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Jesus calls us to be transformed and live in him to accept the light and reject the darkness.

A Light Shines in the Darkness : Zion Lutheran Church

The darkness does not comprehend the light John The loving of darkness because the deeds are evil John The shift from darkness can only happen with the shedding of light. Which leads to our new reality and understanding of our life in Christ. Our New Reality - We will have the Light of life. Following the Light leads to having the Light of life.

In other words Jesus will show us how to have life by following the Light. The giver of life does what he can do best and give us life. The light of the world is not a universal statement for being the Light to all but to those who follow him is walking in the Light. Jesus is the True Light to those who follow him and who receive the light of life by believing in him. If you are not following him then you are in the dark left open for the devourer to attack and destroy with no protection and no life.

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Walking in pitch darkness is embracing the darkness sin and death and rejecting the Light of Life who is Jesus the Christ. Ephesians instructs us to walk in the Light who is Jesus our light as children of the light.

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Following Christ leads us to not walking in darkness but having life and light. When we have this we are able to say.

Then you are able to understand when the Lord spoke the prophet Isaiah saying:. You will face life knowing you are following the Light whom shall you fear. Christ came to reconcile man with God, and also to reconcile man with man. All war and division will cease. There is also sorrow. He will be opposed and spoken against.

He will cause division. He will suffer and die, which will also bring suffering to His mother and His followers. In His self-sacrifice He shows us the love of God for us, fallen mankind. The world and the church may be in dark times, but God is faithful to His people even when they are faithless.

Zion: A Light in the Darkness

He does not abandon us because of our sin. Instead, He forgives our sin. He forgives our sin, so we are ready to depart in peace. Then, we are bold and eager for the end, as Simeon was. The peace of God which surpasses all understanding will keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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Out of Darkness into the Light.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Posted on December 29, December 29, Sermons. We live in dark days. Come to think of it, my Mom did warn me about sitting too close to the TV, and for too long.

By those choices we can descend into ever greater darkness of mind, soul, spirit and action, resulting in ever more evil deeds. In the case of the religious leaders who reject Jesus and the blind man, their evil deeds are not the usual sins of weakness that we normally warn against, like drunkenness, drugs, pornography and promiscuity.

And we should warn against them. But the darkness in the religious leaders and the Pharisees results in sins of power, like the long, bullying interrogation to which they subject the formerly blind man with loaded, harassing, questions, questions meant to intimidate and confuse the poor man. Sins of power, like those, are so dangerous because they masquerade as virtue. One: We turn toward the light of the world whenever we choose humility over pride; When we are humble enough to know and accept that we need help, like the man born blind did, as opposed to being sure that we already have all we need, and turn away from it, as the Pharisees did.

Will understanding all that make them more secure, as well as more worthy? The Pharisees were doing right, whenever they did just that.

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As we live the truth, and not only talk about it, then we gain valid, God-given spiritual authority, the authority of character and conduct. We have authoritarianism. Their use of God-talk only makes such authoritarianism all the more dangerous and deadly. This is not just a Pharisee thing, by the way. Some of us have experienced authoritarianism in the church, and it leaves a taste of trauma and distrust in our souls. The sex abuse scandals in some churches were not just sins of weakness, about sex, but also sins of power, the fruits of authoritarianism, by using clerical authority to prey upon the vulnerable, and again, just as bad, by paying the victims to silence their pain and hide their misconduct.

Spitting and putting mud on our eyes? All I know is that he gave me sight. Such humility is how we turn toward the light which has come into the world: Jesus. By such humility, the man born blind becomes a better spiritual authority than the authoritarian Pharisees. He even becomes a more effective apostle and evangelist than the twelve disciples.

As for the choice of fear versus faith, fear has blinded both the disciples and the Pharisees. Do they think that by analyzing and understanding everyone and every situation, they will know how to protect themselves and avoid such disaster?