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This brings insecurity and that is when abundance is lost. Abundance also means that you feel happy in any situation. Some people have not so much money but they are always happy and feel full. This is also abundance. When you feel happy about whatever you have in life you feel abundant. That is the real abundance a person needs to attain.

Abundance is a state of mind in which a human being feels safe, secure and happy in life. We must try to attain that kind of abundance in life. It has beauty and essences with it that keep any human being feel full of positive energy. I am on my way to attain that state of abundance. It is difficult but necessary to achieve. A year ago I decided to stop running blindly about earning money. I felt that the amount I wasted on searching ways to earn money was too much and I must stop right there. I asked myself that what was the need of money and why did I want to earn money. That question changed my mind.

And at that time, I started working on myself to find the true abundance i. I meditated and tried the deep answer for that question. And slowly I felt that like everyone I was also running for living a very rich life.

This Is What the Path to Abundance Looks Like

I am not at all ashamed that I wanted lots of money to live a luxurious life. There is nothing wrong in wanting to earn money; the wrong is to earn it by hook or crook. I changed my thinking and stopped running behind money. And I found my strength and the power that I can share with the world. I started looking inside me to know what I need to do to feel abundant. The question intrigued my mind and I went to meditating to find its answer. Now, I serve people with what I love to do and let the angels find clients who would benefit from my services. This shift changed my outlook and freed me to gain abundance in true terms.

My motive is to help people and I find happiness and abundance in this cause. Earning money is a secondary thought. I would love to sense monetary luxuries but not at the cost of abundance. So you can see that abundance and money are not actually needed to be related but still they are related somehow. Every human must find their own way to discover the real abundance in life. You have expertise in your field and you feel ALIVE in the moments of teaching or guiding groups or individuals to transformation.

Some are still in a paid job, where lack of money in their life may be or not be their biggest perceived problem. On one hand, in past lives, being spiritual was easier.

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On the other hand, in those ages many got tortured, excluded from the tribe or killed for their spiritual gifts. But even worst, many spiritual people are having physical symptoms, which are caused by separating from our unique Spirit, through I have been teaching and guiding people to become aware of the under lying cause behind any physical disease since In fact, right now, in this incarnation, we have an amazing opportunity to really BE who we are uniquely designed to be and express our gifts fully — without being killed — and live abundance on all levels.

But there is a shift happening. The universal energy is shifting in a huge way right now. In that energy, the group and the survival of the tribe is more important than the individual. This has created an energy like glue. Still, there will be a consequence and often it leads to a shutdown, snow ball effect. We put limitations in place to make it easier to live a limited reality and we energetically forget who we truly are.

The new energy is rooted in knowing abundance by knowing your Spirit: Abundance is more than money, it is being connected to the blue print your Spirit is created in, which is your unique divine expression. When we start to do that it changes how we relate, work and co-create. Personally, I see your commitment to live true to your Self-expression as an act of self-love! When we live, a life aligned with our unique abundance blueprint, then we love being alive.

In that space, we can be unconditional love with each other. The Key to Abundance Life Mastery. Money — Having an income, through doing what you love, that represents living the life you truly desire. The question is — are we translating it into the physical realm? From a scale , where do you experience yourself right now — in your physical living — in these.

Abundance is so much greater than all of that. It gives you the structure, tools, step-by-step instructions, inspiration, and support so that you can clear away your old blocks, programs, beliefs, and fears around money, activate abundance, and allow yourself to receive it.

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Before working with Nathalie, I struggled with finding value in myself and was not charging what I was worth. I now feel totally worthy and clear. Health practitioner.


After working with Nathalie, the floodgates opened. I no longer feel guilty or selfish the way I used to, about having money. Instead, I feel happy and excited as the money come to me and am free to enjoy it! Behavior Parenting Coach. You HAVE to get to know Nathalie, she is the real deal — authentic, loving yet straight to the point, she knows how to inspire you to take the right action to move ahead towards success; she invites you to look at issues in a different, more spiritual manner. Talk to her, and you will find out how to take yourself and your business to a new level, the one you desire and deserve!

Are you ready to walk on your Abundance path, so that you stop worrying about money, and start focusing on what you love, the difference you make, and the freedom-based lifestyle you now create? Your vision for this year AND vision 3 years from now. The shame, guilt, and other ancestral dysfunctions are now healed. When I met Nathalie, I was struggling to figure out who I was, and what I was doing, and how to make money doing what I was good at.

If you are looking for clearing in money Nathalie is the ONE to work with! Love and Laughter always. Life Coach. Click here to create more Abundance in your life now…. You can tap into your creativity with ease and turn these projects into gold. You show up at the right place, at the right time, saying the right things. You are inspiring, and you are giving back, making a difference helping others. You create a ripple effect of amazing changes for women.

Knowing witnessing this abundance of changes and inspirations brings even more of this into the world. When you shift into abundance, you change your life and business. I am Nathalie Ekobo. And for most of my life I have worked hard. Working tirelessly and always feeling like I need to do more, I felt like I needed to prove my worth. Regularly changing jobs because I would feel frustrated with my boss, unhappy because I would miss a promotion, or be paid twice less than my male counterpart….


What secret did they know that I kept ignoring? Finally, one day I decided to follow my dreams and come to Arizona to a business.