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You are not alone. But you can calm piano recital jitters with these scientifically proven tips:.

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Lean on a friend. Phone a friend for a laugh or support before your piano recital. Multiple studies have shown social interaction boosts relaxation and decreases stress, helping you feel more confident and calm by enhancing your feelings of social stability and belonging. Warm your ticklers. A Yale study showed that wrapping your hands around something warm, such as a cup of tea, increases feelings of calm. Warm them up to switch the signal — and increase feelings of safety and comfort for your piano recital.

Bonus tip: Black tea was found by a University College London study to lower cortisol more than placebo brews. One of the main benefits of exercise is that it produces endorphins, which are proven calm-inducers according to researchers in the UK. Bonus tip: Exercising outdoors in nature before your piano recital can boost that serenity.

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Cut the clutter. Physical clutter equals mental clutter. A Princeton study showed cutting clutter and organizing your surrounding environment boosts your sense of calm and order. All that clutter in your visual field overloads your brains neural pathways, increasing stress. Sleep affects not only your physical health, but anxiety and stress.

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Too little and it can make subsequent nights of restful sleep difficult to achieve, creating a vicious cycle of sleep problems. Make sure to get a full seven to nine hours of sleep for a few nights before your piano recital.

Smile, even though your heart is racing… Research suggests smiling and laughter can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Ditch the donuts. Research suggests sugary and processed foods can increase symptoms of anxiety.

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Be prepared. Since most fears involve making mistakes, one of the best ways to beat piano recital anxiety is by knowing your material inside and out.

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Catalogue Number:. Composition Artist Credits Ballade No. Edwin York Bowen Composer. Suite No.

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Evening Calm. Bowen Piano Music Ballade No. Buy from Amazon. Follow us. Editor's Choice.

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