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As the game revolves around Max Caulfield , a teenager at a senior school for arts and science, there are a lot of pop-cultural, artistic and scientific references throughout the game. Many of those references are quite elusive and old-school, and reflect inspirations for the development of the game, or are nods towards other artists. There are some media that heavily influenced and inspired Life is Strange , as evident by the parallels between the game's plot and setting and those works. Numerous references to these main inspirations can be found throughout the game.

During a CNC conference about realism in videogames that was held in June , Cano confirmed that Stephen King 's work was a source of inspiration in the creation of the game's plot and its universe.

TV listings: Here are the feature and TV films airing the week of June 16 - 22, 12222

One of the things Life is Strange is full of, is scientific references focused, of course, around scientifically controversial issues about time travel, its paradoxes and "what", "why" and "how" does Max Caulfield a seemingly "normal" teenager, can bend time and space. There are a lot of references to modern science and possible explanations for Max Caulfield 's rewinding power.

Max theories and conclusions after pulling an all-nighter to research about Time and Time Travel. The developers conducted research on the setting by travelling to the Pacific Northwest for the purpose of conveying a nostalgic and autumnal feel to the game. The development team visited the region, took photographs, looked at local newspapers and used Google Street View to make sure the environment was accurately portrayed.

There are a lot of locations Arcadia Bay is based off. The name, Arcadia Bay, is heavily speculated to be named after the 90's play Arcadia, by Tom Stoppard. In the play, Stoppard examines the effects of time and how the decisions we make affect the people of the future, which is a common theme found in the game. The interior is incredibly similar, and there is a newspaper article in the airplane in Episode 5 with the headline "Two Moon Diner?

Fun fact: The official website of the Blue Moon Diner says "Welcome fellow time travelers" in the upper-left corner and someone posed as Max Caulfield in the comments, stating, "Couldn't decide between the Bacon omelette and the Belgian waffle, they're both hella good. Another comment, made by someone posing as Chloe Price says, "Come here all the time with my bestfriend. Love the bacon omelette its hella amazing.