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All Latin American countries are very much like each other. Catholic heritage European countries are similar in their difference from their Protestant neighbors. African countries share many traits. The entire Muslim world shares a largely common culture and politics. The nations that I myself would say have produced the most prosperity and freedom for the greatest number of people are almost invariably nations founded by white Christian Europeans. Oh, and Bhutan. I suspect that when Europe has a Muslim majority it will become very much like the rest of the Muslim world.

I suspect that when America has a Latino majority it will gradually become more and more like Latin America. Am I a white supremacist? Ray — yes you are a white supremacist if you believe that white culture and white institutions are superior to non-white cultures and institutions. It is somewhat breathtaking that many immigrants to Europe openly state that they intend to replace European culture and people with their own and the woke celebrate this. But somehow everything is to change, yet the conditions that have everyone trying to get in to this racist, sexist hell that we call the West will remain.

Except that I think the progressives actually have a chance to tear down the windmills, which are static and do not attack. They are in the foundations. The analogy falls apart at some point. We have until the next Democrat president. All the West is in turmoil. China and Russia are clearly salivation for the curtain call. Then the gloves come off. The Matrix of Hate above is pure malicious propaganda and hunger for power. The average no-name prog comes by their faith honestly, but the power players in the media and politics know what they are doing.

The tribe in action. Nothing more. Nothing less. Because, after all, 50 million murdered by Lenin and Stalin with their enthusiastic help is not enough for them. Yes, where? Global government, on the face of it, is a very good idea, the question is who runs it? I suppose that it will be something like a melding of the UN, the EU, the African Union and all our other pan-national institutions, all overseen by Davos.

Where is the lie Stephanie?

Free Thought Lives

Some plotters we are. Bwa ha ha ha. This quote perfectly illustrates the absurd and malevolent aspects of the alt-Left and their allies. So because the meaning is quite clear but the application is not, best to self-censor, best to be silent when a colleague is accused lest you too be thrown over the cliff. Hence, Ben Shapiro can be called a white nationalist and alt-right even as he is a Jew who is despised by said group. So most people stay silent.

Those who are not True Believers but who stay silent or refuse to condemn or even name an injustice as the mentor does here are simply appeasers and cowards, or useful idiots who have always been the best friends of despots. The being reviled and marginalized anyone non-left will continue to suffer at the hands of this intersectional insanity and the left will feel the pressing need to do more. They will move from calling people names to physical violence, and if they acquire enough political power they will move on to arresting, detaining, and eventually eliminating all non leftist compliant individuals….

Grass-root psychopathic behaviour is a pillar of totalitarianism. This chart is 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Some of these people, especially Denis Prager, Rubin and Rogan interview people who are controversial and with whom they have often opposing ideas. Another ham fisted attempt at slapping labels on people which, apparently has become our national pastime. We all have our windmills, I suppose, but scientists should be designing better ones, not tilting at them. Academic research provides little support for such ideas.

Clearly, many people participating in these conversations are narrowly educated and their heads are full of misinformation. Colin Johansson adamantly states that Chile is a white country, and refuses to back down when corrected. Johansson, Olson and others peddle simplistic theories about IQ and economic and cultural development that are clearly refuted by the history of abject poverty and technological backwardness until very recently in high-IQ Asian countries. I would therefore suggest to the editors of Quillette that they take note of the educational deficiencies of their client-audience and offer articles that will provide these people with more objective facts about world geography and world economic history.

Otherwise, the right wingers who feed at this site will cling to their predetermined religious beliefs — beliefs that are so harmful to the peace and tranquility of America. Perhaps you would like to offer the editors of Quillette an article, in addition to your usual comments. Writing an article on Quillette requires deep, profound thought — regardless of ideology. Not absolute platitudes, red herrings, begging the question, or any other sophist arguments perfected at the modern bastion of academia one would call a university.

As a pre op female trans other kin, I need to say that quillette is mean, and the articles are bad and everyone here is a dumb dumb meanie. I am so very well educated I am not even sure what I am anymore. By the way. Shut up racist. Chile must have this. So you suggest that IQ measures nothing of value as it relates to intelligence or performance in modern society?

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Nobody said if you have a high IQ you will be successful, but that among a population, those with higher IQs perform better than those in the society with low ones. Comparing countries fails to account for the fact that government coercion and culture can harm people that liberty and equal protection resolve. Ray Agreed. Working-class white men have more experience with blacks and Hispanics than affluent whites who can afford to buy isolation from them. If you think you have something to contribute here, despite never having done that before in these comments sections, pitch an article.

If you want people to take your overused narrative seriously, put together a well-researched and -reasoned piece. Orwell along with Muggeridge observed the absurdities of left wing intellectuals from the mid s onwards. As the s showed, the common decency of ordinary British people was the best bulwark against communism and Nazism.

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The ordinary British person never fell for communism but the middle class intellectuals did. If one looks at those who fought Nazism, the one group which was absent were the left wing middle class intellectuals, Auden, Isherwood and Sartre being examples. I will say the article is rather light, I have read and seen much better breakdowns of the flaws in the data analysis and the obvious ignorance and bias of the person who write the report. Indeed the great irony is that when properly analyzed it became clear that people like Jordan Peterson were being watched by members of the radical right, and he was convincing them to not be radical rightists.

The connection is a positive one of deradicalization and reintegration into larger society. You could make it even clearer by saying that we are all pure idiots here. The author is correct the self righteous attitude of the Left is driven by fear, like Don Quixote. As the evidence discrediting socialism and Keynesian economics continues to mount the progressives are reduced to flailing at windmills. The Left has learned that debating in the arena of ideas is a losing proposition, so it has resorted to labeling and silencing.

Progressives are not going to get off their high horses as the author recommends if to no other reason than the progressive project he seems to support had as its objective the destruction of western civilization. The civil mask is coming off because we deplorables had the nerve to fight back. Not that I should need to tell people here but plenty of minorities in this country are quite racist. Those are worse then then any the insipid Richard Spencer has ever spewed forth.

He also has many more followers then Spencer who could probably barely fill the conference room at the local Marriott. Its not remotely close to a white thing. Its a sign of mental illness in my opinion to come up with the type of bizarre diagrams and charts embedded in this article. White nationalists want normal white people to flourish securely in their own countries.

Critics of white nationalism owe us the due diligence of explaining up front why they oppose the perfectly reasonable goal of white flourishing. Not really. The regressive left and alt-right who ignorantly and stupidly divide the world into white people and everybody else are thus seen as the problem, not the solution. Go into American supermarkets which service Hispanic areas in American cities, like the Food City stores in Phoenix, and notice the absence of magazines.

Nuclear power makes an especially cognitively challenging demand on a population — it is literally the product of superior human minds, whereas dumb people can dig up coal out of the ground and burn it — so it has to go away as America becomes increasingly dull witted. Spain, the last time I looked was not in Latin America, it is in Europe.

Its people are Spanish, not Hispanic. Not saying I agree with Mark Plus, but Spain during the Renaissance and the early modern era was also notable for its relative lack of printing press and scholarship in general. Matthew, interesting observation. Those things do appear to be the catnip for folks on the extremes of either end. In some feminist circles sex is like sex to the Victorains. Speaking of which, I thought we were going to shut down hate speech.

How come only 2 mentions of hate in the entire article? And only a few in the comments. Come on people, focus. Turn off media and you find a lot more Sancho Panzas than Don Quixotes. So much this. Of course, you can very well scream at the wall, because progressives are so deep in self rightousness that they will never get it. Obviously it means to hate trans entariely and being disgusted by them. Obvious racism, because m run is dominated by Africans so of course the only reason to cut it off is to erase African athletes. There was time I really wished I was born in different country, cause thing here were rather bad.

Now — og boy, I am so glad I can stay away from Western idiocy. They should be. Self-identified progressives who actually care about improving the human condition should switch to the only belief set that has ever served that goal — classical liberalism. The rest are as lost as Adolf Hitler, sitting in his bunker and fantasizing that the remains of his armies were going to turn back the Soviets. Studying history rewards anyone about human nature. Whether the writer of history is biased as we all are or not if you consistently are inquisitive and critical, truth will find its own way out. During the Stalinist era there was a crime against Article When the archives were searched it was found that there was either no Article 58 or it was a abomination of words that was a catch all.

Such is the nature of fanaticism. Correction, not conclusion, because it can and will get worse. It made me think and frankly shiver. I recognized many names in that web that was illustrated. I follow many names in that web. Twitter knows who I follow. The consistent long-term pressure by so many outlets to try and label any forums that allow discussions that are not sj approved is working its way deep into the brains of our emerging generations.

It is a conscious effort to distort truth and control the medium to push a political agenda. The classic tools of tyranny are happening right now, as we watch, everywhere we look. It gets a little tiresome. The goal posts keep on changing. One thing, and then another.

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Does Lewis ever explain her methodology? It would be interesting to apply it to the left.

In the Culture Wars, Be a Sancho Panza, Not a Don Quixote

His advertisement for an upcoming book ahead of an entirely independent work could be seen as an ancestor to the modern day movie trailer. This second volume was published two years later, in The variant of the Spanish language in which Cervantes penned his novel was actually a rather new development at the turn of the 17th century and would be much more familiar to contemporary Spanish speakers than the colloquial tongue of the era.

A particularly empathetic sequence in the novel sees the hero and Sancho Panza freeing a group of galley slaves from captivity. Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky committed his admiration for Don Quixote to print on numerous occasions. You'll have to come and see for yourself.

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We can assure you that you'll love going up to the top of the hill and taking in all the different colours, the endless plain and these windmills, which are some of the best preserved in Spain. They all have nicknames linked to Don Quixote, but one of the most important ones is "Sancho", because it still has all the 16th century machinery. If you want to see them inside, "Bolero" windmill is always open to the public. In Consuegra you can taste typical dishes of La Mancha: gachas, migas or duelos and quebrantos.

You'll love the windmills don't miss the sunset from here and its streets steeped in history, where you can imagine how the old noblemen lived. Day five takes us to Campo de Criptana less than 10 kilometres away , which is also a "land of giants" because here you'll find its famous windmills, which apparently are the ones that truly inspired Cervantes when writing Don Quixote's adventures.

There are guided tours all year round. You should recover your strength at lunch because afterwards we'll be off looking for love, and that's never an easy task! El Toboso really exists 20 minutes by car from Campo de Criptana and you can even visit the Dulcinea House-Museum which recreates a typical 16th-century house from La Mancha.

You can also discover the Cervantes Museum which has numerous editions of his work in up to 70 different languages and many signed by international political and cultural figures. That's because the Medrano Cave, where Cervantes was held prisoner, can be found here.

Legend has it that he started to write the adventures of Don Quixote here. Can you imagine being in the famous village of La Mancha, the name that the narrator of Don Quixote had no desire to call to mind? There are many, however, who claim that this village in the book is in fact Villanueva de los Infantes.

We continue our journey towards Ossa de Montiel another 50 kilometres because it is close to two landscapes with special significance in the adventures of Don Quixote: the magic cave of Montesinos where he descended through time and the ruins of the Castle of Rochafrida. Bear in mind that if you want to visit the cave you will need to book in advance with an authorised company, so get information from a tourist office beforehand.

We can make the most of this day and travel to Villanueva de los Infantes where we can find the house of Don Diego de Miranda, who according to tradition was the Knight of the Green Overcoat, whose great deeds were mentioned so many times by Don Quixote , or the Lagunas de Ruidera Nature Reserve , some of the most beautiful wetlands in Spain.

We can end the day by spending the night in Ciudad Real. The journey is coming to an end. Here you can see interesting reproductions of the characters "talking" to each other. In the afternoon you can head towards Almagro only half an hour away by car. It is one of the most charming towns in Spain. Its Plaza Mayor square is absolutely beautiful. In this square you can visit the Corral de Comedias theatre which dates from the 17th century even better if you go on a dramatised visit.

And if you are thinking of staying on a few more days, you might want to visit the National Theatre Museum. And this is the end of this route that will enable you to find out more about the figure of Don Quixote and the man who brought him to life. We are sure that it has been worth it because "he who reads much and travels much sees and knows a great deal".

Although all the towns on this route are linked by bus or train, it's perfect for driving in the car or even in a motor home. If you're coming in your own vehicle, you don't need to worry about transport.