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The Ira B. Liss Big Band Jazz Machine is an piece orchestra and has been a fixture in the southern California area for nearly four decades. Lisa, is six-foot-seven-inches tall and like his music, he towers head and shoulders above other local bands as a leader and producer.

McGhee steals the spotlight during his drum solo and beyond. All in all, every track on this CD is well produced and delightfully arranged. If you are a lover of big band music, this is the ultimate box of chocolates. Each tune becomes a unique and pleasant surprise. After years of dreaming about it and planning for it, Andrew Neu has decided to concentrate his talents inside this debut big band project. The result is a formidable production. This is a far call from his four earlier releases as a solo artist, where he recorded more contemporary jazz CDs. For this project, Neu reaches back to the historic and awe-inspiring music of some of his idols; music masters like Quincy Jones, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Neal Hefti, Thad Jones, Stan Kenton, Chuck Mangione and more have inspired this young arranger and saxophonist.

Andrew Neu has composed eight of the eleven songs on this album and is ably assisted by some stellar players in Southern California. He dedicates this work of art to the masters who paved the way for his own creativity to blossom. All pieces are arranged and conducted by Andrew Neu and his big band charts are available at Kendor Music and Marina Music. Andrew Neu flies across the music on his tenor saxophone.

This composition is both spirited and melodic, leaving lots of room for the orchestra harmonics to soar. Randy Brecker plays a fluid and emotional trumpet solo. Jamey Tate is spectacular on drums, covering every note of this tune with a blanket of rhythm mastery and percussive surprise. As a composer, Andrew Neu does not disappoint. His arrangements are full of spunk and beauty. Every cut on this project is a sparkling stone set in a crown of musical achievement.

I have long been fascinated by the Brazilian songbook and its talented composers. Percussive expert, Akiro Tano, has gathered an impressive list of talent together for this project. This project is sweet and beautiful, like a scattering of Cattleya labiate or Corsage Orchids in a big, colorful basket of songs. Branford Marsalis adds tenor saxophone in appropriate places, enhancing this perfect sound-painting with light brush strokes of genius.

His sensitivity is worthy of mention and praise. Akira Tana punches the rhythm, shuffling beneath the well-sung lyrics like a freight train. Money laundering in the Asia Pacific: Asia Pacific money laundering flows and trends.

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Report of an International Colloquium. Psychology and Industrial Efficiency. Public knowledge of and attitudes to social work in Scotland. Quanto Custa a Expansao do Ensino Medio. Recordacoes do Escrivao Isaias Caminha. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions: Reentry Mediation Recidivism Analysis.

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The subjection of women. O subterraneo do Morro do Castelo. Suspiros Poeticos e Saudades. Tackling violence in schools: Tales of Blackwood - Vol. Tax policy in the European Union. Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted.

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    Trabalhos medicos offerecidos a magestade do senhor D. Pedro I, imperador do Brazil, invicto, augusto, eximio protector das artes, ciencias e commercio. Traditions of the Tinguian: Uma Tragedia no Amazonas. The Translations of Beowulf. Transport provision for disabled people in Scotland. Travelling in Europe A treatise on government. Triste Fim de Policarpo Quaresma. Twelve stories and a dream. Two Fishers, and Other Poems. A Unifying Field in Logics?

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