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Our War: Days and Events in the Fight for the Union

Discover more Kia kitea ake. Behind the scenes of Gallipoli Behind the scenes of Gallipoli. The making of Gallipoli in pictures The making of Gallipoli in pictures. History History.

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The Year of Our War

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New Zealand Soldiers’ War Stories

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Battle of Passchendaele - The Story of Our War

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Ballard's old toys from the attic and seeing who can be the first to poke out an eye. Of course, it's all good fun until someone gets hurt. While the new British fantasy has its ardent defenders of whom I am one , it has its critics of whom I am one. Cutting those edges and pushing, spindling, and mutilating those envelopes will take you far, but only so far. Steph Swainston's debut exemplifies both the best and worst traits of this generation of storytellers.

On the one hand, her writing has a gripping immediacy, engrossing you in her world before you know what's hit you and deromanticizing fantasy tropes with a nonstop spectacle of drug-addicted heroes, indifferent gods, warriors who place self-interest over duty, and love not merely unrequited but scorned with a childlike cruelty. On the other hand There's such a thing as cynicism overkill. And if I come away from The Year of Our War saying I admired it without particularly enjoying it, it's because I recognize in Swainston an author of undeniable artistry, who, at least in her first book, is making the mistake of trying a little too hard.

I don't want to see her water her vision down, but with the slightest of improvements she could really find a following to embrace, rather than shy away from, her bleak visions. The Year of Our War is set in the Fourlands, an island continent containing a number of kingdoms, over the whole of which rules an immortal emperor, San, and his coterie of fifty immortals.

These have been chosen, we are told, from the best and brightest of the Fourlands, and granted immortality so that they can aid in the governance of the Fourlands in the absense of their god, who apparently got fed up with the place and has taken off. Immortality isn't the boon you might think it is, though. Anybody among the Fourlands' mortal species may challenge you, though few challenges are successfully won by the challengers.

On top of that, the whole continent has a nasty pest control problem. Hordes of ravenous giant Insects, on loan from Starship Troopers , are taking over the place, destroying cities in their zillions, and all of the Fourlands' military might has been hard at work holding these bugs at bay for nearly years.

Evidently his flying is Jant's only qualification for joining the immortals for whom he is San's messenger , as he has no other skills or redeeming qualities. He is addicted to a heroin-like drug called cat, a particularly strong dose of which sends him reeling into an alternate reality called the Shift.