I went once, and something happened, I had to be posted out, and so on. I knew some very senior monks, I knew the president who was a very great man, but in that time I couldn't get initiation. He asked, "You've not been initiated right?

The rule has just been changed, I can initiate.

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So I said, "Now what to do? And then he said something very interesting, since he knew me from childhood and knew all my background. He suddenly asked me, "Do you pray five times a day? Why do you ask Swamiji? This is a mind, an expanded mind. So I have met so many people like this. I met the people that belong to complete dualism, like the Madwas -- it doesn't matter, these are all different strands. The most important thing I understand as much as I know is that you should be sincerely seeking after something and accept nothing but the best.

To seek, first you need to follow rules and regulations and develop a compassionate mind. I don't think the mind can be purified by sitting for an hour quietly, or ten hours, or half a minute. Well, you can become aware of your mind, of course, mindfulness. But you have to practically act in a kind way, not just theorize about that. In fact, among the Jains, Ahimsa is a physical act, not a philosophy. They say the greatest dharma is nonviolence.

Mahavira said, "Every living being loves his or her life, and you have no right to take it. This kindness, Ahimsa, now that is Jain. In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, there is not even a God mentioned, there is no Iswhara, nothing is mentioned. First stanza The stopping of, the clearing of the distractions of the mindstuff is yoga.

So what is the first rule to be followed? I hope you all know that Yoga is called Asthanga Yoga in it's orthodox sense of the term which Patanjali wrote. This reminds me, once in Wisconsin I went to address an Asthanga Yoga circle. I thought to open we should ask a question, so I said, "I am sure you know who is the founder of Ashthanga Yoga? Well, he was a great teacher, no question about that. So, even in Sankhya, in Yoga, in all modes of philosophy, you may say that you cannot dissolve and there is only the supreme being, nondual.

Everybody agrees that you have to evolve. Everybody agrees that you have to become less selfish. Everybody agrees that you shouldn't harm others. After that, when your mind is purified, you can decide. Once, one person came to Babaji, my Guru Babaji, Maheshwarnath Babaji, and he was an Vaishnavite, you know how the orthodox Vaishnavaite like ISKCON for instance, has markings vertical lines on forehead , came and said, Babaji, I know you are a great being, but according to you who is the supreme God — Vishnu or Shiva?

I want to have the Dharsan of the lord. So finally when you develop and when you see the head, then you can see if the mark is this way or this way vertical or horizontal Why are you discussing this now? To develop, to move forward. Your life has this quality of an untiring mind, that you continue to serve, even to think of doing a country-wide walk at the age of In your autobiography you had this moment where you heard an inner voice say, "follow the Bodhisattva path. Can you share more of your understanding of the Bodhisattva path?

The Sutrayana, also known as Theravada Buddhists, don't have a concept of a Bodhisattva. One attains perfection and becomes and Arahat. Arahant means perfected being. One who has touched nirvana has become an Arahant. Even the Jains pray to such a one. The Bodhisattva concept is that one has crossed over, almost.

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One foot is on the other side of the border, the other is here. It's not as if you haven't touched the other side. It's not that you have given that up. It is there, because without that basis it is tricky. So one foot is there. What the Buddhist scriptures say, one who has crossed on the other shore has not fully crossed, he hesitates, he says "My God, there are so many people suffering, let me go back and take a few with me, at least. So may I feel the thankfulness for looking after me, and take them also to nirvana. When such people decide to keep their complete nirvana in a kind of a closed door with a key, and decide to do serve, they don't lose energy.

How can you lose energy? Because you are working from the source of all energy. It is not as if you are giving away something and it is exhausted. If I have ten pens and I give away nine, when I come to the tenth one, I would hesitate and say, "Oh there is only one left. There is nothing to hold on to. You get what I mean? Since there is hardly any self-centeredness — there is a little bit of course, since the human body is there — there is no loss of energy. There is no loss of vitality. It's still quite ok.

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  6. I told you I am The body is If I had spent maybe more energy to keep the body young, it could have been younger, but that is not the main thing in this path right? But the very fact that something has been touched keeps the body energetic, if not completely young. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. After 2 washes, I noticed a huge difference. I wash my hair every other day and these will probably last almost 2 months.

    You need to rotate in or switch to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner starting immediately after your Brazilian Keratin treatment. Like conventional shampoos, there is a wide variety for different types of hair. I am mentally prepared to see the Brazilian start falling out somewhere between months as is the nature of my hair. My Japanese hair straightening lasted 4 months, but I was able to slack on getting another until months because it still looked OK.

    Again, my hair is really thick so I get charged top dollar, typically. San Diego Travel Tips. I am going to talk to you about this tonight! I have mostly straight hair but it still needs to be blowdried. But I hate getting ready — so I wet bun it to work! Ouidad salons are experts in curly hair. Check them out! Does the Brazilian Keratin Treatment contain formaldehyde? What is the active straightening ingredient?

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    Keratin by itself does not straighten. If you have never done a keratin treatment, I strongly recommend that you have it done by a professional and that the salon is well ventilated. I have had several keratin treatments and in my experience my eyes, nose and throat were all burning from the fumes, which are absolutely NOT safe to breath for any length of time no matter what anyone tells you! As for the results, my hair is highlighted, a combination of wavy and curly, and very frizzy unless blown dry and flat ironed. However, I still must blow dry and use the flat iron to achieve desired results.

    My hair air dried looks the same as without the treatment. So, is it worth it? It takes hours, especially if you have long hair like mine. It is expensive and depending on how often you wash your hair, it may not last longer than months, which flies by quickly. Not true at all. The treatment therefore was applied without gloves, and had virtually no odor to it.

    Also, you must not actually have coarse, frizzy hair if you think a can of hairspray can solve it. And I use hairspray daily. The keratin treatment is a lifesaver for someone with truly frizzy hair. Hi there, Thanks for this informative review. What about after that? Can you use mouse, gells, de-frizzers, glossers, thickening sprays, etc? Perhaps at drugsores? After the 2nd day it will feel a little stringy. I really appreciated for sharing your story here which will lead to consider some major point before going or deciding for Brazilian Keratin or other kind of straightening hair. Thanks for sharing informative note on it.

    JTS uses ammonium thioglycolate, just like a permanant wave. BKT uses formaldehyde or a cousin aldehyde—it is created when formalin a liquid reacts with the degree heat of the flat iron to create formaldehyde gas. Sodium chloride salt and Sulfates break down the coating, thus, the shampoo recommendations. There are many inexpensive shampoos free of these ingredients—read the ingredients lable. If your stylist did not explain all of this to start with, find a new salon.

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    BTW: The reason you cannot shampoo for at least 48 hours is because at the stage immdiately after the service, the heat from the shower remember what I told you about the heat from the flat iron? A woman in Brazil died from showering immediately after a service. All that said, there are third-genertion straighteners on the way that soften and weaken bonds but do not break them, and use no aldehydes. You say that there are many inexpensive shampoos free of these ingredients, but it would be brilliant if you could list some of them? This whole area of shampoos that you can definitely use post the keratin treatment seems to be a minefield.

    Is John Masters ok to use? They all vary in price, I just google until the best buy comes up! I got the treatment done and LOVE brazilian keratin treatment and I have been blowing my hair straight for 17 years and using the iron and for once all I have to do is blow dry it. My hair is finally getting back to being healthy.

    It just gets curlier over time and will go back to normal. That happened to me at about 4 months. Keratin is good for your hair so it might actually help the dryness. Ask your stylist. I had this treatment done on my daughter the other day. There is maintenance you have to do for the first 4 days.

    If it gets kinked or ridges you must straight iron it. I have done it quite a few times throughout these past 3 days. Wearing a silk wrap loosely at night will help you can get one cheap at any beauty supply store. Her hair is straighter BUT the true test is after we wash it. My hair is soft with fine touch but it is wavey. I made Kiratin treatment the day before yesterday. I want to wash my hair after 48 hours now. Can I??? I think it depends on the type of keratin system they used on your hair.

    Rejuvenating Serum - Lotion

    I would call yours to make sure though! Depending on the treatment you got but i believe you HAVE to wait 4 days. I have been doing the Brazilian Keratin for a year now. Did it four times. I come home and wash my hair and it looks amazing and I love it. It burns my eyes too much. I had my Ksilk Keratin done 3 months ago. I can not even begin to express how this has changed my life!

    Dissertations & Theses from 2018

    I have always had the frizziest, curliest hair and have never been able to wear it straight. No matter how much time and product I put into my hair as soon as I walk out the door the hummidity takes over and my hair balloons out! I have always hated my hair! But now after having the Ksilk Keratin treatment on my hair I feel like a new woman. My hair looks so beautiful. I LOVE it! I will definitely be getting another one in about 3 more months! I just had this treatment done on my 12 year old daughter. She is bi-racial and has super tight ringlet curls.

    For her the hair is still curly it is just a more relaxed curl and the friz is GONE! Thank you Jesus! BB gets washed after the final flatironing, so you can wash as soon as you feel like it—the keratin applied is no longer malleable. Not so with the gentler, formaldehyde-free treatments.

    I had thebrazilian blowout done and had a very bad experience.. This damaged my hair really bad.. Does anyone know what I can use to get the treatment out of my hair? And my hair looks awful.. I just want it out.. I had that experience with going to a cheaper salon for a Japanese hair straightening. I tried numerous products but what helped the most is getting a deep hair conditioning treatment from a salon.

    Though Japanese is a different technique, it took a while for it to settle down. It will also strip out dyes, so you may have to get a color touch up after. Your hair looks fantastic! I got my brazilian hair straightening 4 months ago and I have loved it! Can you still use a hair straightener after having had the hair treatment?

    I am using the recommended shampoo, and not washing it every day, just rinsing sometimes, but wanted to find out if I could straighten once in a while without doing too much damage to the treatment. Hi Caitlyn…I use a hair straightener almost daily. It just needs a very little as it takes right to it. I have to use it on my ends or my hair will look like toothpicks way too straight!

    For me the heat has not taken away the keratin treatment. I sometimes follow my blow-dry or air-dry with a flatiron and a heat-protectant spray. The mfr. In the shower yesterday, I noticed that 6th ingredient from the last is Sodium Chloride!! Hi Michaele.. My salon has been using the Lasio keratin and everyone is happy with the results. When he finished I had a few hairs sticking up and he grabbed the Moroccan hair spray and we talked about the product line. I actually used Moroccan Oil too! It was fine, on my hair anyway.

    In fact, I had a conversation about it with the rep that was at the same salon event I was at. Hello, Thank you for sharing. I am about to get brazilian blowout and was wondering if you could please share which shampoo you used for flaky scalp? I have the same issue and am having a very hard time finding appropriate shampoo that will help with dry itchy scalp and is safe to use after the treatment. I heard pureology made an excellent one, but it is now discontinued… just my luck!! Thank you in advance, Jeniya. Hi, I have just purchased and put in the Brazilian Keratin treatment by Organix from the drug store.

    I think I put too much in because even with blow drying and flat ironing it does not want to dry like if I put grease in sometimes I am white, but have very thick naturally wavy hair. I noticed my ends frying and looking frizzled from the heat. I am hoping mine will be like that but I just want to wash some of it out and then maybe try ironing it again without so much of it in. Now I do, for me it means use less than half of the bottle because my hair is not even shoulder length and though it practically absorbs the stuff, it is very hard to get it dry with too much of it in.

    I also bought the Organix shampoo and conditioner so I will use that. However, I have well water and use a water softener so I am hoping the salt in my water is not going to mess things up…. I had no idea that you can buy a kit from the drug store. Do let us know how it goes after you wash it. Was it expensive? Hi there! I have a water softener actually. I did it yesterday and am in the process of waiting the 72hours. I can feel a little of the product, but nothing major.

    Do you use those for your aftercare and, if so, how do you like them? They were very reasonably priced compared to the Brazilian Blowout brand sold at my salon. Go to an actual Korean or Japanese salon to get it done, not a high-end Beverly Hills type salon. I have to say I love Japanese straightening because its permanent, makes hair easy to manage, is fermaldehyde-free and you can any products with it. The only reason I switched to Brazilian is because I wanted more body and the ability to hold curl and wave more easily.

    I just did the Brazilian Blowout and I am looking for a shampoo without all the bad stuff. I have heard of the Moroccan oil and shampoo. Jhb, South Africa. Hello, I have checked out my area for Brazillian Blowout and they all have told me I could go home that very same day and wash and blow dry my hair. I had it done for a very reasonable price by a woman working out of her home. Any way, I am fairly happy. My hair is a combination of fine, and extra wavy in the back with extra fullness. My hair has always frizzed after styling in damp weather, fog, humidity… I think it still has some of that and I still need to use oil on my hair for blowdrying.

    I am using Kerastase oils, but yesterday used Morrocan Oil for fine hair. Loreal the maker of the Kerastase line also makes Sufate free Shampoos and Conditioners on the cheap. Very Emollient and very nice products for the price. My favorite is the Smoothing shampoo and conditioner. They are very kind to fine hair and help keep it intact for blowdrying. I find I still have to take care of my hair with softening products but like the added smoothness following my blowdry.

    My hair just looks longer and fuller. There is a great book out, Curly Girl, on various ways of caring for wavy, curly hair. They also have a website and this website also supportys local salons that focus on the curly hair. I recently read that adding oil to shampoo helps soften the hair and add shine. One of the oils recomended is Coconut which I have been using on my skin. It is great and increases the lather in the shampoo! I still need the extra part of conditioning but this has been a boon.

    Hi everyone, I got the cappola keratin blow out express done last Friday.

    I immediately fell in love with my new hair the day it was done. The first day I washed it, it was ok. I blow dried it and it was kind of frizzy, but it only took about 15 mins to flat iron compared to the hour it used to take. It was a little less curly than natural but still frizzy. And this time it took a half hour to flat iron. Idk if it is because I got the express done and not the 6 month treatment?

    Tips for Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Care

    Anyone have any ideas? Also I absolutely hate the shampoo and conditioner. I have the cappola brand. It totally does not make my hair feel clean.

    Theses and Dissertations Available from ProQuest

    My hair smells like nothing. Does anyone know of any that keep your hair smelling nice? Or if I can use regular conditioner? Either way, I would be irritated. Coppola Keratin Complex brand DOES have sodium chloride—which is why my salon stopped selling it even for its customers who elect the Keratin Complex treatment over the Brazilian Blowout. Should I return the product? La Jolla writer of post sais she s used this shampoo after the treatment… and I am so confused now. Please help! My stylist recommended it too. Did you find a shampoo that works for you without sodium in it?

    Here is the truth: sodium chloride—whether in shampoo, sea water, or even just your sweat—WILL dissolve the keratin from your treatment. Moroccanoil Brand shampoo is NOT keratin-safe. Read labels! How a stylist could recommend you use a shampoo containing sodium is beyond me. They also make a conditioner I use. This product can only be bought in salons.

    You can find a shampoo without salt in it. The salt will start to take away your treatment. Pretty expensive treatment to let go to waste. Hope that helps!!!!! La Jolla Mom, What is the shampoo you use for flakes? I have the same problem—Brazilian done with flakes!