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If you are interested in lizards, you can't go wrong with this book. Husband teaching grandkids. I purchased this book for my 8-year-old son who is obsessed with Lizards.

Lizard Facts

There are great illustrations for him to look at and plenty of information for us to read and learn about the various types of lizards. Wonderful book Good choice for young and old alike. Ir a Amazon. Volver arriba.

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    Photo: Scientists discover new species of Komodo dragon-like lizard

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    Beaded Lizard. Bearded Dragon. Black Breasted Leaf Turtle. Several species of water monitors have been discovered on Sulawesi and surrounding islands in recent years. But the discoveries come as a mixed blessing for the species. On one hand, researchers can ask authorities to protect the species from trade. On the other, reptile collectors are always on the lookout for previously unknown species. When scientists report discoveries, reptiles hunters are not long to follow, poaching specimen from the wild.

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    Monitors are a family of carnivorous lizards found throughout Asia, Australia, and Africa. Koch A.

    The Prehistoric Predator - Wildest Lizards - Discovery UK

    Refining the polytypic species concept of mangrove monitors Squamata: Varanus indicus group : a new cryptic species from the Talaud Islands, Indonesia, reveals the underestimated diversity of Indo-Australian monitor lizards. Australian Journal of Zoology, 57 1 : Global warming causes sheep to shrink.