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The issue being whilst the balloons look lovely drifting off into the sky to travel to who knows where and take some so called sentiment of celebration or loss with it, the truth is they come down, all of them, and the second they land and burst, they turn into litter. All sentiment and meaning gone, they are just litter.

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Pieces of colourful rubber, foil and ribbon littering our towns, countryside or seas. Wherever they land they just joint the MacDonalds packaging, the lager cans, the cigarette butts and become another piece of litter. Ingested balloons can block an animals gut meaning they can no longer take on proper food and they then starve and die.

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Turtles are particularly at risk as they eat jellyfish and a balloon with a ribbon hanging from it, to a turtle, looks very yummy and so many turtles have suffered from the effects of eating these thinking they are jellyfish and again, these balloons blocking their stomachs and causing death. Ways that are not a danger to the environment and ways that can have a positive impact and a long lasting memory. Commemorating someone who has passed would be far better remembered by everyone scattering some flower seeds or planting a tree, something that can enhance the environment we live in and grow and be enjoyed by others and feed wildlife or house wildlife.

Is this not a nicer longer lasting way of showing respect to that person and respect to the planet? If someone suggest to you a balloon release to commemorate someone or to celebrate something, suggest back to them that planting trees or scattering wild flower seeds might be a more respectful way of showing you care.

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Viewing 40 posts - 41 through 80 of total. Posted 10 years ago. RudeBoy Member. Mister P Member. Licking elbow. Did your Mum and Dad tell you it was the scouts? Run away! The freckles and skin tone on both face and arm would suggest they are the same person. It is not me by the way. CaptainFlashheart Member. On another note, jellyfish have a photographic memory. MrCrushrider Member.

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Matt Posted 10 years ago. Olly Member. WorldClassAccident Member. The tickets for the Big Bike Bash are on sale! There are more barbie dolls in the world than there are Canadians.

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We had one of our scout group top himself shortly after leaving as well as the two killers.