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But goats have a longer history with humans than any of our other animal friends — we started domesticating them around 10, years ago, right around the time we decided it might be nice to collect the seeds of wild edible plants in order to have a little patch of lentils in the back yard. Our relationship with goats is ancient, so it would stand to reason that they would have gotten to know us pretty well by now. According to a study , when faced with a difficult puzzle, goats will look to the nearest human for help.

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Although they weren't bred to be companion animals or beasts of burden, working closely alongside their human handlers on a daily basis, scientists think the sheer longevity of our relationship with these ruminants has led modern goats to focus on humans more than we might expect. And now a study published Aug. In the experiment, 35 goats living at a goat sanctuary in the U. Though the goats didn't seem to care whether the human in the picture was male or female, but they did show a marked preference for the smiling person, and spent far more time gazing at it.

Goats Really Like it When You Smile at Them

Goats prefer happy people, study finds No kidding! Scientists determine goats prefer grins to grimaces. By Amanda Kooser.

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Alan McElligott poses with a smile and a friendly goat. Alan McElligott The next time you encounter a goat, be sure to smile at it.

Goats Prefer People Who Smile, New Study Shows - Mercy For Animals

Great goats Goat fugitives go for ride-along in police car Man wins right to wear goat horns in driver's license photo. These far-out animals fascinate and amuse scientists 18 Photos. Discuss: Smile! This, the researchers note, makes sense from an adaptive perspective, since horses and dogs have been domesticated as human companions. Goats, by contrast, were domesticated for food production.

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In the study, they write:. The results of the study are not wholly conclusive. But according to Albuquerque, the new research should make us rethink the way we see farm animals. So the next time you see a goat, why not turn that frown upside down? Subscribe or Give a Gift. Sign up. SmartNews History.

Do goats smile?

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