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They seized great rocks and threw them at the sky. The smoke above them hid the stars; the mountain throbbed and trembled. Higher and still higher sprang the dancing flames. At last, they leaped clear above the highest point of the mountain and started down it in a river of red fire. Then the gentle Spirit of Fire called, "Come back, my flames, come back again! The people in the village will not know that you are in a frolic, and they will be afraid.

The flames did not heed her words, and the river of fire ran on and on, straight down the mountain. The flowers in its pathway perished. It leaped upon great trees and bore them to the earth. It drove the birds from their nests, and they fluttered about in the thick smoke. It hunted the wild creatures of the forest from the thickets where they hid, and they fled before it in terror. At last, one of the warriors in the village awoke. The thick smoke was in his nostrils. In his ears was the war-cry of the flames.

He sprang to the door of his lodge and saw the fiery river leaping down the mountain. The two hunters went to look upon the mountain, and when they came back, they said sadly, "There are no flowers on the mountain. Not a bird-song did we hear. Not a living creature did we see. It is all dark and gloomy. We know the fire is there, for the blue smoke still floats up to the sky, but the mountain will never again be our friend. When the Great Spirit saw the work of the flames, he was very angry. The mountain trembled with fear at the angry words of the Great Spirit.

They killed the beautiful flowers and drove your children from their homes, but for many, many moons they heeded my words and were good and gentle. They drove the frost and cold of winter from the wigwams of the village. The little children laughed to see their red light in the sky. The hearts of your people will be sad, if the flames must perish from the earth. The Great Spirit listened to the words of the gentle Spirit of Fire, but he answered, "The fires must perish. They have been cruel to my people, and the little children will fear them now; but because the children once loved them, the beautiful colors of the flames shall still live to make glad the hearts of all who look upon them.

Then the Great Spirit struck the mountain with his magic war-club. The smoke above it faded away; its fires grew cold and dead. In its dark and gloomy heart only one little flame still trembled. It looked like a star. How beautiful it was! The Great Spirit looked upon the little flame. He saw that it was beautiful and gentle, and he loved it. The light of the flames was still on its head; their marvelous colors were on its wings. So from the mountain's heart of fire sprang the first humming-bird. It is the bird of flame, for it has all the beauty of the colors of the flame, but it is gentle, and every child in all the earth loves it and is glad to see it fluttering over the flowers.

It shall be very bright and beautiful. There shall be mountains and prairies and forests, and about it all shall be the blue waters of the sea. As the Great Spirit had thought, so he did. He gave the earth a soft cloak of green. He made the prairies beautiful with flowers. The forests were bright with birds of many colors, and the sea was the home of wonderful sea-creatures. They are very dear to me, but how shall I make my children go to them and so learn to love them?

Long the Great Spirit thought about the mountains. At last, he made many little shining stones. Some were red, some blue, some green, some yellow, and some were shining with all the lovely colors of the beautiful rainbow. When the stones were made and the Great Spirit looked upon their beauty, he said, "I will not hide you all away in the seams of the rocks. Some of you shall be out in the sunshine, so that the little children who cannot go to the mountains shall see your colors.

He sang of long summer days and the music of waters beating upon the shore. He sang of the moonlight and the starlight. All the wonders of the night, all the beauty of the morning, were in his song. You will love them, and all the little children will love them. They fluttered away in the sunshine, and the southwind sang to them as they went.

So it was that the first butterflies came from a beautiful thought of the Great Spirit, and in their wings were all the colors of the shining stones that he did not wish to hide away. IN the days of long ago the Great Spirit came down from the sky and talked with men. Once as he went up and down the earth, he came to the wigwam of a woman. He went into the wigwam and sat down by the fire, but he looked like an old man, and the woman did not know who he was.

When the cake was baked, the woman stood and looked at it. She thought, "It is very large. I thought it was small. I will not give him so large a cake as that. When that cake was baked, it was larger than the first one. So she said to her guest, "I will not give you this cake, but if you will wait, I will make you another one. Then the woman made another cake. It was still smaller than the others had been at first, but when she went to the fire for it, she found it the largest of all. She did not know that the Great Spirit's magic had made each cake larger, and she thought, "This is a marvel, but I will not give away the largest cake of all.

No teabags allowed Yedo and Peking. The author also visits Peking, rarely visited at the time by foreigners. Peeps At Many Lands: Australia. Frank Fox. London: Adam and Charles Black. This book for young adults deals with the history of Australia and life as it was around Essentials of Lettering, The. Thomas E.

French and Robert Meiklejohn. Detailed instructions are provided for the student on how to hold the pen and create wonderful letters, including Gothic, Old English, Uncial, Roman, Art Nouveau, and French Script. A Boy's Will. Robert Frost. NY: Henry Holt and Company. A nice group of poems for the Frost fan North of Boston. Mountain Interval. I llustrated Strawberry Culturist, The. Andrew S. NY: O. Judd Co. A very handy book for the gardener Illustrated by Hugh Thomson. London: MacMillan and Company.

Nicely illustrated edition The Toy Shop. Margarita Spaulding Gerry. A quick read Robin Hood. Henry Gilbert. Philadelphia: David McKay, Publisher. Illustrated by Frank Godwin. No Publication Date Ca. A lot of "thees" and "thous" in the writing and some violent scenes described. This is one of the truest works of the Robin Hood legend: Marian dies and Robin Hood is slowly bled to death. This is what the later cartoon versions animated or otherwise left out. The Illustrations by Frank Godwin are spectacular in their execution.

Some of the nicest illustration work from the turn of the century that I've seen so far. Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Moving the Mountain. NY: Charlton Company. She was well ahead of her time but caught in her own time. This book contains her views on socialism and eugenics. Read this as an early science fiction writing, rather than a goal to attain With Her in Ourland. NY: Forerunner Magazine. An early feminist, her work today is seen as groundbreaking writing for later feminists Yellow Wallpaper, The. Books and the Quiet Life. George R. A pleasurable read History of the Babylonians and Assyrians,A.

George Stephen Goodspeed, PhD. A nice read for the student of ancient history Dutch and English on the Hudson. Maud Wilder Goodwin. New Haven: Yale University Press. The time covered is from the 's through the 's. A nice work with a great bibliography Falmouth Neck in the Revolution. Nathan Goold. Portland ME: Thorton Print. Also includes a brief history of the early years of Portland settlement Brewster's Millions. Chicago: Herbert S. The basis of 9 films, including the , Richard Pryor and John Candy film How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea.

Duff Graham. This time, Peter ends up far to sea where he meets a whale and a troublesome seagull! At Santa's Toy Shop! What could be better! And of course, Peter gets in trouble! But Christmas still comes to the Rabbit family, with Peter's help Peter Rabbit at the Farm. Here, Peter has a day on the farm. Adventures ensue! Dream Days Kenneth Grahame.

Why the Crocodile Has a Wide Mouth: and Other Nature Myths (eBook)

London, Edinburgh, Dublin and New York. I highly recommend this book. By the author of the Wind in the Willows The Golden Age. Kenneth Grahame. The Headswoman. London: John Lane- the Bodley Head. A strange read from the author of the Wind in the Willows Pagan Papers. Wind in the Willows, The. NY: Charles Scribners Sons. The adventure of the motor-car; Toad as the washerwoman and the battle of the weasels in Toad Hall.

Sit back and enjoy! Unmannerly Tiger and Other Tales, The. A fascinating look at a mixture of cultures but uniquely Korean Some Fish and Some Fishing. Frank Gray Griswold. NY: John Lane Co. Also includes sea fishing with kites and sleds. The Mabinogion. Lady Charlotte Guest, Trans. A must read for all Rider Haggard.

Nature Mythology From Around the World

Mystery in the deepest Africa; human sacrifice; precious jewels; fanatic priests; dangerous struggles with a giant crocodile. What more could anyone ask for? Province House, The. Nathaniel Hawthorne. Tanglewood Tales. Nathaniel Hawthorn. A very good read Elbert Hubbard. East Aurora, New York: Roycrofters.

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Huxley, Alfred R. Wallace and others. Iron Heel, The. Jack London. A novel for our times Romantic Ireland, Volume 1. Nicely illustrated by Blanche McManus and filled with history and description of Ireland. A fun read Romantic Ireland, Volume 2. NY: Dodd, Mead and Company.

It also includes wonderful illustrations by Blanche McManus. Blanche McManus. Article in: American Cookery. Our Little Arabian Cousin. Blanche McManus [Author and Illustrator].

Children's Poetry

Part of the Little Cousin Series. Boston: The Page Company. This is a nice little book for children and adults! Nice illustrations Our Little Belgian Cousin. Nice illustrations. Our Little Dutch Cousin. Our Little Egyptian Cousin. Our Little English Cousin. Our Little French Cousin. Our Little Scotch Cousin. The Pedigreed Cheeses of France. Blanche McManus [magazine article, written and illustrated by McManus]. In: The American Cookery, November Pages - Notes and Pictures by Blanche McManus.

Published by Lamson, Wolffe and Co. This book gives a concise history of the theories for the origin of the original Mother Goose. All known Mother Goose rhymes are here in their 'original' form and phrasing, with wonderful line drawings by Blanche McManus! These pages may take a few minutes to load as they are scans of the original pages of the book.

Voyage of the Mayflower, The. McManus, Blanche. Profusely illustrated by Blanche McManus. Suitable for children and adults Children's Blue Bird. Translated by Alexander Teixeira de Mattos. Illustrated by Herbert Paus. New York: Dodd, Mead and Company. Wonderful illustrations by Herbert Paus. This play and story was the beginning of the phrase 'Blue Bird of Happiness' Buried Temple, The. Maurice Maeterinck. Translated byAlfred Sutro. Dodd, Mead and Company. Children's Life of the Bee, The. Maurice Maeterlinck. Nicely illustrated in color Translated by Alexander Teixeira Mattos.

An interesting perspective The Double Garden. Essays cover the following topics: Dogs, Bees, old flowers, early automobiles, suffrage, and much more! The Life of the Bee. With, of course, Maeterlinck's perspective on how this relates to human life Light Beyond, The. Enters into the realm of Spiritualism popular in the early 's The Measure of the Hours. Mountain Paths. Essays about death, spiritualism, war, insects Translated by Bernard Miall.

The Great Secret. NY: The Century Co. Wisdom and Destiny. Alfred Sutro, Translator. Herein lies the search for and meaning of Truth The Wrack of the Storm. An interesting selection of essays No matter where you stand on war and I am a pacifist I recommend this book as an interesting read Familiar Features of the Roadside. Schuyler Mathews. New York: D Appleton and Company. How about a Bluebird's?

And what are the different varieties of ragweed? It's all here! The House That Jack Built. Marshall, printer. Chinese Fairy Book, The. Frederick A Martens, Trans. George W Hood, Illust. A wonderful read! Carrie Ella Miller. Lewiston, Maine: Lewiston Journal Co. Includes a season guide when to expect migratory birds in the area. An Early American Home. Claude H. NY: Thomas Y. Crowell Company. Detailed descriptions of his experience buying the property, building the architectural model, dealing with the contractors, to finally furnishing the finished rooms.

A nice read for the person interested in architecture or antiques Discovery of the North Pole. Martin Miller, Ed. Also contains a good history of previous attempts to reach the Pole and the perils of polar exploration. With the Birds in Maine. Olive Thorne Miller. Miller explored many areas around the state, and wrote a number of essays Wild Life on the Rockies. Enos A. Illustrated with photographs. Mills was hired for a time as the "State Snow Observer of Colorado" for three years, for which he was instructed: " An enjoyable read Francis Miltoun.

This book covers the region of the Pyrenees of southern France, from Roussillon to Biarritz Ships and Shipping. London: Alexander Moring, Ltd. Night Before Christmas, The. Clement C. Santa Claus and all the reindeer; children with sugar plum visions and presents and stockings, this is a great book for all ages. Old Furniture Book, The. Hudson Moore. NY: Frederick A. Information on Dutch furniture, designs by Chippendale, Sheraton, Adam, Hepplewhite, French Empire, musical instruments, clocks and furniture hardware Haunted Bookshop, The. Christopher Morley. Garden City, N.

Where the Blue Begins. This time it's a dog world and one dog in particular asking the deeper questions about the meaning of life, and whether god is a biped Warwick and Leamington. George Morley. NY: Dodge Publishing Company. Mediaeval Tales. New York: Ballantyne Press. Faustus and many more! Wasps and Their Ways. Margaret Morley. Not my favorite insect before reading this book, I now have a great respect for these fascinating insects. Excellent for children and adults to learn about wasps Art and Craft of Printing, The.

William Morris. Japanese Homes and their Surroundings. Edward S. Boston: Ticknor and Company. The author has undertaken an anthropological approach to the study of Japanese house construction. Detailed illustrations and sections on garden gates and fences round out this work. Whether just a passing interest in Japanese houses or an intellectual pursuit, this is a must read Handbook of Norse Mythology, The.

Karl Mortensen, Trans. Clinton Crowell. A good read for information on northern European myths John Muir. Story of My Boyhood and Youth, The. An interesting insight into a great naturalist James Ball Naylor. Boston: C. Clark Publishing Co. Lots of sentimental reminiscences of life in rural New England Our Little Hungarian Cousin. Mary F. Maine Beautiful. Wallace Nutting.

Part of the States Beautiful series Nutting began but did not complete. Massachusetts Beautiful. Okakura Kakuzo. It focuses on the Japanese Art of Tea, but the author offers a rarely seen perspective on Eastern and Western cultures. Okakura Kakuzo gives a brief history of tea in China, and the stages of tea-drinking in that country.

His main focus is on Zen and its connection to Teaism, and of the influence of the Zen monks in establishing and refining the Japanese Tea Ceremony. This book is a highly-recommended read. Ideals of the East, The. Kakuzo Okakura. Dutton and Company. Old Man in the Corner, The. Baroness Emma Orczy. Japanese Fairy Book, The. Yei Theodora Ozaki. Winthrop Packard. Many Photographs. Boston: Small, Maynard and Co. A nice book for any naturalist, young or old, looking for an escape from the colder northern climes.

By the same author of Woodland Paths He Dropped Into Poetry. Canton, Mass: Winthrop Packard. Literary Pilgrimages of a Naturalist. Packard visits the homes of great authors and describes the natural world that influenced the authors in their writing. With photographs. The World Today. June, Illustrates the strides made to make a safer journey for imigrants sailing the Atlantic at the turn of the 20th Century.

An article from a monthly magazine Old Plymouth Trails. A nice book for any naturalist, young or old.. White Mountain Trails. With numerous photographs. Boston: Small, Maynard and Company. Great photographs of views from the mountains and Appalachian Mountain Club huts and lean-tos built to accommodate hikers on the trail Wood Wanderings. This book covers the Fall months at the Reservation.

A nice book for any naturalist, young or old Woodland Paths. This book covers the spring months at the Reservation. A nice book for any naturalist, young or old. Wild Pastures. This book covers the summer months at the Reservation. Wildwood Ways. This book covers the winter months at the Reservation. Young Ice-Whalers, The. Birds' Calendar, The. NY: Charles Scribner's Sons. A pleasant read on a rainy day Historic Towns of New England.

Lyman P. NY: G. Many, many drawings, maps and photographs. Great historical information Santa Claus's Helper. Page, Thomas Nelson. Illustrated by W. New York: Scribner and Sons. Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, The. Edited by Frank Woodworth Pine. Note that this book edited out 3 paragraphs where Franklin referred to his youthful dalliances, which I have edited back in with notes where added.

Also includes a Bibliography Catherine Louisa Pirkis. Alfred W. NY: Illustrated by Arthur Rackham. The MacMillan Company. Illustrated by Arthur Rackham. A must read Boston Tea Party, The. Text by Josephine Pollard. Illustrated by H. The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Beatrix Potter. The mischevious rabbit is in and out of trouble in this story, but all turns out OK in the end! Tale of Squirrel Nutkin, The. Nicely illustrated. Interesting lesson in learning when to mind your manners Along New England Roads. Prime , LL. Travel the dirt roads and meet the people of a region that that has nearly disappeared years on Otto of the Silver Hand.

Howard Pyle. Illustrated by Howard Pyle. NY: Charles Scribner Sons. Pyle wrote this book to bring some realism to the 'Knights in Shining Armor' myth of his time. Many knights of that time were cruel and ruthless Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates. Everything you wanted to know about Pirates. Profusely and wonderfully illustrated by Howard Pyle. Enjoy this read! The Story of King Arthur and his Knights. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. Wonderfully illustrated and written by Howard Pyle Finger Plays. Emilie Poulsson.

Music by Cornelia C. Boston: Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Co. His was the first known party to explore the entire canyon length. Contains a map of the journey and daily logs Denunciation and ridicule, greater than any other man has endured, never kindled a spark of hatred in his breast. A little over-romanticized for my taste, but interesting design and illustration. This was when true book publishing was at its height I am not sure if this was his original creation or based upon an old tale. It has evil siblings, a good-hearted child and mysterious nature spirits. An interesting read at many levels Woman's Journey Through the Philippines.

Florence Kimball Russel. Russel describes in detail the natives and life style of the islands ca Written and illustrated by John Albert Seaford. Le Roy Phillips: Publisher. No publication date. Biography of a Grizzly. The Century Co. Sad at times, and nicely illustrated by the author History of Chesterville, Maine. Oliver Sewall. Farmington, ME: J. The Heart of the Antarctic. Sir Ernest Shackleton. Washington, D. Book of Boston. Illustrated by R.

Philadelphia: Penn Publishing Co. Nicely illustrated also Four color prints and many black-and-white photos and illustrations Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express. Illustrated by Neil O'Keefe. Probably little in the way of historical accuracy, but interesting, nonetheless They tell of life in Rhode Island from the early to late 's. As Skinner states, "It is where myth and history combine that legend is most interesting and appeals to our fancy or our sympathy most strongly; and it is not too early for us to begin the collation of those quaint happenings Field-Days in California.

Bradford Torrey. This book chronicles his last few years as a resident of California, perusing his favorite hobby: admiring nature and bird-watching. Nice description also of the local region and the people he meets. A must read for any birder today! Florida Sketch-Book, A.

Footpath Way, The. Footing it in Franconia. Friends on the Shelf. Nature's Invitation. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin Company. A must read for today's birders Rambler's Lease, A. Sand Dunes and Salt Marshes. Charles Wendell Townsend. Illustrated with Photographs. Fyler Townsend, M. London: George Routledge and Sons. Among English Inns , Josephine Tozier. This is their adventures at the numerous inns they visit along the way Unknown Author.

Many would have had their basis in Colonial cooking. These are tried-and-true recipes in their original style, with measurements in "teacups," "size of an egg," or cooking in a "quick oven. Van Dresser. Illustrated by F. Henry Van Dyke. Illustrations by Frank E. I telling of a soldier's fear of fighting and death and his vision of Joan D'Arc. Fisherman's Luck. How many types of open fires can there be?

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More than you think A wonderful, meandering stream of thought about fishing and lovers, mountains and strawberries, I highly recommend this book and author. The Mansion. With Illustrations by Elizabeth Shippen Green. It reminds the reader Van Dyke was always a minister, no matter what else he was.

The Red Flower. Interesting reading Ships and Havens. The White Bees. While Van Dyke was better known for his prose than his poetry, this is a nice collection which include mythological references, love, New York City themes, as well as additional stanzas to the song, "America". Mysterious Island, The. Jules Verne. Illustrated by N. With Captain Nemo making a return. Memories of the Good Old Days. Leila M. Illustrated by Sister Mary Felicitas. Printed by Pok-O-Moonshine. A great educational resource for elementary teachers Once Upon a Time.

Printed by Denton Publications. Times Have Changed. Child's Own Book, The. Volume 1. Charles Welsh, Ed. The Young Folk's Library. Note that these are not all stories that end happily - Little Red Riding Hood is not rescued by the wood-cutter here Old Coventry. Florence Weston. Coventry: W. Curtis Ltd. Magic Forest, The. Edward Stewart White. How to Make Baskets. Mary White. An additional chapter written by Neltje Blanchan is also included Familiar Studies of Wild Birds.

Boston: The Gorham Press. Kingbirds, Owls, Wrens, and many other birds are written about here, and more importantly, photographed in their natural environments. This nature photographer also gives detailed information to the photographer just trying their hand at bird photography and how to go about it. Information that works well today in the digital world Blackboard Sketchings. Frederick Whitney.

Children's Poetry

Nicely illustrated with step-by-step instructions on how to draw lesson illustrations on a blackboard. The only problem: does anyone use blackboards anymore?

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My Garden. Louise Beebe Wilder. Illustrated by Will Simmons. Latin plant names abound, as well as common names. Lists are provided in each chapter for roses, irises, lilies, shrubs, trees and herbs. A nice book for any gardener Man With The Clubfoot, The. Valentine Williams.

NY: P. Collier and Son Company. In this tale English spies operate in Germany Peeps At Many Lands: Wales. This book for young adults deals with the history of Wales and life as it was around Rambles in Colonial Byways. Rufus Rockwell Wilson. William Lincoln Hudson, Illust. Philadelphia: J. Mission Furniture - How to Make It.

Chicago: Popular Mechanics Co. Pieces to build include book cases, chairs, magazine stand, roll-top desk, as well as Mission stains and finishes and waxing techniques. A must for amateur and professional carpenters of all kinds Vol 2. Pieces to build include book cases, chairs, music stand, as well as Mission stains and finishes and waxing techniques. Adventures of Odysseus and the Tale of Troy. Padraic Colum. Illustrated by Willy Pogany. The Boy Who Apprenticed to an Enchanter.

Illustrated by Dugald Stuart Walker. All told in the style of A Thousand and One Nights Dugald Stewart Walker, Illus. NY: Macmillan Company. A nice read for children and adults alike. Children of Odin, The.