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You must be logged in to post a comment. Email address:. My name is Toby, and this is my website. Wanderers, seekers, and vagabonds are welcome here. So are the sort-of curious, somewhat adventurous, and one-day nomads. Take a look around, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy. Adventure , Central America , Travel Advice. I have the clearest memory of asking my father for help tying my shoes. To grow wings, you have to grow wings. Wrong question.

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Give Yourself Wings

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On Growing Wings & The Value of Figuring It Out for Yourself - Toby Israel

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Now, there are a few key elements to this jumping-off-cliffs-and-growing-wings business…

Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. We could locate people in need and assist emergency services. We are just getting started! Patrique Zaman: "Shawn is one of the rare people in 'business-land' that is warm, straightforward, honest, adventurous and willing to make a positive impact on the world, all at the same time! Remember the taste of a tomato when picked from your own garden?

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How about bright green basil with a tremendous explosion of taste, freshly picked and delivered today? This company is building and running local farms across America growing healthy and tasty produce right around the corner. She is willing to share her insights about starting and running a business, derived from her personal experience. Shawn has always been there for us, from the moment we met her and she has become a friend, which is unheard of in the VC world. In we completely transformed the store by remodeling it completely, tripling it in size and rebranding it to Lianne Tio Luxury.

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Take a seat and enjoy a cup of coffee of glass of champagne in our luxurious shop while you shop or just relax. Lianne Tio Luxury offers exclusive perfumes, jewelry, hand bags, hats, gloves and many other things that every woman has on her dream list.

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Things that you cannot find anywhere else without a flight and an appointment…. Intraocular lenses are implanted in the eye after the removal of cataracts. Innovalens has developed a unique inline molding production technology for high quality, finished or semi-finished intraocular lenses.

This is a real game changer for the industry. The quality control of the lenses during production is integrated in the process with full traceability. She always has a positive drive and is very solution-oriented. She is a rare example of a top entrepreneur who can perfectly separate important from small issues and who is excellent at both operational and strategic level. Shawn is passionate and driven about the business. Nothing escapes her sharp-eyed vision at Orange Wings. She knows that on the road to success, sometimes the biggest opportunities are hidden in the smallest details.

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When we invest in a promising startup or scaleup, we do this with devotion, passion, and exceptional perseverance. Our helicopter view enables us to collaborate with the entrepreneur in mapping out the path to success, by recognizing, creating, or taking advantage of opportunities. Everything needs to make sense in a company if it wants to grow and be successful. Seemingly unimportant issues can prove to be incredibly crucial.

We support the entrepreneur to focus on the most important issues, while at the same time, keeping an eye on the details. That means getting clear on what gives life value. Orange Wings thinks that every human being should be aware of the impact that they make on the environment and others. We are responsible together for leaving this world in a better place and being fair to others. What is your positive and negative impact on the world around you?