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I am 27 years old and I started to play the violin only last year, making a thousand paranoia if I should start so late with such a difficult instrument. But just try it once with Kristina and all doubts disappear. I grew so much in very little time, having a great time and it gives me a lot of satisfaction! Un metodo di insegnamento che mescola divertimento, tecnica e passione. Grazie Kristina.. Adventure began by chance has already become only after six months a great passion. Learning only with fun, and without great difficulty , Maia has reached a level that could not imagine.

A teaching method that mixes fun, technique and passion. Thanks Kristina.. Kristina loves what she does and she make you love it, transmitting it with passion, professionalism and delicacy. Learning with her has become a beautiful personalized experience. Brava Kristina, who in addition to owning a talent, knows how to capture the character and psychological aspects of her student and make learning docile. Mi chiamo Deborah e studio con Kristina da 4 mesi ormai. Mi ha fatto scoprire un amore e una passione per il violino che mi sembra di stare sulle nuvole.

Kristina e la migliore!!! Grazie di tutto kris…!!! My name is Deborah and I study with Kristina for 4 months. Before I met Kristina, I had a terrible violin approach unfortunately due to a strict teacher but when I met Kristina then everything became different. I did discover a love and a passion for the violin. Her classes are exciting, pleasant, Soothing Not because she makes you see the violin as an impossible thing to study but rather makes you have fun with it Kristina is the best!!! Thanks for everything kris Persona vera, molto spontanea, sorridente, positiva, comunicativa e con un grande amore per la musica e per il suo lavoro.

Everyone told me that it was late to start playing the violin at my age, Kristina reassured me and she is teaching me as if the violin was the most natural thing in the world. Real person, very spontaneous, smiling, positive, communicative and with agreat love for music and for her work. Kristina, grazie di tutto!!! My name is Arthur and I am a student "adult" for about three months. I am very satisfied with this experience and I want to emphasize three points:1 Kristina is an excellent violinist2 Kristina is a great teacher because she is able to be in tune with the student making him understand the mistakes and helping to correct3 Last but not least Kristina has a great passion forteaching.

Kristina, thank you for everything!!! Thanks to Kristina teaching method, we see George happy to express himself through music and proud of the results achieved with the violin, an instrument perhaps not among the most 'easy, but Kristina makes child learn respecting his times, bringing him close to the notes naturally. I looked long time for English speaking violin teacher in Milano for my exchange period, and finally found Kristina.

Thank you Kristina! It is the second year that the I study with Kristina I started from zero at 63 years : I must say that with her patience and ability to identify the student's characteristics she has managed to make me progress more than I would have expected; this also because she does not insist on boring exercises but uses pieces that, while being brought to the student, have a musicality that makes the most rewarding the study.

Ho ripreso 5 mesi fa a studiare con Kristina dopo aver studiato da ragazza e aver abbandonato per molti anni! I started five months ago to study with Kristina after studying as a young girl and have abandoned for many years! Kristina has managed to make me appreciate again the study of the violin she is strict with her but never boring to increase the confidence in myself and convinced me to try myself in a pieces more and more 'complex and interesting! An excellent teacher, both for the beginners and also for those on intermediate level who want to progress! I have been studying with Kristina for about a month, after studying with other teachers for about six years.

I started noticing improvements in my playing very quickly with her. She noticed my strengths and weaknesses almost instantly and has really helped me improve my technique. She is very patient and her passion for music is evident. I truly enjoy taking lessons with her — she knows how to be strict while still making the lessons enjoyable. Studying and playing with Kristina Mirkovic, now, it stands out her great ability to align with individual emotional component ofthe student, making learning becomes spontaneous and without friction. She succeeds as well, not to "crack", ever, the passion that each person binds in his own "delicate and sensitive work of art", but to maintain it always homogeneous and vital.

My daughter studied violin for 2 years with Kristina. I was pleased she could teach in English but even more pleased with the results of my daughters progress. My daughter learned to play classical pieces beautifully and simultaneously was developing fine finger technique, all as a part of her violin studies. Unfortunately we had to change cities for work related reasons, otherwise Kristina would still be teaching my daughter. Highly recommended.

Ciao Kri, Cristina. I started this journey and I met Kristina the March 8 this year, I am 48 years old and I have always had a passion for the violin. I was thinking "if I will be able to play this instrument.


After Such a short time I can make it sound and despite the geographical distance that separates us I would not change it for the world Hello Kri, Christina. Kristina Mirkovic is a Great Violinist because, in addition to understanding the art of the instrument , mastering the sound with the skill of those who understood its secrets, she can understand deeply the soul of her pupils. And that is a rare gift of True Masters!

Speriamo che continui ad insegnare nella nostra scuola. Our daughter is very happy to attend the lessons because Kristina is a very patient and loving girl with her. We hope her to continue to teach in our school. We are very fond of her because she really is a special person and a good violinista , Elena.

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As a mother, I am grateful to Kristina especially for the choice of the pieces that assigns to my daughter really very beautiful pieces, which difficulty is always higher than the actual capacity of Valentina, but for this are exciting for her and, not secondary detail , pleasant for me I am her daily audience. Sono una neofita di violino e di musica e neo-allieva di Kristina da 6 mesi. I am a neophyte violin student about 6 months. Among the various qualities and peculiarities of Mirkovic teaching method, I find it to be particularly effective: to find and always putting accent on what are the students strong points , and from there how develop it and in which direction to go.

I agree, as written by others before me, about seriousness and lightness of her lessons.

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Well, not to mention the enthusiasm Among her best qualities are patience and convey the passion for this instrument A talented violinist and a talented teacher it is not always easy to teach. Dafne, "adult student" for about six months. Sono Luigi il tuo ex allievo di 8 anni e ho studiato con te a 5 e 6 anni e mi sono divertito molto. Mi sono divertito anche quando suonavo solo corda vuota. I am Luigi are your former student of 8 years and I studied with you at 5 and 6 years and I enjoyed it a lot.

I enjoyed it even when I was playing only open string. You have been able to have patience with me so that I learned to read notes before starting school, teaching me with affection and serenity. Oltre al una preparazione tecnica e teorica notevole, di Kiristina ho apprezzato la sua implicita comunicazione musicale. Il suo insegnamento non si limita a note, tempi e notazioni musicali ma anche a tutti i dettagli e le storie che stanno dietro a una composizione.

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In fondo sono proprio i dettagli apparentemente insignificanti che rendono la vita in questo caso la musica meravigliosa! In addition to technical and significant theoretical knowledge of Kiristina, I appreciated her implicit musical communication. Her teaching is not limited to notes, time and musical notations but also to all the details and the stories explaining the composition. After all it is the seemingly insignificant details that make life in this case music wonderful!

Mario, a former student "adult" Ringrazio Kristina che con la sua grande esperienza e conoscenza ha saputo guidarmi nel suonarlo con grande piacere e soddisfazione. I am Silvia, I study violin for 2 years, I had been told that it is a difficult instrument to play. Thanks to Kristina that with her great experience and knowledge has been able to guide me into playing it with great pleasure and satisfaction.

Sono Rossella, mamma di Letizia una bimba di 9 anni che studia con Kristina da circa un anno. La presenza di Kristina ha reso questo incontro estremamente proficuo, facilitato da un metodo innovativo ed estremamente efficace. I am Scarlett, mother of a 9 year old daughter Letizia studying with Kristina about a year. During my childhood I studied music for several years with a strict method and had no fun in doing it, for this reason that prompted me to bring my little girl very calmly to this world, fearing that she would tire soon.

The presence of Kristina made this extremely fruitful , facilitated by a new and highly efficient method. Sono Anita, mamma di Sofia che ha otto anni e che sta frequentando con Kristina il terzo anno di violino. Io ho assistito alle lezioni del primo anno e ritengo che Kristina sia molto brava con i bambini, ha un mix di pazienza dolcezza e autorevolezza molto efficace. Sa farsi capire e soprattutto insegna ad amare la musica e lo strumento.

Io sono molto felice di averla conosciuta. I'm Anita, mother of Sofia who is eight years old and studies with Kristina for three years. I have attended the lectures of the first year, and I think Kristina is very good with children, she has a mix of gentleness, patience and authority all very effective. He knows how to make herself understood, and above all she teaches to love the music and the instrument.

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It has an excellent violinista a Milano that encourages the child to learn. I am very happy to have met you. Sono Laura e studio da 3 mesi violino con Kristina. Mi piace molto il suo insegnamento, Riesce a farmi apprezzare questo bellissimo strumento. Inoltre anche se le sue lezioni sono serie, riesce a farti divertire e farti passare del tempo piacevole. I am Laura and I study 3 months violin with Kristina. I really like his teaching, she can make me appreciate this beautiful instrument. Moreover, even if her lessons are serious, she manages to keep you entertained and make it become fun.

Ciao sono la mamma di Marta, una bambina di sette anni che studia con Kristina da quando ne aveva quattro. Hello I am the mother of Marta, a girl of seven years studying with Kristina since he was four. At the beginning of our journey I only knew that Kristina was a talented violinist, but nothing about her teaching method. Today I am aware of her skill as a teacher also, for the patience she had with Marta teaching her with simplicity such a difficult instrument.

Sono Sonia e ho studiato con Kristina per 2 anni circa. Ciao Kristina! I am Sonia and I have studied with Kristina for approximately 2 years. With her I was fine and making me study challenging pieces I noticed a technical and musical improvement that I did not hope to achieve in such a short time. I believe that with this method youngsters are encouraged to learn and discover the violin and classical music. Hello Kristina!

Mi chiamo Giorgia e suono con Kristina da quasi 4 anni. Grazie a lei ho vinto la mia timidezza. Con lei mi trovo bene, ho conosciuto meglio la musica classica. My name is Giorgia and I study with Kristina for nearly four years. Thanks to her I won my shyness. With her I feel good, I knew better classical music.