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For optimal soul development, we have to start with a completely blank slate.

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Think of it like this: someone may feel very interested and captivated by the American Civil War. Some would argue this is because they are looking at images they are familiar with. This is the most common and reliable way to work through past life memories, especially if you have a hunch that you experienced something scary or traumatic. Therapists who are trained and specialize in regression will actually work you through a guided meditation in which you will use feelings in your body to trace back through memories that you had suppressed.

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Instead, these patterns manifest in similar issues and feelings that they experienced in the former life. Past life regression is great for people who have an inexplicable amount of pain, resistance, fear or a particularly challenging relationship in their lives.

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It is also great for people who have irrational fears. Often, these things are not random at all: they are leftover energy patterns from former lifetimes, in which that person potentially had a negative experience.

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Going through a past life regression and simply remembering where the fear or relationship came from is great for being able to take action in your current life and heal the experience once and for all. A trained specialist will have you hold out your arm or hand, and to keep it still. Therefore, if someone taps you, your hand will fall a bit. Kinesiology works best if the practitioner can ask a series of questions and your body can naturally respond. Past life regression and exploration can be very useful for people who want help working through some of their more difficult issues or patterns in their current life.

You just have to show up and try.

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When is your next one so you have another chance? Andrew Matthius.

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