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Maybe Hartung is also the author of a treatise on dreaming and sleeping. Sermones Postillen : Augsburg, StadtsB. Mertens gives a concordance of postillae known through the five principal mss. IV 37, Cent. VI 53, Cent. IV 40; St. Gallen Stiftsbib. Schneyer, II, ; V. Beobachtungen zur Textgeschichte von Predigten des Hartwig von Erfurt. English friar. Born in Kent. Received the habit on Good Friday Thereafter, between and around active as a teacher of the Order in Oxford, Tours, Bologna, Padua and probably Paris. Took part in the general chapter of Assisi, and one of the members of the delegation that asked pope Gregory IX for a declaration on the rule resulting in Quo Elongati , 28 September In , he was papal legate at Nicea Byzantine empire.

After , Haymo became one of the more active critics of Elias of Cortona. In , he was a driving force within the delegation that vocalised a number of complaints against Elias before pope Gregory IX in Rome. Albert of Pisa was elected in his place. When Albert died on 23 January , Haymo was elected minister general of the order on 1, 11, In his new position, Haymo took action against supporters of Elias such as Gregory of Naples and made several visitationary journeys. Stimulated the publication of the Expositio Regulae Quattuor magistrorum , and excluded lay brothers from high offices in the order.

Breviarium : See a. Sources of the modern Roman liturgy: the ordinals by Haymo of Faversham and related documents - , ed. Stephen Joseph Peter van Dijk, 2 Vols. Leiden-Boston: Brill, Faversham', LThK , 3 , ; C. Mein: Peter Lang, , Paris: J. Migne, Digitally available via Google Books. There are probably three additional volumes to this work. Juan de San Antonio also mentions a 4-volume compendium of dogmatic, historical, mystical and evangelical theology that would have been issued in paris in But I suspect these are the four volume of De la Loy Chrestienne.

Studied in the theology degree program at Erfurt matriculated in Spring under Johan Bremer. Became the first lector at Rostock, and received the licence and the magisterium in his promotores were Johan Bremer and Matthias Doering. Held various positions in German Franciscan studia generalia until his death before Lector philosophiae at Erfurt? Successor of Bartholomaeus Anglicus as lector at Magdeburg.

There he wrote his Denarius sive Decacordus [a pious autobiography annex praise of God for the ten beneficia that God had granted him and hopefully would grant him in this life and in the life to come, namely: predestinatio, nativitas, baptismus, conservatio usque ad annos discretionis, clericatus, confirmatio, religio, sacerdotium, mors bona, vita eterna. Work is reminiscent of Hugh of St. For a concise analysis see Schlageter ] After his Magdeburg assignment, Helwicus became lector at Erfurt. It is unclear whether the ascription of the Lombardus Metricus is correct.

Lombardus Metricus [inc: Res et signa sunt doctrine duo membra; expl. In all more than 20 mss. The work has not been edited. I, no. Verfasserlexikon XI, Kulturbesitz cod. Rosenthal 36 ff. Denarius sive Decacordum , ed. Meyer, in: Franz von Assisi. Westfalen, , Henricus de Montejardino Enrico da Montegiardino, first half 14th cent. Friar from Genua or its vicinity. Theology master and preacher. Taught in Naples. To him can be ascribed a number of sermons, as well as biblical commentaries. Francisci of Ferrara. Unclear whether the latter was really a commentary on the Apocalyps or in fact the commentary on the Gospel of John.

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Bartolomeo degli Albizzi, Opus English friar? Mentioned as a magister of theology active in Paris around To him are ascribed quodlibetal questions, but I have not been able to trace those. Chris Schabel Brill: Leiden-Boston, 20xx , Henricus Berninck ca.

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Friar of the Cologne province. Active as provincial, guardian and preacher. Active in St. Voorstudies Nieuwe reeks. Ante Saec. XVI , ed. Verfasserlexikon I , English friar and theologian in Oxford. Would have writtens several works. Henricus Caletensis Henri de Calais, fl. French Observant friar from the Aquitaine province and traveller to the Holy Land in during the great jubilee. The edition is accessible via Google Books. Les sept flammes d'amour sortant de la fournaise ardente du fils de Dieu pendant en la Croix Paris, Born in Bastenaken Bastogne and studied as well-to-do student at Louvain inscribed in August in the pedagogium De Valk.

Almost immediately after starting his studies, he sought out the Franciscans and he might have started his noviciate as early as On 18 and 19 December he is ordained, first as Acolyte and the day after as dubdeacon. Became active as a preacher in Flanders and Brabant. In the years he lived and preached in Antwerp, then possibly forced to flee during the temporary Protestant takeover. In , he probably is in Brussels based on a correspondence with the printer Plantin , in the context of the publication of his only known work: a versified French biblical theatre piece that also includes five prayers.

Back in Antwerp in , where he is a vicar for his friary between and and where he dies on December 31, He had a good homiletic reputation, and apparently also preached at the Court in Brussels.

Gian Piero de Bellis

The werk was dedicated to Joannes Balla, abbot of St. It is a theatre piece with a cast of 22 persons biblical figures and angels , followed by five prose prayers on pp. It is reminiscent of comparable theatre pieces produced by a slightly younger contemporary Friar Minor from the same region, namely Philippe Bosquier. Denuce, Correspondence de Plantin, t. Probably a friar minor from Portugal.

Was a judge before his alledged entrance in the order. Worked later in India Came back to Portugal, became confessor of the king and engaged in several diplomatic missions. Since bishop of Ceuta and administrator of the Archdiocese of Lissabon. Henrique de Coimbra, O Missionario. O Diplomata. O Bispo', Studia Lissabon , 37 , Franciscan theologian.

Possibly from Costessey, near Norwich. Maybe he did his early studies in Oxford lectorate program? He and some fellow Franciscans were supposed to apear at the papal court in Avignon to be examined, yet it is unclear as to whether he actually went there. He seems to have died at Babwell friary in Suffolk in He wrote a number of sermons no surviving mss? The commentaries on Luke and Wisom no longer seem to survive.

In his exegetical works, and notably in his Psalm commentary possibly completed in Oxford after his regency in Cambridge, while being under suspicion of heresy, considering the references to a converted Jewish scholar, who maybe should be identified with John of Bristol, active in Oxford in the later s , Henry showed his knowledge of Hebrew, criticizing exegetes such as Nicholas Trevet and Nicholas of Lyre. In Psalmos : Cambridge, Christ's College, MS 11 mid 15th-century copy of a now lost original once present in the library of the Carthusians of Coventry. The prologue and the epilogue to this commentary are soon issued in Mediaeval Studies.

In Apoc. Paul's; London, Brit. Museum, Harley XIV ff. SC Rawlinson C. Not found? Wadding, Scriptores. Oxford, Jahrhunderts', in: Miscellanea Biblica et Orientalia R. Henricus de Barben active ca. Lector of Magdeburg ca. Murchard Bib. Manuscripta Iuridica 26 f. Born ca. After , when Henri already had established himself as a prominent itinerant preacher in the French provinces, he became one of the close collaborators and confessors of Colette of Corbie.

That year Henri travelled with Colette to the papal court in Nice, where pope Benedict XIII allowed Colette to become a poor Clare and granted her the power to found a reformed female religious community. Henri was made counsellor and collaborator of Colette, with the urgent wish of the pope to assist her throughout. Thereafter, more houses would follow. Subsequent minister generals of the Franciscan order Anthony of Massa and Guillaume de Casale , gave Henri the privilege to act as general visitator of the Coletan convents and to act as general vicar of the male Coletan houses in service of the Coletan sisters.

AFH 50 , Not only to have his bodily remains close to the sisters, but also to prevent a noisy and troublesome cult. She feared that, when his body would be buried in the church, his renown and the miracles on his grave would attract too many people and would interfere with the religious life of the nuns. Ascetical treatises and prayers, several of which are of uncertain authorship.

Among these, Lopez counts as genuine works of Henry: 1. Elizabeth Lopez, Revue Mabillon , 5 , ]; and 3. Castan Paris, , The other two letters are found in the archives of the Poor Clares of Gent Flanders. Statuta Fr. Henrici de Balma, primi Vicarii Colettinorum Monasteriis s. Colettae inservientium , ed. Lippens, Sacris Erudiri , 1 , Ipse solus audiat confessiones sororum inclusarum, necnon illarum devotarum que vacant in servitio dictarum religiosarum ab extra. Socius vero eius sit frater sacerdos, predicator et confessor; et confiteantur se mutuo cum expediens fuerit, et sit maturus, honestus, devotus et pacificus; et sit coadiutor fidelis in sibi possibilibus dicto confessari.

Et sint pariter cum ipsis duo fratres layci in subsidium sancte paupertatis. Et si eis complacuerit poterunt soluto matutino mutuo se reconciliari.

Et eadem hora fratres layci persolvent eorum officium de pater noster, et post vacent diligenter meditationi et sentimentis passionis christi, et notitie sui status ac sue dignissime vocationis, orantes ferventius pro salute vivorum atque mortuorum. In ipsorum refectionibus teneatur communiter salutiferum silentium, et sument beneficia dei cum debita honestate et gratiarum actione.

In principio vero mense et in fine regulariter habeatur devota lectio. Et rogo fratres meos quantum possum, quod feria sexta legant Regulam sanctissimam, bene distincte et devote et per integrum; et quod interdum legant sanctum testamentum sanctissimi patris nostri cum magna devotione. Et hoc plurimum in domino exopto, quod hec sanctissima Regula sciatur ab omnibus, et ex singulari devotione fratres deferent, quia pro observatione ipsius certi sumus de vita eterna. Et amore dei vitentur verba noxia et inutilia in mensa et alibi.

Et bonum est quod fratres dicant communiter ante benedictionem De profundis et Fidelium pro defunctis. Germain, Sainte Colette de Corbie Paris, , Vita Fratris Henrici de Balma , ed. AFH , 2 , See now also the new studies by Anna Campbell and Ludovic Viallet. French friar. Preacher in the Parisian province. Known for the production of a confession treatise. Henricus de Brisingham second half 13th century.

Lector in Oxford between and Magister regens in Cambridge between and Little, Grey Friars in Oxford , n, ; J. Henricus de Bukentop Hendrik van Bukentop, - Belgian friar from Antwerp. Entered the Recollect Reform, to specialise after his priesthood in Greek, Hebrew and other languages of the Bible. Became lector at the Franciscan convent of Louvain Thereafter, he was provincial definitor , guardian of the Louvain convent , custos, and visitator for the Saxony province.

He wrote a number of biblical commentaries and related works on biblical philology and exegesis described by Paquot. Centum canones seu regulae pro intelligentia S. Both editions available via Google Books. Available via Google Books. Notae in psalterii davidici item libri actuum apostolorum translationem Flandricam, ut praefertur, Embricae impressam Louvain: Typis Henrici van Overbeke, Medulla tritici sive substantia totius S.

Scripturae versibus comprehensa Louvain: Typis Henrici van Overbeke, Tractatus de sensibus S. Scripturae et cabala judaeorum Louvain: Apud Aegidium Denique, The edition is available via Google Books. Paedagogus ad sancta sanctorum sive dux fidelis ingredi cupientibus penetralia S. Scripturae , 2nd Ed. Louvain: Typis Francisci vande Velde, Lux de luce libri tres, in quorum primo ambiguae locutiones, in secundo variae ac dubiae lectiones Quae in Vulgata Latina S. Scripture Editione occurrunt Lamy, Biographie nationale de Belgique 3 , ; S.

Henricus de Burgeis Henricus Burgus, fl. Friar from Tirol. Member of the Bolzano Bozen convent in Between and , he wrote a long allegorical penitential poem, entitled Der Seele Rat. The poem ends with a trial of Satan. Heinrich emphasises the importance of indulgences and the ways to acquire them.

Florence, Der Seele Rat , aus der Brixenser Handschrift herausgegeben, ed. Der Seele Rat , ed. Juni , ed. Rainer Loose Bolzano Bozen, , ;. Friar from the Genua province. Bachelor of theology at Paris. Subequent master of theology. Therafter lector at the Bologna Studium until January In Lucca, he held a synod , of which the acts in 11 articles have survived.

In , political and military problems forced him to leave Tuscany. He settled in Avignon, where he became entangled in the usus pauper controversy. Pope Clement V charged him with a clerical mission, aiming to bring disobedient spirituals back into allegiance with their Franciscan superiors cf.

AFH 66 , , AFH 79 , Later, he also was asked to give advise on inquisitorial jurisdiction in matters of sorcery. He died before 20 August, when the episcopal chapter of Lucca was officially informed about his death , and not in The legal arguments used in the Tractatus de Statu Dispensativo suggest a decent exposure to legal doctrines, which raises questions concerning the place of legal materials in the theology studies of the Franciscan order in the years leading up to the prohibition of legal studies in Parisian constitutions.

AFH 27 , Barnabas Heinrich Rome, ; A. Emili, R. Passages of the Latin text are also cited in the studies of Manselli , Emili , Lambertini For the context of the work, see also Conetti Constitutiones Synodales. See: R. Lucae III, ff. Bascour Louvain, , Piana, Chartularium , 62; C. Roberto Lambertini, Memorie domenicane ; nuova ser. Studi per il settantesimo compleanno di Mario Ascheri, I. La formazione del diritto comune, II. Gli universi particolari, III. Studi per l'ottantesimo compleanno di Giuseppe Avarucci , ed.

Franciscan reading master. Holzapfel , Henricus de Elsenbroeck - English friar and member of the Newcastle custody. Nothing is currently known about this text? Belgian Recollect from the Lower Germany province. Also editor of the Medulla S. Evangelii Per Christum Dictata S. Both editiona available via Google Books. Marianum haseletum, sive Historia perantiquae miraculosae imaginis et capellae nec non fraternitatis insignis B. Vera fraternitas declamanda confratribus sodalitatum S. Brevis elucidatio literalis S.

Bonaventura Dernoye, Medulla S. Bonaventuram Dernoye , ed. Henricus de Jonghen Antwerp. XXVII, HB I 84 ff. Sbaralea mentioned that a manuscript of this work once was also present in the library of the Sacro Convento of Assisi. Franciscan friar and canonist. Probably born in Merseburg. Might have studied canon law and even have obtained a law degree at Paris before his entrance in the Franciscan order see on this also the 14th. In , and again in , he taught at the Franciscan studium of Magdeburg the first Franciscan studium generale in the German province.

Several charters from seem to indicate that Henry also taught as lector at the Franciscan studium of Erfurt. Heinrich's work had a substantial success in Northern Germany. Around , a Franciscan lector probably not the Magdeburg lector Henricus of Barben, who is mentioned in this regard by several scholars wrote to this work an Apparatus ad summam fratris Heinrici , or an update incorporating more recent canonist commentaries in the manuscripts, this work either is found after the Summa , or incorporated in the individual titles.

Later, in , Henricus of Barben composed a Casus in Summam Heinrici a casus conscientiae for penitential use, which added theological as well as canonist materials. An updated abbreviated version Summa Brevis super Decretales , inc. The work was also used by the editor of the German Schwabenspiegel connected with the Sachsenspiegel of Eike von Repgow. Dominikanerkloster ff. Petrus Kirche MS Petri 41 ff. Florian cod. For more manuscripts, see the studies mentioned below esp. Kurtscheid , ff. The second supplement was made c. MS Leipzig f. Verfasserlexikon , 2 nd ed.

Formal and informal structures of the friars' lives and ministry in the Middle Ages , ed. Henricus de Ravensburg early 14th century. HB I ff. Bavarian friar. Baccalaureus and Magister Theologiae at Paris. Guardian of the Ingolstadt convent in Provincial minister of Upper Germany , and chancellor of emperor Louis the Bavarian. His probably forced retreat from office as provincial minister in might relate to this. In later years, he regained the goodwill of the papacy and was able to act as definitor at the General Chapter of Perpignan. None of his theological works if any have survived. Sometimes, he is conflused with Henricus de Carreto, who also wrote in the context of the usus pauper controversy but eventually was in the oppposite camp.

Spamer, in: Texte aus der deutschen Mystik des Und Jahrhunderts Berlin, , Spanish friar from the Zamora region and member of the Santiago de Compostella province and active in the San Francisco de la Real friary of Salamanca. Canonist and theologian and long-term lector reaching the title lector jubilatus. Known for a widely-used summa of canon law. He would have died in Salamanca in or after Some volumes of later editions are now accessible via various digital portals. Suma de la teologia moral canonica , 2 Vols. This work was also translated into Latin, French trans.

Born c. Read the Sentences pro exercitio around probably in Bologna. This coheres with the production date of one manuscript of his In I Sent. He might have obtained the licence and the magisterium by the end of or the beginning of yet there is no documentation to support this. It is also quite probable that he left the university as Baccalaurus Formatus in That year he was elected provincial of the Cologne province; a position he kept until He then could have received the licence by papal bull.

He was a renowned preacher, a staunch defender of papalism which also showed in the context of Heinrich's participation in and positioning at the Council of Basel, where he supported the cause of Eugenius IV and wrote a treatise on papal power in the Church , and a Scotist and immaculist in his mariology. Until , he apparently was on relatively good terms with John Capistran, who propagated the observance during his German preaching tours. It seems that Henry had sympathy with basic tenets of the observant program, but opposed the administrative autonomy of observant foundations.

Other philosophical and philosophico-theological writings attested by Wadding and later bibliographers have not been found. His sermons mentioned by Trithemius and Wadding; a. Communale [Quaestiones super primum Sententiarum compilatae per rev. Iohannem Cuper provinciae Coloniae studentem Paduae a. Mazzatinti, Inventari dei mss. Landesbibliothek HB X 10 ff.

Defending papal rights against conciliarists from Cologne University]. Contra Impugnantes Responsum s. Tractatus de Formalitatibus , ed. Clasen, Franciscan Studies 14 , , III Sent. Kaup, Franziskanische Studien 38 , ; K. Bohemian friar. Probably received his higher theological education at the Franciscan studium at Avignon.

Developed close connections with the Papal curia at Avignon and later on Rome. Preached several times before the Papal court. Henry preached in Prague, in the presence of the Emperor, as well as at Vienna University. After the death of emperor Charles IV, Henry gave several of the official funerary sermons December In , Duke Leopold of Austria, who apparently had a high opinion of Henry, took effort to make Henry bishop of Trieste.

There, Henry got in trouble with the secular clergy of the diocese esp. Maybe due to these problems, Henry was transferred again on 23 December , apparently against his will to the diocese of Pedena Istria. They make abundant use of rhymed prose, and contain many references to and direct citations from the Fathers and high medieval monastic authors esp. Bernard of Clairvaux. Sermones held at the occasion of the death and funeral of Charles IV, ed. Bansa, in: Deutsches Archiv 24 , Ein biographisches Lexikon , ed. Berlin, I, Henry finished it in the date given in the explicit at Oxford.

Summae de Sacramentiis : Oxford, Bodl. The complete manuscript at an early age in any case prior to was in possession of the Franciscan friar John of Stamford probably already before he became archbishop of Dublin in Henry's reworked Summa depends largely on Bonaventure's Breviloquium and the fourth book of Bonaventure's Sentences Commentary. Robert J. Thesis University of London, Heythrop College, A critical edition , in AFH 94 , Born in the first half of the fifteenth century.

Was Guardian of the convent of Mechelen Malines in as one of the successors of Hendrik Herp and again in Hendrik died at Mechelen in , and was buried in the choir of the Franciscan convent church. Hendrik produced several sermon collections, as well as a series of Collacien , in which Hendrik dealt in a sermon format with practical aspects of the mystical life with recourse to Gerson, Giles of Assisi, Bonaventura, Augustine, Gregorius the Great and Bernard of Clairvaux.

Truiden M Gi 12 parts of which can be found in St. Collacien : Brussels, Stadhuis cod. All these manuscripts contain only fragments. The full text is only to be found in the incunabula editions mentioned below. For more information, see De Troeyer , Additional sermon fragments: MS Gent, Universiteitsbibliotheek ff. Subsequently, it is important to reach out to other people: assisting the poor and the sick, and teaching the illiterate. Aside from the collacien, the various printed editions also contains ca. Summa totius Philosophiae aristotelicae ad mentem s.

Bonaventurae, Doctoris Seraphici, ex eiusdem scriptis majori, qua fieri potuit, diligentia excerptae Rome, Theologian and lector. Guardian of the Milan friary in Provincial minister of the Bologna province. Oratio de miseriis sui temporis ab haeresi, bellis, devastationibus Venice: Bolognino Zalterio, s. Giovanni Franchini, Bibliosofia e memorie letterarie di scrittori Francescani conventuali Ch'hanno scritto dopo 'Anno Modena: Eredi Soliani Stampatori, , Theologia vniuersa ad mentem Scoti , 12 Vols.

Grenoble, Robert Philippe, Several volumes of this collection can be found under a variety of titles on Google Books. See for instance:. Liber primus sententiarum de Deo Trino ad mentem Scoti Grenoble: Robert Philippe, Polish friar, active in Lithuania. Studied as a collegialis at the Saint Bonaventure Collegium in Rome between and Guardian of the Cracow friary in and later repeatedly guardian in Vilnius.

Among other administrative charges, he held the position of provincial minister between and Francisci Min. Vilnius: Typis Societatis Iesu, Review in Archivum Franciscanum Historicum Jan. Marcus de Aviano Carlo Domenico Cristofori, - Italian friar. He was educated at the Jesuit College of Gorizia, and at the age of 16 he would have tried to reach Crete, to preach the Gospel to the invasion force of the Ottoman Turks. While he was on the road, he stayed over at the Capuchin friary of Capodistria.

The guardian there, who apparently knew his family, convinced him to return home. Yet this episode convinced Carlo Domenico to join the Capuchins. By , he was a Capuchin novice and he adopted the name Marco at his profession. Following a clerical education, he received licence to preach during the Lent and Advent seasons throughout the Republic of Venice and in other Italian states.

He also functioned as guardian of the Capuchin friaries of Belluno and Oderzo In his blessing of a bed-ridden nun supposedly cured her, and he became known as a medical miracle worker. Among those who asked for his intercession was also Emperor Leopold I, whose wife had not yet given him a male heur.

This was the starting point of a life-long counsellor relation, in which Marco gave advise on many different political, military and economic, as well as religious issues. A number of Marco's spiritual letters to the Emperor survive. Under Sobieski, the armies of the League were able to defeat the Turks in at the battle of Viena, which inaugurated the end of Turkish expansion.

Marco took part in several follow-up military campaigns, to help internal relations within the Imperial Army and to provide support to soldiers. In this capacity, Marco was involved with the liberation of Buda and Belgrade Marco died of cancer on August 13, in Vienna. Marco d'Aviano, Corrispondenza epistolare , ed. Arturo Maria Basso, 5 Vols. Abano Terme: Piovan, Markus von Aviano O. Markus von Aviano. Atti del convegno storico internazionale Pordenone novembre , ed.

Positio super miraculo , Congregatio de Causis Sanctorum P. Raccolti di studi e documenti dopo il Convegno storico-spirituale del 14 ottobre Gorizia, [Cf. Katalog der Due figure del Seicento veneto. Veneta Fr. Atti del corso di aggiornamento insegnanti, Pordenone, novembre Pordenone: Comitato P. Guliana V. Fantuz Venezia-Mestre: Prov. Veneta dei Frati Cappuccini-Comitato P. Capuchin friar and preacher, active in the St. Louis province. Important Bonaventurian scholar and author of for instance the Paradisus theologicus unius et trium Doctorum, Angelici, Seraphici, subtilis, horumque conciliatoris, fonte irriguus.

Paradisus philosophicus unius et trium Doctorum, Angelici, Seraphici, subtilis, horumque conciliatoris, fonte irriguus Marseille, Paradisus theologicus unius et trium Doctorum, Angelici, Seraphici, subtilis, horumque conciliatoris, fonte irriguus , 2 Vols. Lyon: Apud Ioannem Molin, Available on Google Books. Observant friar. Disciple of Bernardino da Siena. Later general vicar of the regular Observance Cismontan section. Officially beatified by Pius IX in He was born at Bologna in , possibly as a member of the noble Fantuzzi family.

Yet according to his main biographer, the Observant friar Alessandro Ariosto, he was the son of Bartolomeo di Giacomo de la Vezzola and the tertiary Lisia di Basotto di Argile. Marco probably entered the Observant friary of S. Paolo in Monte Bologna in , possibly after having reached the status of Baccalaureus artium and after prolonged studies of civil and canon law. Shortly after his profession he was made guardian of an Observant friary in Emilia and in he was already provincial vicar.

Following appointments by Eugenius IV and later Calixt III , he was one of seven preachers officially empowered to preach the crusade against the Turks. Known for his preaching rallies in Norcia in In , he took part in the general chapter of Bosco di Mugella, and a year later, he apparently preached in L'Aquila. In , when Giovanni di Capistrano was sent to the German lands to preach against the Hussites, Marco was asked to preside over the Observant general chapter at L'Aquila.

Marco retained that office until During this period, he had to deal with conflicts between the Dalmation and Bosnian order provinces , and he also was heavily involved in the conflicts between Observants and Conventuals over the autonomy and freedom of Observant order officials. During these conflicts Marco found an enemy in Roberto Caraccioli, who transferred back to the Conventuals. After , Marco preached in Milan and later, in , he visited the Holy Land vicariate.

In , he was again elected vicar general for the Cismontan Observants, staying in office until During this second stint as vicar general, he again faced conflicts with the Conventuals and the Franciscan minister general, Francesco della Rovere. As vicar general he also traveled through Eastern Europe, which faced the threat of Turkish expansion. Marco was again vicar general between and During this last stint he preached in Perugia and Ascoli and was again heavily involved with the protracted struggles between the Observants and the Conventuals over the autonomy and rights of the Observants within the order as a whole.

He later preached in Mantua and spoke at an Observant gathering in Padua in April His remains were translated to the Santa Maddalena church in in the Santa Maria di Campagna sanctuary. After his death, he became the object of a cult, due to his alleged miraculous cures of ill and dying people. His cult was approved on March 5, We do not have a large corpus of written works by Marco, but mostly documents and remarks that testify to his preaching activities for instance concerning the sermons held in the Santa Croce of Florence in and the request by the authorities to come back for the lenten preaching during the subsequent year.

There are also several 'reportationes' of exempla used by Marco in his sermons. See on all this the studies of Piana and Rosa Maria Dessi mentioned below. Friar in the S. Bernardine province. Entered the order in Provincial minister between and Marcus is also known as a polemicist and chronicler. OFMRec and bishop of Porto after Received initial schooling in Latin at Lisbon and entered the Franciscan order at the age of 16, taking his profession at the St. Shortly thereafter, he was given the position of order historian, which resulted in the three-volume Chronista general da ordem dos frades menores do seraphico Padre San Francisco.

When the bishop of Miranda Antonio Pinheiro displeased the King with one of his sermons and offered to step down, the King wanted Marco for this episcopal see. This fell through when Antonio Pinheiro decided to stay on. Marco received his appointment on November 1st and was consecrated on 21 January in the church of Saint Francis in Lisbon. Once he was properly installed in the diocese in Spring , he re-organised the parish structure and embarked on a significant building program. In order to implement the disciplinary decrees of the Council of Trent, he organised a diocesan synod in February Marco died on September 3, , and was buried in the Nostra Senhora da Saude chapel, built by him in the Porto Cathedral.

Primeira parte das Chronicas da ordem dos frades menores do seraphico Padre San Francisco Lisbon, ; Segunda parte das Chronicas a ordem dos frades menores do seraphico Padre San Francisco Lisbon, ; Tercera parte de las Chronicas da ordem dos frades menores Salamanca, In a Castilian version. Primeira parte — Segunda parte — Terceira parte , Ed. Francesco , III Vols. Collectanea Franciscana 72 , ; Frate Francesco 69 , ]. Translation: Croniche de gli ordini instituiti da Padre San Franceasco.

See on this Italian translation, made by Orazio Diola in the later 16th century, and its massive success in Italy, the study of Federica Dallasta in Collectanea Franciscana , Translations: Tratado do seraphico doutor S. These constitutions reflected the decisions of his reform synod held in De Marcos de Lisboa a Simao de Vasconcellos , ed. See o. Balance y perspectivas. Actes du 5e Colloque International du C. Travaux et Recherches, 18 Saint-Etienne: Publ. Actas del II Congreso Internacional..

Born in Fonditore di S. Studied also under the direction of the humanist Enoch of Ascoli at the universities of Perugia and Bologna, where he became doctor of law and medicin. Active as medical doctor in Ascoli from onwards. Marcus had his noviciate in the Eremita convent of Valdissaso, near Fabriano. In he became guardian of the convent of S. Maria de San Severino. Also active as preacher under the direction of Giacomo della Marca? He became involved in the struggle against usury and became one of the most fervent propagators of the so-called Montes Pietatis.

He established them in Fabriano , Fano , Arcevia , Vicenza and helped with the reorganisation of the Mons Pietatis in Fermo He apparently had some sympathy for the spiritual cause, and at times took some responsibility for the religious guidance of the famous Poor Clare Camille Battista Varani cf. AFH 8 , Died in the harnas on 19 March , while preaching during Lent in Vicenza. His grave site received a cult and a canonisation process followed suit official confirmation of his cult finally was given on 20 September by Pope Gregory XVI. Shortly after his death several hymns were composed for his liturgical commemoration.

These hymns Hymnus rythmicus in eius laudem have been edited at several juntures. See for instance B. Marco published the gist of his homiletic, penitentiary and catechetical instructions in his Tabula de la salute humana and his Libro dei commandamenti di Dio. He apparently did not publish separate sermon collections [unlike Bernardine of Siena, who kept his religious teachings in the sermon format]. There exist several other old editions of later date. A modern partial reprint is found in L. C, The work also included a list of necessary books for those who want to live a truly Christian life.

For a more detailed discussion, see V. Il tempo, la vita, le opere , ]. This work is found after the Tabula de la salute humana in the Venetian edition and in the Florentine edition. Apparently, the Libro delli commandamenti has also received a separate Florentine edition Antonio Miscomini, According to its colophon, it is a miscellaneous work, consisting of a so-called fascicoletto , an Exempio notabile , and three opuscoli.

See Elide Mercatili Indelicato, Op. It is a catechetical work, based on Marco's sermons held in Venice in December It was printed to be read in schools, parishes etc. La corona de la gloriosa Vergene Madre Maria Venice, ante A devotional work on the life, suffering and crowning in heaven of the Virgin, with intermittent prayers Pater Noster, Ave Maria etc. Statutes of various Montes Pietatis : E. Mercatili Indelicato, Op.

The works of Marco are not alone in this, an indication that the Franciscans maybe unlike the OP might not have had a strong tradition of independent prayer books, but habitually included prayer collections in their catechetical and devotional works. Gantalamessa, Notizie storiche per servire alla biografia di fr. Marco da Montegallo, medico, teologo, edoratore Ascoli, ; C. Mariotti, Il B. Marco da Montegallo, Vicenza, ; Marco da Montegallo Il tempo, la vita, le opere. Atti del convegno di Studio Ascoli Piceno 12 ottobre e Montegallo 23 agosto , ed. Studien zu Fremdheit und Armut von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart , ed.

Adolph F. Madeleine T. Marcus de Orvieto fl. This work, written between ca. Marcus of Orvieto's moralization of De Proprietatibus Rerum is one of the first in a series of comparable either or not abbreviated moralizations of De Proprietatibus Rerum for preaching purposes. Aarau, Kantonsbibliothek Muri F 14 ff. Catalunya 5 ff. Santa Iglesia Catedral ff. Clm 14th cent. Angelica Q. Chigi E. Inc: Quoniam, sicut scribitur Sapientia XIIIa: vani sunt omnes homines in quibus non subest scientia Dei; et de his quae videntur bona non potuerunt intelligere eum qui est, oportet volentem uti salubriter creaturis aciem intelligentiae supernaturaliter figere in ipsorum mysteriis et ipsa mysteria applicare moribus sacris.

Expl: …nobis in fine operis praestare dignetur Dominus noster Christus amantissimus qui est superbenedictus Dei Filius, imperator universalis aeternus, qui cum Patre et Spirito Sancto vicit et regnat per infinita saecula saeculorum. Liber de Moralitatibus , ed. Girard J. Etzkorn, 3 Vols. Bonaventure: Franciscan Institute Publications, For some articles on the Pelican and the Lion, see Meyer , The Bestiary and its Legacy , ed.

McMunn Univ. Master of theology and lector. As lector he wrote a series of Sermones Quadragesimales. Sermones Quadragesimale : New York, Conv. Francisci W 31 Street, Unnumbered ff. A Franciscan preacher who obtained a doctorate in theology at Turin, and then was chair holder at the same university, apparently also incorporating the works of Dante in his teachings of moral theology. At least in some format, Marco had preached these sermons to her, as he assisted her spiritually when she had settled temporarily, early in her widowhood, at the Stupinigi castle, outside Turin.

Marco apparently went there every morning 'causa predicandi, while he resided in Turin as the lector of the Franciscan studium. For the whole Lenten season, starting at 8 March, the preacher expounded to the widow in 40 sermons a message of spiritual consolation and recreation: 'causa sue spiritualis consolationis et recreations'. Marco later put these texts together in a book, called the Bonum quaternarium , which in a way is also an allusion to Bona's name, and which discusses the good virtues of the widow-princess and how these virtues make her Martha as well as Mary Magdalen, both directed towards social responsibilities, charity etc.

At least two other manuscript copies contain his sermon collection, both of which were damaged by fire in , but were later restored, namely MS Turin, Biblioteca Nazionale K2. This is something to check out. Lucas Wadding, Scriptores Ordinis Minorum ed. Roma, , a; J. Sbaralea, Supplementum II ed. Francisci saec. Vitale Brovarone, 'Per la fortuna di Dante in Piemonte. Lo studio general dalle origini al primo Cinquecento , ed. Sermones de T. See Fabricius, V, 25; Zawart, ; G.

Marcus Trevisanus Marco da Treviso, fl. Italian friar, possibly from Padua, acolite and auditor of the Camera Apostolica and possibly provincial minister of the Romania province Greece. Privilegia Fratrum Minorum : Naples, Naz. Author of a Dictionarium in Sacram Scripturam an alphabetical dictionary for preaching purposes. The work actually refers to these activities in the Introduction.

Grandnephew of Francis de la Rovere. Emmanuele joined the Conventuals in or and received the name Marcus. He taught theology at Padua at the university and in the internal Franciscan school. In October he was appointed bishop and prefect of Sinigallia a position he held until his resignation in Was appointed cardinal in by Pope Julius II and defended the Pope at the fifth Lateran council against the acccusations raised at the schismatic council of Pisa. Promoted the calender reform.

Decachordum Christianum Fano: G. Harula Economopoulos, 2 Vols. Rome, II, Maria de Antigua Maria de la Antigua, - Poor Clare. Spanish nun from Sevilla. Visionary and author. Spanish Franciscan nun. Important spiritual author. Especially known for her Mistica Ciudad de Dios. Franciscan female tertiary. Kalckbrenner in It is a mystical work, relating in a series of exercises the way towards union with the Divine, focusing on Christ as the spiritual spouse. Der rechte wech zo der evangelischer volkomenheit , ed. Kalckbrenner Cologne, Maria Domitilla Galluzzi Severetta Galluzzi, - ca.

Capuchin nun from Pavia. Born at Acqui on 25 May During her life, she had numerous mystical experiences, several of which she wrote down at the request of her confessor. Apparently, none of these works were published during her lifetime. A running theme in her works is the total union with the Divine through the negation of the will and the annihilation of the self.

Important instruments in this process are rigorous asceticism and mental obedience to the Divine will at all times. Vita [autobiography]: in all six manuscripts. For a listing and description of these see E. Ann Matter See also under the manuscripts of the Passione mentioned below. For more information, see the studies of E. Ulrike Wiethaus Syracuse, , ; E. A Religious and Artistic Renaissance , ed.

Maria Magdalena Martinengo - Early sixteenth century Franciscan historian and compiler of educational treatises. His large Fasciculus Chronicarum Ordinis Minorum Divisus in 5 Libros , written in the first quarter of the sixteenth century, has not fully survived. Wadding apparently still had the full text autograph at his disposal and made ample use of it for his own Annals , yet later only abbreviations remained, which were edited by T.

Palatino ff. Compendium Chronicarum Ordinis FF. Minorum , ed. Maria degli Angeli, Brevis Chronica Provinciae Tusciae. This work as susch has been lost, yet parts of it found their way in: Dionisio Pulinari, Cronache dei Frati Minori della Provincia di Toscana, secondo l'autografo di Ognissanti , ed. Saturnino Mencherini Arezzo, Officium S. Vita S. Another part published in: Biblioteca bio-bibliografica della Terra Santa e dell'Oriente francescano , ed. Girolamo Golubovich Quaracchi, I, La storia della traslazione dell'abito di S.

Ciro Cannarozzi Pistoia: Pacinotti, This work, written between and , should be situated in the context of contemporary polemics between Franciscans, Dominicans, and Augustinians concerning the authenticity of the stigmata of St Catherine of Siena. See on this work Massimo D. The latter author suggess that Mariano was the first to devote a work completely to the Sacred Mountain of La Verna as a Holy Place on a par with Jerusalem.

Vita di B. Paoluccio Trinci , ed. Vita e leggenda del B. Tommaso Bellaci da Firenze , ed. Also published in La Verna - Studi Francescani Iacopone da Todi d. Part of one of Mariano's larger works?. Itinerarium Urbis Romae di fra Mariano da Firenze con introduzione e note illustrative , ed. Papi, Analecta TOR 18 , Galeoti Roberti de Malatestis, Tertii Ord. Francisci d. Sessoriano , ] etc. Marianus a Florentia, Compendium chronicarum Ordinis Fr. Mariano da F. Scritti di cultura classica e medievale in onore di Ubaldo Pizzani , ed. Atti del Convegno di studi San Vivaldo, ottobre , ed.

Florence: Edizioni del Galluzzo, V, ; C. Eleanor B. Adams Washington D. Franciscan friar active in the Holy Land. Marianus Senensis Mariano da Siena, fl. Died in at la Capriola. Known for his lengthy and interesting Lenten sermon cycle, as well as for his donation of a breviary to the library of the Sienese San Francesco convent. He should not be identified with Mariano di Graziano, who for a short while resided in Siena in [cf.

Moorman, Medieval Franciscan Houses ]. Marianus Unezovkhi Pragensis, fl. Tsjech friar and member of the Bohemian province. Provincial minister of his province and long-term regent lector of the Prague friary. Theologia scolastica Patris M. Blasii de Comitibus a Mediolano, pars prima primi sent. With remarks, comments and corrections by Marianus.

A wall of numbers

Blasii de Comitibus a Mediolano, pars secunda primi sent. Blasii de Comitibus a Mediolano in secundum sentent. Friar from the Venetian province. Born at Venice on 23 December , where he studied at the local seminary. Entered the order at the age of 18 Bassano friary , making his profession on 3 September Studied philosophy ad theology, specialising in Thomism, the doctrines of which he taught once he became active as lector of theology in the Venetian province.

Due to his failing health, he had to stop teaching quite early in life, and was forced to keep his bed for long periods of time. During these bouts of illness, he wrote at least three homiletic works Domenicale ; Quadragesimale ; Santuario. This is indicative of the character of Mario's homiletic works, which were more geared to teaching how to preach than to provide model sermons as such. In addition, Neusser published in in Mainz a Latin translation of Mario's Prediche sopra le ventiquattro domeniche with the Latin title Discursus praedicabiles super festum Pentecostes et sequentes Dominicas usque ad Adventum.

This work was dedicated to the Capuchin minister general Fortunato di Cadoro. At least one of the editions is accessible via Google Books. This work was dedicated to the provincial minister of Venice Serafino da Brescia. The posthumous edition by F. Conciones in reliquis anni dominicis et in adventu. This work is mentioned by Bernardo di Bologna. Yet it has not yet been found.

For Bruno Neusser's Latin translations and omnibus editions, see above. At least the Latin edition is accessible via Google Books. Wadding, Scriptores ed. Rome, , ; Sbaralea, Supplementum ed. Marius de Calasio Mario da Calascio, - Transferred to the Capuchin order from the Augustinians. Became minister general. Also active as spiritual author and historian.

Relationes de Origine Ordinis Minorum Capuccinorum , ed. Poemetti , ed. Mario Fabiani? Atti del Convegno Nazionale Assisi, maggio , ed. Silvio Pasquazi Rome, , 78ff. His religious poetry does not really fit in with the Capuchin scorn of poetic embellishment. Silvio Pasquazi Rome, , Marquardus Herwart fl. Bavarian friar and Scotist philosopher. From noble Bavarian descent, he joined the Riformati in the Bavarian province. Spent the last period of his life in Rome, as penitentiary of the Lateran Basilica.

Marquardus died in Rome in Physica Decus N. German friar. Probably born at Lindau Lake of Konstanz. In custos of the custody of Konstanz. Later, when Marquard was custos of the Bodensee custody between and , he did not succumb to pressures of the Franciscan provincial Liephard von Regensburg, who had Clementine sympathies AFH 55 , 97, On the provincial chapter of Strasbourg, Marquard was elected provincial of the province Germania Superior Cf.

He kept that position until his death in , and hence presided over the provincial chapters of Neurenberg , Esslingen , and Basel According to a papal bull of Boniface IX 16 August , he also founded two convents namely Viktorsberg, in the Churdiocese? Elected titular archbishop of Grado and appointed secretary of the Congregation for the Clergy, April 2, His episcopal motto is In nomine Domini. Secretary general of the Committee of the Great Jubilee of the Year and of its council of presidency, November 3, Created cardinal deacon in the consistory of February 21, ; received the red biretta and the deaconry of Dio Padre misericordioso, February 21, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and grand chancellor of the Pontifical Urbanian University, April 9, Ceased as president of Peregrinatio ad Petri Sedem , July 25, Special papal envoy to the solemn celebration of the th anniversary of the arrival of St.

Thomas the Apostle in India and the years of the beginning of the mission of St. Francis Xavier. Both celebrations took place in Ernakulam, India, November 16 to 17, Special representative of the pope to confer the episcopal consecration to Father Wenceslao Padilla, C. Peter and Paul of Ulaanbaatar.

Reappointed as prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and grand chancellor of the Pontifical Urbanian University, April 21, ; occupied the post until May 20, Named metropolitan archbishop of Naples, May 20, ; he was automatically elevated to cardinal priest, with his deaconry being elevated pro hac vice to title. Special papal envoy to the celebration of the "Asian Mission Congress", that took place in Chang Mai, Thailand, on October 19 to 22, On July 7, , he was named pontifical legate for the consecration of the cathedral of the diocese of Karaganda, Kazakhstan, programmed for September 9, He was confirmed as member of the Congregation for the Clergy on June 9, Per una teologia della persona", published by Edizioni Paoline.

Cardinal Stefano Borgia was the prefect of the S. As prefect, he valued the cultural aspect while constantly maintaining the missionary perspective. January 31, , Buenos Aires, Argentina. From a very well known family. He was the second of five children. The family already had other religious members: a missionary in Japan; and from his generation two priests and a bishop, Jaime F.

Further studies in Rome from Director of the Catholic journal Criterio , Attended Second Vatican Council as an expert. Director of the Commission on Ecumenism of the archdiocese of Buenos Aires, President of the executive committee of the World Catholic Federation for Biblical Apostolate, After the military coup of , a death threat made him leave Argentina for the Vatican. Chaplain of His Holiness, September 20, Elected titular bishop of Apollonia and appointed vice-president of Pontifical Commission Iustitia et Pax , March 8, Consecrated, April 12, , church of S.

His episcopal motto was Ipse est pax nostra. Promoted to archbishop and appointed secretary of the Congregation for Bishops, March 5, Secretary of the College of Cardinals, March 10, Lost the right to participate in the conclave when turned 80 years old, January 31, A cappella papale in suffrage of his soul will take place on Thursday December 11, , at a. The exequial liturgy was celebrated by Cardinal Angelo Sodano, dean of the College of Cardinals, together with thirty two other cardinals and fourteen archbishops and bishops.

At the end of the eucharistic celebration, Pope Francis presided over the rite of the Ultima Commendatio and of the Valedictio. The burial took place in the afternoon in his titular church, S. Buenos Aires : Agape Libros, The family had six siblings, three girls and three boys. His baptismal name was Basile. His name is also listed as Ignatius Basile Moses. Initial studies at the parish school of his native village directed by Father Hanna Makdissi; in December , he entered the Seminary St.

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He spoke Arabic, French and Italian. In he returned to his diocese of origin, Homs, and was given the charges of professor of catechism at St. Secretary to the Syrian patriarch, Beirut, In , Patriarch Ignace Antoine II Hayek named him secretary of the patriarchate; occupied the post for seven years. Defender of the matrimonial bond, patriarchal tribunal, Beirut. At his consecration he took the name Basile Moussa Daoud.

He was enthroned in the church of Sainte-Catherine, Cairo, on October 7, He built the cathedral of Notre-Dame du Rosaire, in Cairo. Took the name of Ignace Moussa I. He realized his first visit ad limina Apostolorum , December 12 to 20, Named prefect of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches and grand chancellor of the Pontifical Oriental Institute on November 25, Resigned the patriarchate of Antioch of the Syrians on January 8, Created cardinal patriarch, February 21, On December 5, , charged by the pope, he confirmed the ecclesiastica communio to the newly elected patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans, Emmanuel III Delly, during the mass celebrated in the patriarchal Vatican basilica.

Reappointed by the new pope prefect of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches and grand chancellor of the Pontifical Oriental Institute, April 21, Papal delegate to the ceremony of the confirmation of the ecclesiastica communio to Antonios Naguib, new patriarch of Alexandria of the Copts.

The ceremony took place on December 19, in the papal basilica of S. Paolo fuori le mura, Rome. Resigned the prefecture of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches, for reason of age limit, on June 9, Lost the right to participate in the conclave when turned eighty years old on September 18, April 7, , at 8 a. The funeral took place in the Altar of the Cathedra of the papal Vatican basilica on April 10, , presided over by Cardinal Angelo Sodano. His body was taken to Beirut on April 11, , and it was laid out for the blessing and farewell in the chapel of the Holy Patriarchate of Beirut on April 13 and A funeral mass, presided by Patriarch Younan, was celebrated for the repose of the soul of the cardinal at 3 p.

Then, his body was buried in the crypt of the patriarchs in the monastery in Charfeh, Daroun, beside the tomb of Cardinal Ignace Gabriel I Tappouni.

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  • Thomas the Apostle and the th anniversary of the death of St. An analogous telegram was sent by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, S. Studied at the Archiepiscopal Seminary of Sassari, ginnasiali studies ; at the Regional Seminary of Cagliari liceali studies and philosophy ; went to atusy in Rome and resided at Almo Collegio Capranica; attended the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, where he earned a doctorate in theology ; the Pontifical Biblical Institute, where he earned a licentiate in Sacred Scriptures ; the Pontifical Lateran University, Rome, where he obtained a doctorate in utroque iure , both canon ans civil law; an the "Studium" of the Sacred Roman Rota, Rome lawyer: avvocato Rotale.

    Ordained, December 23, , Rome; incardinated in the diocese of Rome. Ecclesiastical counselor of the Roman Union of Catholic Jurists. Joined the Tribunal of the Sacred Roman Rota, ; defender of the matrimonial bond; prelate auditor ; dean, September 11, Ecclesiastical counselor of the International Union of Catholic Jurists. Elected titular archbishop of Bisarcio, November 29, His episcopal motto was Soli Deo. Named president of the Commission for the Advocates, ad quinquennium , March 7, Created cardinal deacon, February 21, ; received red biretta and deaconry of Annunciazione della B.

    He was credited with drafting Universi Dominic Gregis , the apostolic constitution of Pope John Paul II, dated February 22, , concerning the sede vacante and the conclave. October 18, , in the early morning, of a brain hemorrhage, in the Polyclinic "Agostino Gemelli", Rome, where he had been hospitalized for several days; a short time before he had received a pacemaker after suffering from a cardiac crisis. After learning the news of the death of the cardinal, Pope Benedict XVI sent the diocesan community of Ozeri a telegram of condolence 1.

    On Friday October 20, at 5 p. The body of the late cardinal was transferred to Ozieri, his native city, and in the evening of Sunday October 22, , the cortege started in the Basilica of S. Antioco di Bisarcio and went to the church of S. Antonio, in the center of the city. Sebastiano Sanguinetti, bishop of Tempio-Ampurias and apostolic administrator of Ozieri, celebrated the exequies. Numerous provincial and local dignitaries attended the ceremony. The mortal remains of the cardinal were buried in the tomb of the cathedral chapter in the cemetery of Ozieri until his definitive tomb in the cathedral was finished.

    On Thursday, February 18, , his remains were reinterred in a specially constructed sarcophagus in the cathedral of Ozieri at the chapel of the Most Holy Sacrament. The requiem mass was celebrated at 5 p. At the end of the mass, Monsignor Giuseppe Sciacca, judge of the Roman Rota and a long time collaborator of the late cardinal, read a special message sent for the occasion by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, S.

    Following the religious ceremony, a civil service took place, where the former Piazza Cirenaica, in the historic area of the city of Ozieri, was renamed Piazza Cardinale Pompedda. Besides his native German, he speaks English and Italian. Vicar, parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Stuttgart, Assistant of Professor Dr. Leo Scheffczyk created cardinal in the same consistory and of Professor Dr. Visiting professor, Washington, United States, Member of the International Theological Commission.

    Member of the Heidelberger Academy of Science, His episcopal motto is Veritatem in caritate. Resigned the pastoral government of the diocese, May 31, Created cardinal deacon in the consistory of February 21, ; received the red biretta and the deaconry of Ognissanti in Via Appia Nuova, February 21, Headed the papal delegation to the funeral of Orthodox Patriarch Teoctist of Rumania, which was celebrated on Friday August 3, , at 11 a. Special papal envoy to the solemn celebrations of the 8th centennial of the translation of the relics of the Apostle Saint Andrew to Amalfi, Italy, which took place on May 8, Led a papal delegation to the enthronement of His Holiness Kyrill, new patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, which took place in the cathedral of Christ the Savior, Moscow, on February 1, Special papal envoy to the conclusive ceremonies of the Pauline Year observed on June 29, , in the Holy Land.

    Resigned the presidency of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity for reasons of limit of age, July 1, On July 14, , he was granted the Cardinal Bea award for services to Jewish-Christian relations , established by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Sion, for the cardinal's activities as head of the Commission for the Religious Relations with Judaism during the last ten years. The ceremony took place in the order's general house in Rome.

    On January 11, , he was awarded an honorary doctoral degree in Sacred Theology from Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in a ceremony at the Vatican. On January 25, , he was honored by the Anglican archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, with a dinner and the award of the Cross of Lambeth.

    A wall of numbers

    On February 4, , during the celebration of the National Day of the Catholic University of Portugal, in Lisbon, he received a doctorate honoris causa from that university. Opted for the order of cardinal priests in the consistory of February 21, and at his request his deaconry was elevated pro hac vice to title; in his absence, his request was presented by the secretary of the College of Cardinals Manuel Monteiro de Castro, titular archbishop of Benevento.

    On September 27, , he was named special papal envoy to the celebrations marking the th anniversary of the dedication of the cathedral of Speyer in Germany, programmed for October 2, Turned eighty years old on March 5, , after the Apostolic See had become vacant on February 28, ; according to the regulation in the seventh paragraph of the introduction of the apostolic constitution Universi Dominici Gregis , the cardinals lose the right to participate in the conclave if the birthday occurs before the vacancy of the Holy See, therefore, he remained eligible to participate in the March conclave but not in subsequent elections.

    Participated in Third Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, Vatican City, October 5 to 19, , on the theme "The pastoral challenges of the family in the context of the Evangelization", by papal appointment. Kasper, Walter. Brescia : Editrice Queriniana, Biblioteca di teologia contemporanea, ; Kasper, Walter.

    Harvesting the Fruits. Ecumenical Consensus, Convergences and Differences. London : Continuum, January 31, , Schwelm, diocese of Essen before archdiocese of Paderborn , Germany. Son of Julius Degenhardt and his wife Elly. Ordained, August 6, Paderborn. Prefect of the Theological Seminary of Paderborn, Pastor of the student parish, Paderborn, Dean of the deanate "Hochstift", Elected titular bishop of Vico di Pacato and appointed auxiliary of Paderborn, March 12, His episcopal motto was Surrexit Dominus vere.

    Vicar capitular of Paderborn, July 3, Promoted to the metropolitan see of Paderborn, April 4, Created cardinal priest in the consistory of February 21, ; received the red biretta and the title of S. Liborio, February 21, July 25, , in the early morning, suddenly, of cardiac related problems, in the archiepiscopal palace of Paderborn. Buried in the crypt of the metropolitan cathedral of Paderborn. Unter Mitwirkung von Franz Xaver Bischof He had seven siblings. Further studies, Salamanca, Vice-rector of the boarding school Borja, Vice-secretary of the metropolitan curia, ; and consecutively, faculty member of the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, Canon of the chapter of the metropolitan cathedral, Faculty member of the school "Sagrados Corazones", Rumipamba, Chancellor of the archdiocesan curia, Rector of the school "Nuestra Madre de la Merced", Elected titular bishop of Tagarata and appointed auxiliary of Quito, May 17, His episcopal motto was Spiritus unitate unitas caritate.

    Apostolic administrator of Machala, Transferred to the see of Machala, January 30, Promoted to archbishop coadjutor, with right of succession, of Quito, June 28, Succeeded to the metropolitan see of Quito, June 1, President of the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference, and Named by the Holy See primate of Ecuador, November 11, Maria in Via, February 21, Resigned the pastoral government of the archdiocese, March 21, Lost the right to participate in the conclave when turned 80 years old, March 18, October 13, , a.

    The death was caused by a stomach cancer, which the cardinal had suffered for some time. After learning the news of the death of the cardinal, Pope Benedict XVI prayed for his eternal repose and sent Giacomo Guido Ottonello, titular archbishop of Sasabe, apostolic nuncio in Ecuador, a telegram of condolence 1. His body was exposed in the metropolitan cathedral of Quito, where the funeral took place on October 14, in the morning.

    The late cardinal was buried in the crypt of the cathedral. Salamanca : Universidad de Salamanca, Acta Salmanticensia; Derecho; 45 , p. April 14, , Mumbai, then Bombay, India. His baptismal name was Ivan Cornelius. One brother is Francis; and one of his nephews, Joe Falcao, was the head of the archdiocese of Boston St. Pastoral ministry in Bombay, Privy chamberlain of His Holiness, December 4, title changed to chaplain of His Holiness in Elected titular archbishop of Rusubisir and appointed pro-nuncio in Ghana, Togo and Benin, May 8, Consecrated, June 19, , patriarchal Vatican basilica, by Cardinal Agostino Casaroli, secretary of State, assisted by Achille Silvestrini, titular archbishop of Novaliciana, secretary of the Council for the Public Affairs of the Church, and by Duraisamy Simon Lourdusamy, archbishop emeritus of Bangalore, secretary of the S.

    His episcopal motto was Servus. Nuncio in Korea, June 20, Nuncio in Albania, October 28, Apostolic administrator of the apostolic administration of Southern Albania, Transferred to the metropolitan see of Bombay, November 8, ; occupied the post until his appointment as prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, May 20, Created cardinal priest in the consistory of February 21, ; received the red biretta and the title of Spirito Santo alla Ferratella, February 21, Special papal envoy to the celebrations programmed in Tirana, April 25, , for the 10th anniversary of the papal visit to Albania.

    Named prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and grand chancellor of the Pontifical Urbanian University, May 20, , resigning at the same time the pastoral government of the archdiocese of Bombay. Special papal envoy to the celebrations of the centennial of the evangelization of Ghana, which took place in Navrongo on April 23, Special papal envoy to the opening of the Jubilee Year for the th anniversary of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Special papal envoy to the celebrations of the New Christian Millennium in Ethiopia, which took place in Addis Abeba from May 2 to 4, , in the occasion of the Ethiopian National Eucharistic Congress.

    On May 10, , the pope accepted his resignation from the post of prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and the grand chancellorship of the Pontifical Urbanian University for having reached the age limit. Lost the right to participate in the conclave when turned eighty years old on April 14, June 19, , at 8 p. Upon learning the news of the death of the cardinal, Pope Francis sent Mr.

    Francis Dias, brother of the late cardinal, a telegram of condolence 1. On Wednesday June 21, , at 3 p. At the end of the Eucharistic Celebration, the Pope presided over the rite of the Ultima Commendatio and the Valedictio. According to his wish, he was buried in Rome. Ivan Dias. I likewise unite my prayers to those of the faithful of the Archdiocese of Bombay, where the pastoral concern and broad apostolic vision that marked his service as Archbishop are fondly remembered.

    In union of prayer with all who mourn his passing in the sure hope of the Resurrection, I commend the soul of this wise and gentle pastor to the merciful love of God our heavenly Father and cordially impart my Apostolic Blessing as a pledge of consolation and peace in the Lord.

    Anselmo, Rome, where he earned a doctorate in theology with specialization in sacred liturgy on December 3, with a thesis entitled " Servitus nel Sacramentario veronese. Significato e Dottrina, Contributo alla conoscenza del significato teologico del servizio liturgico". Assistant to the Femenine Catholic Student Youth. Further studies, Rome, ; during his stay in that city, he resided at Pontificio Collegio Pio Brasiliano , participating every week in the program of Vatican Radio for Brazil, entitled "Liturgia e Vita"; and collaborating pastorally in the parish of San Clemente Papa in the neighborhood of Montesacro.

    When he returned to Brazil, he was coordinator of diocesan pastoral and professor of theology from until Elected bishop of Toledo, Brazil, May 14, His episcopal motto is Caritas cum fide. Promoted to the metropolitan see of Londrina, October 4, Gregorio Magno alla Magliana Nuova, February 21, Elected president of the Episcopal Conference of Brazil for four years, May 5, Cardinal Agnelo was apostolic administrator until the installation of his successor on March 25, Lost the right to participate in the conclave when turned eighty years old on October 19, His episcopal motto is Caritas Christi urget nos.

    Promoted to archbishop coadjutor, with right of succession, of Cali, March 26, Succeeded to the metropolitan see of Cali, February 7, President of the Episcopal Conference of Colombia, and President of the Colombian Episcopal Conference, and Lost the right to participate in the conclave when turned eighty years old on September 13, Further studies, Washington, ; during his vacations, directed the Institute for Spanish Studies, Catholic University of Puerto Rico, Ponce, established to propagate the knowledge of Spanish language and Puerto Rican culture among the priests and religious of the New York area.

    From , dean of students, Catholic University of America and faculty member of the Graduate School and the College of Arts and Sciences; assistant to the president and first Director of Development. President of the Catholic University of Puerto Rico, October to ; had an active participation in several educational institutions of Puerto Rico. Secretary adjunct for Education in the archdiocese of New York and pastoral ministry at the Most Blessed Sacrament parish, ; founded the Cardinal's Committee for Education and the Inner City Scholarship Fund, to promote the education of the poor particularly among minorities.

    Elected titular bishop of Rusubisir and appointed auxiliary of New York, May 24, His episcopal motto is Come Lord Jesus. Transferred to newly established see of Metuchen, New Jersey, November 19, Promoted to metropolitan see of Newark, May 30, Attended Special Assembly for America of the Synod of Bishops, Vatican City, November 16 to December 12, ; president of the Commission for the message; elected member of the post-synodal council. Superior of the sui iuris mission of Turks and Caicos.

    Member of the U. Commission on International Religious Freedom, Transferred to metropolitan see of Washington, November 21, Created cardinal priest in the consistory of February 21, ; received red biretta and title of Ss. Nereo ed Achilleo, February 21, Apostolic administrator of the metropolitan see of Washington, May 16 to June 22, Lost the right to participate in the conclave when turned eighty years of age on July 7, On June 20, , he was removed from ministry after an investigation found credible allegations that he sexually abused a teenager 47 years ago while serving as a priest in New York.

    The Cardinal, while maintaining his innocence, accepted this decision in obedience to the Holy See. On July 28, , Pope Francis accepted his resignation as a member of the College of Cardinals and ordered his suspension from the exercise of any public ministry, together with the obligation to remain in a house yet to be indicated to him, for a life of prayer and penance until the accusations made against him are examined in a regular canonical trial.

    He is now residing at St. On February 16, , he was expelled from the clerical state by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and confirmed by Pope Francis. What's that? Allen Jr. March 24, , Phibsboro, archdiocese of Dublin, Ireland. Studied at St. Further studies, Louvain, Chaplain to three communities of contemplative sisters, the Poor Clares, Donnybrook, ; the Carmelites, Drumcondra, and the Carmelites in Blackrock from From , also worked in the Department of Metaphysics, University College Dublin; professor of General Metaphysics, ; and elected dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology, ; re-elected three years later.

    For his published work he was awarded the degree of Doctor in Letters by the National University of Ireland in Prelate of honor of His Holiness, August 20, Elected archbishop of Dublin, January 21, Consecrated, March 6, , pro-cathedral of St. His episcopal motto was Secundum Verbum Tuum. Elected vice-president of the Irish Episcopal Conference.

    Silvestro in Capite, February 21, Lost the right to participate in the conclave when turned 80 years old, March 24, He was criticized for lack of action and for making misleading statements in connection with the sex abuse by priests in his archdiocese. February 21, , in his sleep, in the early morning, in Dubln. He had been ill for some time. Upon learning the news of the death of the cardinal, Pope Francis sent a telegram of condolence to Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin 1.

    The funeral Mass was presided by Archbishop Martin and concelebrated by most of the country's hierarchy joined by the Papal Nuncio, Charles John Brown, titular archbishop of Aquileia. February 1, , Kaunas, Lithuania. Second son of Dr. In , he went with his parents to Paris, where his father was a diplomat at the Lithuanian Embassy. Because of the Soviet occupation of Lithuania, the family could not go back and he had to wait fifty years to be able to visit his country in In , he went to Rome and studied at the Pontifical Gregorian University, where he obtained a licentiate in theology; while in Rome, he lived in the Lithuanian College of St.

    From , he attended the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy, studying diplomacy; then, he attended the Pontifical Lateran University, where he earned a doctorate in canon law. He understands German and Dutch. Incardinated in the archdiocese of Kaunas. Pastoral care of Lithuanian communities in the United States. Entered the diplomatic service of the Holy See, Secretary of the nunciature in the Philippines ; in Costa Rica ; in Turkey ; in Nigeria Vice-secretary of the Council for the Public Affairs of the Church, Prelate of honor of His Holiness, June 18, From pastoral ministry in different parishes in Rome, especially working with young people and families, giving retreats and running many debating groups.

    From , he taught diplomatic law at the Pontifical Lateran University, Rome. Elected titular bishop of Meta, with personal title of archbishop, and appointed nuncio in the Netherlands, August 5, His episcopal motto is Sub tuum praesidium. Transferred to the metropolitan see of Vilnius, December 24, Took possession of the see on March 3, President of the Lithuanian Bishops' Conference, and ; vice-president, ; and Received an honorary doctorate from the Pedagogical University of Vilnius on April 30, His resignation from the pastoral government of the archdiocese of Vilnius was accepted by Pope Francis on April 5, On June 15, , he was named special papal envoy to the celebrations for the th anniversary of the "baptism" of the Rus', programmed in Kyiv, Ukraine, on August 17 and 18, He was confirmed as member of the Congregation for Catholic Education on November 30, Participated in the 14th General Ordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, which will take place at the Vatican from October 4 to 25, on the theme "The vocation and mission of the family in the Church and in the contemporary world".

    Lost the right to participate in the conclave when turned eighty years old on February 1, September 5, , Santiago de Chile, Chile. Befriended the Servant of God Mario Hiriart and with him and other students originated this Marian apostolic movement in Chile. State University of Fribourg, Switzerland philosophy and doctorate in theology. Besides his native Spanish, he speaks Italian, German and French. Further studies, Fribourg, From to , consultor of communities of youth and university students in several cities in Chile.

    From Chile directed the community of the institute in the Iberian peninsula and in Ecuador. As Regional Superior, participated in the Conference of Religious in Chile and was elected its vice-president. Member of the General Council of the Institute, Germany, Because of his post, he conducted multiple pastoral visits to Europe, America, Africa and Australia.

    His episcopal motto is Ut vitam habeant. Transferred to metropolitan see of Santiago de Chile, April 24, Grand chancellor of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Elected president of the Episcopal Conference of Chile for three years, November 20, ; reelected, November 16, Created cardinal priest in the consistory of February 21, ; received red biretta and title of S. Maria della Pace, February 21, Special papal envoy to the celebration of the centennial of the diocese of Catamarca, Argentina, which took place on August 21, The pope named new metropolitan archbishop Ricardo Ezzati Andrello, S.

    The cardinal said farewell to the faithful on the previous January 8. On April 13, , he was named by Pope Francis member of a group of cardinals to advise him in the government of the universal Church and to study a plan for revising the apostolic constitution on the Roman Curia, Pastor Bonus. Lost the right to participate in the conclave when turned eighty years old on September 5, On March 29, , he was confirmed as member of the Pontifical Council for Culture until the expiration of his mandate. On November 15, , he left the Council of Cardinals, the papal advisory committee.

    Ordained, July 29, Superior of the Redemptorist community of Vallegrande; vicar foraneo until Elected titular bishop of Apisa maggiore and appointed auxiliary of La Paz, April 15, His episcopal motto was Servidor de todos. Transferred to the see of Oruro, January 9, President of the Episcopal Conference of Bolivia, and ; also, its vice-president. Promoted to the metropolitan see of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, February 6, Giovanni Battista de' Rossi, February 21, Special papal envoy to the celebration of the Tenth National Eucharistic Congress of Argentina that took place in Corrientes, September 2 to 5, Elected president of the Episcopal Conference of Bolivia in ; reelected in He was succeeded by Sergio Alfredo Gualberti Calandrina, until then archbishop coadjutor of that same archdiocese.

    December 9, , at p. Upon learning the news of the death of the cardinal, Pope Francis sent a telegram of condolence to the archbishop of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Sergio Alfredo Gualberti Calandrina 1. Burial took place on Friday December 11 in the metropolitan cathedral of Santa Cruz. March 8, , Swartberg, diocese of Kokstad, South Africa. Of a family of seven children, five boys and two girls, who remain close to this day.

    Joined the Order of the Friars Minor Franciscans , Ireland, ; studied at the Franciscan Noviatiate, Killarney; at the University of Galway, where he obtained a bachelor's in letters; at Louvain University, Belgium, where he earned a master's in arts and bachelors' in philosophy and theology.

    Pastoral ministry in the parish of Lusikisiki ; and in the parish of Tabankulu Learned several African languages of his area. Apostolic administrator of the diocese of Kokstad, May 15, to Elected bishop of Kokstad, November 29, Consecrated, February 28, , St. Outspoken defender of human rights. Member of the Council of the Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops, Promoted to metropolitan see of Durban, May 29, Apostolic administrator sede vacante et ad nutum Sanctae Sedis of Umzimkulu, August 1, Honorary doctorate in jurisprudence, National University of Ireland, Francesco d'Assisi ad Acilia, February 21,