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This was contested by the MacPhersons who believed that they should lead the confederation and the dispute continued for several centuries until the Lord Lyon ruled in favour of MacKintosh in Staunch in their support for Bonnie Prince Charlie in the uprising they fought with distinction throughout the campaign.

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At the final Battle of Culloden, the clan was delayed and arrived too late to avert defeat. Helping the Prince to escape, the Chief, Ewan of Cluny, accompanied him to guide and protect him during his flight.

Bloodlines - Touch Not the Cat, a genealogy mystery novel

For this his house was burned and the then enormous price of pounds put on his head. His clansmen sheltered him for nine years before he eventually escaped to France. Billy is a good foil traditional dour Scot to Cathy's brash American "can-do" bravado.

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So, the many angles at the end makes for an exciting read. The main characters are well rounded, e. Alexander, in particular his relationship with Katherine.

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  6. Cathy at a crossroads in her life and her "possession" by the undercurrents and tensions in the castle are particularly well written. Cathy, brittle so sensitive to otherness comes across well.

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    The book flows well and in all a good enjoyable read. The story struck a perfect balance of history, intrigue and mystery, keeping me interested and turning the pages well past my bedtime. The characters were brought to life through their personalities and I had genuine feelings about each of them.

    The details and descriptions of the places where the story takes place were so good, they were also brought to life for me, and although I have never visited them, I want to now though , I felt they were made feel familiar and I think were I to visit, I would feel I had been there already. The switches between past and present were seamless and very clever - as a lover of historical and modern-day stories I was given the best of both worlds.

    Touch Not the Cat

    Bloodlines - Touch Not the Cat takes us to the heart of the Scottish Highlands where an American homicide detective, a member of the Macpherson clan, finds herself drawn into a mystery set in motion by her ancestors a hundred years earlier. Cathy is reluctant to go back to her roots at Ballindalloch Castle, the home of the Macphersons for over years but instinct takes over and she comes face to face with the family mystery, the disappearance of the laird over a hundred years earlier.

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    Flashbacks take us to the life and times of Alexander Stewart, the castle gamekeeper, ancestor of Catherine's partner. We share his love for an earlier Katherine Macpherson and witness the evil way he is separated from her by the laird, and suspected of involvement in the inexplicable disappearance of Gordon Macpherson, the laird. The story is beautifully paced, moving deftly towards the climax that we have been anticipating since Cathy arrived in the castle.